Thursday, May 11, 2017

Using the Gene Keys for a Deeper Understanding of your Human Design Chart

The Gene Keys 
(By Richard Rudd)
When I first started exploring my Human Design chart, I was absorbed by all the details and how much information there was available in this one drawing that depicted my soul print in this life. But there was this tug inside of me that was asking how this chart could light up valuable information on one's ascension path. 

The Gene Keys is what revealed this magic key to this magnificent map of the Self.

So what are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are an in depth exploration into each and every "Key" or "Gate" in the chart which is based on the I'Ching and the 64 Hexagrams. Each of these Keys are about "Unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA"

Each Gene Key goes into a journey of what the lowest expression, or shadow of the Key is, and moves us through to the Gift and then up into the Siddhi, or our highest expression of self. 

Until we become aware, most of us are operating in the shadow realm of our expression because it is what has become the norm. But as we integrate more of our light and our awareness, we can start to move into the gift of who we are and aim for our highest self. 

It Changes our DNA

Working with this book is not an overnight thing. Each key is meant to be contemplated and integrated. When this happens we begin to change our perspective, and our way of interacting with our world around us. On an internal level, we are literally changing the codes in our DNA to radiate more of our true light.

The amazing thing is that our DNA operates on a 64 fold geometry and in many ways holds a symmetry to the 64 hexagrams. 

Working with the Gene Keys is a way to "talk to your DNA"

Why the Gene Keys works so well in 
harmony with Human Design...

In Human Design there are gates/keys, which are the numbers on the chart, that are more prominent in our life than others. Some of the main ones are the numbers that make up our Incarnation Cross, as well as the larger planets on our chart. 

You will find that if you get your Holographic Profile (Gene Keys Map), it corresponds to your Incarnation Cross in your HD chart. But instead of trying to figure out how to move through all the information on a HD chart, by following what the Gene Keys calls "The Golden Path", you can get a clear way to easily start to move through the most important numbers of your chart.

Again, it's all about the introspection and spending time with one Key at a time, to really ingest all the information through contemplation. It's the contemplation that let's us honestly ask our self, are we expressing the shadow? And if so, in what ways? Owning our truth is how we begin to shift into our Gift, and how we begin to change our very DNA!

Where to get your Gene Keys "Golden Path"

The Gene Keys is a stand alone tool so you don't have to know anything about Human Design to get amazing gifts from the Gene Keys (and vise versa). With that said, here is the link to get your free Hologenetic Profile. 

It does require access to the book in order to read up on each of the keys, and the map gives you the guided path to unlock the keys. 

In our ascension path of bringing in more of our light of our divine self, The Gene Keys has been a tool I have been so grateful to have come across. It is wonderful to have a way to really go deep into an aspect of self, and really open up to the highest expression of what we are at a core level, if we just let ourselves be. 

Many blessing on your journey!


*if you would like help getting started with you HD chart, just let me know by visiting me here

"Be the Light, Be the Divine, Be You"

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