Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Importance of Clearing Your Chakras For Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Our Chakras And The Astral Planes

Chakras are something that has become quite a well known topic by most people and I have to say this is a wonderful sign that helps us acknowledge the raising frequencies of knowledge and awakening on our planet. But like many things that are good for us, we may know about them, but we just may not be actualizing the knowledge as a habit in our life yet.

If you are interested in lucid dreaming or OBE's then I want to inspire you to revisit one of our base tools for mental, physical and spiritual health in order to enhance your lucid dreams and OBE experiences. 

I tend to sense our chakras as portals and I have found endless ways to meditate and work with them. One of the techniques that I use the most is visualizing "stepping into them". This uses the imagination (which triggers the subconscious) to feel or see myself moving into the chakra center as if it was my navigation center for my entire body. It becomes kind of like my control center for my perception. So for instance, if I was to drop into my third chakra, it would seem as though I am seeing the world from the level of my solar plexus. It would feel like my eyes are right there as my thoughts begin to click into the energy resonating inside. I then allow myself to receive first impressions as I mentally scroll through different situations or people in my life and this is going to show me areas I need to clear

What Happens To My Dreams When My Chakras Are "Dirty"?

Imagine if you will that our chakras are filters and these filters are just another part of a way to help us process things we deal with each day very similar to our subconscious. Each chakra is going to deal with a different level or our energy or aspect of our life. When we dream at night this is our subconscious processing time. All the things throughout the day that we didn't get a chance to organize or make peace will generally use dream time to file away properly. This also goes for future thoughts we are having that we are not settled with such as dreaming about a presentation you have to give or a test you have to take. 

Our chakras are holding information on all sorts of levels of our life. I like the image that was shared with me years ago of a window screen. As we deal with things, if our screen is dirty it will light up anything similar to the clog. Basically like attracting like. So say you are feeling ignored, then your perception of someone not looking at you when you though they should would trigger feeling ignored and light up that part of your screen.  But if you were to clean your screen, that energy would not be present and then you would find that you would have no reaction at all to the idea of being ignored. Our screens are a great tool to help light up exactly what needs cleaning in our life. 
So when we lucid dream or astral project, if our chakra screens are clean we will tend to have clearer dreams, more vivid dreams, more control over our dreams and less bothersome elements to deal with on the astral planes because there will be less emotional murkiness clogging our travels.  

So How Do I Clear My Chakras?

There are probably an infinite amount of ways to clear our chakras because it all comes from our imagination. What I have found to be extremely quick and effective is using the white light. Starting at the first chakra and working your way up to the crown "step in" to each chakra and then imagine a bright white light beginning to fill the area until it is radiating rays out of the front and back of each chakra. Be aware of your breath as you do this and you will find that the body naturally wants to take a deep breath to help clear out the area. 

Take as long as you need with each chakra. You may notice that you will have to spend more time in some areas because they will feel particularly blocked. When this happens I will allow my mind to get impressions of my home, work or any other areas of my life to see where the block may be coming from. I will also go over the aspects of my life the particular chakra is governing. I will then breathe the white light into my home, work, relationships with others or anything else that I sense is keeping my chakra from fully radiating the white light.  

Just be patient and keep focused on each one until the white light radiates out. Sometimes the block will feel like it is dissipating and other times it may just click and be gone. Have fun and enjoy the process. You can add anything you like to your meditation such as colors, kundalini, the sun, tones, symbols.....the list goes on and on as far as your imagination will let it!

Make sure to keep a dream journal so you can increase your awareness of your dream time travels and notice the amazing benefits of clearing your chakras.....

Happy Astral Travels!

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