Friday, October 16, 2015

3 Things To Clear Your Mood

Ok, I normally don't post a music video like this for a soul purpose but as I was working on some lesson plans for my Clearing Blocks Class, I was inspired to listen to "Love Somebody" by Jason Mraz. This song came up after and I loved how it put to music such a clear fun path to letting go of things that don't serve us in our life anymore.

If music moves you....this may be an inspiration for you....& if you know of any others please share them, I'd love to find more.

With Love and Joy!
Keep Sharing the Blessings :-)

Three Things to Do To Help Heal and Let Go..... (according to Jason Mraz)

1. Cry My Eyes Out Till My Heart Dries Up- Yes, this can be so powerful to allow the e-motion (energy in motion) to flow out of the body. Cry, scream, feel, speak it out loud, do what you need to do but let the trapped e-motion GO!

2. Close My Eyes and say THANK YOU!  Grab that new wonderful feeling and go to where the love is and let it fill me up inside!

3. Allow the Chapter to End & Try Again! - Yes! Stories are just stories and we can write our future any way we want it, why drag old stories around.

(I like this version a bit better...)

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