Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cleansing The Body With Bentonite Clay + removing toxins

The Wonders of Bentonite Clay

Cleansing the body is one the best places to start as you start innerstanding in self.  Awakening the pineal gland and going deeper in meditation and dream work becomes enhanced when we clean our interstellar transportation device known as our body.

As I come across different awakening tools, this is one that I feel is a great resource to have.  Bentonite clay has cleansing properties that can bind to toxins and heavy metals in the body and move them right on out.   

This has so many health benefits for our body as we start to cleanse our cells, the more energy they can conduct. Since the clay is negatively charged, it absorbs the positively charged elements in the body such as heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, pesticides, free radicals and intestinal worms.  Life starts to feel pretty good when that starts moving out.

Picking The Right Clay

There are two main types of clay.  One is industrial and the other is for taking internally.  The one we want for doing an internal cleanse is called Calcium Bentonite or Montmorillonite Clay.  It is quite easy to find either at a health food store or on Amazon.  This clay is commonly used for facial as well as for hair so sometimes it is located in that area of the store. 

Mixing The Clay

The clay will come in a powder form.  It is important to take great care to not use metal to store or make your mix because of the clays absorbing qualities. 

Take some of the powder and place in a plastic or glass container.   Add filtered water to the power mixing it until it creates a gel like consistency.  Store it in a cool place.

How To Do The Clay Detox

Take one Teaspoon of the gel mixed in juice or water.  You can start with once a day and move to twice a day if you like.  

Things to remember...  

  • Moderation is key.  The clay works as a binding gel inside the body.  Overdoing it can cause a backup in the system. Just a little does a lot so there is no need to try and speed up the process by taking more.
  • Take the clay 2 hrs before or after eating.  Good times are before bed and in the morning.  Anytime of day is good just as long as you can give it the space to do its work.
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!  Keep the clay moving.  When you are doing a cleanse it is a great time to enhance our water habits in order to flush out the toxins.  Quality water is a therapy in itself so enjoy the double benefits of the act. 

In-Joy The Process

Whenever I do a cleanse or new practice of any kind, there is a wonderful feeling that comes with it.  The process in itself can be a ritual of awareness into the body.  

This inner-awareness is useful in noticing the changes in the body such as flushing out the toxins, the increased digestive functions and clarity. 

Clay can be used on the skin and the hair as well so have fun making it a full body experience if you like.

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