Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gratitude Day 76 - Adventure

I know when I think about an adventure, I usually think about a vacation or getting away from daily routine for a bit in order to experience this wonderful thing. But the truth is, even in the middle of our routine or daily must do's, there is little pockets of adventure we can gather and cherish.

I was reminded about this by a recent trip we had to do into L.A. It was not something that any of the family wanted to do because it was a stressful court event that we were driving in for.

So I thought, wait a minute, why be down about the whole trip. I ended up packing the car like we were going on a fun road trip and we looked at the court appointment as just a quick stop on the way.

We ended up spending the rest of the time enjoying the zoo and going out to eat.

It helped to lessen the stress a bit for us and we enjoyed a little adventure along the way.

I am grateful that adventure is a state of mind and that it is not something I have to wait to experience once in awhile, but rather something that I can weave into everyday.

xoxo Becca

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