Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gratitude Day 12 - Elders

I spent my day in the middle of thousands of people as they celebrated loved ones. I enjoy being in the midst of a large collective of humans all vibrating in this joyous state. 

I also got the opportunity to help a few elders to their cars. Their smiles and genuine happiness was so wonderful. One woman was 95 and had Alzheimer and so her answers to my questions were a small window into the world she was living in. Her world filled with happy people and jubilant events from her past. 

It was such an honor for me to be able to spend the time with those that I did today. 

And it reminded be how much I appreciate the wisdom and stories of those who have circled the sun for much longer than I have. 

This idea of legacy. Our story. What will we say at 95? What unique signature are we creating with our time here?

Time is so valuable. 

I am grateful for time with elders who bless me with their portals into a past that I now get to know in a richer way through their own words and memories. I am grateful for the gift of the personal experience they share with me. And I am grateful for the reminder to make my life the best biography in the making that I possibly can. 

What legacy are you creating?


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