Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gratitude Day 17 - The Body

I have nothing but respect and love for this amazing vessel that I get to call home....my body. 

I am forever in awe with how intricate and advanced it its. This micro of the cosmos that holds worlds within worlds within. 

I love that, despite my ignorance of what is going on inside, my body is continually aligning itself with wholeness and balance.

I breathe without needing to think about it. 
My heart beats, my blood flows.
My immune system protects me.
I can sense the world around me in a beautiful array of ways.

I appreciate all the signals that I am given, the pain, the discomfort and the pleasure, that let me know when I need to assist in some form of action for continued well-being. 

Signals that inform me to rest, hydrate, stretch, move, eat...and so much more. 

What a gift to be given this advanced vehicle to explore this world.

To live life, to experience life, to feel life!

Yes, I am so grateful for this body I call home.

Remember to tell your body thank you!   

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