Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gratitude Day 10 - Blessings

A while back our family made the conscious decision to start celebrating every blessing that we experience. This habit has become something that brings so much joy into our life.

We celebrate big and little victories, accomplishments, 11:11's (or other numbers like it), syncronicities and abundance however we receive it and anything else that we feel in our heart.

To us, finding a penny on the ground is a momentous occasion and brings a cheer. 

"Lucky penny!" 
"Look a blessing!"

But it's not only pennies, this celebration brings every currency and even paper bills and the occasional diamond too. 

And the thing that I really notice is that whether we find a penny or a $50 on the street, the joy feels the same.

It reminds me of the thought that What we celebrate we invite more of into our life!

I had quite a collection of lucky pennies going and I decided to make a jar of blessings. A little something that when I see it I think of all the celebrations we have had as a family and all the blessings that we are open to receiving.

It reminds me of all the great experiences, connections and loved ones we have in our life.

I am so gratitude for every blessing and I am so grateful that we are open to receive them with open arms and big smiles. 

What is your "jar of blessings"? 
And how do you celebrate the blessings in your life?

Let's share our ideas and help spark new ways to celebrate our gratitude!


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