Sunday, April 5, 2015

Positioning Your Bed For Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are not just types of dreaming that happen to us by chance. There is a bit of a science to it. I used to think that lucid dreaming just happened at certain times,  but I have learned that the more I work certain elements around me, the more I control when I dream.

One of these elements is the position of the bed.  

I don't know why I never thought of it before but the position of our bed is changing all the time.  We are in constant motion on this planet and so time of day is going to play a factor.  But more importantly I have noticed that as the earth changes on its axis and the seasons change, so do the lay lines of our room.

Here is a list of key factors that come into play:

  • NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WEST - As the earth axis rotated with the seasons, I noticed that our bed direction went from East to South and my dreams pretty much lost their fizzle.  I was dreaming but not well.   So we last night we changed our bed direction to face North.  The dreams were extremely vivid but I still felt a factor of little control.  EAST seems to be the best direction to have the head of the bed.  

    I find this interesting because if you research the TM Vedic City in Iowa that was designed specifically to follow certain lay lines, all the houses face to the East.
  • LAY LINES - These are energetic grids that run along the earth.  These are not woo woo imagined lines either.  Lay lines are kind of like meridians of the earth body.  If you begin research them more you will find that many important structures, old and new, have been intentionally build on them because they hold power that can be used.  

    You will find that you can direct this energy like water into your room.  Kind of like digging a ditch to get the water to flow where you want it, except you do it with magnets.  The hematite magnets that all stick together work really well.  

    Making sure the lay lines are right in our room can be the difference between our body being recharged or drained.
  • PLANETARY ALIGNMENT & THE MOON - This is pretty advanced awareness but I wanted to mention it because it definitely plays a roll in frequencies and alignment of our travels. Just like the ASTROLOGICAL influence of our birth chart to our life, if we think about it, every moment is a different signature that is occurring which is playing on our own vibrations.   The easiest to be aware of is the MOON.  Just noticing how dreams change throughout the lunar cycle can be very helpful. 

  • OUR BODY- Prepping the body for a night of lucid dreams or astral projection is important. Having the least amount of light or electrical influence around you at night is best and not eating at least three hours before going to bed will insure that our stomach is not active making it easier for our body to do dream work.  
Play around with arranging your bed in different locations in your room to find the best dream position.  Even just sleeping at different angles on your bed can change things up enough to open up the dream realm even more.   

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