Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 ways your ileocecal valve may be affecting your health

Our Ileocecal valve.  Most of us have heard of it but where is it?  And what does it do?    I’ve studied the anatomy of the body from the bones out and all I pretty much knew about it was that it’s the valve that creates the gate between our small intestine and our large intestine.  It is the second to last check point before our digestive process comes to an end.  But beyond that…not much.   Having it come to my attention quite a bit lately I decided to do a little more research and take a look at it from beyond just it’s physical location and job. I discovered there is a lot more to know about this valve and how it affects our health and even our happiness. You can see for yourself if maybe you might need to get more acquainted with your ileocecal valve too.

Here are the 10 ways your ileocecal valve may be affecting your health 

If your IC valve is stuck open you may be experiencing one or more of the following
1. Cranky, grumpy, mood changes 
2. Tired all the time, low energy
3. Dark circles under the eyes (indicator of toxicity) 
4. Headaches 
5. Main cause of the "flu" 
6. Too frequent bowel movements/Runny stool 
7. General muscle aches, right shoulder pain, low back pain. 
8. Unclear thinking 
9. Blurred vision 
10. Feel difficulty in processing too much information. / Over stimulation from your surroundings. 

When valve is stuck closed – it may bring symptoms of constipation, inflammation of appendix, over attachment and inability to let go of things or situations in your life. 

How do you even find out if this is what is going on for you?
I personally had this brought to my attention through naturopaths and most recently by my chiropractor who does applied kinesiology.   Through muscle testing symptoms can point directly to the IC valve if it is the cause.  Some of the common things that you may be asked to temporarily eliminate from your diet are popcorn, cabbage (and other abrasive raw vegetables) and chocolate.  And yes, I shed a tear when chocolate was taken off of my list for a few weeks but I will say surprisingly I did survive!   Massage of the affected area as well as the right bicep are some also ways to stimulate the proper functioning of your IC valve. 

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