Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gratitude Day 28 - Honesty

I think I have mentioned before about how, because of my moving so much as a child, I was a bit insecure and found myself wanting to "fit it".

This was something that took me years to get over, and I feel that in some ways, because it was so ingrained in me as a survival mechanism, I still have some residue of it that I am bringing into balance.

But the joy that I take from having lived this experience, is that through the very act of living in the shadows, I now have the contrast of how liberating and freeing true honesty of my internal world is.

To share openly my joys and my fears. My passions and my insecurities. 
...rendering them powerless over me.

Balance and Wholeness

Honesty allows me to love without a net. 
Honesty allows me to say I'm sorry. 

Honesty allows me to open my heart to you.

Honesty says I trust you, because I trust myself.

I am grateful for the wings of honesty as 
I glide through the currents of vulnerability.

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