Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Shakti and the Shiva In You - Father pt.2


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Welcome to another post as we continue on our journey of this sacred dance of the masculine and feminine within us. We heal the mother and father so that we can embrace the beauty of these energies right inside of us. We heal the distortions we may have created through child eyes so that we can open the eyes of god source within. We are the sacred dance of the cosmos living and breathing the dream around us. 

Now that we know we are the the dream...dreaming the dream...we can now change the dream and create the dream we want to be in now. 

And in this dream we are dancing. A synchronistic flow perpetually creating and birthing into creation. This is a dance of three, not two... The Tri Founder Flame burning inside of us. 

This dance is about balance, flow, honor, is about RELATIONSHIP.

The "ship" that flies on wings of imagination in unity consciousness.

The foundational part of unity, is balance. Balance in all things that we do and balance in our relationships. Our ability to have balance and healthy relationships starts from our very first breaths in this incarnation and what we observed and experienced around us. 

What did you observe?

What was the relationship of your Mother and your Father? 

What was your relationship with your Mother?

What was your relationship with your Father?

.... & What relationship did you learn to have with yourself?

Everything is a relationship in this universe, but how our understanding and belief system got engrained in this lifetime is mainly based in the energy of the Father, the support, the foundation, and the 4 P's.... Protections, Provisions, Praise & Presence.  And who your father was for you, your mother, and for the family. (father figure)

Father is our first connection outside of mother, outside of the womb. It is our first relationship. The Masculine energy holds the role in the dance as the support, the foundation, the container of structure. Stability.

The masculine is the riverbed that structures, supports and holds the river as she flows. 

This relationship plays out inside of us in every single molecule. The atom is a microcosm representing the building block of our physical reality. The electron, proton and neutron. Positive charge, negative charge and neutral. Patiki, Partika and Particum. The tantric flow of life. 

Heiros Gamos is this divine union that represents living light. The Eternal Living Light. 

When the currents are in harmony and balance Shiva and Shakti dance ... when they are out of balance, Shiva becomes the destroyer and Shakti becomes Kali, the destroyer. We see this in our life in the health of our relationships, our health, our emotions... in everything. 

We hold all of these inside of us. Our masculine and feminine qualities. We play these roles in everything we do. From the projects we do, our work, our relationships to others, even our dreams of the future. We are flowing this energy through us. 

How we flow the universal currents through our body is our our responsibility. 

Is it in balance and harmony, or are we being the destroyer?

Are we in living light or dead light energy?

Promoting life or promoting death?

Eternal flowing energy or parasitic/vampiric energy?

Uplifting another or tearing them down?

Radiating Emotions above the vibration of love, or broadcasting low vibrational emotions?

Regardless of the dream that we were born into, regardless of the dream that we were taught, our sovereign right and responsibility is to know that we are the dreamer and we can command the dream! 

Be the Lucid Dreamer now!

This week we are going to look at the patterns and beliefs around relationships that have been running in our programming. This is going to build off of what we did last week in our assignment of letting the inner child speak about Father. 

What Beliefs did you create?

How supported did you feel as a child?

What example of relationship did you have from your parent figures?

What relationship did you learn about God?

About government? (government plays the patriarchal parental role)

What beliefs did you have around money, abundance or being supported?

What belief did you have about what a relationship was?

And what relationship did you create with yourself, your worth, what you deserved, who you could be, or your own lovability?

Let's recreate any of these that are not flowing in a trinity wave. Thank you again so much for taking this journey with me. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Our Journey with Father's Love

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to June, hot weather and lots of sunshine! As the sun shines upon us, this is a perfect setting for stepping into loving and healing our Father Wounds. 

Last month we had the opportunity to heal the Mother Wound. Our first home as we entered into this incarnation. Mother is all about our welcoming, nurturing and grounding into our physical form and life. 

Mothers role is a primary role that holds the 

same energy for both male and female children

CLICK HERE FOR THE 4 Week Series of  Healing the Mother Wound Clearings

Father plays a different role than the Mother, which starts the same at birth but begins to change as the child grows, depending on the polarity of the child. 

The important thing to remember, is that we are referring to "Mother" role, and "Father" role. Even though we always hold the karmic blueprints of our biological parents regardless of their involvement in our life, we know that there is a wide variety of ways the roles of our parent figures can be filled. 

There is a list we went through with the Mother that show us some of the ways a child can adopt limiting self and life beliefs. This list applies to our distortions with Father as well since both parents holds the role of love and emotional connection.


This month we will be going through the different variations of connection types with the Father figure while we lead ourselves into full Spiritual Adulthood completely sovereign of any attachments to our Mother or Father seed cells. 

It was vital for us to heal the Mother Wound first because these are the most foundational emotions of feeling nurtured and welcomed right from the womb. Many of the steps will seem similar to our Healing the Mother Wound processes. This is because our childhood beliefs and wounds come from our own unique upbringing so you will be your best inner guide toward how you entangled with the adult figures in your life. Your adult awareness is the key that allows the wounded inner child(s) inside of you to have a place to come home to inside your heart. You are the healer, you are the teacher, you are the guide. 

So let's get started with our path in these next four weeks..


When we are a child, our parents are only our caretakers for a short time. In the Living Light ways, this is honored and a prayer is given by the biological parents to the true divine parents as they take on this role for a very short time, knowing always that the child does not belong to them, but that they belong to the child as a steward, until the initiation (usually around puberty) where the child is returned to the true parents to be guided from their own center. 

Many of the customs of this planet are not Living Light based. They are instead adopted from the rulers that came to this planet who lived with rules based in control and domination, not in harmony with the Universal Laws. The Living Light ways are based in Unity Consciousness. This is to say that the generations are honored as a people.... not just as a family unit. 

In this Unity Based Consciousness, Father represents for us

Love - Unconditional Love



Our First Relationship


Purpose and Morals

Being an Example 

 A childs' connection with mother is steady and based in nurturing until the 'weening' takes place. At which time the child is then returned to the true parents. (the path of spiritual adulthood) Next is the connection to Father. Then this connection is out of balance, from the Father role player, there are a few paths the child can take in their thinking. 

The father presents the first connection outside of the mother. Father is our basis for creating relationships. The level of guidance a father gives also depends of the polarity of the child, as each child is going to learn their roles differently in this incarnation, depending on the polarity they chose to embody. 

This is a hard topic to really write about because there are so so so many variables, especially now days in our current society. 

Here are some basic examples...

If the child is polarized towards men as their sexual preference, their father then becomes the relationship role model for the type of man they may choose as a partner, how they deserve to be treated, what they will tolerate, or if they feel or don't feel worthy to be loved by another. 

If a child overly clings to the father for support, this can create the "daddy" savior complex in both polarities. This never allows the child to grow up because they are always seeking that security from the father. In future relationships, the adult child will never fully stand on their own two feet, or honor the partner they have chosen because they will never feel that partner lives up to their image of "dad".

On the other hand, if a father is never available, doesn't keep their word, or does not protect, the child can grow up angry, resentful, "I don't need anyone", "I can do it on my own", unable to emotionally connect with others, open up or be intimate with others. etc. 

These again are very general examples, but you get the picture. The father figure role player is the one who guides and teaches how to step into purpose, the living example or morals and following ones own inner compass. This is the teacher role for our internal foundation of standing in our own personal truth.

... & the confidence to be ourselves in the world.

This week we are going to lay the foundation for Healing our Father Wound as we reconnect with our true father so we can balance the healing inside and give a new level of strength and courage to the Spiritual Adult that emerged from the last four weeks. (if you have not done the process for Healing the Mother Wound, please start there before continuing on with these next four weeks. That is the foundation we are moving from for these next steps)

It is going to be amazing to feel and know, the Divine Father shines right inside of  you!

With So Much Love!

Becca Bee

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Spiritual Adulthood - Healing the Mother Pt. 4

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

To each of you I say welcome! And I celebrate you!  Today is such a special day and what a synchronicity as we step into our spiritual adulthood and sovereignty. 

Today is May 26th, 2021 - The Day of the Sixth Sun. 

The awakening into a new era. 

A Full Moon, A Lunar Eclipse, A New You

(Video from 2007)

Since 1987 we have been on a fast track of upgrades and awakening. Each significant date represents an
opening into a new radiance of light flowing into our spectrum of perception. Our Earth Body, our Light Bodies, our Spirit is receiving more unfiltered radiance right from Source Light. 

As we step into the final initiation of the Love of Mother, we are stepping into the maturity that this life is not about us... it is about we.  It is about ALL. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

Every decision we make is a ripple effect. How can we restore the the Earth, if we do not restore our own self. And how do we restore the universe if we do not restore the Earth? 

Welcome to the awakening of you as your Earth body. You are the mother, the mother is you. 

This symbolizes our 4th biological stage of growth where we realign with the 4th harmonic universe and our Christic Body. The full activation of our Amrita Fluid.  - Our Spiritual oil of Elixer of Life.

As we started to awaken our Kundalini we began to build the fire. This fire then moves up the spine to mix with the Amrita that flows from the Pituitary and Pineal glands. This fluid becomes the Krystal Waters that helps to transform the body into a Solar Body of ascension. We become a walking Kiristi/Krystos beings. 

The path is as a soul consciousness, we birth into physical form in order to transmute it into spiritual form. 

The Krystal Waters purifies the body of all past karma, ancestral debt and miasma that may have still been held in the body in order to free the carbon based form from 3D limitations and so you can now reconnect with your 12 stations of Identity. A completely realized being. 

This is the path we take. Unfortunately, you know as well as I do, we did not go through these initiation stages as their originally designed template. This 4th initiation is a biological initiation for 33yrs old. The level of deception on this planet has been geared towards keeping people unaware that this is a possibility or a desired path.

Regardless of what age we take these steps, these steps are the path towards full embodiment of our conscious integration. In order to take this path, we can honor the astrological signposts in our life. Most specifically the Saturn Opposition at 27, ant Saturn Return at 54, as well as our Uranus Opposition at 47. Each of these are Soul initiations that put us face to face with what in an obstacle in our Kristic Path so that we can clear it.

No matter how long it takes us, we can know that every step on this path leads us closer to the truth of who we are. Keep your eyes on your heart, keep your soul guiding your compass and let love be the vibration. 

Let us fully now step into the role of service to others as a Krystos Being. Last week we walked through the fire of initiation, this week we become the living waters.

With so much love,

Becca Bee


An amazing meditation video. Find a peaceful place for 30 and journey into mother through the music and words. Happy Welcoming to the Sixth Sun!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Recognition and Strength - Healing the Mother pt. 3

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to our next step in our journey of growth into Spiritual adulthood. As we heal the mother wound right inside of us, we unplug from the wounds of the past and open the potential to emerge into our true form. 

This week we are awakening our strength, sacred sexuality and kundalini for merkaba activations. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

We have spent the last two initiations handing back responsibility that did not belong to us. Now we are in a place of stepping into responsibility. This is were we get to start making the sovereign choice to live the Law of One. 

The questions we get to ask ourselves with every decision we make is... what am I in service to? 

Parasitic Energy, or Living Energy?

Living the Law of One is about mindfulness and discernment. Click here to learn more

Our first two initiations allowed us to integrate into this lifetime, and to get our roots settled. Now in the third initiation our roots are giving way to our creations, what we are choosing to do our be in this life, and what passions and visions from our second initiation are we wanting to develop with our own identity. 

This is the stage in our development were we are meant to step out of the instinctual vibrations of the lower three chakras, and start our soul initiation into the second harmonic universe. (Dimensions 4, 5 & 6)

Biological Cycles of Spiritual Expansion 

  • Biological Age 12 (Soul or Initiate, 4-5-6)

Prior to the year 2000, most all earthlings were blocked in their DNA and unable to access or begin full soul embodiment by Age 12. This is a mutation in the genetics. In the last 26,000 years and prior to 2000, about 68% of the earth population met partial soul accretion levels at some point in their lifetime and were reincarnated back into 3D again. A very small percentage were freed of the karmic wheel, while the rest were trapped in servitude in the Underworld. After 2000, this is accretion is possible above 4D at age 12 and happens in approximately 20% of the population, all Indigos. The rest of us have to catch up in our biology later or have specific contract.

Here is the thing, if we have not fully and completely harmonized our second chakra which holds the autonomic programs (fight or flight), our third chakra can not be of service to us. Our third chakra is the base of our lower merkaba spin and must be tempered (surrendered) to the heart.

If our lower chakras are not fully cleared of all Earth based (1st HU) entanglement, our vehicle will not function at it's highest potential for creating and housing the plasma charge necessary to move our larger states of consciousness. 

Centipedal negentropy ... sharable waves ... bliss charge ... plasma charge directed by the heart.... is what helps us move into higher states of conscious activation. 

This is the ability for us to move between the different Harmonic Universe (HU's) at will, through our own abilities. 

The Third initiation is about being able to move our own energy, our own power and our own will. But these energies are meant to be directed by the heart and the higher consciousness (our soul body). If this energy is bound or stuck by entanglement with low self worth, pain, trauma, closed off heart, etc. Then the EGO takes over and we become a vessel for Service to Self and parasitic energy. 

Power and Courage is not about ego or needing to stand up for ourselves. Power and Courage is about knowing who we are on a divine level, and expressing it through compassion and love. 

Every thought, feeling, actions & intention we emanate in this harmonic universe

is either based in living light.... our being a parasite. 

As we continue through the years of healing our mother wound, we now step into the puberty of our growth. This is were we start to ween off of needing the mother to ground us or manage our lower chakras for us any longer.  We can now see how our choices matter, and take the responsibility for everything we "birth" into this HU. 

Now as our Kundalini begins the first initial stages of its development (full activation usually comes

much later), we can start to feel the body beginning to wake up to new sensations. Our sexuality becomes a new creative force that we learn to explore.

"In our Ascension model, we recognize and work with 15 waves of the Spectrum of Frequency that correlate directly with the Universal Rays, dimensions of time, and how our individual energy centers (also referred to as Chakra systems), are connected to those dimensions of time
that exist in the multidimensional Universe. The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds. Above the nine dimensions are the anti-particle dimensions, which are the Blueprint forms of liquid Plasma light or hydroplasmic currents. The amount of energy stored in the personal Kundalini current, is the capacity of the genetic code to hold the higher Consciousness energy. The Soul and spiritual energies that cannot integrate into the DNA to be activated, will be stored in the Kundalini center that is located in the base of the spine."
(from Energetic Synthesis)

This is the energy that is stored for us until we are ready to use it or activate it. Our Uranus Opposition that occurs around the age of 47 yrs old is an astrological time when our planetary alignment helps us awaken this energy if we have not done so earlier in life. 

We are not meant to live our life in the past or in the mind of a child. Nature pushes us to grow, to take roots, to be strong and to give birth to our own creations. 

This week we get to take off the training wheels, unplug from the mother, and step into our own strength. Now we get to create our own roots as a sovereign child of Uras...Terra...Earth. That we can be galactic, and a steward of this beautiful world. We can be the warrior of light we came here to be. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Childlike Joy - Healing the Mother Wound pt. 2

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the party, welcome to the game, welcome to the journey, our place to dance and play. Let
the freedom of your heart give rise to joy and song. Let the heart of music ring out to everyone. 

Imagine from your inner dream, a life so filled with joy. The playfulness of wonder inspiring every single thing you do and every dream you dream. A place were each person you greet is filled with that same joy, and smiles at you in happiness and support. A world so loving, so encouraging, and guiding you with wisdom, sharing with you every bit of knowledge that tells you of the many world that you are all a part of. 

Imagine the freedom. And the absolute possibility of being 100% you, the truth of who you are. Transparency, confidence, courage, value, a sense of having purpose. Purpose that is celebrated in you, and you get to celebrate for others. 

Can you feel the infinite possibilities of being born into a place like this?

A beautiful feeling of being a part

 of something so much greater!

This is the joy we are being asked to create and embrace right within our own self. Yes, many of us have been fractured and have grown up in childhoods far from the harmony of the dream above, but that does not mean that we can not create it now. 

Our dream is what is going to help us recreate the potential for this very thing not only us, but for future generations. It all starts with us healing our own inner child and by being the support and love that a child thrives and grows from for our own self, and for others. 

Last week we embarked on a journey of restoring the love to our inception and birth. We celebrated the moment of our entrance into this physical form and laid the foundation for our souls purpose in this lifetime by making the connection again to the heart of mother (Earth).

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

Now as we enter the second initiation, we are blessed to be able to celebrate the playfulness, curiosity and joy of childhood. All of the wonder that inspires the creativity of new possibilities for our evolution. 

Part of this process is about having the courage to face what was not beautiful in our early years, in order for us to face it and free it from the entanglement it has in our life. 

Last week we looked at a list of ways we possibly became out of alignment with our self and with others. This week we are going to look as some of the ways our mother may have been for us so we can see how those pains may have happened. 

 We are going to just go very basic for the foundation of our understanding and for our healing process.

Let's look at four basic "types" of Mothering we may have received. 

Balanced, Supportive and Loving - Child feels safe to be themselves. Well balanced and nurtured by childhood. 

Helicopter Mom - Child feels insecure, not good enough, never has a chance to grow up or feel as though they are capable. 

Child Mother (Parentified) - Child becomes the parent. This creates a feeling of responsibility for everyone else riddled with guilt, shame and "it's all my fault" feelings. 

Non Existent - Child distrusts others, has a lack of understanding of love and can feel resentment and anger towards the world.

You may have experienced one or more of these types of Mothering and each one has a list of ways we learned to interact with the world or believe or not believe in ourselves. (Please reference the list from week 1 for some examples of imbalance)

There are also different attachment styles we may have created with them

Secure -  Child feels secure needs will be met, loved, able to ask for help, learns to self direct.

Insecure Avoidant/Dismissive  - Withdrawn, doesn't believe needs will be met, rarely asks for help, loner.

Insecure Ambivalent/Resistant - Clingy, insecure, fear of new situations, anxious, rejects others.

Disorganized - Chaos, View all situations as a way to play out old traumas, Depression, Drama, Anxiety, PTSD

A child thrives being raised with Balanced, Supportive and Loving mothering with Secure Attachment. When this is not available, Inner Child Wounds, Soul Fragmentation and Disassociation can develop. 

Does the child go through Door #1 Co-Dependent or Door #2 Narcissistic

(or a variation of them...?)

Both = Inner Pain and Shame. Both create a wall of defense and seek validation, emotional connection and support from others since neither type learned how to "self soothe".... aka trust yourself

Guess what? All of this is just another way for us to see that we are not alone, we are not wrong, and now we can realize, the past is the past. We can be the parent we always needed, and allow our Higher Self to "walk in" in order for all the the Earth based instinctual fears to wash away. We get to be the love we have always wanted, and have always wanted to share. 

Yes, it hurt, yes it was not easy, yes we felt alienated, alone or different... 

And Yes, now we can change it. We can now validate our own inner child. Love them, hold them. Let them know it makes sense that they reacted the way that they did. We did the best we could with the tools we had at that level of consciousness we had at the time. 

As healers and time travelers, 

we get to go back and heal the timelines entangled with pain. 

And now we can remember that this is not our only experience. This is not our first lifetime. This is not our only truth. In fact, when we reconnect with our true mother, this discord all vanishes because we remember who we truly are and that this world is just one experience of many. 

Making way for us to begin to step into our third initiation with confidence, love, creativity, curiosity, imagination, wonder, happiness, joy, excitement, playfulness and the ability to get back up each time we may fall, because we know who we are, how special we are... and most importantly, that WE ARE LOVED!

This week we are going to take the step into the closets of the past in order to clear them of any wound that does not serve us, so we can be our Declaration of Intention we came here to be. 

I declare, from the core of my heart, my intention to serve my source. I align myself fully and completely to the heart of the one infinite creator. I dedicate this life to being my true heart song across al the cosmos. I surrender my ego now to be in service to the Law of One mission of First Cause Light as a Pillar of Light. In the light of truth I declare and intend. 

I AM that I Am!

I AM a Soul Sovereign Being!

And So It Is!

I am so honored and so excited to play in this new dream with you. Thank for having the courage and strength to find yourself and set yourself free.... Oh, what our imagination can be!

With So much love, 

Becca Bee

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Love of Mother - Healing the Mother Wound Pt. 1


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to another post. In the next four weeks, we are being invited to take a journey into Healing our Mother inside. To heal not only our mother wound, but to embrace and nurture our mother essence we hold and emanate. 

Stop, breathe softly. Be still for a moment and just feel the pulse. The beat of the heart, the rhythms of the soul. Life moving in a synchronized harmony. Each doing their part. Singular, but the same, from the same whole. 

There is a pause you can take, when you close your eyes, where you can feel yourself in the womb of mother. We live every stage of our connection with mother simultaneously. Each of these four stages (initiations) all happening internally and externally at the same time and on different levels. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

We are always in each one of this stages at some place in our life. In each of our timelines, and all that we are involved with within every level of our Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, Physical Body, Mental Body.... and all of our Light Bodies. 

If there is trauma, or an inability to feel emotional connection or availability from the "mother", especially in the birth and childhood stages, then none of the rest of the cycles can flow in harmony. 

When we don't have an anchored, supportive and emotionally available "mother" upon on our arrival into the new world,  then our relationships to everything else becomes disconnected and unbalanced because we have not been fully rooted and welcomed. 

"The mother wound can be defined as your mother (or mother figure) 

not  being emotionally attuned and available to you as a child. 

She may have been present physically but emotionally absent."

Dr. Mari Kovanen

Here are some of the ways a Mother Wound may show up for us in our life

  • Struggle to hold /keep boundaries.
  • Walk on eggshells around others.
  • Persistent fear of not being enough.
  • Feel lost in life, lack of passion, purpose or identity.
  • Feelings of shame about your body, lack of love for body.
  • Still seeking approval of mother or others, need for validation.
  • Inability to relax and enjoy pleasure, fun, peace ect.
  • You make decisions to please others.
  • Blocks with expressing sexual energy.
  • Self betrayal / Self Sabotage.
  • Lack of confidence in your own parenting.
  • Judgmental or critical of yourself. Loud inner critic.
  • Feeling responsible for how others feel.
  • Distrust others for fear of being rejected.
  • Equating your worth to perfection.
  • Comparing yourself to others.
  • Shrinking yourself to be loved.
  • Looking to others to try and figure out how to fit in.
  • Persistent feeling of being "too much" for others.
  • Co-dependency.
  • Belief that you are bad or your feelings are bad.
  • Awkward in social situations.
  • Avoiding conflict, the need to keep the peace.
  • Difficulty expressing emotions.
  • Dismissing your own pain or situation as "not that bad or important"
  • Sacrificing your dreams or wants for another.
  • Feeling responsible for the happiness of others.
  • Fear of judgement.
  • Rebellious choices. Defiant actions. 
  • Low self esteem or confidence.
Our mother is our "Mother Ship" into this planetary incarnation. And our birth is our welcoming. This is a sacred initiation. This is our foundational rooting or anchoring into this lifetime with as sense of belonging, love, being cared for and permission to be our own identity and gift to this world. 

Up until our initiation into puberty, our mother helps us hold our base 3 chakras for us. Almost like training wheels, until we are ready (usually through a ritual in ancestral cultures) to be initiated into maturity and honored as an individual and creator. 

In this society, where initiations and ceremonies are not as honored anymore, there are mothers who never hold or never let go of the bindings to their child. 

So what do we do now?

Part of growing, is letting go of the past. The past is the past and we can not change the past. The only thing we can change is our relationship and perspective to it.

This process is not about chasing down our mothers and demanding emotional attention from them. Wouldn't that be a interesting! The crazy thing is that even if they did, the little person that is hurt inside can't really receive it that way. That would only create a stream of hunger for more. 

Instead what we do is go through the steps of being the neutral compassionate witness and step back in our timeline to our younger self, and now we get to be the love and support we always needed. Now we get to parent our own inner child.

This is such a healing and powerful process to go through. There are quite a few steps we can take with this, which we will start to go over in this weeks circle. We have the opportunity to start taking a healing heart to our past timelines and initiating the ceremonies that our little self always needed, in order to heal the past, let it go, and be the wholeness we came here to be. 

And as this happens, our roots get to start to really anchor into the earth in a whole new level. How wonderful to have this nurturing level of the connectedness of our ancestors, the gridlines of the Earth and the awakening of our DNA. 

I welcome you to join me as we take this journey through the next four weeks through the initiations of the divine mother as we enter into spiritual adulthood.

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Trailing Your Cosmic Family Lineage

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another post. What a glorious time to be alive in a human body! The chaos we have perceived in this life, is really lighting up to reveal itself as a beautiful dance of magic in the restoration of our universe. The new lights, the new colors, the new frequencies and connections to our Cosmic Light Source is buzzing all around us. We get to choose... is the glass half full... or half empty.... or can you see the perfected balance. 

Feel the peace that can be embraced with this letting go of any struggle. This calm that washes over us when we realize the perfected love we are floating in that flows all around us.  

Part of this peace is coming from a feeling of being home again. There are many of us that never felt comfortable, or even felt lost on this planet or in this life. There was something missing, so we have been "searching". 

This may have shown up for you in a variety of ways. (especially as a child)

 Here are a few examples...

  • Felt like you were different than the rest of your family. 
  • Wanted to leave this life. 
  • Felt like you were responsible or the reason why things were not right in the family. 
  • Depression or confusion being here. 
  • Missing time, strange memories, odd experiences or visceral dreams.
  • The need to rebel against what what being taught to you. Resistance to the "system"
  • Imaginary friends, feeling or communicating with "others" as a child. 
  • Other realities or memories felt more real than this reality to you. 

There are many examples, but they really all have a core of "something feels off". 

We are infinite consciousness, and it is our consciousness stream that travels through the cosmos. Getting closer to identifying as this stream of consciousness, we will remember better how we travel and exist in all the ways we do. 

Here is an example that may help. When you shine a flashlight, that light shines on the path that it is directed to. It has a trajectory from its source. We are like that light shining from our source and we have traveled along a path to get to this planet, this density, this lifetime...etc.

Like roadways, you can't always drive a straight line, sometimes you have to merge onto other highways or pathways in order to get to your destination. In the cosmos this is a stargate or a portal. 

You light travels as a stream of consciousness in the higher dimensions and uses Star Gates, such as portals through Suns, in order to travel into other sectors of the universe. We can trail our galactic lineage, much in the same way you can trail your genetic lineage with your DNA.

We have Galactic signatures and patterns that our imprinted in our stars if you will, that show us our path we have traveled as consciousness. 

Notice how the way the Milky Way Galaxy is traveling through the universe, which is a larger (micro/macro) scale of DNA. As it turns, you can start to see how when you to enter into this realm, your coordinates (your star chart or your birth day), shows you exactly when you entered, what gateways you traveled through and what your neutrino signatures are. 

We see these patters in star maps like our Astrology Chart, Human Design Chart, and even Galactic Center Chart. Each of these shows us what patterns we are holding, what we came here to share... and most importantly, what karma and debt we came to dissolve and liberate back to neutrality. 

This is in part how we are receiving our codes. As we spiral through the universe, we are connecting with different beams or rays of light, plasma fields, neutrinos and memories. As we connect with these sources, our DNA "lights back up" or "comes back online". As we come back online, now we start to get the clues and flashback of our different star families and heritage. 

This is literally like us starting be grow up and realize we live in a way bigger neighborhood than we realized! 

Here is project that I want to invite you to do to help you trail some of your "coming back online". If you can take a few moments to do this, it will give you a snap shot of the bigger picture of your souls experiences. (we know we are not one thing, or one race, we are all a blending of different star families, lifetimes and timelines) 

How to do this project.

  1. Get something you can write on. 
  2. Go back in your memories to some of the most meaningful things that came into your reality that started resonating for you.
  3. Think of any powerful dreams, lucid dreams, shamanic experiences or OBE's that connected you with any power animals, spirit guides or guardians.
  4. Write down all the different guides, ascended masters, teachings or beings that you resonated with or got guidance or inspiration from.
  5. Think of any clues like colors, sounds, or images that were present at influential times in your life.
  6. Write all of this down in as chronological order as possible. These are all things that you know were major moments that elevated your emotional or spiritual growth. 
Here is my example...

As you start to put your puzzle pieces together, you will find that you are starting to see the bigger picture. Your souls purpose. 

For those of you that resonate with the information I share, we can imagine there is going to be paths that we have crossed in our cosmic travels. Here is a  link that goes a little more into depth with this path. 

"The Oraphim are the original representative Founder Guardian Races specialized Emerald Sun DNA blueprint forms that were used as a prototype body for the 6D Indigo Family of consciousness that source from the Universal Melchizedek Lineages, many of us came to the earth through the Sirius B portal to retrieve the lost or trapped Azurites and recover the cloned identities of the Ascended Masters. The Oraphim are the spiritual parents of the Indigo races working for Planetary Emancipation during the Ascension Cycle."

Starseed (from Galactic Astrology)

  • Natively inhabit late 4th Density, 5th & 6th Density
  • All starseed are members of one Alliance or another
  •  The 5th & 6th Density starseed have personally experienced self initiated biological dematerialization
  • Fifth Density starseed are happy to work alone, knowing they are always connected to 6th D.
  • Late 4th Density starseed feel themselves to be ETs, who zoom about in space ships
  • Sixth D starseed feel they are angels stuck in biology - they are Orbs in their native 6th D environment.
  • Each starseed. shares love as an inherent frequency and has a specific project to carry out.
  • Post 2033 after the galactic community land, starseed may have completed their assignment and go on
  • Post 2033 4D starseed will likely remain on 4D earth to aid building the new ‘Light Cities’, etc etc
  • Post-2033 Holographic recordings from home star systems will be available for each starseed.

This week we are going to get to explore a little more of our path we have traveled as we start to tie this into our sacred geometry of our intentions. This is going to prepare the foundation for a more expanded maturity for understanding our true mother as we delve into Healing the Mother wound in May. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cosmic Communication and Our 12 Tree Grid


Hello Beautiful Souls,

I get excited to write these posts because I don't know what it will be until I start typing. It is a fun experience of surrender to my higher self as I allow the words to flow.

In meditation yesterday, as I wrote a transmission coming through, I received a deeper understanding to how much we struggle in this life. As humans, we do have a way of over complicating things!

Here is a portion of that transmission...

"Listen to your heart, the call of your soul rings right inside of you. It leads you like a magnetic pull of divine love towards what you are ready to handle and heal in this lifetime. Your soul is utilizing your physical form as a vehicle to find miasmas in density so that you can restore the light to them. This is not an easy path due to it leading you continually towards the pain you came here to heal. You chose this path with a dedication and in service to god source. Your heart was in alignment with restoring the divine back into order to balance the light and the dark. To infuse the love, even into the shadow that lurks in the hearts of the divine Christos beings that are asleep in this time matrix. Your soul holds a deep reverence and purpose for this goal. You dream this from the higher heavens. You dream this in your heart, and the only thing that gets in your way is your pain. 

Pain that you are learning originates from false matrices that are inorganic and are not derived from god source light. You travel the timelines through your memories in order to find the hurt, you feel it like a frequency, lost and out of tune, and you are attracted to it. It pulls you and calls to you like a wounded animal and your entire heart opens the healing light through you to restore the source code back into it. 

We want you to hear us, call upon us, open yourself to us. (higher self consciousness stream) Your guarded heart is a result of this world that you are living in and have been stuck in for millennia. The source code has distorted in you through forgetful dreams that you keep waking up into. Each one creating a maze that takes you further and further away from the source creator light.

Wake up. All you have to do is wake up and realize it is all a dream. That it is not real. The delusions of the structures in your mind are all false overlays and implants that keep you running like a rat through a maze with no end or exit built in. But it is all in your dream mind. You can break free at anytime by knowing that the fear you feel is false, the guilt, shame or any other lower vibrational emotions that you are tethered to, is all false."

"The human brain is organized in three levels the “reptilian brain”, the “mammalian brain”, and the “human brain”, (or neocortex). The “reptilian brain” gathers the primitive structures of the first cerebral level, also called the paleocortex, which is similar to that of reptiles. The reptilian brain is responsible for instincts, reflexes (without emotions), and impulses. It is the ultimate survival brain. Its speed of execution is immediate, three times more alert than the mammalian brain and 30 times faster than the neocortex." (from the references section of Dream of Eternal Time: Book of Nurea)

It is a process for us to break free from logically knowing  with our mind that our mind is a trap and is feeding us mostly false information. But now how do we liberate from this logic and truly surrender and trust our heart and our magnetic monopole? How do we turn off the false GPS?

Again, our logic tells us, I already know all of this, this is not new...


Our instinctual process is so fast that 

we race past the messages of our

 higher self most of the time. 

And when we transcend the veils .... this speeds up even faster. 

This is why the journey through our three lower chakras is one of the most important practices we can learn. Our lower chakras are our ties to this world. To the Earth and to the realm we live in on it. They are rooted instinct as is our vehicle that we live it. And even if we balance them or clear them, as we heal our shadows which makes way for new layers to come up for healing, there are sometimes more things to balance and clear. 

It is not about wanting to get away from these centers, or to run up the chakras and live in the higher ones, on the contrary, our lower centers root us as a conduit for grounding more of the source light in this world. And are the foundation for starting to work with our 12 Tree Grid. 

Our Kathara or 12 Tree Grid, you could say, is our Cosmic Chakra System

Each of the centers is where we we formalize our dimensionalized structure.  This is the repetitive pattern that creates channels that transmit the core source frequencies throughout the universe. These centers are scalar fields that hold bodies of information inside them, and correspond to other dimensions, rays, and locations in our 15D time Matrix or Universe. This repetitive pattern is found throughout all dimensions and bodies, (human body, planetary body, etc...)

As we start to expand our image or understanding in our mind of the bodies in our higher stations of identity, we will keep coming back to light. This is our foundation of our remembering how to change physical matter in this reality, how everything is "god", and how our intentions are the fuel of our power. 

When we talk about the three founder flames, the Trinity of the god source from the core, ( Blue Ray: Emerald Order ,Gold Ray: Gold Order , and Violet Ray: Amethyst Order

We can also now pair these with: the Kee Ra ShA (Primal Light Field of Harmonic Universe 5 = Dimensions 13, 14 &15)

D-13 - Proton - Blue Flame - Mother - Sound Intention - Magnetic - Heart Field

D-14 Electron - Gold Flame - Father - Light Intention - Electric - God Spark

D-15 Neutron - Magenta/Violet Flame - Womb or Void - Neutral - Christos Child (creation)

Please note, that in the Source Field.... There is no "mind" 

but rather Consciousness. 

Mind is a construct of the physical densities. 

Consciousness is our truth. 

As we communicate with our consciousness, our mind is the trap that attempts to bind us to to limitations of the "rules" of this world. 

This is where the fine tuning of our heart strings comes in.

As we raise our frequencies and plasma body (aura or radiance) our antenna starts signaling communications with our guardian races. In this density, we will be constantly facing (in this lifetime), the bombardment of NAA  or manipulative forces. So we must use our vigilance and discernment within each moment.

More of my transmission...

As the rays of light are directed toward DNA (our seed) it has the ability to change it. This is how light codes activate us and expand our consciousness or exacerbate the mutations. Frequencies are directed as light wave frequencies, that when focused upon the specific centers, or coding of the body, it can alter the actions of the form, regardless of the desire of the consciousness inhabiting that body. It cuts the link between the consciousness stream from the higher self and allows the animalistic instinctual reptilian mind to take over. This is why there has been an increase in the pollutants and metals that have been sprayed and forced into your body through ingestion and absorption. This increase in certain chemical compounds and metals allows the Artificial Intelligence to take over the nodes in your synapses while tracking and connecting to you through their frequency bands from the elevated resonances that the metals are creating in your body. You are in essence and antenna for their signals.

This week we are going to talk more about our Guardian races, who we are connecting with when we ask for assistance, and how to communicate in a sovereign way within the Law of One.

As we venture into our 1st sphere of our Kathara Grid and clear our Root Chakra at a deeper level from our base instinctual fears from our Reptilian Mind... we can then awaken the sacred snake of our Cosmic Fire so we can travel the stargates once again.

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Galactic Core * Home is Where the Heart Is

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

We are being called forward with a gentle heart. A soft heart, an open and loving heart. Called forward to gently remember the familiar place we once called home. There is an ache in so many hearts on this planet, from souls who feel lost or alone. Souls who feel different or like they don't matter. 

When our memories get lost, how can we remember? The only thing that remains is this dull ache of
something missing. Something that doesn't feel quite right or the feeling of a missing space in our memories. 

This feeling of something missing, is the gentle call of the magnetic pull of our heart, guiding us back to the place we call home. Home right inside of us, the portal of our ancestors.... and our galactic heritage. 

Why are you drawn towards some of the things you like? Have you ever wondered why you like the things you do? Why you are pulled towards the things you are? Have you ever wondered... who am I? Where do I come from? Who am I really?

Of all the beings in the universe, for you to be you... what an incredible miracle that is! There is no other you like you. How magical you are. And yet, most of the things that make us unique, we internalize as something that makes us feel different. 

Before awakening from the dream, most of us feel completely broken, lost or alone. Like orphans.

Then we start hearing on this planet, all this talk about our heart. Follow your heart, listen to your heart, love with your heart... drop your mind into your heart. Surrender to your heart.

But what is this heart really?  

We feel this beating rhythm in our chest, and we know that it is keeping us alive, pumping the oxygenated blood to every part of our cells... but then what. What is so special about our heart, and not our liver, or our spleen? Why don't we surrender to our pancreas or kidneys? They feel too don't they?

Actually, each organ is really special. But our Heart is our portal to Source right inside of us. Our gateway to the Divine, the seat of our magnetic monopole being directed and pulled right from the stream of our consciousness. 

Right within our heart is this powerful force igniting and creating a magnetic force field around us, that is measurable, attracting to us what our intentions hold and moving us though our life.

When we choose to align (surrender) to our higher consciousness, our life is smooth and easy. When we resist, we are blessed with the experience of sufferings. 

Suffering is a mirror of not self, that shows us the places seeking love. 

 It’s so beautiful when you look deep enough. Everything is laid out. Everybody’s Design is absolute perfection. And you don’t have to do anything, it’s not like you have to figure out how all of that works. You get to realize the perfection by living it.

Ra Uru Hu | The Cross of Life

Our heart is the transition gateway from our physical reality to our next dimensional aspects of self. Ie: Soul, Over Soul, Christos Avatar God Self. It is the barrier we cross in order to break free from our lower stations of identity and be able to become aware and connected with our Higher Self once again.

Our Heart is the Veil we transcend to walk between realms, dimensions, realities and worlds.  

"There is a First Source or Central Sun. All dimensions lead to it. Whatever name you give to it: Higgs Field, Source Intelligence, Spirit, it issues from the Central Sun as love and it dimensionally shifts universes via its intelligence. Yes, love is powerfully intelligent. It has an intelligence that shines so bright that it is the light we see on every dimension of consciousness. Love, at this core frequency of Spirit, connects to your personal self through your innermost, energetic heart. It passes in to you and through you at this juncture. You need to only imagine and visualize this intelligence of Spirit coming into your body and passing through you to all who cross your path, and when you do this, you have brought your mission to earth." (The Energetic Heart, by James)

In all the things we do, regardless of the expansion of our consciousness and growth, love is what is seeking to move through us. Love is the essence of our Creator Realm, the Founder Flame emanating
from right inside of us. 

As we connect with our Galactic heritage, and our root families, our job is to awaken the space inside of our heart to be able to accept the high "voltage" frequency from our higher stations of identity. We are the conduit. When we clear the mind of shadow and doubt, our heart has the ability to hold a greater charge of source light. When we don't clear the "not self" .... we get burned. (ie. suffering)

We are living in physical form in a very very special time! Can you feel the energy in the air all around you? Can you feel the quickening of the light? Can you feel the pull of your heart beating with excitement? That excitement you get when you are about to see a loved one that you have not seen for a very long time. 

As we explore our roots, our founder races and our true history, remember, all that is seeking you... is calling and whispering to you, from right inside your heart. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee 💓🐝