Monday, December 7, 2015

What a little bird told me

The Frequency of Nature

I just had one of those vibrationally intense moments in life that leave one with great introspection and life awareness. As I went to take out the trash this morning, all of a sudden the sky was filled with life and sound. This black cloud of birds covered the sky above me as they migrated. At first I thought it was just a small flock but they kept coming and coming, thousands of them. 

There is a field right next to where I live and I noticed that the tail end of the group stopped to eat and rest in the field. This tail end was massive in itself. Probably at least a thousand of these chattering busy birds that now cleaned the field of whatever they could find. Their chatter was so loud in the air and each time they moved, they would move in waves as a large body of one, just like those massive schools of fish in the ocean. 

I stood with them for the longest time, marveling at their immense energy and vibrational frequency they were filling the area with. Each one looking almost identical to the next and on such path in life, a whole group of beings not worried about where their next meal was coming from or weather or not they fit in. Just picking up and going, trusting, being fully in the moment. The sound of such a large body of wings flapping in the air and the chatter of their communication put me in a trance as the waves of their moment circled around me. 

And then they were gone. And this wave of emotion hit me like a heavy weight as tears streamed down my cheeks. Emotion I could not place but felt so deeply that I surrendered. There was such a message in that moment that only the words of my heart can begin to express. An encoded message that has unlocked even more of my experience of life. It was the gift of raw energy in motion that I felt in that field. It was creation, flow, the universe all revealing itself in that moment downloading into me this vast array of knowledge that the mind may never fully understand, but the heart already knows.

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