Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Top Things For A Fit Soul Based Body

I was asked recently, since "I was the healthiest person they knew",  what was my nutrition advice for getting in shape and getting a dream body. I was amused by the question mainly because it is so far from any reasoning for my food or activity choices. But given the opportunity I am always jumping at the chance to strike up a conversation on living a Soul Based Life.

So to keep this short and simple, here are FIVE THINGS I FEEL ARE ESSENTIAL FOR HAVING A FIT SOUL BASED BODY...

1. Clean Food

I get a lot of curious questions from people when they find out I am a vegan.  And as much information as there is available about it, I'm amazed at how many times I really do get those
crazy cliche vegan questions. But that doesn't matter, I'm happy to share what I know because the bottom line is I'm all about giving anyone a hand who is looking to improve their quality of life.

And the main thing I say is EAT CLEAN!  I don't care if you eat meat or dairy or what ever. Just eat as CLEAN & SIMPLE as possible. By this I mean....
  • My #1 suggestion is just to eat more FRESH & ORGANIC Fruits & Veggies!  (Note: If I had to make a choice between non organic or none at all I would go with non organic because the main thing is to start to add more Fruits and Vegetables to every meal.
  • Eat your food is as close to its original form as possible. You should aim to not have any ingredients in your food that you can't see or pronounce!
  • Bake, Steam or Boil.....Don't Fry.
  • And if you do eat meat or dairy, PLEASE be a conscious meat and dairy consumer. Someone is dying for you to live so make sure the meat and dairy you are consuming is coming form sources that focus on the quality of life of the being that gave their life for you. Also do I need to mention how much toxic poisons are in factory farmed meat and dairy products? Be educated!
  • Aim for a goal of eating clean in steps. Your body will start to lead the way by craving what it needs.  

2. Water

There is a whole science to water. Pure sourced mineral water can heal the body! But again keeping it simple... bottom line, we need water. It comes only second to air in our need for survival! So keep hydrated with well filtered mineral rich, fluoride free water.  

3. Stretching

Yup, I'm that person that is going to tell you how important this is. :-)

When your muscles are lean and stretched they....
  • Help you keep from injury.
  • Flush toxins more efficiently from your body.
  • Burn more calories because more muscles fibers are firing.
  • Make you stronger.

4. Movement

Our body was meant to move it! Here's the thing, I'm not an advocate of going to the gym or joining a class unless it is something that makes your heart sing. I'm here to say that you just need to get off your butt and do something. And by something I would highly suggest something that you love to do because that is going to have infinitely greater benefits. The frequency of joy is
extremely healing.  

Adding the element of nature is going to super boost your workout too, so anytime you can get outside and unplug I would do it. For me, I'm all about riding my bike or surfing. 

5. Your Motivation and Reason for Why

This may be the most important thing on this list. Honestly, if you are just wanting to eat healthy or workout because you want to look like the latest celebrity in the magazine, I would guess you are in for a road of constant let downs.  

Your reason why needs to be more powerful than all the instant gratifications and reasons why of your habits now. Some picture isn't going to change all the internal programming that has been running in your mind for years. 

As a hypnotherapist I could go on and on for pages on this topic alone and if you are interested in understanding more about how the mind works you can check out my other website here  

Plain and simple, your reason for change has to be at a core level your highest desire to the point that you are willing to face what ever comes up that tries to keep you from reaching that goal.   

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