Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stuck In A Loop Hole

There Is Power In Our Words

I've become on many levels my own master of blowing up limiting or false beliefs floating around in my subconscious. I am always amazed at how many there are and for how many years of our life we can still continue to find more of these lead weights that keep up from really expressing our true self.

I laugh because I realize that most of these beliefs and blocks have been directing my subconscious for lifetimes completely undetected.  And I marvel at how one powerful compass to finding them is so hidden from us right in plain sight by shear unawareness! And more than that, how absolutely simple this compass is to use.

This built in detection device is the very words we think and speak!
                                                                                                          OUR WORDS...That's it!

Our WORDS build WORLDS and most directly....our world.

Our words we speak are riddled with metaphors and statements that are usually laden with self degrading beliefs, limiting thoughts and hurtful self statements.

All we need to do is start to listen to what we are saying and then go through what I now call The Clearing Stepsin order to flush and clear ourselves of the energy that is holding us back from fully just being the us we want to be.

Once you become aware of the dynamic information that is held within the words you speak, you will find yourself becoming sensitive to the subtlest negative speak that arises. Once we find it, we can agree to not agree to it anymore and Let it GO!

And letting go of negative self speak, thoughts and beliefs feels sooooo good!

So here's to stepping out of the loop and waking up to our truth!

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