Sunday, March 29, 2015

Astral Projection Tips - Dreamtime Travel Resource + book review

I'm not sure if you are like me in anyway when it comes to traveling but I love to travel!  Around the world or on the astral planes, my heart soars with the knowledge and innerstanding that brightens my soul in this realm.

I could go pages into how important I feel dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection/travel or OBE's are to every aspect of our being.  But for this post I will stick to just these few key gems that I experienced last night.

I came across the book ASTRAL DYNAMICS -A New Approach To Out-of-Body Experience by Robert Bruce.    I'll be honest here, I skimmed it just letting myself read what jumped out to me and here are a few key things that I wanted to share that worked great.


Becoming aware that you are dreaming and "waking up" in your dream is crucial to Lucid Dreaming. In this book Robert talks about a technique that I found to be really powerful.  It is basically training your mind to remember to check in.   In hypnosis this is similar to some of the techniques for improving memory so it makes sense that it works for training us to remember to check in to see if we are dreaming.

This is an ongoing exercise that you do all through the day. 
  • Start with "checking in"  by asking yourself "Am I Dreaming?"   Really pay attention to all the details of your setting.  Sight, sound, smell, feeling etc.
  •  Then set up the next Check In by calling out your next trigger or reminder point.  Such as "the next time I see a bird I will check in"  or "the next time I hear a bell", "The next time I drink", "See a traffic light".....and on and on.  Be as creative as you can!
  • As soon as the next trigger happens Check In.   Ask yourself "Am I Dreaming?"  pay attention to the details around you,  and then set up your next trigger.  
This works extremely well and something that I added on was when I check in and asked if I was dreaming.  I would then ask myself "If this was a dream and I was Lucid Dreaming,  what would I create my dream into?"


In the book one of the methods for moving into our travel body is to reach out for it.  I will say that he stresses in the book that the most important thing before attempting any travel is deep deep deep relaxation of the body.  I would agree.

  • From this deeply relaxed point, begin to feel your energy body floating above you.  The feelings can be anything from feeling like you are going up in an elevator, floating up on clouds or any other rising feelings.
  • Then begin to reach our your energy hands or astral body hands as if you are reaching out to this outside feeling and you are pulling it in.  You could imagine that there is a rope attached to your energy body and as it is up above you your are using your energy hands to pull yourself up into it.  
The impression that I got when doing this was that it is really important to keep awareness on full body relaxation.  Because exiting the body can bring a rush of feelings with it,  it is important to just let them wash through and use them to ride into the exit process or else they will just pull you back into your physical body.  So remember to melt your body into full relaxation is key.

Also I was successful in projection through the use of following my energy hands and not so much with pulling myself out with a rope or anything like that.  Just the act of fully feeling and sensing my energy hands as if they were my actual physical hands was enough for the rest of my body to follow. 

Dreams Dreams Dreams!

I had a very vivid night of dreams after the OBE.  I found that returning woke me up enough to set myself up for Lucid Dream experiences.  I am going to go through the rest of the book to see if there is more that grabs my attention and colors my travels even more!

If you want to check out the book you can read if for free on ISSUU  (read my blog on ISSUU here) or for a hard copy you can get it on AMAZON.

Here is the link to my LUCID DREAMING stack where you can read or download the book.

Happy Dreaming!

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