Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week One - My personal experience with January Juicing Month

Resetting My Taste Buds...

It has been such a great decision I have personally made for myself to consciously be even more aware of exactly what I fuel my body with.   I have been a primarily high carb low fat plant based vegan before starting so I will confess it hasn't been as difficult me as if I was maybe a pizza or fried chicken eater.  But regardless, moving to more of a raw juice based fuel is still a change.

But....It has been a CHANGE THAT FEELS GREAT!  And in these few days I already feel that my cravings are for fresh fruits and vegetables.  

A Basic Outline Of My Day...

Wake up...and have my coffee (ok a debatable topic but...this is my day) 

Around 10 or 11 am I make my first "meal" of the day - So far that has been mostly a large banana smoothie but I have also had a whole round watermelon for breakfast and on another day it was a large bowl of oranges (maybe 5 or 6) and today was papaya.


3 Large Bananas
4 Dates
1 tsp Spiralina Powder
Sprinkle of Cinnamon (optional)
Top with water and blend up

(even better is to add a bit of leafy green and blend into it but my current blender is a bit slow, But a great idea that came to me was to start saving some of the juiced leafy greens to add to it)

Throughout The Day - I Snack on fresh fruits

In the Afternoon....Juice Time! 

I am working on getting this to my first part of the day but since the juicer is so darn loud I have opted to do it later in the day so the family will still love and support me in this journey lol!  Here are a couple of my delicious yummy blends I have done...


**Juicing Tip for the Pulp**
I juice in groups so that I can save the pulp for different things.  Fruit pulps of choice can be saved for smoothies or baking later and my choice lately is to save the juiced kale and carrot pulp and then use it in my evening salad.

Dinner Time... This for me has been a nice big salad.  And by big, I mean big!  Like a huge mixing bowl full of leafy greens with spiralized zucchini, tomato and a dressing blend made of a teaspoon of braggs, 1T of Tahini and sprinkled nutritional yeast.  YUM! 

My confession.  ....on two of the nights I did add a scoop of steamed rice to my salad.  So I have not been completely raw but I feel great with the clean eating I have committed to so far!  My feeling is that if we give ourselves that freedom then this great food lifestyle change is a joy rather than a punishment.  

My Results So Far...

  • MY DIGESTION: So far my digestion is the one thing that I really notice as doing GREAT!  It has been feeling wonderful, efficient and clean.  This is a big thing for me because I have had digestive problems for a long time so feeling this good makes eating this way a easy choice to make!
  • BALANCED HUNGER:  Oddly enough eating less...I crave less and it is easy to sustain myself longer with this nutrient packed food.  A smoothie will hold me longer now than any cooked meals I used to eat and I attribute this to my digestion working better so I am getting the fuel absorbed into my cells that my body needs.
  • CRAVINGS STOPPED! This one feels great!  Sure some cooked foods smell good but I don't have any desire to eat them.  I really feel such a strong draw to fresh clean fruits and vegetables and my body really does get to where it craves them as much as it used to crave the addicting foods I once ate. One of the benchmarks for me was cutting out wheat and noticing how much better my gut felt.  It was such a change and the lack of discomfort and pain that I used to get from eating it was enough t break the spell of breaks and baked goods!  A huge triumph for me personally!
And this is just week one.  I would like to say I am bouncing with energy and I actually feel that I am but life has lots on my plate right now so I may be burning some of it on that...who knows.  I just know I feel healthy, great and able to handle what is on my plate!

How is your journey going?

I feels like the best way to keep going and create a better food lifestyle is by building a support base around you.  That can't always be the people directly around you in your life but that is ok!  Because the internet keeps us connected with people all over the world so no matter what there is someone else going through the same thing too.   That feels GREAT!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below and lets keep juicing!

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