Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Strands Of Dynamics

There is power in being the observer....

I'm sure we have all heard some sort of metaphor that promotes stepping back from time to time and just observing life. Today presented a variety of shows for me to observe and there was one instance in particular that was so bizarre that I had no place to file the experience in my mind.

As I was driving home from work, the woman's' car ahead of me broke down as she was turning right. At the intersection this split moment happened where I noticed a multitude of actions all occurring simultaneously. A bus coming from the left was about to be heading into her as the light was getting ready to change, I was obviously stuck as I was heading the same direction as she was. I quickly put my car into park and jumped out. At the same time there was a college age boy right there next to her on his bike. As she stepped out of her car and asked him for help but he said no and quickly rode away.

I have come to experience this sort of time vortex that happens when you break down in an intersection. 

I helped push her to the side of the road and hurried back to my car. She was so in her own world she didn't even see me walk away. As I was getting in the bus driver waved a "thank you" to me. Up until this point there had been no one behind me, but as soon as got in and put the car into drive a car zoomed up behind me and proceeded to honk at me for thinking I was taking too long to turn.

I didn't really know what to think in that moment. As I slipped into the observer of this strange dynamic of human interaction. It was the true spectrum of emotions from "thank you's" to "F... You's".

It is a wonderment to me to think of all the worlds within worlds within worlds that are constantly happening in every moment. But sometimes, just sometimes, this art of perception is best observed from a distance.

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