Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Opening Our Heart to Lucid Love

 Becoming Conscious Emotional Beings Through Lucid Awareness of Our 4th Chakra

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I like to think of the last few months of the year as a slide that we ride because time seems to make the weeks fly by like a blur! But what better time to catch the triggers, shadows or belief systems we may still be holding. This is the time of year that is riddled with group consciousness morphogenetic fields. All the holidays have overlays of family energetics, childhood timelines and personal expectations. 

As we start to move out of the lower chakras into our Second Harmonic Universe Body or our Soul, this time of year is giving us the gift of a heavily programed season. What we do with it is our own choice. 

* Note* Expectations we may feel obligated to do help us create the questions we can start to ask for auditing those beliefs... 

From Defending Sacred Ground by Alex Collier

"To Believe or Not to Believe: That is the Question: I have asked a lot of questions about Earth, religions and our history. Morenae has this really great way of mirroring back my questions. One of the things that he mirrored back to me was a question regarding the history of a particular religion. His response to that was "it is not so much what you believe in, but why you believe it." 

This week we are going to go into more depth some of the techniques used for Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is a literal and metaphorical gold mine for becoming mature with our emotional etiquette as we learn to interact with the "Advanced Races" or Higher Dimensional Beings. 

One of the main things for us to remember is that our thoughts become shared in the higher frequencies. Right now in the First Harmonic Universe, our thoughts seem like our own personal secrets. And let's face it, most would not be fit for ever sharing with others! 

So may humans are walking around right now like radio antennas broadcasting out massive waves of judgement, fear, insecurity, hatred, and the list goes on. 

If we really knew the toxicity that we in the air around us we would live in our 12 D Shield!

So part of our growing up and waking up, is starting to self guide ourselves into love based sharable thoughts. 

Back to Lucid Dreaming. Understanding in the dream realms, all is mind, then we can start to see the power of our mind and how it creates our very reality around us. As awakened dreamers, WE KNOW that the world around us is not happening to us, but that we are reflecting it out around us. 

This is hard to take sometimes, because it is easy to feel helpless on this planet. And us waking up and starting to become one with the Mind of the ALL is not going to change our out reality as quickly as we can change a dream realm. But, that is why we are here. Because even though we may not understand all the details of how, we know we are all responsible in some way for the creation of this dream. 

So here we are. Here we are at a point of waking up. 

And you have to ask yourself, am I ready to stand up as the Spiritual Warrior? 

Of do I want to fall back asleep?

Waking up takes work, it takes mindfulness, it takes effort in order to start to move the Laws of Nature and the Universe in a whole new way. It can honestly feel like we are trying to wake up from being drugged!

But to me, it is worth it and it is why I came here. I make the declaration every day to live more awake every day. 

Our Heart is our secret weapon, our gift embedded right in the core of our being. It is hundred of times more powerful than our mind. It gives us the ability to telepathically communicate in Light Language. It resonates at the frequency of God Source and from the Blueprint of our Permanent Seed Atom. It is our wisest compass that speaks to us in every moment like a magnet pulling us towards our truth. 

Our only job..... to be the master of our mind...not the slave of our thoughts.

And the greatest gift, your heart, its the key to set you free.

With Love,

Becca Bee

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