Tuesday, November 3, 2020

100 Days of Gratitude (Days 1-5)

A few years back I did 100 Days of Gratitude that I shared on this blog. http://soulbasedlife.blogspot.com/search?q=gratitude 

With all of the beautiful energy of change that is in the air for 2020 , the idea presented itself again for being in the state of perpetual gratitude. 

I would like to invite you to join me on this journey. And if you would like to be in a more co-creative environment of participation, please join the Facebook group Speak to the Fire Soul Circle


DAY ONE: Today I am grateful to feel and experience the power of the Spiritual Court of Equity and the beauty of surrender. I was presented with the gift of another place holding pain inside last night, and as I went to sleep, I did the entire clearing process. As I closed the spiritual court, I asked for my dreams to continue processing all that I had let go. My dreams were vivid, full and busy. I'm not sure of al their meanings yet, but right now I feel so much more sharable love in my heart in all the places that called for healing. ...With gratitude🐝

DAY TWO: Today, I am grateful for dreams, dream realms and the wisdom of dreams. Last night with the power of the Full Moon, I was guided and taken to special places and shown more intricate levels on how we embody our soul body, higher bodies and move things out of our field. In that, one of the key wisdoms was for us to focus on being in the 6th Dimension of Soul Identity (not the 4th or 5th) Much like in this realm, we mainly operated from our 3rd Chakra (ego) while 1 and 2 held much of the lower levels of programing..... in the 2nd Harmonic Universe, we can step into our 6th Level of awareness while we explore the information in 4 and 5. So much more to share with this! With Love ...🐝

DAY THREE: Today I am grateful for accountability. As I meditate, my future self/higher self is my greatest teacher. When I process things with higher stations of identity, it becomes blaringly clear how infantile our thought processes can be in this reality. The love and the kindness is ever present in the faster frequencies (higher dimensions), and at the same time, there is an absolute vibration of self responsibility. The accountability that if I want something on any level, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional...then the wisdom is... then be it and do it. The tools are all present. There are not excuses, if we want something, then we need to dedicate the time and intention. Doing the clearing statements once, or even once a week will never make the change that is necessary to clear the bindings of this realm. We must live the intention on a daily moment by moment basis.  And at the same time, there is no right or wrong. There is not judgement if we are choosing to continue to be in this realm. But to just remember, we are the ones accountable, if we want the change, then we have to live it and do it.  (in some ways, my future self is every vibration of love....even tough love!)   With Love....🐝

DAY FOUR: Today, I am grateful for Trust. As I sat in meditation today, I was shown all the places I had created armor and defense systems around myself in this lifetime. And although some of it may have served a purpose at some point in my life, the truth was that the full freefall into the heart and surrendering to my spirit was the trust of stepping into a new realm where the idea of protection, armor or defense was not even a concept. As we have gone into deeper and deeper layers of our stargates and energy centers, this has activated full emersion into being in our higher stations of identity. Having the courage to do this is pivotal on this plane. It is the only way to let go of the illusions and the fears that do not even exist in our higher levels of consciousness. I am grateful for Trust and remembering, that this, this physical realm, is but a reflection of all that is created from mind. And because of this, the mind gets to be where it was designed to be... as a tool of the heart. With Love...🐝

DAY FIVE: Today,  I am grateful for Passion. The force that passion creates through our electro magnetic being is such a catalyst for change and creation. As I delved into the vibration of passion, I was guided to see how this passion is a vibration that comes from certainty of self. It was also shown how vital it is to be in clear communication with "true self" and in alignment with our higher stations of identity. If passion is used without this clear channel of connection, the force of the movement is then in truth controlled and directed by what ever lower vibration, belief, entity, implant ect. that initiated it. Clear connection and knowing of who we are as a 12D Being is imperative, or else we become the marching puppet for who knows what, blinded by a passion that we will fight for. Passion is beautiful when directed by beauty. Today, I am grateful for the wisdom of Passion, and I declare my intention to be in my highest self truth when using this powerful tool.   With Love...🐝


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