Saturday, April 11, 2015

Heart To Heart Hugs!

Heart To Heart Hugs!

I had a great friend tell me about these back when I was on Maui and I loved the idea because I could really feel the difference. Through muscle testing you could actually see your body strengthen with a heart to heart hug and weaken with the traditional hug! Other than the fact that I knew our hearts were closer for a heart to heart hug, I didn't realize there was even more to it. 

But we have been so conditioned to hug on the right side and with life happening I totally forgot about heart-to-heart hugs. It wasn't till our move to Virginia that I was triggered to remember this great hug!

So I decided to start a Heart -Revolution .... A HEARTolution!

When we do a traditional hug (hug on the right side) we are actually hugging Liver-to-Liver.  Our Liver is one of our greatest filters of our body and the emotions that it processes for us are anger, sadness, resentment & pain.  So traditional hugging creates a liver connection sharing the emotions and energy of the liver.

Another thing to be aware of is that we are electro-magnetic beings so we have currents of energy flowing through us and just like electricity there are + and -.   A good example of a healing modality that balances this electro-magnetic current is Polarity Therapy.

But when we do Heart-to-Heart Hugs, we share the emotions of our HEART!  Love, Compassion and Joy.  Our heart is powerful and the energy and current we emit from our heart has a scientifically proven effect on the world around us.  

Our heart has the power to Heal!  

Heart-to-Heart Hugs are easy to do, it just takes a little time to remember to hug on the Left. But every time you remember you are sharing with someone else the idea of Heart Hugs and sharing a little more love, joy and healing.

Why did we start hugging on the right?  Why is it a habit to hug in a way that lowers our energy?  Let's change it!  Let's start a HEARTolution and share the power of our heart to heal the world!