Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gratitude Day 66 - Safety

There are moments in life where when I replay an event in my mind, I think how blessed we are for the safety we experienced. It may be a close call driving, walking or doing any number of things.

As our family experiences different situations where the feeling of danger wants to be present, we keep to the side of awareness and not worry, and feel grateful for our safety and protection in it all.

I know to well how the mind can have a tendency to spin on the "what if" and create fear in us.

In my opinion, this is human nature....to look at the bad side of the coin so to speak.

This is visible in our society with what other share with one another. If a person has a great experience at a store they usually don't say too much about it, but if a horrible experience is had, break out the news camera!

Maybe it comes from our genetics as a survival gene. We have to shout to all the other primates if something is BAD for the continuance of our species, but if it's good...no big deal, you'll live.

So when the monkey mind wants to spin on how close we were to danger, it is the perfect time to turn the thought in our mind and notice how blessed we were with safety.

When moments like this happen now, I am so grateful for being in the right place at the right time, I am grateful for safety. I love knowing that, even though there may danger living in this life, We have an amazing guidance system that keeps us safe.


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