Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is the Ego?

(transcript of audio recording by Becca Althouse on 11/09/16)

What is the Ego?

As we step into the divineness of our truth of our being, of the luminescence of the light that we are. The divine expression of God, of all, of the divine light, we start to see the pieces at play here. And we have to take control, to reign again supreme over the mind and the ego. To be at the helm of the ship. To take control of the direction of this vehicle, the guiding light. The beacon, the luminescence of light. Of love, the divine.

And as we look at the mind, we can see the mind easily as servant, as a tool. As a great way to contemplate and navigate on this realm through the structures of thought and imagination and creation. A tool to illuminate new wondrous ideas that are guided by the heart of the divine. By our true luminescence in light. The quintessence of the divine. The mind is a tool to be set in motion by the heart. The tool is to be handled and used with love and guidance but never at any time is this tool to be the director or guide of the life. Of the being. Of this form.

And then there is the ego. What is the ego? What is the ego? What is its purpose? 

It seems that there is such a battle with the ego, that there is a desire to dismiss it in many. That many people what to get rid of the ego or demonize it in some way. But the truth is, is that it is here for a purpose. And this is the purpose. The purpose is joy. Our ego is our expression of joy. Our unique creative expression. Our ego is our unique stamp in how we radiate the light, the being in who we are. The ego is to be infused with the love and the light. The quintessence of the divine. And express through it the divine, and from it comes these fractals of uniqueness, of beauty, expression, created in the physical form all around.

The ego is a filter in a way, that begins to step down the divine light into creative form. And it can work in tangent with the mind like a tool. It is very playful and childlike in nature. But when we forget our divine essence and our divineness of who we are, the quintessence of our expression. The love, the light. The I AM that we are, then we stop navigating our life. We stop navigating our ship. It’s as if we forget who we are and in forgetting we forget to drive this vehicle. We forget to navigate from our divine self. We forget our divine self. And all that is left behind is the ego and the mind.

And like a frightened child the ego begins to try to protect and drive the ship. It’s not meant to do that, therefore it does not have the skills, the appropriate skills for this task. It is as if the driver of a large plane or bus or vehicle has fallen asleep, and the passenger child now has to step in and try and figure everything out from their child like mind. A mind that is meant to express playfulness and creativity and joy, is now thrust into these places of fear, uncertainty, unknowing. And from this place it begins to pull on whatever tool in the toolbox it has, and the mind steps in to begin to help and direct. And between the mind and the ego, they are doing their best to do a job they are not meant to do.

And it is our responsibility as divine beings to remember who we are and to step into again who we are, and to be the divine full expression of our love and light and navigate once again from our heart. Navigate once again from the I AM of the God source that we are. To be the full expression of the luminescence light of God-Self that we are. And to help the ego and the mind once again find the comfort of their place. That they may be able to go back to their place and to be of service in the highest way that they can. As tools and as expressions of childlike joy and love.

It is time for us once again to BE and to navigate our ship. 


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