Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Being The Observer


Permanent Seed Atom (ES Ascension Glossary) 

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I first want to say how much I love you. Who you are, what you are doing, and for choosing to be here now on our Mother Terra/Tara. The transition time that we are experiencing is intense to say the least! And at the same time, if we all took a breath and looked into our records, we would see that we have all done this before. We are a transition team. The ground crew assisting an entire planetary ascension cycle!

Wow! At this level, it may seem like a massive undertaking. And it would be if we were alone, but we are not. We have never been alone. And I know as we look out at the physical reality, there can be overwhelming emotions of sadness and pain for the suffering that is so abundant at this density of reality. I know I feel it. To see the innocent suffer is heartbreaking. The children, the sleeping Angleic Humans, the animals, nature kingdoms, the planet.... our water is the record keeper of the toxicity that is clouding the hearts of humanity at the deepest levels. 

It's hard sometimes to not feel alone, helpless, hopeless, or even insignificant to what we can do to change these things. 

So I want to tell you again. I love you. I'm right here with you. You are not alone. 

We have chosen to take on the path cutting task of clearing out all the barbs of lies, deception and manipulation that has been imprisoning our loved ones. And as much as we would love to pick up the Sword of Light and go slashing through the polarity of Service to Self, the true path cutting we are doing is inside of us. 

We are modifying our own self back into our divine blueprint. We are doing all the work we came here to do, right inside our DNA, our Memories, our Beliefs, our Shadows. We are the change we came here to be.

This is were the idea of being a living an example becomes so important. Because how can we really run around telling the world how we want it to look, if we are not willing to be it ourselves?

So here we are, being willing to be the Observer. Notice. Witness. To observe our thoughts, feelings, emotions and find inside of us where we can love even more. There is almost an urgency to this task of amplifying the light inside. This surrendering of our vehicle so that our Christos Avatar consciousness can merge with this form. That has been our true mission. To get into a physical form and then highjack it back, rewire it, clear out all the dark heavy reversal light energy in order to align it back to our higher self. We came here to repair all the codes back to their original forms. 

Our Oversoul, Monadic Identity is the guiding light we feel in our heart. Our Permenant Seed Atom holds our blueprint. 

So how does this translate into every day moments? How does this even matter when we are trying to manage this physical reality? It means we get to watch our own self. If a situation feels as though it is falling apart, notice what comes up in you. If a feeling or emotion comes up, what is it saying? What chakra/s is it emanating from? What triggered it? We get to be the witness in order to then be the Divine God expression in this reality that stands in our truth and creates the change, recodes the program, loves it all back to the Source of All That Is, which lives right inside of us.... or more importantly, that we live inside of it. 

The station (station of identity) or channel (channeling) of our Higher Self is a fine tuned frequency, it requires us to have quieted all the lower stations (chakras and minds) of identity. This is an adept path we have all done many times, for many other planetary systems going through these very changes. 

So thank you, thank you for being you, thank you for choosing, and thank you for following through. 

You are incredible and I am honored to be here with you.

With Love,

Becca Bee

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