Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Living The Law of One - Heart Based Ethics

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

As the weather starts to cool, we find the cycle of our northern hemisphere pulling us inward. As nature starts to slow down and prepare for the hibernation ahead, we too can utilize this energy to feel our own life, death and rebirth cycles as we experience over and over in this incarnation.

As we clear out our lower chakras, we are laying to rest all of the past that has been dominating our present now. We are bringing to a close all of the past, harvesting the wisdom, and surrendering all of the old to be recycled back to Source Light of All That Is.

Surrender.... the polarity of this one thing can either be the hardest thing to do....or the most liberating!

Last week we began to go into the layers of Ego seated in our 3rd Chakra. The level of our Conscious Mind and interface with the 3rd Dimension. Between the 3rd and 4th chakra is a membrane. A void space that separates the 1st Harmonic Universe from the 2nd Harmonic Universe. 

This membrane is Dimensional Lock System that is a Scalar Frequency Seal also know as Aurora Fields.

Aurora Host is Consciousness units from the next universe that have answered the call to protect this Universal Time Matrix. They create safe zones between the Dimension Bands in order for us to step from one density to the next without being effected by the reversal fields running on the earth. Aurora Light Consciousness allows beings and things on Earth, whose field is not fully encrypted with the next band of light, to be able to pass through to the next morphogenic field without harm. They create safe zones for passage through the frequency fence.  

Aurora Host is also known as the Dragon Luminaries, or the Tri-Tone Luminary Grid. 

So why is this important to know?

When we pass through the Lower Triangle Density, (Dimensions 1, 2 & 3) we come to our first seal, between our Ego and our Heart. 

If we have not fully cleared the ties from our lower chakras and done the shadow work, our Heart will continue to be directed by Ego Agendas rather than Soul Agendas.

Aurora Pillars of Light help us hold the band fields that help us dissipate the stragglers and tethers that we are bound by. Our part in the Growing Up process, is that we must be willing to surrender and let go. 

This Surrender and Letting Go can feel as if we are in a free fall ....until we realize that this free fall is into the infinite of the All That Is - In the Source Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Your job.... make your mind your tool, your vehicle, not your leader and dominating force of your

conscious thoughts and awareness. Then you can realize your Ego is no different than a character your create while playing a video game. It is an identity you create to enter this hologram (Virtual Reality) ...But it is NOT YOU!

This week we are going to Cross the bridge between Harmonic Universe 1 into Harmonic Universe 2 as conscious participants in our remembering. 

And as we step into being a Galactic Citizen we also now get to become aware of being mature emotional beings by living our life by the code of the Law of One - Spiritual Ethics based in Krystos Consciousness.

We will touch on a few different perspectives on the Law of One ethics, but in short, the code is in your heart singing as a Universal Truth that All is One living as an eternal truth of Love Consciousness. 

Or .....We could come it all up as the Golden Rule.

So Simple... just like surrender..... but in this Density, it can be just as difficult as letting go. 

With Love,

Becca Bee

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