Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Speaking Our Truth From the Voice of Our Soul

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

We know the power of the words we speak. Not only do words create, words destroy. And even though the childhood phrase of "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" was a mantra we sang, the truth is, some of our deepest traumas that have followed us through time....have been words.

As we move into the power of our Throat Center this week, we come with new eyes of wisdom. With great power comes this great responsibility. We know now how impactful every thought, feeling and action has been in our life, rippling across the cosmos. The responsibility to be mindful of not only every word...but every thought we think. What are we creating? That is the true question. 

Mindfulness has given us the gateway to freedom by being able to spot all the "Not Self" thoughts, feelings and actions that we have participated in. But now as we clear and delete all that does not serve us, we stand in the space of pure possibility. The possibility to create anything we choose.

Isn't it funny how knowing what you do want is something that you have to teach yourself because we have been so used to knowing what we Don't Want!

Reclaiming our power and our truth is in actuality, an act of surrender to our Soul and Higher Levels of Identity. Because now we know that every action we passionately spewed from our sacred throat center that came from a lower center, was actually a venom that we toxically co-created as a willing puppet to a limiting belief, astral entity and so on. 

Today is a new day, the now is a new moment. And every new moment is an opportunity to create what YOU DO want in your life. 

We have crossed a threshold. The Heart is our Gate of Spirit. From this gate we get to be the ones that decide, where is our inspiration coming from... our Ego? or our Soul?

I know what I am choosing. (& I'm pretty certain I can guess what you are too)

With Love,

Becca Bee

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