Friday, June 3, 2016

Gratitude Day 27 - Fog

As I look outside the window, I see faint shadows of trees in the distance as a white mist covers the town around me. It was like this when i woke up today, and now, as the air cools into the evening, the fog has rolled back in, leaving a sense of mystery to the world it touches.

I can hear sounds with no images....

There is a new uncharted feeling in the known. An overwhelming illusion that home is now some far off land waiting to be explored.

Along with the crisp coolness of the floating moisture, the world just seems a little quieter. A little more hidden.

I stare out the window and my imagination runs wild. Dancing thoughts of far off places, Margalo lands and adventures untold.

Kingdoms, pirates, fairy tales and new galactic planets.

It's fun how just this one grand change of the landscape creates such wild fantastical daydreams in my head.

I am so grateful for the contrast of fog and the way it makes the landscape feel like an adventure park full of surprises just waiting to be discovered.


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