Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Surrendering Ego to Our Identity as Soul

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This weeks newsletter is going out a little later than usual since my morning was filled with the activity of prepping the yard for colder weather. I am still getting used to the change of seasons here in the PNW, but it is such a beautiful reminder the the cycles of life, growth and expansion. Change is our constant, and stagnation is precursor to the dis-ease that manifests in and around us.

Our adept growth is to let go.... to become one again with the cycles of the At-One-Ment of all Creation.

As we move into our Solar Plexus Center, our 3rd Chakra Energy Center, this is the crux of our letting go, this is the transitional portal between the First Harmonic Universe (Dimensions 1, 2 &3) and the Second Harmonic Universe (Dimensions 4, 5 &6). 

The first three energy centers have to do with our Instinctual, Subconscious and Ego Personalities. They are the complete interface of our lowest density identity. This is the most dense of manifest form in our 12 Dimensional Time Matrix that we call the material realm or physical manifest reality. 

The weight of these three energy centers is the difference between growing into our Soul Body Identity, or remaining in the Dream of the Hologram of the Drama of this Earth plane. 

There is no right or wrong in this choice. Neither one is better that the other. They are all experience of God Source having an experience of Self. 

Remember, You are a PART of God Source

But, God Source is the TOTALITY of who you are. 

In truth, the you that you identify with is your consciousness. We have talked previously of the importance of your consciousness. All the battles between "dark" and "light".... are a battle for your consciousness. What the Negative Alien Agenda/Fallen Angelics is your consciousness.  YOU!

Why?  Because YOU (your consciousness) is the one creating your reality and they need you to buy into what they are selling so that you will believe it and create it as truth for you. 

For example, your belief's are your belief systems because at some point YOU determined them to be true. BUT, if they are not Infinite Light serving belief systems, then they are blocks, or dead light systems that imprison you in the lower vibrational frequencies or densities. I.E. the Earth plane or lowest Harmonic Universe.  You could then surmise that You are the one imprisoning you.

Sounds crazy right?!

Waking up to your truth, means you are waking up to the awareness that you exist within every Harmonic Universe of this time matrix. Waking up is like an alarm bell from your Soul saying "Ok now, lets start climbing the ladder, lets integrate our identities again"

You have the choice.... to sleep, or to start the journey.

The Third Energy Center is one of those major portals that we choose to cross through. Clearing all the lower chakras means we unchain ourselves from this realm and open ourselves to step into the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions of our Soul Identity. 

It is vital for us to clear the lower chakras of the programming, limitations, soul fragmentation, fear, implants, cording, etc. If we do not, all of this enters with us into the astral place of our Heart Center and we will be accelerating our creations from the upside down pyramid of our lower chakras (draining our life force energy) Rather that attuning our compass to our higher self and accelerating our life force energy back into harmony and balance. 

This Thursday we will be going over our correlation with our energy centers to different dimensional portals, stargates, Earth timelines, and levels of our identity bodies. 

As we take the journey into our 3rd  Energy Center, we will be at the powerful seat of our Ego and Will Center, the place that we can set into motion our Declaration of Intention of surrendering our Ego back to our Source and we reembody ourselves into our higher identities on the path of spiritual maturity.

I'm looking forward to journey with you!

Let's be the ones we are lookin for.

With Love,

Becca Bee

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