Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

Maybe  you can agree with me on this, but over the years I have come across so many diets and cleanses and so many of them seem to present themselves like full on religions to be followed like the word. Because of this there are not many I care to reference or pass on.

So when I came across the book The 4 - Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan on ISSUU I was pretty surprised by what a great find I had come across and I purchased the hard copy on Amazon to show to others. And naturally I am sharing it here on the blog as well.  

Cleansing the body is one of the key components towards not only great health but also for energy work and astral travel. The trick is knowing which order to cleanse the different systems of the body and knowing how to do it. What I also like is being able to go through the process without having to stop my whole life to do it.

Not knowing how or what to do can be the thing that stops us from trying in the first place.  This book is a great all in one resource to start off with.

What Order Should We Cleanse Our Body?

The great thing is that the order is pretty universal. The idea is that you want to clear the blocks from your elimination system first so that your tracks are clear for everything else to follow. It makes sense!  It's hard to move things around if there is nowhere for it to go. 

The order is...
  1. Week 1 - Intestines & Kidneys
  2. Week 2 - Lymphatic System
  3. Week 3 - Liver & Gallbladder
  4. Week 4 - Blood, Lungs & Skin

What do we need to do a cleanse?

There are a few basic fundamentals that seem to accompany most cleanses because of their efficiency and effectiveness.  The top basics are...

  • Psyllium Husk
  • Lemon Water (Cranberry Juice & Apple Juice are high on the list too)
  • Pectin
  • Clean Eating
  • Exercise
  • & a variety of Herbs, Vitamins, Enzymes & Flora

How do I do the cleanse?

This I will leave to the book to explain since it has done such a great job of breaking down and explaining all the systems and even includes some helpful quizzes to help you see where you may be needing the most help.

With lots of self care ideas, recipes, top foods choices and other great tips it's a pretty easy to follow 4 week plan. What I really like is that each week has a base list of things you do and they are great ideas for habits to continue doing.  The herbal teas seem to be one of the major differences between the weeks but it is all still very easy to do without taking up too much energy or time.  

If you would like to check the book out you can find it free to read on ISSUU and Amazon also has them to order. (here is the direct link or you can click the book below)

Here's To A Happy Healthy Body!

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