Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Galactic Core * Home is Where the Heart Is

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

We are being called forward with a gentle heart. A soft heart, an open and loving heart. Called forward to gently remember the familiar place we once called home. There is an ache in so many hearts on this planet, from souls who feel lost or alone. Souls who feel different or like they don't matter. 

When our memories get lost, how can we remember? The only thing that remains is this dull ache of
something missing. Something that doesn't feel quite right or the feeling of a missing space in our memories. 

This feeling of something missing, is the gentle call of the magnetic pull of our heart, guiding us back to the place we call home. Home right inside of us, the portal of our ancestors.... and our galactic heritage. 

Why are you drawn towards some of the things you like? Have you ever wondered why you like the things you do? Why you are pulled towards the things you are? Have you ever wondered... who am I? Where do I come from? Who am I really?

Of all the beings in the universe, for you to be you... what an incredible miracle that is! There is no other you like you. How magical you are. And yet, most of the things that make us unique, we internalize as something that makes us feel different. 

Before awakening from the dream, most of us feel completely broken, lost or alone. Like orphans.

Then we start hearing on this planet, all this talk about our heart. Follow your heart, listen to your heart, love with your heart... drop your mind into your heart. Surrender to your heart.

But what is this heart really?  

We feel this beating rhythm in our chest, and we know that it is keeping us alive, pumping the oxygenated blood to every part of our cells... but then what. What is so special about our heart, and not our liver, or our spleen? Why don't we surrender to our pancreas or kidneys? They feel too don't they?

Actually, each organ is really special. But our Heart is our portal to Source right inside of us. Our gateway to the Divine, the seat of our magnetic monopole being directed and pulled right from the stream of our consciousness. 

Right within our heart is this powerful force igniting and creating a magnetic force field around us, that is measurable, attracting to us what our intentions hold and moving us though our life.

When we choose to align (surrender) to our higher consciousness, our life is smooth and easy. When we resist, we are blessed with the experience of sufferings. 

Suffering is a mirror of not self, that shows us the places seeking love. 

 It’s so beautiful when you look deep enough. Everything is laid out. Everybody’s Design is absolute perfection. And you don’t have to do anything, it’s not like you have to figure out how all of that works. You get to realize the perfection by living it.

Ra Uru Hu | The Cross of Life

Our heart is the transition gateway from our physical reality to our next dimensional aspects of self. Ie: Soul, Over Soul, Christos Avatar God Self. It is the barrier we cross in order to break free from our lower stations of identity and be able to become aware and connected with our Higher Self once again.

Our Heart is the Veil we transcend to walk between realms, dimensions, realities and worlds.  

"There is a First Source or Central Sun. All dimensions lead to it. Whatever name you give to it: Higgs Field, Source Intelligence, Spirit, it issues from the Central Sun as love and it dimensionally shifts universes via its intelligence. Yes, love is powerfully intelligent. It has an intelligence that shines so bright that it is the light we see on every dimension of consciousness. Love, at this core frequency of Spirit, connects to your personal self through your innermost, energetic heart. It passes in to you and through you at this juncture. You need to only imagine and visualize this intelligence of Spirit coming into your body and passing through you to all who cross your path, and when you do this, you have brought your mission to earth." (The Energetic Heart, by James)

In all the things we do, regardless of the expansion of our consciousness and growth, love is what is seeking to move through us. Love is the essence of our Creator Realm, the Founder Flame emanating
from right inside of us. 

As we connect with our Galactic heritage, and our root families, our job is to awaken the space inside of our heart to be able to accept the high "voltage" frequency from our higher stations of identity. We are the conduit. When we clear the mind of shadow and doubt, our heart has the ability to hold a greater charge of source light. When we don't clear the "not self" .... we get burned. (ie. suffering)

We are living in physical form in a very very special time! Can you feel the energy in the air all around you? Can you feel the quickening of the light? Can you feel the pull of your heart beating with excitement? That excitement you get when you are about to see a loved one that you have not seen for a very long time. 

As we explore our roots, our founder races and our true history, remember, all that is seeking you... is calling and whispering to you, from right inside your heart. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee 💓🐝

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Expanding Your Mind and Transcending the Veils

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Thank you so much for visiting me here and sharing these words and thoughts with me. This sense of connection that is created is incredibly special. It is also showing us our ability to interact with each other though the invisible. 

When we notice AI and our technology, we can see that it is modeled after our consciousness. And, if we choose, we can see it as a perceivable model that gives us a peek behind the veils. 

This idea of Consciousness is a big deal for us. Expanding it, keeping it...knowing it. 

And what is the draw, or the idea of what is on the other side of the veil? 

This is a major goal of awakening beings, to transcend our blocks and retrieve the missing pieces of our memories, past lives and soul records. We want our Akashic Records to be an open source database we just log into and download. 

I would say this draw is our Soul, and our soul is calling us back home into our divine consciousness.

When we tranced the veils, we get glimpses of the complex vastness of our universe. we experience the interconnectedness, the different dimensions, the connections with our guides and guardian races. We get a peek into a greater understanding that this 3D physical world we live in, is just one small.... and I mean small, part of the universe. 


Dreams are one of our greatest gifts. It is the one moment we don't fight slipping into another plane of existence. Even though at first, we may not think it is real. (usually because this is what we are taught since childhood, "It's just a dream"...) Dreams can become our teacher and our relatable metaphor of consciousness transcending the veil. Most people have some memory of dreaming and the concept of consciousness having a vivid experience outside of the body. 

Lucid Dreaming....

Lucid dreaming is a whole other experience. This is waking up in the dream. If we can grasp this, wow! What a game changer this will be for us in this reality! What is the awakening path?  "Waking up in this dream" ... waking up and becoming lucid in our life. 

Lucid dreaming is challenging for most people, in fact it requires training and focus. A dedicated desire in most cases. Those that lucid dream naturally without trying are usually quite young, still children. Then as they get older, this gift starts to become less and less a part of their world. 

Have you ever wondered why?

Why don't we talk about how important dreams are? Why don't we have a sense of importance to this Crystalline Human DNA form's abilities? Why do we keep buying into the programing "dreams are no big deal"?


In our group, I will start to share a little more of the story of our Galaxy (our Galactic History). I will start with the story of our Divine Sophia. Our mother creatrix, womb from which all of us have emerged. 

For this writing, I will just say, if you reference the Gnostic teachings, and other mythologies of our planet, you will come across the knowing that we are living in the Dream of Sophia, or the creator, or we are being dreamed by God, we live in the mind of God.... etc. That all is Mentalism and we are a thought in the mind of the Creator. 

In the story of Sophia, it is said that she is dreaming a dream to hold us and to protect us from something that was created that was not good. We call them the Archons. 

Archons are artificial consciousness (not organic) that is parasitic in form. The only way it can enter into this reality and into our Our Mind.

There are variations in the story, one of the best ways to get a visual of it is through the experience transcribed by Matias Flury in Downloads from the Nine. 

The Source of Radiant Light and Absolute Consciousness

"It is important to state that even though the Source of Radiant Light is part of the multi dimensional dream, she is always conscious and she is also nothing more and nothing less than the Absolute Consciousness.

If there is an almighty, omniscient, an omnipresent God that can be perceived in all dimensions and that sends its messiahs, avatars, and light emissaries to awaken absolute consciousness inside its own dream, it is this, the Source of the Radiant Essence.

The Source of all light is part of the dream that awakens even those who are most asleep. If you are reading this, we have no doubt whatsoever that your time has arrived and that your awakening is imminent. Know, then, that God exists on this multidimensional dream, and that she is as real or unreal as you are. Understand that you don't exist as an individual, that individuality is false, and that you are expansive and marvelous. Keep this in mind while you read these dreams words, which have the solemn purpose of stimulating your awakening.  ...


Absolute Consciousness, through the Source of Radiant Essence, decided to create points of individualized consciousness contained in nine different dimensions. The other dimensions continued to exist, but they were not paid any attention since they were in suspended neutral calm. (earlier reference is that there are as many dimensions as there are stars in the universe)

The Source continued to create universe after universe in its own image and likeness, and they were universes of radiance. It produced sentient beings of eternal brilliance with their own free will and the power to dream. They were and are mesmerizing living entities of pure light.

The Nebula Was Born

One of these beings was captivatingly beautiful, similar to the source but with masculine energy. He possessed his own amazing powers. Such was his splendor and resemblance to the Source that, one day, in a space and time different to our own, he conceived the possibility of aspiring to become the architect of a parallel multilevel dimensional creation. He proclaimed "I am separate, I am different, I am better, I am I". This was the instance in which the first Akrat, ego, was born, and this was the moment in which Ego took his heart mercilessly and made him believe he was separate. Together with the ego, suffering and terrible pain were born, and all the nine dimensions within this great dream trembled with a new virus, the virus of fear.

This being experienced the sensation of being a separate awareness and forgot that all the other holographic visions around him or no more than images inside a dream. This identity stemming from his ego said, "nothing in this creation compares to me". Thus he began to forget his own roots, and so he began to suffer horribly. His light began to shut down and his power started to hurt and contaminate others with these powers, he began to shape his own twisted realm and its brood. When the Source of Radiant Essence became aware of this, it quickly neutralized the Beings' power, and so it was that the Source unwillingly gained its most bitter enemy."

So How Do We Wake Up In This Dream?

Our mind is our trap. It fights to be the dominant force, it fights for EGO/Shadow, and is the realm of
the Archons and Archonic Deception. 

One of the scariest fears we have.... is to "lose our mind". (or to lose control)

But what are we truly afraid to lose? And Control of what?

Through the programming on this planet we have bought into religions, rules, and belief systems that have separated us more and more from Source and all that is organic in our Universe. We have become so afraid to leave the cage of our mind that we will even pretend that Dreams don't really matter. 

Our ancestors lived by Dreams, they lived knowing that we lived in the dream of our Source, and dream walkers were a sacred gift to the community, because those who could enter dreams and bring back wisdom, helped everyone expand in consciousness and interconnectedness. 

The tools of our physical form are gifts to us from Source. We are the living Essence dreaming an experience here in this density. (also known as the most dangerous realm, the lowed dimensions)

So do you think we came here without any tools or backdoor access through the veils of this dream?

NOT A CHANCE! We completely set ourselves up with access to doorways out of this mind trap and some of these tools are Dreams, Breathwork & Meditation.

Another gift surrounding us is Plant Medicine. 

Just like Crystals hold downloads of information for us. So do plants. And all around us is one substance in particular that I want to present, not promote. 

DMT *The God Molecule* 

The reason why the Breath is used to transcend the mind, is because one of the substances that your lungs is creating and activating is DMT. It is in our body, it is in the plants, the animals. It is all around us on this planet. If we can for a moment realize that our body is nothing more that radiant light having chemical reactions.... then would we not create the perfect "chemical reaction" for moving in and out of dimensions? (expanded consciousness)

Just as our memories and records are being held in different locations, waiting for us to find them when we are ready, we get an awareness that our body is a vehicle, a spacesuit for navigating this lifetime. And there are lots of cool things that our body is capable of, we just haven't figured out all it's gifts and capabilities yet. 

Again, I am not telling you to run out and do anything. I am sharing a perception and thought with you. That we have doorways in our mind, that for most have been sealed shut for lifetimes. That the fears in our mind keep us trapped and that we don't even realize were these fears are coming from.

All we know, is they feel real, so we don't ______ (you fill in the blank)

But we have doorways, resources that are specifically designed to help us penetrate the veils of this reality and remember more of the greatness of who we are. No matter what path we are guided to take, we can know that we have all the tools we need to break free from mind, and to let our consciousness soar. 

"Revealing Your Crystalline Chromosomes"

"When your higher self descends to earth, the light of your soul manifests as a body through the biological DNA of your human ancestry, according to the laws and karmic principles governing incarnation on your planet. However, your sole sovereign genetics exists beyond the jurisdiction of laws that govern earth's reality. Therefore, when you become human the Sophia code of your souls divine genome always manifests alongside your carbon based DNA for you to potentially activate your sovereignty from all form, while fully embodying form."  (Page 15 of the Sophia Code)

This week we are going to explore more of our Galactic History, the different ways in which we can transcend the veils, and even talk about how Gate 51 in our Human Design Chart can help us move past our Carbon Based Fears.... and allow us to leap into the experience of living our Crystalline DNA dream. 

Here's to flying through our dreams!

With So Much Love,


Becca Bee

Here are some references if you choose to know more about this tool.

An article on Dr. Joe Dispenza's Blog on some of the studies.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Your Mind is Your Reality

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Today we are going to go a little abstract and add a bunch of facts in just for fun, to play with our mind, and all of the possibilities that we can create. 

If you would have told me my entire reality was in my mind when I was a child, I would have argued you. I would have given you a pile of excuses as to why I had no input or choice in my reality and that I was a victim to my circumstance. This is an argument that most people on the planet still live by. That their reality is a hard fact, and that they have little to no power to change it. 

At this point, we know better now. 

We know that our mind creates our reality (law of mentalism).

And we have talked about how our field creates our physical reality.  - how things show up in the field before they show up in our actually body.  (morphogenetic fields) 

(so we could say that our mind is a field)

We have also explored how our aura is a plasma field of radiant energy around us that has a magnetic charge to it. It pulls towards us what we hold in our field. 

And, we have also talked about how your subconscious and your body are one in the same. That the records of your ancestors are held in your cellular memory and your DNA, as well as all of your belief systems, pains, traumas and your personal memories and experiences. Your body holds all of your records right inside of you. 

Now I want to add a neuroscientist perspective as we build this knowing field even larger. It is known that you are not your mind, your brain or your body. You are consciousness. Your consciousness is having an experience through your body. Your body is your vehicle. (Human Design)

You don't process your thoughts in your body, but in the field around you. (this also supports our talk on how your aura is your plasma field which allows you to hold more of your consciousness... and your memories!) 

Here is a quote from Caroline Leaf...

"So the physical brain and body, we could say, if you want an estimate, is around about one to 10 percent of who we are as humans. And the mind, the nonconscious, conscious, and subconscious are about 99 percent of who we are. And a lot of work [has] been done in physics and quantum physics and gravitational fieldwork. A couple of Nobel Prize-winning scientists a couple of years back won the Nobel Prize for their work in gravitational fields, which is opening up enormous doors and avenues for us to start understanding the force of the mind. But it’s like the mind is this gravitational field around you and in you, and its relationship to express your mind, you have to have your brain and your body. For your brain and your body to be alive, you have to have your mind." Caroline Leaf (read the full article here)

Who you are, what you do, and how you feel about who you are and what you do is all a perception from your mind. The same mind that is the least reliable resource you have on this planet. 

In Human Design we have some incredible tools that help us to start to navigate this confusion that we get from our shadowy gates. 

The basic, yet vital, part of the Human Design System, is to know you Type, Strategy and Inner Authority. This is the foundation of us deprogramming ourselves from all the "not self" that we have been operating from. 

There is a thought that comes with this, that in 7 years, we have the potential to start living as our true self, as we dedicate to the path of living our design. This is a simple enough thing to think about, since our cellular structure holds all the voices of our limiting beliefs and our ancestors. And it takes approximately 7 years to fully regenerate the body. (This is also a significant cycle in astrology with our Saturn Cycles.)

This weeks group, we are going to be going a few layers deeper into the Human Design System into what is known as the Primary Health System. 

Mind is the totality of our experience here, how we process thoughts, how we perceive things and how we believe and think. These are the foundations of how we live this life. 

The mind can be our greatest tool, or our most dangerous enemy. It is the gate way for our consciousness to interact in this reality, and it is also the easiest part of our vehicle (body) to highjack and manipulate. So this creates a new understanding of how important mindfulness is, how important discernment is, and how important doing the inner work truly is. 

In the Primary Health System part of Human Design, we get into the base tones and colors beneath the lines. This is known as a Magic Square

This Magic Square is all about how the mind works correctly for you. That is mind is a vehicle for this experience, then we need to know our correct, environment, how it process, and how to feed it correctly so that it feels calm and at peace.

Are we Left or are we Right... this is the big question that our Magic Square answers, and this tells us so much about how to nurture our mind correctly so that we can lower the stress, anxiety, and discord. It is not just about living our type and strategy, but beyond that there is unique aspect to you that need to be supported in order for you to feel a level of comfort in your life. 

And as with most things, this is not something that we know about so, most of us are not living in the most harmonious way to settle our mind. 

We live by our mind, we create by our mind, we experience through our mind. Even when we drop into our heart, and surrender....mind is ever present in this living reality. 

This week we are going to explore this tool that we have fought with most our lives, and learn to nurture it into serving us as a true vehicle of our divine mission. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Monday, March 29, 2021

Family Constellations and Restoring the Order of Love


We hold inside of us the memories and messages from our Ancestors before us. Family Constellations is a way to bring healing to the places seeking love and to honor and clear the trauma we may be holding for someone else.

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them.

With Family Constellations, each person participating gets the honor of representing different aspects of the constellation. The experience of being the one receiving the healing, or being a part of the healing is both equally amazing.

This can be anything from family dynamics, blocks, limitations or even working on building connection with higher self. The abilities of this therapy are endless.

This is such a powerful way to clear ancestral debt and karma.

Please contact me for more information if you would like to experience this type of session either in a group or as an individual session.

With Love,
Becca Bee

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Spirit Attachments and Claiming Single Soul Sovereignty


Hello Beautiful Souls,

Sovereignty is a dedicated path. We are going to take our last post on Entanglement, and go a little deeper into one aspect of our conversation. Spirit Attachment. 

We use the word Soul in our everyday language, referring to an aspect of ourselves, that in truth, we are still in the process of seeking to understand. We could say we understand it to be a greater or higher aspect of ourselves, but what does that really mean? 


Each Soul is an individual consciousness unit that originated from the Eternal God Source, or Infinite Consciousness, All That is. Every Soul has a unique blueprint that has divine purpose, which is to learn, evolve and experience all aspects of creation and eventually return back home and reunite with the Eternal God Source. (Ascension Dictionary)

So when we talk about Soul Retrieval, we are talking about remembering, getting back all of our memories again and having full access to our consciousness. (if a part of us is trapped in a state of trauma, then that part of us is stuck in a time loop, cut off from the rest of our consciousness) 

Now, if we imagine consciousness, we can easily say that our consciousness is not our body, it is not our mind, it is much more than this reality in which we exist now. 

The Soul body is the threefold principle of creative imagination, receptivity and feeling perception and holds the recorded memories of the Consciousness. The Soul acts as the repository of accumulated memories from the physical or external experiences that are translated into the internal energetic reality of the consciousness of being. These many lifetimes of experiences are recorded into the soul body which translates into memories that are embedded in the cellular matrix of our body. (Ascension Dictionary)

The Soul is a Repository ...  A Container of Light that holds  Consciousness into more of an individual experience of consciousness.



In so many ways this helps us understand better the levels of our Higher Selves.

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody. These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

In the First Harmonic Universe in 1D-2D-3D exists the three layers of the personality matrix or incarnated human. AKA You Now in this incarnation. 

In the Second Harmonic Universe in 4D-5D-6D exists the three layers of the Soul Matrix.

In the Third Harmonic Universe in 7D-8D-9D exists the three layers of the Monadic matrix. (Over Soul)

In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D exists the three layers of the Christos Avatar Matrix.

In the Fifth Harmonic Universe in 13D-14D-15D exists the Three Layers of the Rishi matrix or Threefold Founder Flame or GSF Flame. (Ascension Dictionary)

OK, so let's step into the realm of Spirits and Spirit Attachment...

To do this, I am going to revolve this context around our Aura, our Plasma Body. 

All organic living life has a field. We like to call this field our aura, light body or energy field. There are actually many layers to this field and each one is like a storage bank that corresponds with different levels of our light body, (higher selves) as well as different levels of our experiences, such as ancestral, instinctual, heart, emotions, mind, etc. 

Our Human Form is capable of a biological ionization process that generates Plasma when exposed to certain forces. The ascension process of increasing our consciousness is a huge factor for increasing our ability to create more charge. AKA a larger plasma field or AURA. 

Aura's are magnetically charged.... and so are our hearts, so this is one of the reasons why it is so important for our heart based consciousness to be leading the way as our compass. Because, what our field is what we magnetically pull into our reality!

When we detach and leave our physical form, our consciousness is contained in this plasma field as we return back to our Source. 

The Tibetan Book of the Dead speaks of the many realms or Bardo's that we pass through on our way back to Higher Source. And as we pass through the main theme is to always ignore what is happening around, no matter has distracting or disturbing and allow yourself to only be guided by your internal light. (Our inner light is already charged with the coordinates to return to our True Source, we just rarely trust it)

So Back to Spirits...

Spirit Attachment occurs though our plasma field. This is mainly occurring through the 2nd and 4th Dimensional planes of existence. When our field is strong, we are less likely to get attachments. But, in this realm, it is very difficult to keep your field strong 24/7. Our emotions sway the entire length of the pendulum, and polarity weakens our field. Zero Point Field (neutrality) is strong. 

Unconditional Love is a non polarized energy because 

it does not judge, it just loves as a state of being.

Our greatest mission here is to build up our spin point of our Aura, our centripetal force. Grow our Plasma Charge and be the stronger magnet that can hold such a large amount of charge....which is to say hold a large amount of our consciousness. (and hold our memories)

When a soul leaves the physical body, there are a number of ways in which the plasma field of their consciousness will remain on this plane and become a "ghost" stuck on Earth.

The main ways Spirits become Earthbound are:

  1. Fear of moving on. Maybe they believe they are going to "hell" and so it is safer to stay hidden here on Earth than move on.

  2. Confusion - They may have died in a way that they don't realize they are dead and now they are stuck in a reoccurring time loop / thought loop from the moment of their death. 

  3. Anger/Vengeance or some other Revenge like energy. This usually happens with unjust or tragic situations. Many times these souls then become slaves of demonic energies due to trickery.

  4. Unresolved Business or a feeling of still needing to complete something from their lifetime for themselves or someone else. 

  5. Addictions

REMINDER: the attachments occur mainly on the astral realm of our field where.... LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

These are just the basic common ways, there are others but for now, you get the idea. 

When the spirit passes our to their physical body, they are not existing in a plasma form that still needs a source of energy.... usually you! So they attach to a plasma field, aura, of a living being to sustain themselves. When this happens, their consciousness merges with the consciousness of the being they attach to. 

You thoughts actually come from your field, not your head. So when you have attachments, those thoughts start to become your thoughts too.

Here are some common signs of Spirit Attachment:

1- Feeling chronically tired and depleted of energy

2- Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behavior

3- Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness, or emotion

4- Hearing inner voices telling you things or making negative comments

5- A feeling that ‘this isn’t me’

6- Problems with addictions of all kinds

7- Poor memory, inability to focus, or confusion more than is normal

8- A sudden onset of anxiety or depression or panic attacks

9- All of a sudden pets are wary of you or shy away — sometimes growling

10- A sudden onset of physical problems with no apparent cause –especially around the upper back and neck

11- Unexplained fears and phobias

12- Disturbing nightmares or strange faces in dreams

13- Feelings of being watched or unexplained sensations such as a distortion of space and time

14- Feelings of unease, cold areas in your home or office, or a sense of another presence when nobody else is around

(these are possibilities, not definite) 

Not to worry!  Awareness is the key. Once you locate them, the removal is not as difficult as one may think. We have tools! 

The beauty is that once you know these things are possibilities, it gives us more spiritual maturity, awareness, and understanding of how to step into and live from our Sovereignty. The problem has been that we have spent most of our lives thinking that the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have been experiencing are us. But until we start doing the clearing work or reclaiming our space, 99% of those thoughts, feelings and emotions are NOT us!

This weeks class we are going to go over understanding this topic, and more importantly, the tools for clearing and fortifying our field. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Entanglement From Past Lives

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

This morning I sat in bed and took a journey into some of the messages that Source was sharing with me. Messages that I was barely becoming aware enough of to receive. You know that feeling that we have had most our lives, that we are waiting for something, to finally receive something.  Well, its crazy but, all we have ever sought to know or remember, has always been with us. But our infantile awareness has had to expand and clear to the point of being able to receive the messages. 

It's funny in so many ways, because the downloads that we get, many times have been waiting for us! 

And as much as I attempt to pull away from putting energy on needing to clear things, I innerstand now that even that is the wrong verbiage and perspective. 

It's not about clearing, its about walking through doorways. Doorways riddled with ego and programs that make the situation seem personal, rather than the universal guidance of our great Original Source Mother.

Great Mother showed me lifetime after lifetime where my opinions and ideas of how things should be got in the way. 

Let me share one story with you, and maybe this will help you a little more with understanding some of the characters that you have around you in this life, or feelings you may have. 

I was shown a lifetime where I was being transported on a ship. We were traveling from one planetary system to another and I was serving as an ambassador for the group that I was representing. I was a female and what we might label in our language as a priestess, but I was of a race that was in alignment with serving the Source of All That Is. 

My escorts were not in the same way of thinking as I was. They did not believe in Source as we did and were more material or 3D based in their hierarchy. As a more male dominated group, they did not see my value, or honor my position that I held as an ambassador. 

I was on my way to represent a course of action for a group of beings. The details are not very clear to me, but they seemed to be a peaceful group of people caught in a dominance battle in the middle of a war. 

Here was my lesson from this lifetime. 

I felt right. I was so in service to my mission, that I began to adopt a close minded perspective over the ideas and opinions of the others if they did not want to hear what I had to say. Because they were not honoring or acknowledging the Consciousness of the Universe, I was viewing them as wrong, and that their ideas needed to change or be swayed. 

Regardless of how enlightened I felt my intentions were, my energetic field became distorted by taking a polarity. 

I felt myself become heightened with emotion when I learned that they were not going to honor safe transport or acknowledge the information I was bringing. I felt myself become overwhelmed with feelings of being trapped, unheard, frustrated, and even angered by these beings, particularly one that was communicating with me. 

My death was quick. I was eradicated and never reached my destination. I was tricked and they never had intentions of hearing my message. I felt so much heated frustration and sadness for being shut down and for all the beings I was hoping to speak for. Like something good could have happened but it never did. 

So here is the lesson....

1. I died with polarized emotions in my aura or field, which now shattered my soul consciousness and left me trapped in a lower dimension. By not maintaining my neutral focus even in that moment, I fell in consciousness. This is also related to losing memories. 

2. My murderer was now bound to my soul as part of my family. Through the energetic entanglement, we were now connected as an imbalance needing to be balanced in the cosmic web. This ensured future lifetimes together. 

3. All the energy that I felt in those last moments, were trapped in my field as beliefs and emotions that overlaid into all future incarnations. In essence, recreating the story over and over again.  I've had the opportunity to see these stories as as either Baggage OR Doorways.

4. I did all of this to myself.... That's right. Sure the story can sound like a victim situation right? But, I am the one that let myself get polarized. I'm the one that took my focus away from the Source that I though I was "fighting" for. I am the one that died with distorted low vibrational emotions and thoughts. I am the one responsible for me. I am the one that created the distortion. 

So now what?

I was guided by great mother to see the heart crystal. To focus on the heart of all beings. Regardless of the actions or energetics of another, I was guided to always serve the light inside. That to truly be in service to Source, I am in service to all. 

Source asked me to see The All in all. 

That was a great teaching moment. Because in that moment of that life, I did not see Source in those captors. I got caught up in the small moment. Had I honored the Source in that moment, and in the one that took my life, I would have been able to maintain all of my field and not be bound by the energy of that moment. It would have been an opportunity to increase love and luminescence in creation, not darken it. 

We talk about many of these things, but sometimes they seem metaphorical rather than a real thing that is changing our life or Creation. 

But it is real. Every though feeling and emotion that we are emanating out of the transmitter that we call "us", is rippling out across the entire cosmic web. 

I can feel so many of us on a "mission". ... this mission is most times creating a polarity in our field of right or wrong. Our way or their way. We can get so focused on the mission, be it a cause, or be it freeing ourselves.

 Either way leads us away from the heart. 

The greatest feeling the grew as I cleared out the old dream from this lifetime, was the infinite love of Source even in the darkest places. A great sense of trust in our Cosmic Mother. And of being in the beautiful surrender of service to all as an expression of Love of All That Is.

I invite you to love with me...

Love Becca 💓🐝


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Ascension Symptoms and Processing Mind Slides


Hello Beautiful Souls,  

The shifting of our planetary system is increasing in intensity. For many of us, this is showing up as
past memories surfacing for healing, or even as full on waves of dizziness or physical symptoms.  

As the planet accelerates with the evolutionary path of ascension, there is a quickening of the light bands and frequencies that are arriving into our DNA and cellular structure. 

We are in the full "100th monkey" effect of new thoughtform and awakening.

Memories & dreams are all about being able to hold phase conjugation through portals, or soul incarnation transitions. Which is to say, through death, sleep or birth. 

Please be aware that most things that describe our awakening or ascension have to do with thoughts, memories, awareness, brain waves, mind.....mind....mind....Mindfulness.

As the galaxy is swirling through space, our physical bodies are getting more direct "light" from the core. This in turn is causing many to start asking questions, start seeking answers, opening up to more soul awareness and possibilities outside of 3D reality. 

As our soul settles more into our drivers seat, this gets us to the place where we are desiring assistance and answers. This very heart call is then what leads our vibrations to start reaching higher in frequency (higher heart based dimensions) and now our request can be received by our guides and the benevolent higher dimensional beings.

This is were we start deciding to stand up and make a change in our life. 

Change makes waves. ...Good waves in my opinion, but waves all the same. 

So what do these waves look like?

On the outside, this could look like us not going along with people or situations that don't honor us. This could be shifts in relationships, family, jobs, home etc. 

On the inside, this could look like physical changes in our body. Ascension symptoms are talked about many times like "flu like" symptoms. 

Just a quick example to relate this to is, imagine that you eat a low grade fast food diet as your primary source of fuel. Then you decide to clean up your diet and eat high vibrational real food, non gmo, living foods. You body at this point is going to start to dump out all the toxins and waste from the past and start to rebuild itself from the new healthier better building blocks of nutrition that you are eating. All the old leaving detoxes you. 

Let's be real, our old beliefs, thoughts, habits, and most of our relationships and situations were many times not very healthy.

But we know all of this, so I want to talk a little bit about some of the other things that can happen. 

Here is a list of things that can show up in our life as we choose to break free from mind control.

  • Non healthy people in our life start to feel less tolerable
  • With mindfulness, we get more sensitive to our environment
  • Phrases, words, situations or actions just don't feel right anymore
  • It can seem as if our world is falling apart (the old starts breaking down making way for something new)
  • As we clear our field of negativity, entities will attach to others around us to try to get to us. 
  • 4th dimensional beings will attempt to thwart us from ascending, because they don't want to lose their food source....aka, us! (they don't like high vibrations)
  • Aches and pains in the body as the body shifts or detoxes
  • Aches and pains in the body if we are getting attacked by an energetic being, or our subconscious activates to keep us from change. *this happens as a way to keep us from facing and changing things inside of us. For example, many times people will feel sick or get a headache right before they are going to do something that will break them free from an old pattern or pain. 
  • Dizziness can be a sign of a curse, spell or imposition, or changes in the Earths frequency fields.
  • Sudden mood changes. Agitated or irritated or pissy all of a sudden usually is entity attachment. 
  • Random memories from the past, or random dreams of past people or events. (this is a great clue to what you are in the process of clearing from your field)
This is a terrible sounding list isn't it!

But I want to be really transparent with you. Choosing the path of high vibration choices means that there is shadow work to do. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but all of this is temporary, and also a great road sign of change, and of letting you know if something entered into your field. 

So if you find yourself experiencing anything on the list, I would encourage you to take a moment and bring mindful awareness to yourself. And if necessary, go through the clearing statements and revocations for reclaiming your space. 

In this weeks class we are going to talk a bit about how some of this things show up in our life, and more importantly, how to deal with them so we can keep creating the life and happiness we are choosing to live. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness & 
How to Communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Souls, 

We are on a happy role of sunshine! I am loving the rays of love that warm our face. Today I sat out by the lavender plant meditating in the sun rays as I listened to all the birds celebrating around me.  There was so much commotion and energy as Earth Mother sang her song of life. 

This last week has been an inward journey, even as the world is blooming around me, I felt the pull inwards as new initiations were taking place. The polarity of sensing excitement and energy all around me, and the stillness within. 

I'd also like to add, that this phase of the lunar cycle is were the Full Moon is emptying out into the surrender of the New Moon, and there is an opportunity for us to sense our cup emptying again so that we can experience the fertile ground for the seeds of our intentions to plant into the darkness of the next new moon. 

With this I would like to share a message from the Guardians this last week:

(From a meditation)

"Open your minds eye to the inner truth that your heart is speaking. It is so subtle and without words. It is a feeling sense with waves that move about you. Almost as if you are the ocean, and each wave that laps against the shore is really just a way for you to touch, taste, experience, another, and to communicate and exchange energy. 

You think that the waves are just movement, but they are so much more, they are communication... this exchange of experience we speak of is the key to beginning to understand telepathic communication. For many on earth still bound to a language, you think of telepathy as a conversation and exchange of words, sentences or thoughts that are strung out much like you communicate with your audible language. But telepathy is so much more. 

It is an entire download of a package of experiences that get exchanged simultaneously. Your mind would never be able to process or understand all of the layers of communication that was just shared. It is the difference between telling someone about a story in your past, versus giving them all of your memories, thoughts, feelings and experiences of you in that past memory. How do you translate all of that to your limited verbal language? 

You get so caught up in the doing, in the actions, in the remembering of all the steps. You get caught in the momentum of the mind. So even when you sit in meditation to communicate with us, or any higher dimensional beings, you are attempting to do so with your mind, your words and your language. This creates a barrier for us in how we can reach you, because you, in essence, are shutting out your awareness to every other receptor of telepathy by needing things to come to you in a certain way. You are in a tunnel vision that blocks out all else. 

But more than that, your mind chatter creates a static that dampers your vibration. Even in mediation, you are so busy! We share again, being is not an action, it just is. It is what you are when you let go of needing things to be anything. You are so mission driven that when you meditate you worry about doing the steps right, breathing right, thinking about your light bodies right, your chakras right, talking to your guides right... the list goes on and on, and then when you come out of meditation, your mind is right there attempting to put into words what experience you just had, while trying to figure out "what does it all mean". 

In all of this, you are only bringing your awareness through your heart  30% to 40% of the time in the meditation, and as you come out of meditation, that drops to 5% as soon as the wheels of you mind turn, your attention lifts you away from your heart and up into the cloud around your head. 

We understand how interested many of you are in making contact with you guides, your higher self, and with beings from higher dimensional places. In order to do this, you must shine your light body bright as a signal to us that you are open, ready, at a vibration that you can even communicate or receive the transmissions with which we communicate in. 

If we could relay to you an understanding, that there is much going on in the first and second densities (dimensions 1 through 6), and we are truly eager to work with you. So please know, that it is of upmost importance to us to focus on those that are choosing the experience for service to others, not as a parlor trick to share with friends.  It is not a matter of us wasting our time, but our energy is directed towards those that are choosing to make the greatest waves from our connection. We are directing our intentions and energy towards beings who have the highest probability for altering the timeline towards unity consciousness. 

You all have guardians that are guiding you. And you are even watching over yourself from your future timelines. You are continually being offered beams of direction and guidance. So please know that you are never alone, you are always held with intentions of love. You are so loved and so honored. And respected. We also honor universal law,  which means that until you choose, we do not impose our will EVER on your path or your choices. 

 At this time in this timeline, there is a battle raging for your soul and your consciousness. A battle that ceases to exist the moment you take sovereignty over your lives. Open your hearts to hear us communicating with you. Feel the waves of consciousness we share with you of you star lineage, your divinity and how loved and welcomed you are. 

All of the Earth plane holds pockets of your memories. Find yourself by lifting the veils of your heart, and listening to the telepathic memories that are being returned to you. Sit in nature, listen to the breeze. Go deep into the layers of the earth and listen. Feel the sun on our face. And always, listen from your heart. 

Mindfulness is the tool that allows you to watch your mind as is rattles like an angry feral animal panicking for its life. Continue to use the tools you are given as the means to cast out the demons from your mind, the trapped energy from your nervous system. Continue to purge the miasma, all while being in the state of full communication from your heart. 

It is ok to unplug. It is ok to let go. All the fear you ever imagined in your life, it all came from your mind. Now is the time, if  you are ready, to speak to us, connect with us, live with us. The doorway has always been, right inside your heart."

It is so comforting to feel the message that was relayed. I can say personally, that there is a busyness inside of me. (as a manifesting generator, doing is part of my design) I feel it prodding me to be busy, busy in my thoughts, busy about what I need to get done..  even just distracted busy. As if me washing the dishes is really going to make any difference (other than in my mind) about how much I can empty myself and be in a mindful moment of meditation. 

We have created our own distractions. And now we have an opportunity to find the balance

Each week we talk about create the world you want to experience. To be who and what we are choosing to be. Now we are being invited to take that in a layer further. Let's start to catch the chatter the mind is spewing in our moments of stillness. Every time we listen and exchange energy from the heart, what is the mind using as a distraction?  (or every time you think to do something in the way of mindfulness or meditation, what busy thing does the mind created for you to do first?)

I invite each of you to take a moment this week to just close your eyes and let the sun warm your face. And telepathically, exchange communication from the heart. 

Reminder.... our entire society, daily life, rules, and the world we live in is completely made up. Just for one moment, can you step out of it, be in heart coherence with the rays of the sun, the wind, the water....universal consciousness. let them share their world with you, their memories with you. Your only ask of your self is... can you listen?

With so much love, from my heart to yours,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Story Telling VS Creating

Hello Beautiful Souls!

The sun is shinning again today, I love it! This week has been a powerful week for transformation. I want to thank all of you that came to the Family Constellations workshop for your energy you shared in this process. The next one will be at the end of the month. 

This week, the guidance is to highlight an energy that can surface when we are on the healing path. 

As we go through these types of processes, and all of the clearing work that we do, there is a human tendency for us to start to look for what is wrong...what is broken...or what needs to be healed or "fixed" next. Please know that this is just the programming and human design of our mind. It likes to be busy! 

Clearing work is potential mental quicksand

There is a difference in the frequency between mindfulness and clearing what doesn't serve vs and the mental focus on healing.

As we become true cosmic citizens, we know that the mind is a trap... it is the matrix that we are stuck in. It is the dominant source of all of our perceptions in this hologram of the first harmonic universe experience. 

We know, but have a hard time perceiving, that the higher harmonic universes are far more in tune with creating from the mind (and universal mind). Manifestation is about intently directing the flow of the cosmic source into being what you create. Therefore, in the 4th dimension and higher, just like in the dream world, you can Intend/Focus/Mentalism, your reality into existence. 

This is also why we are required to be more adult in our emotions before we are really brought into
unity intelligence, because most everyone on this planet is just flinging their thoughts and emotions around. ...Thoughts that are NOT unity based. 

LOL, we still think that our thoughts don't matter. Humans are walking around on Earth right now talking shit about people in their mind, but they think it's not doing anything. 

Well, in 4D up, your thoughts are on loud speaker..... so if you are judging someone in your thoughts, everyone "hears" it. And not only that, the photonic energy waves that your thoughts and emotions are sending.... everyone notices them. 

If we could get this, we would really begin to understand Karma and Cause & Effect much better. Every thought, feeling and emotion that you are emanating, is sending out ripple waves though the universe which will in some way, always come back to you. 

So how does this relate to the stories we tell? Think about it. Every thought creates a ripple in the universe. So how powerful do you think that ripple is when you actually move that thought out your vocal cords and amplify it with your words/sound/frequency?

Every word you speak is coding your entire life experience here. 

So, if you keep telling the same stories... your mind is stuck in a rut. In that proverbial quicksand of the past. So now you are living the same story over and over and over. You are looping. 

But were do your words come from?

Ahhhhh, this is the key. This is why mindfulness is so important. And this is were we are going to get adept now on the subtle frequency change into being a Creator. 

Your words and thoughts come from your mind, which is programed from your past. It is your vehicle. (Human Design) Your mind is your tool. 

You mind is also the least trustworthy resource you have in this life experience. It is coded with frequencies, frequencies that were input from your childhood, your shadows, your ancestral debt, and from negative forces (NAA) that don't want you to remember your incredible gifts and capabilities. 

We talked before about how you are being abducted daily, and this abduction is taking place in your mind. In your thoughts, and directing how your think and what you perceive.

As spiritual adults, we need to practice a level of vigilance by paying attention to all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are filtering through us and our experience. 

Mindfulness and Focus. 

Mindfulness isn't about looking for what is wrong - it is about being an observer. 

And as an observer, our focus is the equal fulcrum to the equation of creation. 

We can sit in mindfulness and just watch our thoughts like clouds. We can even catch the clouds and do the clearing statements and revocations to delete them from our reality. But without focus, all we are doing is sitting and being an observer of the past. 

All those clouds are moving through us because of the frequency ripples we created from our past. (cause & effect) But now what? This is the line between, clearing karma - and stepping off the karmic wheel completely. Notice the action that was just implied? "Stepping" 

We have to get off our ass and move into a new way of being. Step into being! Be YOU at a whole new level. Something that is going to require a new mind, new thoughts and new actions. 

Focus is the action step. 

The next questions is....What are your thoughts focused on? You are going to have to watch your mind like a baby in a non childproofed world. Vigilantly.  

Again....we are not looking for wrong thoughts (because that would be creating them) we are watching. 

Watching, and Creating. 

So what is creating? How do we do this magical manifestation of our reality the way we want it? INTENTION. Intention and Focus. If we want our day to be happy. Our focus has to be on happy. We have to create it in our world, we have to see it, to feel it....TO BE IT! 

It's easy to see what is wrong in our life, or what we don't like. Great job, we all mastered that class already. Now, let's do something new. We are at a new level of creating.  

Each morning what is your first thought when you wake up? 

When you think about your yourself, how do you think about you?

Pretty much every thought or belief we have about our self, was implanted in there by someone else. Just the fact that we probably had a childhood with emotionally fractured human parents, means we have some reprogramming to do. But they have become so normal, so comfortable, or you may not even know this life in any other way, so they feel real. 

As the mindful observer, now you know there is a new way. But you have to dream it into being. This is our next step of our evolution, is learning how to walk /  think again. 

We are going to get strong in our mind about speaking into reality our new joy, happiness, health, love & self. Any clouds that come floating by, we observe them, thank them for showing us the coded programing in our mind, cancel them, delete them....all while staying focused on what we are recoding into our reality. 

Being the neutral compassionate witness is incredibly powerful. Because neutrality doesn't feed the old programs. Emotions do. 

And from this place, we are going to learn some new techniques for addressing these voices in our head, what their purpose is, and how we can lead them in a whole new direction. And with this we are going to grow our voice by speaking consciously as a creator. For example, instead of saying "I'm so depressed".... the creation comes from the subtle shift into "There is a feeling of depression that I am noticing". 

One is victim speak, the other, a powerful statement that holds potential for change.

If there was one thing you could change in your life right now, that would make the biggest difference for you, what would that be? 

Please bring that thought with you to our Soul Circle, this is the transformation that we are going to create together. To continually develop our spiritual language of the soul, and speaking our reality into creation, by the power of our words. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee💓🐝

Here is a great affirmation meditation that is a great tool for focusing thoughts in a new way at the start of your day. 

TRY IT FOR 1 DAY! You Won't Regret It! 528 hz
"I AM" Affirmations For Success, Wealth & Happiness

I also recommend that you become aware of some of the patterns that get created in our childhood from Narcissist / Co-Dependent parents. (And I do recommend his book and youtube channel) Knowledge is power, and empowers us to be able to do the clearing and revocations with more focus and intention....& Love. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How to Use Morphogenetic Fields


Happy New Day Beautiful Souls, 

The Sun is in full bloom here today as I write this post. It feels so good to connect with all the rays beaming down on me. It was such a beautiful reminder of all the frequency rays and bands all around us. A perfect start to the writing of this post, since the Guardians have been nudging this next presentation for months now. 

And this next unfolding is the development of our own personal understanding and skills in healing through morphogenetic fields. 

Healing ourselves, and being an agent of healing for others. 

"All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint, which exists as a quantity of crystalline (that's why it's also called crystal body), electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of specific patters of frequency."  (MCEO Freedom Teachings)

Ascension Mechanics is about learning our energy bodies and learning how to navigate our energy with higher consciousness and awareness. 

Some of the base fundamental understandings that we build our Spiritual Maturity on are: 








These are some of the base internal compasses that we hold as we start to repair our timelines. 

"Morphogenetic Fields (MF) are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest. This occurs microcosmically and macrocosmically. 
Therefore, the universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place." 
(MCEO Freedom Teachings)

As we start to step into developing or practicing our abilities to heal through energy field or morphogenetic fields, we may find our self facing our limiting beliefs or limitations about what we feel we can or can't do. Working with our crystalline bodies, energy body templates requires us to step away from our conventional five senses and begin to trust our higher sensory perceptions. 

And we are all uniquely different in how we perceive!

What this means, is that in order to become more for ourselves and others, we need clear out our limiting internal dialog, to quiet all the self doubt and to surrender to trusting our higher self. 

The Ascension path is filled with mirrors of our past, mirrors of our ancestors & mirrors of the distortions of Earth, our world around us is a hall of mirrors.  Each mirror is reflecting something that is asking for healing, and gives us the opportunity to bring back into a state of love. 

Our goal is to have our mirrors reflecting our true higher self. 

One of the initiation energies for the Speak to the Fire Soul Circle, was to create a sacred circle where those who were ready, could "speak" what they were ready to clear and transmute, though the "fire", as a way of freeing distortions from ones field. This is also another way of describing Transfiguration. The complete morphosis of one form into another. 

This is not an easy path to take. To be honest, it is not for those wanting just an easy path through this life. It takes a strong magnetic pull from ones heart to face our fears and triggers in life! And that's not even bringing into account the "ascension symptoms" that come up for us from time to time. 

But as we step into the fundamental understandings listed above we have a solid place to stand in our truth. A truth that guides us through clearing what does not serve anymore, manifesting what we do choose, and being the frequency that we know we came here to be. 

With this in mind, we will be going into a deeper understanding of our Morphogenetic Fields aka our Crystalline Body through the different dimensions. We will go into how the fields are created, how they hold memory and how each one is acting like a holographic projector as the light moves down into the lower dimensions and eventually solidifies into our physical manifest reality. 

As we learn the mechanics, we can then understand more and more how our thoughts are directing these codes, and more importantly how to collapse the distortions and pull in the new morphogenetic blueprints of health, vitality and love. 

Energy Healing!

As always, I am so grateful to each and every one of you for the courage you live everyday by living the path of your heart. 

With Love, 

Becca Bee