Thursday, September 29, 2016

Human Design and Waiting

I've written about synchronicity before. The idea that there are signs, symbols and coincidences that light up in our life, validating or showing us something, like road signs along our life path. As a perpetual learner and lover of life experiences, synchronicities are something that I rely on and keep an eye out for like a treasure hunter of unexpected wonders. Recently this little trail of signs pointed me back to something that had come to my awareness maybe 10 years ago, and that is Human Design charts.

My Chart- 6/3 Manifesting Generator
I won't go into too much detail about this form since there is quite a bit too it, much like astrology, but I chose to share one of the concepts that really rang a new bell for me. It is simple, but this new presentation really created a huge shift for me. Or maybe it was validation.

It turns out I am a 6/3 Manifesting Generator. Basically this means that I over task too much and feel like I can do everything myself, more so than someone who is just a manifestor or a generator. But there is a key to the way it is stated, because basically I am a generator that has abilities to manifest, therefore I am still considered a generator.

So what does this all mean and what was my aha moment? 

The thing that hit me was the validation of waiting. Honestly I have been trying to push myself for so much of my life. Trying to MAKE things happen. Especially with all my grand business ideas I have had over the last 20 years, but modeling the successful people and endless hours of efforting didn't make my success rockets happen.

Where did my magic happen?

When I would sit back and think about when it, about when things were easy and I felt totally in the flow and magical experiences where all around me, one particular example came to me. And the answer was, when I was travelling. Those times when I had a basic outlined goal of getting from point A to point Z, and absolutely no agenda with how the letters fell in the middle. These are the times when I was most open and aware of synchronicity. I lived more in the moment and let things come to me. As opportunities or experiences arrived, then I would decide on whether to act on them or not. I had intention and the rest was just a beautiful unfolding of life before me.

From the Human Design chart, this is the magic of the generator. To wait for things to show up, and then react. (& no this doesn't mean sitting on one's ass! Desire, intention and visualizing are all vital parts of this process)

This was such a powerful validation for me. It was so simple, but yet it lifted my vibration so much because it was almost as if I was given permission to do things my way! It was as if I was reminded in a new way that I don't need to struggle or push or try to make things happen. I didn't need to fit the mold of proper business, my gift was in bringing what I chose to experience to me!

Some key things I have learned on the gift of waiting...

  • Visualize clearly what it is you are choosing to bring into your life 
  • Be in the moment and be in the receptive mode of noticing what life is presenting to you.
  • When something shows up, notice it and then pause before reacting to it. Really honor yourself with the time to decide if you chose to act on it or not.
  • Act on things that feel right and feel good to you. Experiences that resonate a sense of joy, excitement or inspiration. 
  • Even when acting, remember to be in the moment because the next experience may be on its way! 
Being in the moment and open to noticing what we desire in our life goes hand in hand with living a life of gratitude. Sometimes there is a lot going on and it may be difficult to see all the blessings, but pausing and noticing the gentle breeze blowing by, or the squirrels running by or the way a cool glass of water feels on a hot day, are all little anchors to bring us back to right here and now.

Here are some links if you would like to get more information on Human Design. So far I am really enjoying it and am open to the possibility of being able to offer this type of reading for others in the future. 

Get your free chart here:
Intro video the describes Human Design:

*personal note: like with all types of information, I invite you to really pay attention to what resonates with you and toss out the rest. Even though I have found this system to be amazingly accurate and something I am excited learn more about, I am aware that as with any group, it is important to focus on the information, not the presentation. 

With much love and Aloha!


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