Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gratitude Day 40 - Do Overs

I was rushing out the door this morning. I had pushed the clock to the limit, working on a project I was particularly interested in, and now I was in efficiency mode in order to get to work on time.

Granted I could have driven the car and not been in a hurry, but the truth is, I like my morning bike ride.

As I was crossing one of the main intersections, a dime caught my eye. If you have been reading my posts, you know that finding blessings is a big deal for me. (Gratitude Day 10 - Blessings)

There was a catch, this blessing wasn't really in the intersection, but it wasn't on the side of the road either.

In a split second I felt a wave of thoughts run through my head. I felt my fingers begin to grip on the breaks, but the thoughts had created hesitation and it was too late, I rode right past it. 

I remember three distinct thoughts I had. 1. Is it safe to stop in the middle of all the traffic? 2. That's a lot of cars watching me. And 3. I'm running late for work. 

After I crossed the intersection, not more than 3 seconds passed before I squeezed the brakes and stopped. How could I pass up a blessing? My first response was to ask myself, "why did I pass it?" Was it because I was worried for my safety? Or was I really worried about being a spectacle in an intersection? 

I turned the bike around and went back, but to no avail, I couldn't find the dime. 

I finally had to stop looking and get going, I was after all running tight on time. 
As I began to peddle away I stated to the universe, "I am not sure why I didn't stop. Maybe it was for safety, or maybe it was because I didn't want to be watched." And then I stated, "But I am willing to face why....I am willing to know the truth. I want a do over! Give me a do over so I can be clear because the truth is, I accept blessings."

And off I went. 

I let the whole thing go and soon found myself preoccupied with a podcast I was listening too and enjoying the beauty of the morning.

And then there it was, right on the ground, a folded five dollar bill. 

I hit the breaks so fast I almost stopped right on top of it. A huge grin covered my face as a phrase started ringing through my head, "I accept and I receive! I accept and I receive!"

This moment was such a confirmation for me of the power of asking. And more so, a visceral and conscious understanding on HOW to ask. 

I was willing to focus on the reason why I passed up the blessing, and then ask for a do over in receiving. 

"I accept and I receive!" 

And what I loved was that not only did the universe deliver, it delivered even bigger. This was such a great gift of understanding for me.  Much like calling out "New Choice", we can also call out "Do Over!". And what a gift that is!

I really am so grateful for "do overs" and for the growth that comes from this process. 


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