Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Third Eye Awakening

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today is a wonderfully magical day as the numerology of the 11/11/2020 gateway opens us to so much of our imprint of our Monad Body and our Adam Kadmon Body. Each alignment is an opportunity for us to embody more of our Light - Enlightenment - Higher Self Beingness.

As we are all pretty aware.... every activation, alignment, portal, upgrade or download..... heightens the energy on the planet, and within our body (inner planetary body) Hang on! 

On the flip side, those who are not choosing to do the shadow work, clear the ancestral karma and walk every step more harmonized to the Law of One..... are freaking out! They are getting overloaded by the new energy triggering all the stagnant energy inside. The increased photons and frequencies are shorting them out and driving them crazy! 


So, here we are. As we are moving up our chakra centers and stepping into the embodied forms of our Soul, we come to our Third Eye, our 6th chakra and the beginning of the transitional plane into our 3rd Harmonic Bodies...our Monadic OverSoul Identities.

The Third Eye is the level of our inner vision, our manifesting projections, and the seat of stepping into the levels of awareness of Christ/Anti Christ. 

What this means is we start to "see" clearly where all outside influences are coming from due to being able to read their energy fields and intentions. From this level of identity, it is easy to spot manipulation because there is a level of transparency. 

From a place of non judgement, it is easy to know is someone is operating from service to self vs service to others.

Deception is really a vibration that is coming from the levels Anti Krystic consciousness, but is mainly played out in the astral realms, 4th dimension.  For this reason, we have been honing our skills to clear out our shadows, fears, insecurities because these are the access points for these deceptions. When we surrender, we self direct ourselves through the different levels of consciousness and easily spot anything trying to use us in any way.  

Manipulations only really work for those who are not 

choosing self discernment OR are still holding to fear. 

Part of our guidance system are our Seed Crystals and our Magnetic Monopole. 

We are perfectly designed to surrender to our OverSoul. To be an observer and neutral compassionate witness in this life. Human Design is a powerful way for us to remember how to sit back and enjoy the ride and to remember how to allow our Magnetic Monopole to direct us. 

Our Life Purpose is BEING. But most people are DOING. We go to all these lengths to try to be something, do something. Being is the Doing. 

This next Soul Circle, we are going to go into the depths of how our natural design is embedded within us right inside our Seed Crystals. How to tune our radio receiver back to our Monadic Channel and off of the NAA stations, and Open up our Inner Vision back to our God Sovereign Self.

Now more than ever, we are being pulled to remember how to drive our vehicle, and the most amazing part, is we are going to find out, it is a sweet ride and we have a driver already ready to take us on this journey!

With Love,

Becca Bee

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  1. Oh Becca! What resonance I feel in these words and pictures. Thank you! Thank you for bringing us all together so we can BE and walk with each other through these massive shifts. Hugs and Light ✨❤️