Friday, June 10, 2016

Gratitude Day 34 - Poetry of Love

I am so grateful for the words of love that I get to cherish from the man I get to walk through life with. He is my rock, my compass and a light of joy in my world.

Here is something he wrote awhile back that I love so much and wanted to share...

xoxo ..Becca

The Law of Attraction

Shades of grey fade.
Your spirit full color.
The horizons reveal,
trekked through your truth.
All you need,
is already within you.

The next phase,
more difficult than the first,
to connect with purpose,
with meaning,
with others whom have,
all they need.

Then the blend, unseen, occurs,
and you find,
you each have all you need,
but you need each other,
without needing,
anything from the other.

And where you can see no seam,
the bond is fully fleshed.
the hearts interwoven,
the smiles, the thoughts shared
without a word spoken,
the two cannot be broken.

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