Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cleansing the Inner Parasite Called Blame

Blame, we've all done it at some point in our life, blaming another person or situation for something that we feel has gone wrong for us or hasn't worked out the way we wanted it to. All we need to do is watch kids for a bit and blame will come up soon enough as a way for getting out of trouble or making excesses why they didn't accomplish something. But what if we learned that this simple action was inhibiting us from true happiness and success?

There can be many emotions attached to blame and unless we are aware of our own actions, we just end up reacting to the world around us. Over the years of working with myself and with hundreds of clients, blame has popped up as one of the big red flags that are important to check for when we feel like our life isn't going the way we want it to.

Think about this, do you recall hearing yourself or another person ...
  • Blame parents, childhood, money (or lack of it), partners, kids, relationships, situations, work, the government, etc. as an excuse for anything?

And truth be told, it is always easier to spot the blame problem in another person before we see it in our self. Like that person we have all met that tells you their sad story right from the first meeting. And at first there may be sympathy for the story. But then after the 2nd the 3rd the 5th the 12th time...every time you see gets really old!

We can get so blinded by the emotional energy of blame that we can't see past the idea that our problems must somebody else's fault.

Blame is just another way to say "Hey, I've given all my power away!"

So how can we take our power back?

First we need to really start to listen to what we are saying and start to become aware and acknowledge what we are even doing. 

Then we have to start to take ownership of our part in the situation we are in. This can be the tricky part because blame can be a hard thing to give up! Especially because these habits can come from locked in beliefs, past life baggage or energetic contracts that we don't even realize we have. But the great thing is with a little sleuthing you can pinpoint exactly where or what they are and then LET THEM GO!  (more on how to let them go here)

Just the act of recognizing blame in your life, agreeing to NOT agree to it anymore, and making the choice to take responsibility for what is happening in your life regardless of how crappy it is the first step in taking your power back.

When we really start to realize how powerful we are and how infinitely amazing we can be as creators the more we remember who we really are....the more joyous our life can become!

So here's to becoming the master detective in our life as an observer of our very own words!

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