Friday, May 20, 2016

Gratitude Day 13 - Love

Love. What a wonderful word and even more so, what a wonderful feeling.

There is a rainbow of love in my world that and I am so grateful for . The love of my husband, the love of family, the love of friends, the love of pets, the love of the divine. And the love I give myself.

Pure, unconditional love. 
Love from the heart. 
Love that flows freely.

So there are two baby eagles that are on live cam  in the D.C. area. Baby Liberty and baby Freedom. I don't see them very often on the computer, but I was blessed with the best update on them when I called my mother in law to say than you and I love you.

I enjoyed hearing about how big they are getting and how they are doing all these exercises to strengthen their wings and the feeling of the anticipation for their first flight.

There was one part of the story that really touched me. Recently there was a very strong storm. Normally the mother eagle sleeps on a branch above the nest, but during that storm, the mother eagle came down to the nest, hanging on with all her might, in order to be with the babies through the night.

The storm was wild. The wind was whipping the nest all over the place, there was lightning, rain and thunder. The mama eagle could barely keep from getting knocked over by the wind and rain in the crowded nest. Soaked as she was, she never left the side of her babies the entire night.

And there they were, too big to hide underneath her, so they huddled next to her and tucked their little heads into her feathers feeling the comfort and assurance of her being there with them through the scary night.

To me this is such a wonderful story of love.

It is honest, and in its purest unconditional form, it reaches straight for the heart.


Link to the eagle cam

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