Monday, May 23, 2016

Gratitude Day 16 - Expansion

In nature, there are only two states of being .... growing or dying. 

Sometimes it is these simple truths 

that wake me up the most. 

I find in myself the desire to thrive, to grow, to learn to expand. And it is tangible when growth happens in any form. 

Once you become informed or learned about something, it is pretty hard to unlearn it. 

Knowledge changes things. 

Just like it is super uncomfortable to try to squeeze into smaller clothes that we have outgrown, old thought forms can feel the same way. 

It is amazing to expand into our truth. Tangible expansion of self. Continually happening and pulling us closer towards interconnection with all. 

I am grateful for expansion. I am grateful for growth.

We are in constant motion  ... lets make sure we are moving the right way!

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