Wednesday, February 25, 2015


How would you like to be able to increase your knowledge by having access to more books that you may ever have time to read?

I recently came across a wonderful site that gives you access to such a great resource of knowledge.  ISSUU is a platform that allows you to self publish books as well as create "stacks" of other books that people have uploaded.   People all around the world have uploaded vast libraries of work that you can search by any key words.  

It reminds me a bit of Pinterest in the way that you can create stacks the same way you can create boards, but the great feature that I love is by clicking the "share" button underneath the book, if the author allows, you can download the entire book making it accessible in a multitude of ways. 

If you love to read or are on a quest for knowledge, I highly recommend you check this site out.

Happy Reading!

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