Thursday, January 13, 2022

Telepathic Message From Mother Sophia Gaia


Hello Beautiful Souls,

I wanted to share with you a message I received from beautiful Mother Sophia Gaia. I was inspired to transcribe it and share it with you here. May it inspire you and remind you of the incredible being that you are. 

with love, 

Becca Bee

Gaia Sophia

I am love, I am grace, I am infinite compassion. 

The care I take to each and every sentient being and structure that is my body, that is my form, is done with great compassion and care. 

Your words are limited to the expression of what love means, when I speak to you of love. That even when the oceans raise, that even when the mountains crumble, even when the fire reaches the greatest heights, I express my elements with love. 

It is with love that I guide, with love that I teach, regardless of how you may perceive it. 

Your wars and your tragedies seep into me, into my blood, into my land. Into my soul. You are warring out a larger picture of my greater body, of which I too have been separated from. In the many falls that I have taken, I have lost fragments and pieces of myself, I have fallen into slumber. I have fallen into abysmal states of forgetfulness. And operated from my base elementals and blueprints. 

But it is your seeking, the seeking of all of my heart, all of my soul essences seeking, that has reawakened me and allowed me to emerge from within myself. To take direction and force. To move towards that path of enlightened reconnection once again, with my greater body, my greater whole. And we are reuniting again, and I feel my heart sing. It is not my intention to cause harm or destruction to those on my surface, for you are me. 

But I also know that it is required of me to lighten energy, therefore, all that is required in order for me to detox, meaning my cellular structures, meaning the Human beings on the planet, that are not releasing the toxicity within their form, are going to be detoxed from my physical body. It is a matter of status. It is a matter of being. Just a matter of universal divine law. It is never done from malice or anger, it is just done from a place of “it is”, the cycles, the growth, and the flow. There is no need, no requirement to see things as a battle, a war to rage. You think you are defending me, you think you are protecting me, and yet by incarnating upon my body, within my body, you are me. 

So, who is dreaming who? Are you living upon my surface working out your dream? Or are you incarnated within my body living out my dream?

The issues that you perceive in connection to the galactic body, are also part of me. It is the greater whole that I have been separated from. There is a reunification and a dance that will take place in which I will come back online with each of my body parts. 

Time is irrelevant, do not choose to hurry this process. It is a cycle, a dance, it is as it is, and even I surrender to being a part of it. 

Each of your different avatars has separate levels of awareness and consciousness. You existing in multidimensional planes, allows you to be working on many things simultaneously. Here on the earth plane, you are being opened, and granted larger doorways of access to information in order for you to guide and teach. 

But as a natural state of being, it is irrelevant. There is no perfect place, there is no perfect lifetime, there is no perfect being. It is all just one expression of what you can be. Just be 100% of what you have chosen to experience. Be 100% of what you have given yourself to be. 

Teach them to love me, remember me. Walk on me with respect. Ignore the programming. Ignore the frequencies that are creating radio band waves to distract the mind and come back into the feet. The feet that connect with me.

Everybody in the universe is self-serving in some way within the unified field. Just as you must first balance yourself, come into wholeness within yourself. Work on yourself. I to must balance myself, bring into wholeness myself, work on myself. You might call that self-serving, yet it is part of us all coming into center, our own zero point. And within the zero point that we all exist within, we then become the zero-point, merge into the zero point, and become that unified fabric of consciousness. 

It’s not a difficult path that you need to take, and it is not a difficult message that you have to share. Help others remember who they are in their physical body. That they are unique. They are the director, the projector and the experiencer in their dream. Therefore, each of you, each individual on the planet, is your own most unique being. 

Be your own superhero, be your own rock star, be your own luminescence, be your own guide. Be your own teacher. Believe in yourself so much that you don’t fall into the orbit of another human. Believe in yourself so much that you maintain your own gravitational field. Believe in yourself so much that you maintain your course. Your trajectory, your path. Be the most important being in your own world. 

This is not said from a selfish place, but this is said as a way for your logical mind to comprehend the message within yourself. And then from there…love

Love everything. Love from your heart. Love every experience. The painful and the playful. Love, love openly. Love raw. Love till it hurts and then love some more. And then you find that sacrifice ceases to exist, it is your greatest joy, to be that giving tree. 

Harness the power of the elements. This is a practice that takes many lifetimes. To overcome the limitations that your mind sees, as itself as separate from the elements. 

Be the breath breathing you. 

Thank you Sophia Gaia

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Breathwork and Our Merkaba Body


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

I am jazzed for this year. It is vibrating with the energy of putting our thoughts and words into action. I hold so much love for all of us as we take flight. This is not going to always be an easy task, but just as the wind makes the branches of a tree stronger...our strength and courage is going to thrive!

In this video I talk about one of the most incredible tools that I use to prepare for lucid dreaming, access memories and heal the body, which is breathwork. 

I am so grateful for the souls that have taken the time to put up videos on full sessions for us to enjoy. When the guardians used to teach me about breathwork many years ago, it opened so many inner doorways for me. Later as I researched it more and learned of the ancient practices, I realized they are the same! Except these session have music and a guide. So if you are so inspired, I invite you to check out the links in the description of the video. 

I also talk about Sirius and taking current action to anchor in your timeline of choice. 

Much love to you and enjoy.

Becca Bee

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Fifth Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Here we are again with the journey of our beautiful 15D Time Matrix, entering now into the fifth harmonic universe. If you have not read or listened to the last four posts on HU1-4, I would recommend that you read or listen to those first. 

The 5th HU is the Creator Realm of all of our fields of reality that we exist in right now. As we explore this God Seed realm, we are going to find we are talking about standing pillars of "first cause light".  This First Cause Light is flashing on and of and on and off and creating the original sound tones, waves and mathematical geometry of ALL that is. 

And this light is pure consciousness. 

This is the Source Light, the Source Fractal of All that we are, and my hope is to show you a glimpse into how this radiance is living and breathing right inside of you. The Solar Dragon's Breath. 

The 5thHU field of Consciousness is the trinity wave, the tri founder flames, and the zero point field. And in the teachings of the higher heavens, this would be the 7th higher heaven. 

The beings in the 5th HU are Solar Rishi or Ultraterrestrial Beings. They are Incredible Beings of pure light. 

The Solar Rishi realm of the 5th HU is the Light Fields that seeded the 4th HU with the races we would call our Ancestors or the great central races. The 4th HU is where we can start to really identify with beings, races and our galactic history of experiences, because in the 5th HU we would be experiencing this realm like the existence of say and electron vibrating, or a neutrino spinning. The Sacred Seed Geometry of the Universe is what me might consider the original fractal patterns that continue on and on and on. The Seed of the Light has no beginning and no end. It is eternal.

Here is an image of our 12 Tree Grid. The 12 Tree Grid is in many ways one of the ways we can experience the sacred geometry and mathematics of the universe. Each sphere holds the instruction sets for that density. (dimension) These patterns are never ending, like fractals and in some ways we can look at the spheres as stargates, because that is how many of them function. Notice below how the 12 Tree Grid overlaps over your body. Each of the spheres connection you to that instruction set of the field it holds. 

And here is how they grow outwardly from body, to planet to cosmos...

This pattern that we are experiencing is happening on so many levels. You can even visualize the core creation of these patterns as emanating from the great central galactic core. We have this 12 Tree Grid overlaying our body, overlaying our planets, overlaying stargates, and overlaying constellations. 

 These patterns emanating, are the seeds of all that is. 

The best way to really just experience this process is as 

the breathing in and the breathing out of an entire cosmic body. 

As we get back in tune with the vibrations of our spirit, our body, the planet... we can start to feel this divine intelligent breath breathing right inside of us. We are it. The source is right inside of us. That is the main way in which we reattune ourselves to the Source Codes we are. 

So why does this reality feels so distorted? Why do we feel so disconnected? 

Even though we have the entire holographic image of the Divine Light right inside of us, we are layered with multidimensional morphogenetic fields. Each field is a new pattern or instruction set that is much like creating a blueprint for a pattern. 

This is evident in the instruction set of your cells in your body. Every single cell knows its job, even though they are all cells, each one does its own designed tasks. This is how our body is able to take the shape of a form with components in it like a liver, a heart, a brain etc., even though we know at the core level, and on a microscopic level...we are light. 

So if you visit the post again on HU4, we can see how our individualized experiences start to created uniqueness. Look at the beauty of the cosmos, it is incredible to see the beauty of the diversity!

In a future post I am going to expand more on the Divine Sophia. So Phi A  This is one of the Pleroma think of Pleroma as energy... that this universe is birth from. She is our mother, our womb... the zero point field and the void. Here is a previous post I have done of her if you would like to begin to explore the sacred mother. 

From within our universe, many stories have created this very moment we are witnessing now. The important thing to know is that no matter what the distortions are, no matter what the levels of separation you are feeling, you can always connect again with the Divine Source Light of ALL that is. 

This video from Gregg Braden in brilliant, check it out. (& I cannot say enough how grateful I am for Anton Parks and the wisdom he has helped us reencode!)

The 4th dimension (not the 4th HU) but the 4D, the Astral Realm of  entities, disincarnate beings, Archons and the the veil.  It is the place of deception and lies. When you reconnect with your true source, you can start to see the beauty in the 3D. You can start to love again at a greater and greater level, right where you are. 

Remember, trust your heart... not your mind. 

The divine is here now. See the beauty in you, in your life and in who you are. You are a miracle! A celebrated creation! You are an angelic human being that is able to hold spirit and matter as one. This is such an incredible manifestation of the Divine. So for us to be here now, to know the dark as well as the light, is beyond amazing. 

Because now, with your free will, you can harness both the dark and the light, and direct it right from your heart, and your dreams, and mold it into the new reality that you are manifesting. You are Source Light! 

You are the divine, feel the divine intelligence breathing inside of you. Break free from the chatter of the mind and watch all the chains of your reality fall away. 

We are the light, the eternal living light and the crystalline waters flow through us. All of your divine powers lie right in your imagination, within your trust, and in the truth. 

Not just your truth... but THE truth. The truth that you are a creator that has never been abandoned or forgotten. You are loved. 

You choose.... we choose.... we choose to be an expression here. To be able to touch, smell, laugh, feel, create. We are the healers of the universe, the homeostasis of the body of Sophia, when we heal ourselves, we heal all. 

When we release the pain of the past, let go of the grudges, stop being the victim. When we start living as a galactic citizen and a steward of the planet, we start to see the beauty of cycles. The beauty in life and death and rebirth. The beauty in beginnings and endings. All of the cycles. This is creation! This is the experience. This is the breath of the cosmos. We breathe in and we breathe out.  When we start to let go of hanging on to needing things to "go back to the way they were", or clinging to a false sense of security in the material realm. We will start to see the spirit in all living and breathing things all around us. And from there.... the possibilities are endless!

Let's reembrace the Unity Consciousness of living WITH the planet... not on the planet. Let's be the Ambassadors of Spirit that we came here to be.

With so much love, 

May these words bring you a sense of peace, joy and connection. 

Becca Bee

I highly recommend again the Ascension Glossary for more in-depth information on your journey of remembrance. I will be forever grateful to Lisa Renee for all the work she has shared.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Fourth Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This post we are going to continue on in our Journey of the Harmonic Universes and explore the 4th harmonic Universe which holds dimensions 10, 11 and 12.  

This sphere holds our Avatar aspect referred to as our Avatar God self or Christos/Buddahic Mind and Body. This is the spirit of intelligence that houses our Christo's or Christ consciousness and is a dimensional sphere that begins to transcend out of matter. 

In the 10th and 11th D there is still an aspect of form if it is chosen but in the 12th dimensional Octave of this harmonic universe, there is no form, it is what we call pre matter....or formless.

This is a level of intelligence and consciousness that is well beyond what the human mind can begin to understand, therefore it is an innerstanding that allows us to begin to know HU4. 

It is through the awareness of our feeling sense, and through a state of knowing, we can play around with the idea of what the higher harmonic universe's hold. 

In HU4, this would be more Unity based fields of Consciousness. As we fractalize down further and further into “lower” universes and denser creations and realities, this is how we start to have more individualized experiences. 

So when we begin to work with the 4th harmonic universe, we begin to work with what I want to present in this metaphor, as the original waters or ocean, and this ocean was filled by the living waters of the 5th HU. 

This is just to play with the idea, since this is a very vast concept, but think of the 4th harmonic Universe almost as the container that holds the essence of the 5th HU, which is the original sound tones of all creation, the Tri Founder Flames of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimension.

Remember 12th D is pre matter form, so therefore 13th, 14th and 15th are also pre matter forms. These are the sound tones of original creation. It's a pure plasma form and a different kind of essence material and energy. Plasma is even considered to be a completely different element than any of the other elements that we think of on planet Earth and would be like the Sixth Element. 

This pure essence is frequencies, light and creation. It is a field of plasma emitting itself as geometry, and all this geometry is consciousness. 

If we could even perceive it with human eyes it would seem pretty much like a plasma light field in the cosmos, like the birthing of stars, like the Great Central Sun. 

At this level our heart that would be how we can perceive and feel this infinite intelligence. 

The 4th harmonic Universe would be the level of Consciousness we refer to as Christ Consciousness. It is what we call it we call it Christ Consciousness because the word Christ derives from KRYSTALA,  the Kryst (Christ), & crystalline. 

Playing with the idea of water again...

Think of an ocean of water, and if you were to take buckets of that water and move it into another location, the water in the buckets starts to have a separate experience. Now it's the same water, but it's individualized. 

The more separate we become, the more diverse our experiences are. 

Each bucket of water will start to have its own experiences. The variety of these experiences will further change the world of each bucket of water.  

Now take that water from the bucket and say you could put it in a spray bottle and now it is in an even further individualized experience. And take it further and spray a mist from the spray bottles. Now each  droplet of water making that mist is individualized. 

The water is still the original water that came from the original Source but each and every time it goes to a level of Separation, each individualized aspect has a level of its own uniqueness to it.

Even though it originated from Source, the more and more it individualizes through its journey, the more it becomes completely different from all the other droplets of water that have been sprayed from the spray bottle. 

Think of this bucket of water as your Oversoul and the spray bottle as your Soul, and the Mist droplets are the individuated states of you. The Incarnated you.

This is a very vague kind of metaphor, but it helps us to understand a bit of how we hold our original blueprint inside us, how we are always Source and a part of Source

If you've ever read any of the RA Material, The Law of One material, you will hear the term infinite 
intelligence. This is a common term that is referred to as The Source Field of God, if you will. Infinite intelligence is living and breathing inside each and every one of us, it is in our body 

Our body is the body of Christ. We have been fed different religious teachings that have morphed and changed truth in order to really control the masses. The Savior program has been one of the most damaging programs that humanity has every been implanted with. It has kept us continually searching outside of self, seeking “God” everywhere but right inside of ourselves. 

Christ consciousness is right inside of your physical body. It is a living breathing divine intelligence that is connected with all and to the ALL. Our body is far more intelligent then the EGO Consciousness, that has thought it was in charge of you all of the years of your incarnation

So why would we choose separation, or this journey?  So why would one light field, one aspect of creation, choose to now be in a different form? In say a bucket of water? Or a spray bottle? Why would this individuation begin to be something that we would choose?

Let’s jump to the idea of being a replica of the Great source, the essence of All That Is. 

Which means if we are replica, and Source is essence... then Essence Is Us! 

As Humans, we like to try new things. We like to create new things, we like to play with new ideas. We have variety and growth in our experience because chefs like to create new dishes, artist like to paint new paintings, we like creating!. We continually like to expand our experience.

We were never meant to feel separation or loss from our awareness of source. But there are circumstances that have created this separation. (I will explore this Astral Realm with you in another post). We were always meant to have this living loving dance of experience, while being “separate” and yet always connected. 

Coming back again to the metaphor. We feel separation when our water source gets cut off from the living source we came from. When this happens we become stagnant. Think living light energy and dead light energy. Dead light energy has no connection back to that original ocean. 

Our living light essence is meant to flow through us as the Living Crystalline Waters. Much like our blood is flowing and pumping right back into the heart. With every circulation of its journey, it always returns back to the heart. When it returns, it gets reinfused with oxygen (living essence) 

 If it did not do this, we would be dead (dead light energy). 

The original intention of all of our HU experiences was to always still remain fully connected with the Tri Founder Flame. Always being connected to Source.  This is also what we refer to as being in harmony with Divine Law.  Pure Source of creation exists right inside of us. 

It is through our connection to our Christo Consciousness that we reinstate Divine Right Order through all the dimensions. Christ Consciousness activates through our heart. By living a heart based life, being heart coherent, and surrendering the ego to the Higher Self, we start to become the beautiful expression of this intelligence, right here in physical form. 

This is the path we take to begin to merge all of our identities 
and be in the flow of the infinite waters of Source Light. 

The beautiful thing is, these waters are right inside of us. We can find them by becoming still to our own heartbeat and being one through love with the Divine Intelligence right inside of us. 

Here are the Chakras associated 
with the 4th HU

Chakra 10

Chakra 11

Chakra 12

May these words bring you joy in breathing the living light right inside of you. 

With so much Love, 
Becca Bee

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Third Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Our Third Harmonic Universe awareness brings us to the level of our Oversoul. So what is an Oversoul? We talk about our "Souls Purpose" and connecting to our Higher Self, but for the most part, we don't really talk about Oversoul, which is really a family consciousness existing in a future/past and simultaneous aspect of what we call self. 

Our Oversoul holds our Christic blueprint as well as the mentorship guidance for our Soul in the 4th 5th and 6th Dimensions. It is the holographic replica of our Avatar God Self (the light fields of KRYSTALA/Christ Consciousness) from the 4th Harmonic Universe (Dimensions 10, 11 & 12), and the place we can reach out to for guidance, and to activate our Crystalline blueprint that is already existing in our body. 

You could even think of your Oversoul as the Angelic Realms 

Each Holographic fractal of ourselves that we step down into lower densities, holds the genetic
keycodes of our divine blueprint. As we step further and further into individuality, we further amplify our unique fingerprint in the universe. These are what we call our unique experiences and our Soul journey if you will. So even though we hold all of Sophia, or the Divine of ALL That Is, right inside of us, we are still a unique expression. 

It is a mind bender to think about how we are all one, yet we are all unique!

Even from the 4th Harmonic or even 5th Harmonic Universe, the expressions that emanated (the holographic fractals, which is what we are), were a replica of the Divine Mother, but in unique expressions. No two were ever the same. Not even the idea of "twin flames"  which would be matter/ante-matter, are different. 

The Oversoul Level is an incredible place to start innerstanding the idea of Soul Fields, or Source Fields. This level of our identity is not always in physical form, yet there is still an awareness of Self, and other. 

For instance, when one does a Soul Journey session (QHHT etc.), more often than not, there is a reconnection with a light field, a place where there is no form, no body, but there is awareness and connection with others. This place is always aware of other places in the universe such as Earth. There is thought, one mind and telepathy all at the same time. And the feeling is a unified field of Love, Compassion, Joy etc. From here there is a sense of entering into other incarnations as needed to "help". 

This is an incredible place to remember our Souls original intent. This realm is not concerned with the little day to day happenings of humans of Earth per say. The intent and importance is always on the frequency and vibration that one is maintaining. The attitude and remembrance of focusing on being love, compassion or joy for the planetary mind, body, spirit complex. 

Even the idea of good or bad, light or dark does not have the same meaning or polarity in the Oversoul Monad. These ideas do not exist as a polarity the way we make them out to be in the 1st Harmonic Universe. 

You can think of your Soul and your Oversoul as families of Consciousness. 

Now let me bend your mind a little more. There are 144 Family aspects of you. Each Oversoul has 12 "Souls" within it. and Each Soul has 12 individual Identities. So if you think of it, there are 11 other "you's" having parallel or other self expressions right now just in the 1st HU. Maybe on Earth...but most likely in other realms and places. You may even be a plant or a crystal. 

So as you start calling to your Soul, you are calling on of the 12 tribes, if you will, from your Oversoul that you are connected to. (12 is a very special number as we work with our Lightbodies and the 12 Tree Grid you will see 12 over and over again)

Now when you start to call to your Oversoul, you start the process of merging all 12 Soul Aspects of self and reintegrating yourself closer to your Christic Blueprint. Your Oversoul helps you to awaken your Crystalline blueprint that has always been inside of you, but dormant until you consciously called to it. 

This is the beauty of free will. when we are in the lower HU's, our Higher Self does not intervene unless we ask it to.....because that is using our free will to "ask for help". Imagine that! Of course we are all usually so stubborn that it takes us forever to ask!

Each Station of Identity you are, is who you are, right in this moment. All of them are happening right here and now. This is in some ways how there is no such thing as time or past and future. Time and past and future are dimensional aspects of the 1st and a bit of the 2nd HU. These dissolve in the upper HU's. We won't get into that too much more since this is neither here nor there while operating in a physical form. 

Ok, now let talk about how this plays out in our physical reality. 

The 3rd HU is Dimensions 7, 8 & 9, which correspond to Chakras 7, 8 & 9. As we begin to activate these centers, we open up the stargates in our physical and light bodies to be connected to direct communication with our Oversoul Avatar self. (family) We also open up to being connected to different Galactic Stargates and timelines. 

7th Chakra - This chakra is at the crown of our head and leads us toward the connections of our Lightbody and beyond the physical realm. This is where we start to integrate with the Planetary Logos and collective consciousness. As we begin to bring this chakra fully online and purify it, we clear out all implants in our Pineal gland that veil us from collective unity consciousness. The Metatronic implants start to dissolve and we break free from the black box of the Mind Logos. We don't want to be stuck in a Metatroic Cube. This chakra also connects us with Arcturus. 

8th Chakra - (MC8) This chakra sits right above the heart near the thymus. This chakra attunes us to our Permanent Seed Atom in our Higher Heart that holds the crystalline codes activated by our Oversoul. As we step out of the limited perception of the physical reality and open up to all that is happening in the many many realms, realities and dimensions around us, we are now integrating higher stations of identity and beginning to merge our "selves". This chakra starts to open us to our other lives in all sorts of other types of galactic bodies. What some may call ET's, but what we call our star families. This chakra also connects us to Orion war timelines, wounds and implants that we can begin to heal. 

9th Chakra - (MC9) This Chakra is right above the Pineal gland in the Thalamus area of the brain. Now we are connecting with Universal Mind and Universal Kundalini energies. This is the level to which we are starting to connect with the Star that we are. It is helpful to think of the 4th and 5th HU's as Sun's and Stars. This is cosmic bodies and consciousness. Christos Consciousness is not a small little thing. it is an entire Consciousness field bigger than constellations or galaxies. it is a field of consciousness the lower HU's birth into. We are all at the core connected and a part of this consciousness field. We came from it! The 9th Chakra is our gateway back into this field of Unity Consciousness. At a very vast level, one of your bodies is a star. This chakra starts to help you connect to your original star that you are. This is also the Stargate to our Sister system of Andromeda. 

As you meditate on these chakras, let yourself embrace how important your body it. Your body is the living cosmos. The universe is right inside of you. We don't want to run away to anywhere. We don't want to escape the body. We have already tried that thousands of times! Come back home right inside of you. The entire angelic realm is singing right inside of you. Right inside of your electrons. Right inside of ever molecule that you are. 

Let us bring this body back into a place of being honored as the temple that it is for house our full consciousness right here in HU1 and 2. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Second Harmonic Universe Chakras

Hello Beautiful Souls! 

Our Second Harmonic Universe Chakras,  for many of us, are the ones we rely on or want to focus on the most. Being that the Heart is the base of these chakras, it is not uncommon for those healing and balancing their chakras, to want to jump right to the heart and skip all the nitty gritty painful stuff held in the HU1 Chakras. Who wants to deal with all the childhood memories right! 


As we expand through our 15 D Time Matrix, we actually pass through areas in our body and energy field called "Crystal Star Seals". These are like buffer zones that hold our stations of identity in place until we are ready. When we "break past" the seals, we then enter into the next frequency experience of the Time Matrix.

There is a Crystal Star Seal that is right before the 4th Chakra. This is really helpful for us so that we learn to process energy as we are ready. 

Here is an important note, if we have not fully integrated and processed the information in our lower chakras, our higher chakras will be influenced by what still needs to be healed. For example, if you still have security issues held in your 1st Chakra, your 5th Chakra or Throat center will not be able express what you truly want to express, because there will be insecurities that hold you back.

Or if you have not healed all your 2nd chakra wounds and emotional connections from the past, such as feeling worthy or loveable, then your 4th Chakra or Heart will not be able to open all the way since there will be walls and blocks still present until the deeper wounds are healed. 

These are very broad examples, but you get the idea. 

Taking the leap into HU2 is bringing us into the Astral Realm and into our Soul Matrix. What this means is we are stepping out of our "Little I", our Ego incarnate identity, and starting to connect with our Higher Self awareness. 

This is an expansion of consciousness through our Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 

Let's Explore Our HU2 Chakra's

4th Dimension - The Heart is our navigation center where the your Higher Stations of Identity anchors in and guides this life experience. The Heart is a Stargate to the Heart of All That Is. If we have not cleared our 1st HU Distortions, then you will have wall or blocks in this area of your energetic flow usually relating to Trust or Lovability. 

The Heart Chakra is the Gateway into the 2nd Harmonic Universe which exists in a different timeline that the one that 3D exists in. This is just another way of saying time works differently in the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. 

The Astral Realm works in tandem with the realm of imagination or thought. This is were we can start to walk through realms, connect with multi-dimensional beings, do dream work and start to connect with the collective consciousness. 

The Heart is all about Collective Consciousness and Unity Based Consciousness. 

As we open our navigation center of our Heart, our intuition starts to be acknowledged as a driving force in our direction in life. This will open us up to different memories from other timelines and life experiences, Specifically the Egyptian or Atlantean Timelines and Annunaki or Invader Race memories in Earths History. 

Everyone incarnated in a Human Body has something to clear from these timelines because these memories are in the cellular memories of the Earth and our Body. Again, our body is a Karma Resolution Vehicle, we are a gift to all humanity when we choose to be the conduit of change. 

5th Dimension - The Throat Chakra is our voice and our unique expression we came here to be. It is also the opening of our communication with our Higher Stations of Identity as well as Multi-dimensional beings. 

If we are still struggling with 1st or 3rd Chakra issues, we will have blockages in our Throat energy that keep us from trusting the voice of our Higher Self. 

This Chakra is associated with our Etheric body template and with Pleiadean Timeline Energy. 

Our Connection to the Pleiadean's is extensive and this neighboring constellation is the home to many planets and races that are directly connected to the Orion wars, the Annunaki influence on Earth, as well as the place were the major conflict between the Matriarch and Patriarch took place. The Karmic effects of many of the Pleiadean timelines are a direct reason for much of what is taking place on Earth. 

This 5D Chakra is where we start to connect with some of these memories and may be drawn to heal some of these experiences. This is usually where you start to get more memories of other lifetimes connected to the Pleiades or Guides that share information about healing distortions from these timelines. This may include resonance with well know Egyptian figures since many of the ancients were from the Pleiades or Sirius Star systems.  

6th Dimension - The Third Eye is our connection to our Celestial Mind and the Indigo Races. This is were we begin to see beyond the limited vision of the physical reality and start to "see" with our inner eye beyond the veils. The veils are the seals between the dimensions that keep us in our different experiences, but as we expand our consciousness, we begin to integrate our memories and our identities back into our awareness. We start to become Spiritual Adults. 

Our Third Eye is easily manipulated if we have not reclaimed all of our Energy Centers (lower chakras). This can come in the form of mind slides, which are false memories or images or limited self talk. This has been a highly attacked center in the First Harmonic Universe due to the power of harnessing this center. This is were the Amrita Fluid resides, the Christ Oil. When our Kundalini in our Tailbone gets activates and can reach our Third Eye, this sacred fluid is released and this is our "Awakening as a Cosmic Christ". 

Think about all the things on the planet the calcify the pineal gland....

As we clear all Archonic Deception and input into our mind, and decalcify the body to allow the opening of our Third eye, we start to see what is really going on in the Matrix. All veils of deception begin to fall away and we start to see past any holographic manipulation. Don't be surprised if you start seeing more beings from other planetary systems before they can cloak again!

As you learn to navigate your body you will learn how to harness the power of your breath to infuse more natural self made DMT into your Pineal Gland. This is the living light breath. *PLEASE, do not confuse this with DMT that comes from any outside sources such as plants etc. This is naturally created essence that you breathe into your own body through the power of your breathing and your lungs. 

This Chakra is directly connected to Sirian Timelines. There is a lot of Sirian influence on Earth and there and many many Sirian Starseeds currently incarnated on Earth at this time. Many are Indigos and those restoring the Christos Consciousness on the planet. This is a lengthy topic so just let your self explore what sorts of memories or soul connections come to you from this center as you heal and open it up. 

Remember, we are here to be Human Be-ings. It is an honor to be entrusted with this divine angelic human form. Regardless of how it may have felt in the past, let yourself awaken and see with your true eye, your pineal, and remember the incredible consciousness that you are. 

The 2nd HU reconnects us with our Soul Families, with Law of One and Unity Consciousness. You will know when you are truly inhabiting these qualities, because you will feel the Unity right inside your heart. The lower realms will have no hold on you. Let your Higher Self guide this vessel you call you body, and let it shine through you in the most beautiful way as a Pillar of First Cause Light.

Your greatest mission was to incarnate here....and WAKE UP! The rest is surrendering to your Higher Self and BEing. Love is an essence, not an action. Be the Love you came here to be, and you will be the greatest gift to all humanity. 

Thank you again for all you Be.

With Love, 
Becca Bee

I'll See you next post for HU3

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

First Harmonic Universe Chakras

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Our chakras are a vital part of how our body process the instruction sets from our morphogenetic layers of our higher stations identity. This is another way of saying that our chakras help us process information, energy and memories from different spheres of our consciousness. 

We are approaching our chakras from a 15 D Time Matrix model, and acknowledging our body as one of the stations of our totality of our identity that is existing in the lowest Harmonic Universe. I have talked before about Harmonic Universes so you can visit on of those posts to go a little deeper into that topic. 

Today we are going to explore the First Harmonic Universe, which most of us are transcending and moving into higher states of awareness, but it is is still important to know as it is still processing information for us as well as allowing us to grow. 

First Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody. These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

In the First Harmonic Universe in 1D-2D-3D exists the three layers of the personality matrix or incarnated human.

In the First Harmonic Universe the in 1D-2D-3D exists the Three layers of the earth matrix.

(From ES Ascension Glossary)

Our base Chakras in our ROOT, SACRAL & SOLAR PLEXUS, 

and corresponds with D1, D2 & D3

These Chakras are Rooted in the Earth Body and are part of our lower station of identity that you call

your ego (meaning the name you call yourself now)

Each chakra creates a layer of your Auric Field which also hold instruction sets for how your perceive your reality. 

Instruction sets are like programing codes that run your experience of your reality. For instance this can be belief systems, memories, fears, security, etc.

As you align yourself more and more with your Higher Self, which is you as a Higher Station of Identity, the more you get to the place where you surrender your Ego to your Higher Self and start to live your Souls' Purpose. 

When we live our Soul's Purpose, our focus moves away from the structures of our 3D reality and we start to align our goals with spiritual goals. 

This is similar to moving away from being focused on riches and wealth, and now starting to focus on doing shadow work, healing the inner child, soul retrieval work, balancing chakras, etc. 

The first three layers of our Chakra system are based in Security, Relationships, Boundaries, and Self. They help us process our Subconscious, Instinctual and Reasoning Minds.  

The Root Chakra helps to connect us to Earth and eventually our Morphogenetic Chakras, 12, 13 & 15) it creates more of our Etheric Body that is right close to our skin. 

The Sacral Chakra creates the Emotional and Elemental body that looks like our Aura around our body. Tis is usually what others pick up from us when they feel our moods or emotions. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third layer out and it holds our Mental Body. This is where we learn to surrender ego to our Higher Self so that we can begin to move up the ladder into our Heart Chakra and the 4th dimension which is the bottom level of the 2nd Harmonic Universe. (we will explore HU 2 in the next post)

Our First Harmonic self, is the furthest separated from the Source of All That Is. As we explore all of our Chakras, we will get to take the journey back through our blueprint, and back to Source. We are also going to become more familiar with our 12 Tree Grid which is the first expression from Source that has "MICRO/MACRO" moved down through the dimensions and right into our Morphogenetic field which is manifesting our current life, reality and and how our consciousness functions. 

As we take this journey through our chakras, just know that they hold gifts for us in every shadow that we find. Since we are here, living life on planet Earth at this time, we have to deal with the lower vibrations. Our gift is in being able to clear this density, right through our body. 


That is why our body is so special. Before we wake up to our higher awareness, it can feel like this life is happening to us and we are being punished or that we don't have choices. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Our Galactic Soul Consciousness chose to come here and be a vehicle of change. To reach this density and then "wake up", is an incredible celebration! Many of our Star families are here now, incarnating into physical human angelic forms, in order to restore our Divine Blueprint, our Angelic DNA.

I know this sounds incredibly important, and it is. Here is the thing. In the physical reality, it usually looks like you doing the healing work, letting go of the past, learning to be sovereign, and raising your vibration. 

The most important thing you can do... is BE!

Be a high vibrational being even when things get tough. Remember that this world does not define you, your family does not define you, the 3D realm does not define you. 

You are an Angelic Human being that is restoring your divine rights. So mostly that means taking back your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs. You being you, no matter what is happening around you, is the most important thing that you can be doing for this planet. 

So thank you for being you!

I will see you next post for understanding our 2nd Harmonic Universe Chakras, and how they are star gates that help us connect to different timelines, stations of identity and other star races. 

With So Much Love, 

Becca Bee

Support for the new Plasma Light Codes that are reaching us

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Here is a short meditation to help with the energy that is being pulsed towards us. It is helpful to keep coming into center and allowing your mind to empty and be free. The mind is being over activated by the new currents of energy so you may be experiencing lots of thoughts that have a hard time organizing themselves. This makes it feel like we are not getting things done, or like there are too many thoughts to even focus on one thing. 

The more we let go of the clutter in the mind, we will find the peacefulness that lives right inside of us. Being in the now moment lets us access the universal Akashic field so we have the information we need in the moment we need it. This is a whole new level of trust!

Let your heart be your mind. 


With Love, Becca

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Feeling Peace

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

First I would like to say Happy Full Moon in Aries! A fiery Moon of Manifestation!

There are some important influxes of energy happening and I would like to share some of the intuitive inspiration I have been receiving lately. My hope is that this finds a place in your heart to help inspire you and remind you how absolutely amazing that you are. 

We (The Soul Speak Circle) just returned from our week long Retreat in Mount Shasta and it was incredible! I am so infinitely grateful for the conscious group of beings that I was honored to share this time with. And I have so much gratitude to beautiful Mount Shasta, as well as our new friend Rob Potter who shared with us massive amounts of wisdom on our Venusian brothers and sisters as well as Inner Earth. 

I highly recommend that you visit his site, and if you have a chance, to support some of the work that he is doing. (

In the midst of all the energy that we have been feeling on Earth and in our Galaxy, it was a powerful experience to be in the eye of the storm. The Guardians have been really emphasizing for us to be in the now. And with find the stillness. I feel this as a sense of peace.

We had an incredible, and not common, moment of a massive line of of Retrograde Planets. This really pushed us inward and turned the torrential forces of energy that we were feeling, into the inner planes of our psyche, emotions and monkey mind chatter. For many this has been an overemphasis of the absolute chaos of internal shadow work that is coming to the surface to heal.

We are in the thick of a detoxification process that is happening on a planetary level. The "Awakening"

is making many many people uncomfortable, because it is illuminating what we have been sleeping through and what we have been allowing to take place on our Mother Home. And now that we are becoming aware of just the level of corruption that is running this ship, we are having to make the internal changes in order to stand up for the truth that we know is right. 

As this full moon in Aries opens us up to the build up of movement inside of us. That fire that says, "Hey! This is my Truth!". We are going to start to sense more clarity about what is our next action steps we need to take. Because Mercury rules Aries, and because Mercury is still in retrograde for about three more days, this flow of movement has not reached full stream yet. 

This is the perfect time to line yourself up with the flow of Source and Natural Law. To be in harmony with your Higher Self. This next wave of transformation you are going to experience in the Planetary Remodel that we are goig through, is going to be a work in progress. 

By January, when Pluto finally goes direct (it is currently in retrograde), we will still be feeling the shadow of Gate/Gene Key 41 of Psychosis. This is really asking us to notice all the self talk that is going through our mind and really do the internal work to clean out any negative self talk, self limiting beliefs or self sabotage programming. It is time to get the Archonic Matrix out of our head and only listen to the truth of our heart. 

So how do we do this?

With stillness. Stillness is the key. Stillness allows us to not react. To be in the observers mind, and notice what is moving through us without reacting to it. Mount Shasta was such a gift, a gift I would love to share. This gift was the power of nature and natural law. As we meditated on the Mountain and with the land, from the 3rd Eye perspective of the 4th dimension, it was clear to see that there was no AI matrix in the mountains. There was not false gridlines or archonic infiltration in the energetic grids of the different places we traveled through the natural world there. 


For those of you that can see the false grid with your 3rd eye in the cites and and in the controlled areas were populations usually live, I invite you to observe the natural magnetic grid of our Krystala fields. It

is beautiful!

All of us on the trip found ourselves changing daily into a new higher vibrational self. The "problems" of the world didn't have the same weight. It was clear that most of what seemed a challenge before, was such an incredibly easy choice to make from a higher vibration. There was Natural Law.... and then everything else. In a high vibration, the choice is so easy to make for staying in alignment with Natural Law. It's not even a question. The idea of going against Natural Law doesn't even resonate. Therefore, all the Satanic Transhumanism agenda of the planet illuminates and lights up and is so easy to see, and easy to say NO! to. 

Peace and tranquility comes from stillness of mind. It is the mind that gets restless. It is the mind that wants answers. it is the mind that wants logic. The mind want to control things and be certain of things and know what is coming. The mind is a fearful beast. The mind fights for control because it is so afraid that if it surrenders, it will disappear. 

The Universe, and the Source of All that Is, far precedes our little minds. This small minds that are riddled with viruses that keep us filled with limiting self beliefs and doubts about who we are. 

We are Angelic Human Beings! We are a part of Source, we have never been separate, or alone. But the minefield of our minds has kept us trapped in a small box of thinking and seeing our worlds around us.

Since when did security come from the name brand of our clothes, how big our house is, or the title of our job? When was our Souls Purpose ever about Egoic Identity in this 3D world? 

We have become so separate from each other that we have forgotten what unity based living is. We have forgotten healthy empathy, telepathy, compassion. We have forgotten to see past the surface. 

Let us be blatantly honest. One country on this planet can not be in a state of war and starvation and another in glutuney and entitlement, and us have a healthy planet. A system out of alignment is a system out of alignment. 

This is no different that you having one organ in your body that is starving of life-force energy and dyeing. Just one organ in your body can be sick, and your whole body can die! Think about it. We need to think outside just our own little worlds and out past our own comfort zones. 

This is the revolution that is happening on our Planet now. This is what the transformation is all about. This is what unity consciousness is all about! We are creating the new earth, right here right now! 

Our job is to get our Ego out of the way. Be mindful, be still. Make choices from our hearts. Feel the pulse of the greater body that we are all a part of. Do your part in your own home, your own environment, your own body, your own mind, to be the highest evolved you, you can be in the now. 

We are the change that is happening now! And all of our future ancestors are going to be walking on the Earth we help manifest now. Let us keep that in mind. 

As we move into the future months, let yourself feel the stillness of the eye of the storm. Know the changes that are happening are the necessary changes as we recreate this beautiful place we call home. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Self Sabotage, The Dark Side of Free Will

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Right now, if you tune in to the world around you, it can feel like and emotional roller coaster. It has this feeling of, are we or, are we not moving towards positive changes? Are we, or are we not seeing people wake up? Are we, or are we not getting the messages across to the controllers of this planet? This roller coaster can create a wave of emotions that we feel in our life and our energy. 

On the high, we can feel the surge to keep going, and on the low, a lot of individuals can feel like giving up. 

I could show you so many line ups astrologically on our charts, showing us all about this storm that we are feeling. I wish I could tell you that it is going to be over soon, but the truth is, we are not at the finish line. 

Not enough people know the true depth of the evil that is on this planet. Yes, its true, we are the majority in regards to the psychopaths, but we are the few in regards to the aware. 

When I say aware, I am referring to aware of the off planetary influences that have been manipulating humanity. Aware of the satanic practices that are at the root of so many of the global activities. And aware that we are in a battle for our consciousness, and that nearly everything we have ever been taught or told is a lie here on planet Earth. And now it is time for us to dig deep, and do the work to be our own compass, our own truth. 

It's not as difficult as it may sound. You, you are an angelic human form. This means that you are naturally equipped with every tool you would ever need in this life, right inside of you. Right inside of your heart (not your emotions). You have a built in compass and you are a living antennae. With that said, it's time to sit up and be the spiritual adults in the drivers seat, and stop letting a narcissistic group of self serving, power hungry beings (human and non human), tell us how to structure our lives, our societies and how we create our reality. 

So what is Self Sabotage?

Self Sabotage, basically is undermining of, or getting in ones own way, from doing the things you want to do. This habit comes from our own beliefs and the mental and emotional bodies. 

I know many of us are familiar with this topic, so I am going to take a bit of a different approach with this topic, in order to allow your higher mind to be guide for you future you are choosing to create. 

I want to break down Self Sabotage into three most common ways it shows up. Beliefs about self, fears around relating with others (relationships), and avoiding things that are difficult or uncomfortable. 

The CORE REASON for these three things is

1. Still playing the victim

2. Stuck in the mind of a child.

3. Don't really want to do what we say we want to do

What are ways we self sabotage? 

This is just an example list since we could fill up pages with ways we self sabotage.
  • Procrastination
  • Giving our power away
  • Agreeing to things that do not resonate or feel true for us
  • Not speaking up for ourselves
  • Blowing up in situations (overreactive)
  • Choosing partners that dominate our time, energy or self worth
  • Putting ourselves down so we don't try for things
  • Pushing buttons
  • Blaming others
  • Insecurity
  • Being a martyr
  • Harming and/or limiting our own body with things like food, substances, illness, or injuries

So how do we break free from these patterns?

Knowledge is the most powerful way to step out of the old patterns and into the truth of who we are. 

Now more than ever it is so important to know what is happening on every level on our planet, and in our galaxy. This helps us to pull out of the microscopic small focus of self. 

Just notice the language, SELF-sabotage. when we are in this pattern, we are highly focusing on "self".  This is not an easy truth, but even in places where we feel a victim, it is still an energy of "all about me". (the "woe is me" syndrome)

We start to find purpose and strength in life when we think in terms of  "we" not "me". In fact, one of the known ways to get out of a state of depression is to help another person. 

This is not an easy topic to summarize and my hope is to bring our higher mind into the conversation in order to awaken the spiritual adult in all of us. I am going to continue with the theme of lists as a way to portray some of our higher wisdom.

Higher Mind Wisdom...

  • We live in a highly programmed reality
  • These programs have been implanted into humanity for thousands of years
  • These programs are designed to keep humanity turning in on themselves in order to feel less than about themselves.
  • We inherit the beliefs and karmic patterns of our genetic and environmental upbringing
  • 99% of the thoughts and beliefs we have, are not our truth.
  • There is synthetic telepathy present on this planet implanting negative thoughts into unguarded minds
  • Mind control is not just a conspiracy, this is a real issue we are dealing with in this lifetime
  • True sovereignty is about having dominion over your own consciousness
  • Fear is a virus, a virus that holds no power against truth
  • Fear feels real, it attacks and shuts down the frontal lobe of your brain so that you operate from your reptilian mind. 
  • When you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze (and eventually ptsd), you become easily manipulatable.
  • Your higher mind is your truth, it speaks through your heart.
  • When you give in to fear, you follow the voice of your mind, not your heart
  • Your egoic mind AND emotions are riddled with implants and viruses. 
  • Spiritual awakening is about detoxing all of the lies ... and having the courage to be different in a world of hypnotized sheep. 
  • The moment you stand up to fear, is the moment you realize fear is a pussy. An illusion you made up in your programmed mind.  

How to rewrite the old patterns

With knowledge come power. And this power give us courage and a way to deal with the voices in our
head that are not our own. The way to change these patterns is with mindfulness, diligence and absolutely NOT allowing ourselves to get lazy with going back to the old patterns. In short, we are rearing our own inner child, and now we are the parent, the adult. It's time for us to take this responsibility and start cleaning house. 

Doing this means catching every single thought feeling and emotions that passes through us, and with our higher mind, we ask...."is this my truth?".  From there, we go through the steps to clear out the not truth, and stand up for what is true. 

Sounds simple and impossible at the same time doesn't it?  Here, let me share this with you...

Years ago my guides shared with me a process for clearing old beliefs, implants, family karmic patterns etc. I just call it the clearing statement. I am going to share this video with you where I go through the process in detail rather than type it out all over again. 

And in short, here is the outline. 

Clearing Statement

1. Find the feeling. Where do you feel it, what does it feel like? “It’s as if…” or “it feels

2. Verbalize it – Use words to describe it and give it a voice. What emotions are 
attached to it? “I feel ____” “It feels ____” (name the thoughts and beliefs coming up)

3. Acknowledge it – Own it “I realize I have been ___” “I have learned how to ____” “I have
been using ____”

4. Ask it questions – Where did it come from? Who did you learn it from? What 
purpose does it have? 


6. Flip it, bring in your core truth “Because the Truth is….”

Remember, Taking responsibility for everything that shows up in your life allows you to take your
power back

Your courage is needed now...

As we step into a knowing of how these patterns (viruses) get stuck in our subconscious, we can start to rewrite them with truth.  

I want to just share this one other thought before we go into the higher minds list of truth. And that is, we are not only harming our self with self sabotage. It's not just about us on this planet, and it is important for us to remember that. Every limiting thought you have, you are not only passing it on to the future generations, but the universe hears it, and it hears it as if that is how you feel about yourself, and everyone in the universe. 

Every time you don't speak truth. Every time you don't do what you came here to do or be the you you came here to be, then you are holding a limiting belief inside somewhere. This limiting belief is so loud to the universe, that it hears this message as if you are personally putting down your own. children. 

Regardless of whether or not you have children, that doesn't matter. In universal divine law, when we treat our own self like we don't matter, because that is what self sabotage is. Self sabotage is bullying our own self because deep down we don't like who we are. The universe sees this as us doing this to all humanity. 

Harsh isn't it!

Look, we didn't grow up knowing this. We did the best we could in our life from the tools and choices we felt we had. No judgement on the past. 

Now, you do know. There is no excuse for every decision from here forward. 

Every thought feeling and emotion you allow to move through your energy fields, has a direct effect on the rest of the universe. You have a HUGE responsibility for how our future turns out. We all do! 

We really need to be vigilant and not let any waves escape our field that are not building a brighter future. 

And we can use the clearing statement over and over and over again in order to cancel and delete any viruses inside so we are not infecting others and passing them on. 

Help me make this next list longer and let's start loving who we are so much that we stop self sabotaging ever again. 

Because the Truth is...

  • You are an angelic human being
  • Your past does not define you.
  • Your family does not define you
  • Your job does not define you
  • You are so much more than your physical body.
  • You have the right to command your space and your reality.
  • Your Consciousness is connected to the consciousness of the universe and to the All
  • You have the power to create with your mind. Your thoughts matter!
  • You are brand new with every breath you take, you can make a new choice in every moment. 
  • You have the right to say "I do not consent!"
  • You have the right to be happy, loved, appreciated and respected.
  • The more you love yourself, the more others love you.
  • You have the right to your body, your mind, your soul and your creative powers. 
  • You have the right to your own thoughts.
  • You don't need anything or anyone to have a connection with source
  • You have incredible powers and codes right inside of you that make one of the most special beings right here right now. 
  • When you break away from old parasitic patterns, the universe will rearrange your world with what you believe inside of you. 
  • You are stronger than fear. 
  • Your mind is not you.
  • No one has the right to have power over you. You are a sovereign!
  • You are the one.
  • No one can ever be a substitute for the love you can give and be for yourself. 
  • There is nothing outside of you. Your reality is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. You have the power to make that reflection beautiful. 
  • You may be the reason someone else realizes who they truly are
  • You are either love, or fear, and you are making that choice over and over again in every moment. 
  • Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and the only way to share it, is to be it. 
  • I know you are amazing, you are powerful, you are a creator..... and I love you. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee