Friday, January 22, 2016

Staying in the Moment

Being and Flowing

I've realized over the years that there is a common theme towards self-help and awakening so to speak, and that is the energy of WANT. This powerful desire to get or achieve something that we don't have in our life. And this may actually be lighting up for us because of things in our life that we don't like, making us want something else.

It's not easy to see at first. This tug in us that is so strong that it is pulling us constantly with a desire towards something. Want Want Want. As we remember our truth more, we begin to find empowerment and start asking for things that are more in alignment with our highest self, things that we deserve to allow ourselves to receive. But there is still that energetic vibration of want.

And for a time this is a good thing I think. This new innerstanding that there are more possibilities for us than we have ever allowed our self to have. But we can get addicted to action, movement, wanting and those enticing treasures called goals.

What if we could make being in the connected zone our goal?

Then comes the beautiful moment when we can remember that it is in the stopping of the want, that all the magic will begin to bloom. When we can just be, when we can align our self with our highest vibration and just be in that space without any want other than to be in that space, we will begin to find a whole new universe of a playground to explore and awaken to.

There is such a serene joy in that feeling that when you are not in that connective space, you don't want to do anything else but get back into it before continuing on.

But what about our goals and creating? Does this mean we just stop or let them all go? No, not at all, because they still happen! But they happen with ease and flow and because we are in the highest vibration of our self and our joy. And some goals will stay the same in this space and some will change or fall away. All that will be perfect because what will remain will be our truth.

And when we make being in this space our goal, more and more and more of what we DO want will naturally just flow into our life without us even needing to be in that needy place of want! Because we will be to busy just enjoying the feeling of being in the flow.

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