Saturday, April 30, 2016


Say What!

This has been an energetic point that I have been debating with inside of myself for years. The idea that our geography on the planet plays into our strengths and weaknesses of self. Years ago I had my astrocartography chart done. It is a chart that uses your birth chart to determine your planetary chart so to speak. You could say it's an extension of getting your Astrology chart done by showing places on the planet that your birth/planet lines run. And these planetary lines in their dualistic nature support or inhibit different natures of our personality.  

I didn't really put to much thought into the chart since I have been moving into the truth that when we really connect with our highest self, our core connection of our truth, our true self, then even our horoscope falls away. We are in a way moving towards a wholeness of self through embracing the entire astrological wheel and balancing into completeness. 

My feelings were that if I experienced the not so harmonious line places on the planet, I could just use that opportunity to bring more of myself into balance.

I have done a fair bit of traveling through the US and South East Asia and in my observation, when we are traveling we are not usually in one place long enough for these lines to really sway us in a significant way.

But when we live somewhere for a longer period of time, then we sort of soak in that vibration and it starts to have a greater effect. I don't know why the idea of a pollutant comes to mind as I type this but it is sort of like that. If you are exposed to a mild poison for a short period, it will not do much. But stay in it and keep exposing yourself to it, get the picture. 

I just want to say again, I didn't put to much weight on this geographical placement of self thing, but the truth is, since our last move, I am really starting to think about this chart a whole lot more now. 

My personal experience with astrocartography.... 

I grew up moving, moving and moving again. I went to thirteen different schools growing up and three alone in my 9th grade year in two states. People always ask if I was a military brat and I say no, but I'm pretty sure my mom was just a gypsy. 

But in all this moving up until 18, I was moving up and down the west coast bouncing back and forth from WA to CA and places in between. The reason this is important is because lines tend to run at long arcs on our astrocartography chart so even through I moved around this much growing up, I was still under the same influences in my chart so energetically where I was along the lines didn't really change. 

My lines along the west coast are challenging to say the least.

My childhood was filled with introspection and even as a child I would analyze personality dynamics. (Moving so much gave me a lot of opportunity for this!) But most of my curiosity I would say was fueled by a desire to figure out the insecurity and depression I felt. My own inner journey into happiness has been my greatest tool in working with others to this day.

At 18 I booked a flight a one way flight to Maui and never looked back. It was the first time I lived in one place for so long....20 years. I tell people, if you want to heal your heart...go to Hawaii. 

A whole new alignment with wholeness and balance began to occur for me. I really began to infuse more of my Earth self with my divine truth. Years later when I looked at my astrocartography chart, I saw a multitude of supporting lines flowing right through the islands for me. I was in the perfect place! 

Then the decision came to move off the island and back to the mainland. This was a hard decision and a whole other post in itself but we ended up moving to Virginia with the goal of moving to NY for our plays. On my chart, the East coast was magical. And in the year and a half that we were there, I felt it. Things flowed, they were great. The only reason I didn't really grow my practice big from there was because I knew we were not going to stay there and we were supposed to be moving to NY so I set up foundations and prepared everything for a smooth transition to NY.  

Well....that didn't really happen. Somehow the whole NY thing changed to LA and the next thing I knew I was driving 3000 miles back across the states to California where we are now. Back to the same energetic planetary lines where I started my life. 

I have been here for almost five months now and what I have experienced in that time has made me really look at the whole chart thing again. And more importantly how to transcend it in order to integrate even more of myself so as to not be effected by it at all. 

The longer I am here, there is this feeling of me slipping away. Things that I know and love and resonated with now feel a little bit dull and like a dream or memory to me rather than something that fuels and fires me. But let me add, it is just a hue, or fog over me, not me. There is truth and information coming through that there is such a great opportunity there in becoming even more even if I feel a little less at first.  

What can we gain from this knowledge?

I have so many thoughts around this whole experience. I do feel that different places on the planet can activate different aspects of us. It makes me think of a black light or infrared light. Different light waves can show us things that are there that we don't see in regular light. Not good or bad, it just is. And with it we can use this information as a strength in order to grow and evolve even more into our core truth of the divine that we are.

We can shine and be the star that we are!

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