Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness & 
How to Communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Souls, 

We are on a happy role of sunshine! I am loving the rays of love that warm our face. Today I sat out by the lavender plant meditating in the sun rays as I listened to all the birds celebrating around me.  There was so much commotion and energy as Earth Mother sang her song of life. 

This last week has been an inward journey, even as the world is blooming around me, I felt the pull inwards as new initiations were taking place. The polarity of sensing excitement and energy all around me, and the stillness within. 

I'd also like to add, that this phase of the lunar cycle is were the Full Moon is emptying out into the surrender of the New Moon, and there is an opportunity for us to sense our cup emptying again so that we can experience the fertile ground for the seeds of our intentions to plant into the darkness of the next new moon. 

With this I would like to share a message from the Guardians this last week:

(From a meditation)

"Open your minds eye to the inner truth that your heart is speaking. It is so subtle and without words. It is a feeling sense with waves that move about you. Almost as if you are the ocean, and each wave that laps against the shore is really just a way for you to touch, taste, experience, another, and to communicate and exchange energy. 

You think that the waves are just movement, but they are so much more, they are communication... this exchange of experience we speak of is the key to beginning to understand telepathic communication. For many on earth still bound to a language, you think of telepathy as a conversation and exchange of words, sentences or thoughts that are strung out much like you communicate with your audible language. But telepathy is so much more. 

It is an entire download of a package of experiences that get exchanged simultaneously. Your mind would never be able to process or understand all of the layers of communication that was just shared. It is the difference between telling someone about a story in your past, versus giving them all of your memories, thoughts, feelings and experiences of you in that past memory. How do you translate all of that to your limited verbal language? 

You get so caught up in the doing, in the actions, in the remembering of all the steps. You get caught in the momentum of the mind. So even when you sit in meditation to communicate with us, or any higher dimensional beings, you are attempting to do so with your mind, your words and your language. This creates a barrier for us in how we can reach you, because you, in essence, are shutting out your awareness to every other receptor of telepathy by needing things to come to you in a certain way. You are in a tunnel vision that blocks out all else. 

But more than that, your mind chatter creates a static that dampers your vibration. Even in mediation, you are so busy! We share again, being is not an action, it just is. It is what you are when you let go of needing things to be anything. You are so mission driven that when you meditate you worry about doing the steps right, breathing right, thinking about your light bodies right, your chakras right, talking to your guides right... the list goes on and on, and then when you come out of meditation, your mind is right there attempting to put into words what experience you just had, while trying to figure out "what does it all mean". 

In all of this, you are only bringing your awareness through your heart  30% to 40% of the time in the meditation, and as you come out of meditation, that drops to 5% as soon as the wheels of you mind turn, your attention lifts you away from your heart and up into the cloud around your head. 

We understand how interested many of you are in making contact with you guides, your higher self, and with beings from higher dimensional places. In order to do this, you must shine your light body bright as a signal to us that you are open, ready, at a vibration that you can even communicate or receive the transmissions with which we communicate in. 

If we could relay to you an understanding, that there is much going on in the first and second densities (dimensions 1 through 6), and we are truly eager to work with you. So please know, that it is of upmost importance to us to focus on those that are choosing the experience for service to others, not as a parlor trick to share with friends.  It is not a matter of us wasting our time, but our energy is directed towards those that are choosing to make the greatest waves from our connection. We are directing our intentions and energy towards beings who have the highest probability for altering the timeline towards unity consciousness. 

You all have guardians that are guiding you. And you are even watching over yourself from your future timelines. You are continually being offered beams of direction and guidance. So please know that you are never alone, you are always held with intentions of love. You are so loved and so honored. And respected. We also honor universal law,  which means that until you choose, we do not impose our will EVER on your path or your choices. 

 At this time in this timeline, there is a battle raging for your soul and your consciousness. A battle that ceases to exist the moment you take sovereignty over your lives. Open your hearts to hear us communicating with you. Feel the waves of consciousness we share with you of you star lineage, your divinity and how loved and welcomed you are. 

All of the Earth plane holds pockets of your memories. Find yourself by lifting the veils of your heart, and listening to the telepathic memories that are being returned to you. Sit in nature, listen to the breeze. Go deep into the layers of the earth and listen. Feel the sun on our face. And always, listen from your heart. 

Mindfulness is the tool that allows you to watch your mind as is rattles like an angry feral animal panicking for its life. Continue to use the tools you are given as the means to cast out the demons from your mind, the trapped energy from your nervous system. Continue to purge the miasma, all while being in the state of full communication from your heart. 

It is ok to unplug. It is ok to let go. All the fear you ever imagined in your life, it all came from your mind. Now is the time, if  you are ready, to speak to us, connect with us, live with us. The doorway has always been, right inside your heart."

It is so comforting to feel the message that was relayed. I can say personally, that there is a busyness inside of me. (as a manifesting generator, doing is part of my design) I feel it prodding me to be busy, busy in my thoughts, busy about what I need to get done..  even just distracted busy. As if me washing the dishes is really going to make any difference (other than in my mind) about how much I can empty myself and be in a mindful moment of meditation. 

We have created our own distractions. And now we have an opportunity to find the balance

Each week we talk about create the world you want to experience. To be who and what we are choosing to be. Now we are being invited to take that in a layer further. Let's start to catch the chatter the mind is spewing in our moments of stillness. Every time we listen and exchange energy from the heart, what is the mind using as a distraction?  (or every time you think to do something in the way of mindfulness or meditation, what busy thing does the mind created for you to do first?)

I invite each of you to take a moment this week to just close your eyes and let the sun warm your face. And telepathically, exchange communication from the heart. 

Reminder.... our entire society, daily life, rules, and the world we live in is completely made up. Just for one moment, can you step out of it, be in heart coherence with the rays of the sun, the wind, the water....universal consciousness. let them share their world with you, their memories with you. Your only ask of your self is... can you listen?

With so much love, from my heart to yours,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Story Telling VS Creating

Hello Beautiful Souls!

The sun is shinning again today, I love it! This week has been a powerful week for transformation. I want to thank all of you that came to the Family Constellations workshop for your energy you shared in this process. The next one will be at the end of the month. 

This week, the guidance is to highlight an energy that can surface when we are on the healing path. 

As we go through these types of processes, and all of the clearing work that we do, there is a human tendency for us to start to look for what is wrong...what is broken...or what needs to be healed or "fixed" next. Please know that this is just the programming and human design of our mind. It likes to be busy! 

Clearing work is potential mental quicksand

There is a difference in the frequency between mindfulness and clearing what doesn't serve vs and the mental focus on healing.

As we become true cosmic citizens, we know that the mind is a trap... it is the matrix that we are stuck in. It is the dominant source of all of our perceptions in this hologram of the first harmonic universe experience. 

We know, but have a hard time perceiving, that the higher harmonic universes are far more in tune with creating from the mind (and universal mind). Manifestation is about intently directing the flow of the cosmic source into being what you create. Therefore, in the 4th dimension and higher, just like in the dream world, you can Intend/Focus/Mentalism, your reality into existence. 

This is also why we are required to be more adult in our emotions before we are really brought into
unity intelligence, because most everyone on this planet is just flinging their thoughts and emotions around. ...Thoughts that are NOT unity based. 

LOL, we still think that our thoughts don't matter. Humans are walking around on Earth right now talking shit about people in their mind, but they think it's not doing anything. 

Well, in 4D up, your thoughts are on loud speaker..... so if you are judging someone in your thoughts, everyone "hears" it. And not only that, the photonic energy waves that your thoughts and emotions are sending.... everyone notices them. 

If we could get this, we would really begin to understand Karma and Cause & Effect much better. Every thought, feeling and emotion that you are emanating, is sending out ripple waves though the universe which will in some way, always come back to you. 

So how does this relate to the stories we tell? Think about it. Every thought creates a ripple in the universe. So how powerful do you think that ripple is when you actually move that thought out your vocal cords and amplify it with your words/sound/frequency?

Every word you speak is coding your entire life experience here. 

So, if you keep telling the same stories... your mind is stuck in a rut. In that proverbial quicksand of the past. So now you are living the same story over and over and over. You are looping. 

But were do your words come from?

Ahhhhh, this is the key. This is why mindfulness is so important. And this is were we are going to get adept now on the subtle frequency change into being a Creator. 

Your words and thoughts come from your mind, which is programed from your past. It is your vehicle. (Human Design) Your mind is your tool. 

You mind is also the least trustworthy resource you have in this life experience. It is coded with frequencies, frequencies that were input from your childhood, your shadows, your ancestral debt, and from negative forces (NAA) that don't want you to remember your incredible gifts and capabilities. 

We talked before about how you are being abducted daily, and this abduction is taking place in your mind. In your thoughts, and directing how your think and what you perceive.

As spiritual adults, we need to practice a level of vigilance by paying attention to all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are filtering through us and our experience. 

Mindfulness and Focus. 

Mindfulness isn't about looking for what is wrong - it is about being an observer. 

And as an observer, our focus is the equal fulcrum to the equation of creation. 

We can sit in mindfulness and just watch our thoughts like clouds. We can even catch the clouds and do the clearing statements and revocations to delete them from our reality. But without focus, all we are doing is sitting and being an observer of the past. 

All those clouds are moving through us because of the frequency ripples we created from our past. (cause & effect) But now what? This is the line between, clearing karma - and stepping off the karmic wheel completely. Notice the action that was just implied? "Stepping" 

We have to get off our ass and move into a new way of being. Step into being! Be YOU at a whole new level. Something that is going to require a new mind, new thoughts and new actions. 

Focus is the action step. 

The next questions is....What are your thoughts focused on? You are going to have to watch your mind like a baby in a non childproofed world. Vigilantly.  

Again....we are not looking for wrong thoughts (because that would be creating them) we are watching. 

Watching, and Creating. 

So what is creating? How do we do this magical manifestation of our reality the way we want it? INTENTION. Intention and Focus. If we want our day to be happy. Our focus has to be on happy. We have to create it in our world, we have to see it, to feel it....TO BE IT! 

It's easy to see what is wrong in our life, or what we don't like. Great job, we all mastered that class already. Now, let's do something new. We are at a new level of creating.  

Each morning what is your first thought when you wake up? 

When you think about your yourself, how do you think about you?

Pretty much every thought or belief we have about our self, was implanted in there by someone else. Just the fact that we probably had a childhood with emotionally fractured human parents, means we have some reprogramming to do. But they have become so normal, so comfortable, or you may not even know this life in any other way, so they feel real. 

As the mindful observer, now you know there is a new way. But you have to dream it into being. This is our next step of our evolution, is learning how to walk /  think again. 

We are going to get strong in our mind about speaking into reality our new joy, happiness, health, love & self. Any clouds that come floating by, we observe them, thank them for showing us the coded programing in our mind, cancel them, delete them....all while staying focused on what we are recoding into our reality. 

Being the neutral compassionate witness is incredibly powerful. Because neutrality doesn't feed the old programs. Emotions do. 

And from this place, we are going to learn some new techniques for addressing these voices in our head, what their purpose is, and how we can lead them in a whole new direction. And with this we are going to grow our voice by speaking consciously as a creator. For example, instead of saying "I'm so depressed".... the creation comes from the subtle shift into "There is a feeling of depression that I am noticing". 

One is victim speak, the other, a powerful statement that holds potential for change.

If there was one thing you could change in your life right now, that would make the biggest difference for you, what would that be? 

Please bring that thought with you to our Soul Circle, this is the transformation that we are going to create together. To continually develop our spiritual language of the soul, and speaking our reality into creation, by the power of our words. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee💓🐝

Here is a great affirmation meditation that is a great tool for focusing thoughts in a new way at the start of your day. 

TRY IT FOR 1 DAY! You Won't Regret It! 528 hz
"I AM" Affirmations For Success, Wealth & Happiness

I also recommend that you become aware of some of the patterns that get created in our childhood from Narcissist / Co-Dependent parents. (And I do recommend his book and youtube channel) Knowledge is power, and empowers us to be able to do the clearing and revocations with more focus and intention....& Love. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How to Use Morphogenetic Fields


Happy New Day Beautiful Souls, 

The Sun is in full bloom here today as I write this post. It feels so good to connect with all the rays beaming down on me. It was such a beautiful reminder of all the frequency rays and bands all around us. A perfect start to the writing of this post, since the Guardians have been nudging this next presentation for months now. 

And this next unfolding is the development of our own personal understanding and skills in healing through morphogenetic fields. 

Healing ourselves, and being an agent of healing for others. 

"All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint, which exists as a quantity of crystalline (that's why it's also called crystal body), electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of specific patters of frequency."  (MCEO Freedom Teachings)

Ascension Mechanics is about learning our energy bodies and learning how to navigate our energy with higher consciousness and awareness. 

Some of the base fundamental understandings that we build our Spiritual Maturity on are: 








These are some of the base internal compasses that we hold as we start to repair our timelines. 

"Morphogenetic Fields (MF) are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest. This occurs microcosmically and macrocosmically. 
Therefore, the universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place." 
(MCEO Freedom Teachings)

As we start to step into developing or practicing our abilities to heal through energy field or morphogenetic fields, we may find our self facing our limiting beliefs or limitations about what we feel we can or can't do. Working with our crystalline bodies, energy body templates requires us to step away from our conventional five senses and begin to trust our higher sensory perceptions. 

And we are all uniquely different in how we perceive!

What this means, is that in order to become more for ourselves and others, we need clear out our limiting internal dialog, to quiet all the self doubt and to surrender to trusting our higher self. 

The Ascension path is filled with mirrors of our past, mirrors of our ancestors & mirrors of the distortions of Earth, our world around us is a hall of mirrors.  Each mirror is reflecting something that is asking for healing, and gives us the opportunity to bring back into a state of love. 

Our goal is to have our mirrors reflecting our true higher self. 

One of the initiation energies for the Speak to the Fire Soul Circle, was to create a sacred circle where those who were ready, could "speak" what they were ready to clear and transmute, though the "fire", as a way of freeing distortions from ones field. This is also another way of describing Transfiguration. The complete morphosis of one form into another. 

This is not an easy path to take. To be honest, it is not for those wanting just an easy path through this life. It takes a strong magnetic pull from ones heart to face our fears and triggers in life! And that's not even bringing into account the "ascension symptoms" that come up for us from time to time. 

But as we step into the fundamental understandings listed above we have a solid place to stand in our truth. A truth that guides us through clearing what does not serve anymore, manifesting what we do choose, and being the frequency that we know we came here to be. 

With this in mind, we will be going into a deeper understanding of our Morphogenetic Fields aka our Crystalline Body through the different dimensions. We will go into how the fields are created, how they hold memory and how each one is acting like a holographic projector as the light moves down into the lower dimensions and eventually solidifies into our physical manifest reality. 

As we learn the mechanics, we can then understand more and more how our thoughts are directing these codes, and more importantly how to collapse the distortions and pull in the new morphogenetic blueprints of health, vitality and love. 

Energy Healing!

As always, I am so grateful to each and every one of you for the courage you live everyday by living the path of your heart. 

With Love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Who's Stories Are You Telling?

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am going to tell you it has been a bit of a wild ride for me. I was so honored to get to share my Solar Return with so many loving hearts, and I am reminded each and every day how incredibly blessed I am, and what beauty there is around us all. 

This beauty is in the stillness of nature, the laughter of friends, the love of our pets... I could go on and on!

So when I feel the waves of overwhelm come over me. (Yes, I do have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus) I, take a breath and remember, that I am the one creating all of it. Part of this wave that has been washing up on my shores, is profound journey work that I have been going on. 

This journey work was initiated by some new guides I am working with. I want to share an incredible journey I went on with a blue Mantis aspect of me, but I think I will do that in a video since it was a long journey. 

So, I am working with some beautiful new guides. And this work is amplifying the resonate frequencies within me, therefore, rattling open some new rusty cages that get to be healed and cleared. I know every process I go through, is a path cutter adventure in order to share the path with others. And in this next adventure, I would like to offer some deeper insight into our gestation in the womb and our birth patterns we experienced when we entered into this lifetime.

As our souls venture into the deeper densities, our light bodies take on the slower more restricted carbon based forms. In some months past, I broke down the different Harmonic Universes, and our consciousness and body forms within them. 

You can revisit some of those posts here

I am going to bring some of this information a little more current and closer to home now. As we step down our consciousness, our morphogenetic fields hold our patterns of all our higher stations of identity. Any collapsed light waves, or timeline manipulations, begin to become more pronounced and more visible the deeper down in density we go. 

And here we are right in the think of the lowest density!

With that, we can find many times that our very gestation within the womb of our mother, as well as the birth and snapshot of characters in our very early childhood, are the richest sources of knowledge for our distortions in our light fields. 

With mindfulness, we already know how to catch the record player of stories that play in our heads. Every thought, feeling and emotions that arises, we can be the neutral loving witness and love it back to wholeness. 

It is this loving it back to wholeness that is the key. 

(Spontaneous message from the guides...)

Open your heart, let the light come in. Let yourself be taken by the waves and frequencies that are pulsing through you. Each wave is telling a story. Each one holds a library of information. You are too closed off to understand this language most of the time because you are too focused outward, to your environment around you on this earth. But the waves that are moving through you are holding the key to the knowledge of the universe. Each one is telling a story with a language of light. These lights have distortions, in the that when you follow them to their origin, many times you are going to see a manipulation to that light stream coming from an outside source. 

This is the parasitic or NAA influence that you are so aware of. They are high jacking your frequencies right inside of you but you don't know it. And many of these frequencies play like a song repeating itself like a record. Playing a saying or a belief about yourself over and over again. Or more commonly, they are playing a mind slide or a movie, that was implanted in you at a very young age that makes you focus on a very limited energy about your childhood or your childhood memories. 

These frequency bands are specifically designed to keep the human mind internalizing and locked into limited or self sabotaging  beliefs. This is where the implants of the victim programs, and all others in this same vibration live. They (NAA) like for humanity to keep doing therapy to validate and confirm the acceptance of these programs. As long as people think it is theirs, or that it was because of their limiting childhood, then they will never look outside to the original source of these parasitic thought waves. 

Notice how you even attribute it to your family tree, or to the genetics that you are holding in your cellular structure. Your entire body is a living library, just as the planet you live on is. And some of the information that you are operating from or holding, was implanted in you generations ago. Because of this, they have been adopted, and with no living memory of where they came form, you own them as your own. 

Do not forget, the false memories or highlighted emotions that are triggered in you, keep you focused on a small vibrational frequency band of your past. We want to clarify this. If someone was to ask you to tell the memories of your childhood, or your beliefs about how loved or unloved you are, you will have very specific memories that you return to. You do not have fluid access to the movie of your childhood. It is fragmented at best and distorted across timelines. 

The amount of missing access you have to your memories makes it impossible for you to have clear access to your knowing or knowledge. Because of this, it is vital to clear out the mind slides, the false memories, and to request to go to the origin of all sources of your emotional triggers or signals. 

Each frequency band that moves through you is an open access to the source stream of where it is originating, which means you can return to the moment of it's inception regardless of what timeline is started on. This will lead you to seeing or experiencing many things that you may question. You may find yourself in laboratories, stations, or with other beings of different genetics than you. You may even experience significant moment of implanted curses or choices made by earlier generations. None of this requires your mental input to try to figure it out. 

We are offering you the opportunity to honor and acknowledge a representation of the source point of the collapsed light wave in order for you to restore balance flow again. The more you can open your heart in these moments and express the love flow as a healing elixir, the more the stagnant infected energy can leave your field of life light. (end)

Our morphogenetic fields are the frequency bands of light codes made manifest in physical form. As we catch the stories, the emotions and the triggers highlighting inside of us, we can choose something new. 

Our main biggest hurdle, is going to be our own self. 

The truth is, we have become so accustomed to the stories we tell, that we feel uncertain, scared or even naked, if we were to give them up. The big questions then surfaces..."who am I".

And beyond that, there is one program in specific that I will highlight now and that we will bring forward this evening and it is...Wearing the Badge of Suffering.

One of the snakiest and most subtle programs we don't even know is there!

As always, I am honored to be on this journey of anchoring our divine awareness into this carbon based experience.

Let's be the resonate frequencies of love and change

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Moksha * Liberation from the Wheel of Reincarnation


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am loving the sunshine peeking through today and the warmer weather making it feel like a beautiful Spring day. It is amazing how little things can transport us into different states of mind. Different perceptions and feelings come and go just like the floating of clouds through the sky don't they?

Our perceptions come from the landscape of our mind. The most powerful influencer of these perceptions is our memories held in the lower aspects of our subconscious mind. If any of you have had a session with me, you will hear me refer to this aspect of our programing as our "guard dog".

Our guard dog is that part of the control program of our body/vehicle that is designed to keep us safe, to protect us and to make sure the body/vehicle stays alive. 

A vital bit of information that is good for us to know, is that our guard dog only has access to the past. It has NO connection to our higher self or source. 

The guard dog's only job is to keep our body safe. 

So, if our perceptions are mainly (almost 100%) based on our past, how is that helping us create our future? If we are constantly dragging the past forward, we have no choice but to recreate the past into our future. 

I'm a no!

This is where we start to get deeper into Mindfulness and Discernment... & Opening our awareness to the greater influences on our Mind, and knowing our Galactic History. 

Because history is also repeating itself

So when we know where all the influence is coming from, then we get to Choose, we get to see what works for the new dream, and what is ready to be deleted, cleared and let go. 

This week we are going to talk more about the influences that are moving the movies of our mind. Because, it is important to know that everything we see, hear, smell, experience, has been well thought out by someone or something else. 

There is an entire science of psychology to how advertising is done, even down to how your grocery store is laid out. It is crazy to actually realize how much of our life has been planned out for us and we didn't even know!

Colors, shapes, sigil, sounds, lighting.... all of this plays on our perception. Our fractalized world is a play on the dimensions of light. And I do emphasize the word play. Because, everything I am sharing with you is child's play for technologically advanced races. 

So in order for us to break free from these spells, we are going to go a bit further into understanding timelines, and the origin of parasitic beings and the desires of the technologically advanced beings. And more importantly how to detox them out of our consciousness. Because we have the right to know who we are, how we got here, what we are doing AND, how to leave when we are ready. 

This is so important for us to remember, to remember we have a choice. And we have the right to questions absolutely everything that is playing out in the movie of our life. And WAY WAY WAY more importantly, we have the right to transcend this physical realm with our memories, and choose where we go next. (not be recycled/reincarnated) 

You might be wondering, what choices do I have? What do you mean I get to choose where I go after this lifetime? 

To all of this, yes. This is us growing up and waking up. And with this we get the choice. Do you want to keep reincarnating here and living this dualistic Earth life over and over again? Or are you ready for Moksha? 

With Love, 

Becca Bee

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Howl Like the Wolf Full Moon From the Heart


Hello Beautiful Souls! 

I am so honored to be here again, typing words to share with you. There is an energy in the world right now of a stillness between breaths. There has been so much movement, and a charged energy for disclosure, change and the revealing of truth to the world, and now a pause. This pause, we are witnessing, is creating a confusion in many. The gates of the Head and Ajna (Human Design centers) are filled with confusion, doubt, uncertainty, anxiety and the wonder of what to even believe in. 

These are the moments where we get to find where the seat of our truth is. And with that I invite you to take my hand and drop into your heart. Be the breath of your heartbeat. Be the love in your heart. Find the Divine right inside of you. And then from there look out into the world around you. 

Look with compassionate eyes. 

With the Wolf Full Moon in Leo upon us, we are being called out to howl our truth. To stand up, been seen. Have courage. The Full Moon is like giving birth to our creation. The fullness of who we are and what we are here to speak. 

And I ask you again.... drop into your heart. 

Find the true voice within. 

There is so much noise all around us pulling our attention, vying for our consciousness.

(Here I go again... the phrase I say over and over.... the biggest battle on this planet, is the war over your consciousness!

This week we are going to take the opportunity in meditation to go deeper into the heart. To heal the light fibers of the morphogenetic fields of our blueprint to reconnect them back to the magnet of our heart. Back to command central of our true guidance.

As we do, we can also harness the lines of communication that Mercury offers us. As we are on the doorstep of our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021, starting on the 30th, we can use this powerful energy to go inward, assess the data, filter through the crap and really get clear on what is worth bringing forward into the next phase of our life. 

Our voice, our worth, what we deserve, how we receive. These are collective wounds that we hold. We all hold them to some degree, yet we feel alone or isolated in our pain. The deepest wound of lightworkers and starseeds is that we feel held back, limited, scared or lost as to what we came here to be. 

And a huge part of this wound is this complete feeling of confusion about what to trust and a frustration from feeling cut off from clear communication with our guidance.  

The answer is in the quandary. ...Trust. 

And this trust is right through the doorway of our heart,  the place where this trust gets to grow, live, bloom and thrive!

I share this because I know this path as personally as every other light worker on the planet. And I can
assure you, the heart holds all that we are searching for. 

Our demon is the false programming in the mind. Our very own thoughts are the things stopping us. 

Let's continue to be the higher vibration breaking down the walls of limitations of our mind. Let's find the fear and shine the light into darkness. 

Planet Earth is just the start. This is the place were we are becoming awake and aware cosmic citizens to the destructive satanic control that has been dominating this planet. And we are taking it back! We are taking it back now! And as pillars of light I continually ask each of you to stand strong with me. Hold the faith, hold the truth, hold the light. Because, we are taking our entire Solar System back too! 

And it all starts with the gates of our consciousness. We take back our mind, we take back the world! We are the pillars of First Cause Light! Feel the power you hold right inside of you. Feel the power right inside your heart. 

I love you so much,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Service to Self - How Often Do We Choose That Path?

Welcome Beautiful Souls to another post. 

I am forever honored to be able to be a vehicle for these transmissions. This week the Guardians have been guiding me towards presenting the continual understanding from our density, of what it means to be a true vessel for the divine. What it really means to be sovereign, and what it truly means to be in service to others. 

As I type this, I take a breath and clear my mind, my body my spirit. I offer myself in complete service to the one infinite creator as a vessel of light upon this beautiful planet. 

Try this. 

Notice the shift in energy when you do this. 


Such a simple act, yet its transdimensionally powerful for the impact that it allows your energy to be. 

Now, Are you ready for this?  

The place to start with this simple act of being your higher self in physical form rests in the amount of awareness you have over the real estate that we call our mind. The Guardians can and have been speaking about this for thousands of years. Of the importance knowing our thoughts, our intentions and the way that we direct our mind. 

Whomsoever has control of your mind. has control over your mind, body and soul. 

And yet, it continually feels brand new to us when we hear it. Like it is some new revelation that we can actually create and direct our lives!

So, again remembering that the biggest battle that is occurring, is the battle for your consciousness. 

Let's look at some of the practical every day ways your consciousness is being directed. (aka Hijacked)

Opinions: Which is another way of saying JUDGEMENT. What do you judge or "have an opinion" about? Judgement of others, judgement of brands of clothing, looks, jobs, or desires? How important is the name brand of the clothes you are wearing, or the car you drive? Or how about the title of your profession? Could you just as easily say homeless with pride? Could you just as happily wear shoes or clothes from the general store? Or does the name brand of your jeans make you feel good? 

Beliefs: This is our moral compass. These are all the libraries of beliefs and debt you got handed when you were born. Your religious beliefs, God beliefs, abundance beliefs, worthiness, lovability & value beliefs. Right or Wrong beliefs. This is a huge dictating factor of what class of human you believe yourself to be. 

Guilt: Any time you feel a desire for moving towards your own personal truth and happiness, you will feel a sense of guilt if it goes against your Opinions or Beliefs. & vice versa,  All that goes against our truth, creates a sense of guilt inside of us. This is the best controller program ever invented. Guilt is you punishing yourself! If the mind control programs can get you to this place, this is the jack pot of all free will hijacking. You are your own judge and jury that will keep you in a perpetual prison for your entire incarnation. Unless you WAKE UP * STAND UP * TRUTH UP

Here is where the discord happens. When these hijackings of your consciousness occur, if they are not in alignment with divine truth, your truth, then you get distorted. You rebel. You contract your energy. 

And now you are in prime territory for acting in  SERVICE TO SELF.          What!? 

Yes, when you are in a state of lower vibration, afraid to speak you truth, act on your truth or live your truth, then the easiest way to rebel against the system is to be Passive Aggressive. 

Passive Aggressive is the act of rebelling against something we feel powerless against.  Or too scared to defy openly. 

Examples of passive-aggressive behavior might include avoiding direct or clear communication, evading problems, fear of intimacy or competition, making excuses, blaming others, obstructionism, playing the victim, feigning compliance with requests, sarcasm, backhanded compliments, and hiding anger.

Living in Service to Others requires us to let go of the game of fear. The only reason we feel fear is because we keep forgetting we are eternal beings. What is there to fear if you are a divine eternal being? You are Infinite consciousness. You have died to physical form SOOOOOO many times! Dyeing is not scary... but forgetting is. 

Let the animalistic instinctual survival fears go. 

Let Go. 

Remember you are an aspect of god having a physical experience. The purpose of that experience is to remember who you are. 

The mystery is, will you choose yourself. 

Will you choose the divine over any fears? Will you choose to be the vessel of your spirit and higher self. Will you trust the plan. Will you be a complete state of wonder, joy, happiness, and love.

When we can start to see all around us as just a different aspect of self, why would we ever choose to withhold love? 

Breathe the love back in. Breathe all of you back in. Stand up for your truth. Stop the games of being small and attacking others from the illusionary limitations you feel inside. If you feel trapped in life...then set yourself free!

Feel the truth for yourself. Let these words that are right for you, reach you. Take the old moral compass you were given at birth and throw it away. Ask now for your real compass to be returned to you, and open you heart to receive it. 

You are so loved!


Becca Bee

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Have You Been Abducted?

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another newsletter for our Thursday Circle! 
And with that, this weeks question.... "Have you ever been abducted?" 

This question probably makes you think of aliens or some cinematic abduction scene. But lets really
think about, what does abducted mean. 

past tense: abducted; past participle: abducted
  1. 1.
    take (someone) away illegally by force or deception; kidnap.

I want to bring to mind some of our past topics and really go a little bit deeper into our sovereignty and self determination of what free will really is. 

First of all, we have outlined the importance of mindfulness. The awareness of each moment and how we react or act to our environment around us or the things happening "to us". 

We have also discussed the importance of being a neutral compassionate witness to all that we are experiencing or witnessing.

And we have talked about clearing all victim programing and growing up spiritually into taking full responsibility for absolutely everything that we are witnessing or experiencing in our reality.

All of these are foundational for starting to live by the Law of One, and in heart based unity. 

This trinity then supports the idea of creating what you do want. Because your intentions are directing the electrons, which are reflecting your reality around you. 

Now I want to come back to the idea of abduction. 

We are in a reality where there are beings who do not want you to wake up and live a lucid life. Their main goal is to hijack your consciousness so that you willingly choose their agenda .... I mean "life"...... that they want you to choose. 

You know like, go to school, go to church, obey people of authority, don't question anything, jump through the hoops, get a job, get married, work till retirement and then .... enjoy paying all the medical bills till you die. 

Ok, I know, maybe the formulas differ slightly... but you know what I mean. 

We are programed to live a pre planned life that has really ZERO room or emphasis on spiritually growing your soul or ascending into your higher infinite god self. 

Now is the time to ask questions. Now is the time to question absolutely everything in your reality. If you like someone or don't like someone....ask yourself why. Do you actually know them, have you met them? Or are you making a judgment based on media, news or other peoples opinions? 

I find it fascinating, and slightly frustrating, that people can have so many opinions about people or places they have never even had any first hand experience with!

It is important to ask the questions, why are we being directed to live these soul shallow lives? Why is the majority of our energy and effort put into just maintaining a survival mode in this life? (Home, food, sleep, health, etc.)

Why are the controllers of this planet pushing the narratives that they are pushing? And more importantly, how do you start to notice these narratives and think for yourself? 

Abduction is the act of being taken....even through deception. 

Yes, there are actual physical abductions happening all the time, by humans and other planetary races. Missing time, implants and false memories are all part of this. 

But lets talk about the abduction that is happening to 100% of every humans on this planet. We are talking about mental or thought abduction.

Regardless of if you are aware of it or not, you are being abducted daily!

Nearly all of the thoughts you are having are not even yours. This is the main reason that I make such an emphasis on MINDFULLNESS!!!  When we observe absolutely every thought that we are having, then we do not react to them or act on them. We observe them, notice if they are ours or not, and then we can do the clearing work to cancel them from our field if they are not ours. Our job is to do the soul retrieval work and reclaim our sovereignty back, and the biggest place we do that is right inside our mind. 

Remember............ the Universal Law of Mentalism... All Is Mind... and if all is mind and your mind is abducted... then you are not free... you are a slave to the will of someone else. Simple as that. 

If something isn't working for you in your life.... then change it! Firstly, right inside your mind. Change your perceptions of it. Change your agreements with it. Change your karmic debt or contracts with it. Change your ancestral beliefs around it. Change it! 

Our job, if we choose it, is to create a high vibrational reality in this world. And we do that by living it, just being it, creating it..... loving it. 

This week we are going to be going into how the negative alien agenda is affecting our reality, how it is manifest on this reality, and most importantly, how do benevolent advanced races or higher dimensional beings really act like, and in what ways do they connect or interact with our reality.

We are taking the myth of our Earth History that reads like a fairy tale of mythological creatures, and we are going to bring our Galactic History to life as real beings, real dimensions and real communication and interaction. 

Yup, we are waking up and growing up. And that feels so good!

With Love,

Becca Bee

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Beloved Christos Sophia

Dearly Beloved  Christos Sophia, my heart overflows with your beauty. Your love and your grace. It is like I have travelled an eternity of journeys just be home with you again. My heart petals blossom and open in the radiance of your light. This feeling that if I could just open my heart even more and more, then I can feel you shinning in me even more. Mother, Creatrix Womb of all that is... the place of all beginnings. I honor the you in all that is around me. I honor the you that is me.  I AM that I AM. And so it is. (Becca)

The Divine Sophia is a mystery as much as an eternal truth. With the lost history of our planet, there is so much that has been lost in our connection with the Divine Mother. Our womb of creation. Christos Sophia, is the essence that is in all as we are in her. Knowing her is the absolute path of love and coming home.  

History has pretty much written the divine feminine out of the picture and replaced her with male dominated energy. To think of the idea of "God", more often than not, comes with the idea of a male figure. 

As we merge all of the teachings, we know that the divine masculine and feminine is expressed as gender within a body, but in the cosmos, in the light, it is expressed as Partiki Partika and Particum. The Matter , Anti-matter and Spirit (or intention). The electric and the magnetic, the positive and negative charges of energy. The spiraling codes of light. 

The Particles are what creates the tones of our Crystal Body. This Krystal Body is also know as the Christos Sophia body. It is the blueprint or architecture that allows the sycronistic phasing of energy to be inhaled and exhaled as an eternal spark of life. 

Christos Sophia is the primordial womb that all is birthed from, and that all exists within. She breathes inside of us, and each breath we take, is a breath of her living light and essence. 

She is the woven fabric of every morphogenetic field!

How this is expressed, depends on which density of perception we are viewing creation from. This is  the basis of Philosophy.  The word Philosophy come from the term Philosophia - which is the "Love of Sophia" which was coined by Pythagoras, one of the great teachers that shared the wisdom of Sophia. The axiom "Know Thyself" is about us knowing our Crystal Body again, our Christos Sophia. 

The splitting of the Hiros Gamos Union (union of the divine masculine and feminine) was one of our deepest wounds. It was the splitting of ourselves. The separation that cut us off from unity. The separation that left us lost to our self. 

The Lyran Wars was a key starting point for this schism. After the destruction of the planet from this war, beings felt lost, abandoned, and indebted to the chaos, either by feeling responsible for it, or victim to it. This was one of the major places where soul shards were fractured into millions of lower vibrational emotions and feelings.  

The truth was, this was our perception, this was what we created out of it. And we perpetuated that creation across all the universe. We have been continually creating the chaos that we are so desperate to fix.

The "Fixing" has always been right inside of us. Christos Sophia has always been breathing right inside of us.

We are in a beautiful moment where all the separation of the past is over, if we choose it. We are the ones that can take this now moment to delete all the beliefs that have blinded us to the truth of the divine. 

All these limiting beliefs about who or what "God" is, what religion is, our what debt or service that we owe to God. 

This week we are going to be going through a divine clearing of the deep seated divine limitations that we have been holding deep in our collective consciousness. Each of the wheels of light within attuned again to the living light. 

It is with great joy and honor that we can open our heart to being in love at this cosmic level again!

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Timeline Celebration

As I stand here watching the snow fall, the world seems like a completely different place. It's the same streets, the same buildings, the same town, the same sky. But the environment has completely shifted how I perceive and navigate the world around me.  

These windows of life which represent the Law of Correspondence, are such powerful teachers. There is a meditation teaching of seeing the sky as our mind, and everything within it, something that is "not self", (like our thoughts), therefore all is something that we can just observe as it passes by. This technique is also powerful in our observable reality. 

2020 has been one of the most influential teachers many of us have ever experienced. It has succeeded in giving every single human being on this planet some internal place to look within. For those of us that are on the path of Awakening and self discernment, we could not have asked for a better teacher. One that has shown us what triggers us as individuals, AND, also what has touched our entire Collective, our human species.

Something inside of us knows... it is all temporary.  

And as the snow continues to fall, we all know that this too is temporary. And even though each and every one of us is experiencing the snow on a collective level here, we are all still having our own individual experiences with it.

But we didn't come here for a boring ride through the cosmos... All the struggle we have experienced in our life, is filled with purpose. 

We are pushing ourselves. None of this is happening to us or because of anything, other than our own Collective impulse for growth. 

We can be incredibly honest with ourselves right now, there is an innate desire within humans, to have a level of comfort, to have a "perpetual spring time" that creates  comfort and predictability. 

One of humanities deepest fears is uncertainty. 

We say this is what we want, but if we had nothing but the same day in and day out, in our job, our relationships, our creations, and even the weather, we would get bored and still find something to complain about. 

Because we're not meant to be still, we're not meant to be stuck in the same rut doing the same thing over and over again. That's not the way the universe expands and grows. That's not the structure of our Cosmic universe.

There is no mirror in nature that symbolizes any kind of stagnation or "perpetual springtime".  Everything is living and breathing in a life death rebirth cycle.... Everything.

I think it's time for us to just embrace the reality that this entire universe is built upon the idea or the concept of struggle as a tool for the expansion of growth. Our challenges have the ability to make us stronger, more confident, and inspire us to be more. 

So we have to ask ourselves what is this pulse or this push to have an end goal? For there to be some sort of finish line? To me, it seems like that is the true struggle. The mental torment that seems like reaching for a dream, but it's really a nightmare.

And as we sit here on the eve of 2020, the death and rebirth before us. We can ask ourselves what it would be like to completely surrender to the flow of Infinite Cycles. 

What if struggle was here to help us grow, to know ourselves, to dive deeper into our core. The

teacher... and the key which liberates us from that which we struggle from.

So here watching the snow fall, in a state of pure surrender, and a state of joy and bliss in being in this moment, there is a silent peace. Knowing this to is only a moment that I get to witness. we are all living in the only now moment that will ever be. let us all be the Observer, with neutral compassion as we observe, love,and  enjoy the beauty of creation in eternal movement. 

 As we infuse every thought and intention that we contribute into the pool of creation, what if we could honor every struggle that has been a gift to make us stronger.

As we go into the New Year, this is our opportunity to intentionally  breathe in all of our last year, in order to honor it, then breathe it out and let it go, as we step into the new birthing moment of now. 

With  Love, 

Becca Bee

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Bifurcation and Knowing Ones' Self


Double Diamond (ES)
Hello Beautiful Souls,

Congratulations on making it through the eye of the Galactic Center! This energy that has been pulsing us and bringing up some of our most deep seated wounds of our soul. These places that are opening are doing so for healing and transmutation into light again. So needless to say, it has been a little intense!

With this, we have a gift in this moment, to stand at a doorway to a place that has been guarded and held under lock and key for lifetimes or more. 

And this doorway... is to our heart. 

I know we are all familiar with the phrase "Dark Night of the Soul", and this is very much just like that. We have an opportunity right now to take the leap. To jump into the vastness of what is surfacing for us, and to be the most vulnerable we have ever been by opening up the deepest layers inside of us. 

To share with you what this is, I will be the transparency as an example. (and a very special thank you to a beautiful Soul in the Circle that helped me bring this forward)

I sat this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks. The awareness of a deep seated pain surfaced in me that originally showed itself as a frustration and pain from being deceived. The great revealing that is happening on the planet right now, is a small part of the great deception that is taking place in our Galaxy, due to an infiltration that happened millions of years ago. 

And now is the time for the curtains to fall away, now is the time to see who the controllers have been on this planet.

I know I stand in a very small circle when I stand up and call out the Metatronic Deception that is taking place in our universe. This is the highest levels of Twilight Master deception. This is high level truth, high level occult, spiritual, esoteric, gnostic knowledge....sprinkled with the most enslaving lies and implants. The level of deception here is so difficult to perceive because it is covered in so much light and truth. 

And with this I came to the true core of the pain in my heart. It wasn't about deception, it wasn't about anger, it wasn't about what someone else had done.  It was about me. It was about Trust. It was about me trusting myself. 

This place showed me that since the Lyran Wars, I was holding such guilt and pain for falling for the Deception of the Draconian races, and because of that, I stopped trusting myself. This one moment put such a lid over my heart! 

My deepest core wound was Trust, and not the trusting another, but trusting myself, knowing myself.

Because I was unaware of deception when they arrived, the wars were a surprise. A tragedy that ended with the destruction of our entire home planet. I felt responsible. 

This deep seated wound closed a place in my heart at a very core level. It caused me to disconnect from the Mother of Creation, to disconnect from Creation itself 

So how does a wound like this play out in an incarnation? With lifetimes of self punishment and missions to try and fix or heal the pain and trauma of others. And to wear layers and layers of archetypes of suffering, service and martyrdom. 

The gift in this is now getting to see into the heart, into the place that was afraid. To peel away all the masks and archetypes. And to stand tall, naked, raw, transparent and willing to be me. To heal this wound once and for all. To open myself to the Divine Mother once again and set myself free from the eternal prison I had placed myself in.

We are in the time of Bifurcation. Bifurcation is about the splitting of timelines. We have been working on healing and collapsing timelines for years now, this lifetime has been busy! And as we start to see this split occurring, we are seeing more and more paths of choices. For example, a path of a socialist new world order world, or a path of freedom of choice and heart centered alignment. 

This is the basic idea we speak of over and over about imagining the future as you want it to be, and living those qualities now. 

As the Bifurcation is happening, this is the difference between us raising our vibration to a level of ascension, or us choosing to do the 3D density incarnation again next time. We are being asked to step up our awareness because that is what the quickening of energy is helping us with. Next Level, VS Do Over.

In this weeks circle, we can support each other as we take this leap into our hearts. As the Monday December 21st Winter Solstice/Jupiter Saturn Conjunction is opening, we have the opportunity to allow the Krystala Star of Cosmic Christ and breathe from our hearts once again. 

Let's ask ourselves, what masks are we holding? What coats are we wearing? And if we were to take them off....which one's would be the scariest to remove? ... I think we all know which ones they are.

Thank you for your bravery for choosing your hearts brilliance. 

With Love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Earth Chakra and Moving Kundalini

Flares Coming From Galactic Center
There is a massive amount of information that is asking to come through, much like the massive amounts of new light codes that are flooding our part of the galaxy now. We are in a huge torrent of spiraling codes, energy and  emotions. Riding these waves is the difference between being in a washing machine vs surfing a beautiful wave. 

At the level of maturity and responsibility we are stepping into, we know that this difference is based on the time and practice we are putting in for this new skill. You aren't just born a great surfer, but a great surfer is born of intention, desire, practice, love and dedication. 

Let's be really honest right now. There are many people on the planet that just want their higher self skills handed to them. "give them to me now I am ready". Well, you and I know this is BS. Much like talking to the dirt in our yard and commanding it to give us a garden with everything ready to harvest. The possibility is there, but not with out action on our part. 

Don't get me wrong, I get the level of frustration for the amount of effort that seems to be required in this realm. Our Star Being selves get confused by the amount of density on this planet! 

So, here we are, being gifted a new (but old) perspective to the mechanics in our body and light bodies. Breathe with me as we go through some of the things that you and I know we should have been taught as children. Things that would have benefited many of us decades ago! 

Ok, here we go...

First, the Guardians want to say, ... "sexuality is not bad, it is not about procreation and it's not just
about pleasure. It is a mode or vehicle for uploading and increasing our vehicles charge capacity in order to facilitate the different levels of ascension that require this energy to clear out channels, to open up our heart centers and elevate us into a different plane of existence. It is a physical or mundane practice that is not brought with us through the higher planes because we learn to tap into higher vibrations that make tantric orgasm child's play in the higher realms. It is a vehicle or a tool for ascension and clearing out our form."

(sex is not used on most of the planetary systems in the universe for bringing forth a new soul into physical form)

Because it is such a powerful vehicle and tool, it is one of the main acts that has been programed against us. This reversal, misery, judgement and trauma that has been placed on this act, has stunted most all beings on this planet from harnessing the rocket fuel that we were given. 

For example, our entire astrological alignment and life path has major points of activation designed right into it. Each of these activations are focused on lifting and moving our Kundalini Energy. Every single person on this planet has these key activations in their blueprint! That is how important it is. 

"You are designed to awaken to the truth of who you are, it has always been this way. You are designed to be awakened gods of Christic Light in physical form. Your capacity to hold the light and the darkness is the unique gift that you are to the rehabilitation of the universe. But you are not meant to stay in the darkness, we would say that our hope is that you would be like the flower that blooms and sheds the darkness and then awakens the others to bloom around you. You have the capacity to be more. This is the gift that you are. The transfiguration of darkness to light. 

Our gift to you is the outside reminder of what you strive for within yourselves." 

The hope was for humanity to be the harmonic key to the discord in the universe. Can we chose the light? Can we bring balance once again? Can we be the awaking? 

All of this sounds amazing, but again, HOW? How do we be this? 

We have taken all the suffering is this life personally. We have identified with it and made it our own. And by doing that we have become the slave to this suffering. We have forgotten how to trust, to surrender and to flow through the activation points as the most potent moments for change and growth. 

Suffering at its highest potential is the doorway towards Grace. 

It is chest that holds the treasure inside. 

(but we have the tools now to clear our path, we have the contract revocations and clearing statements and our beloved soul council!)

So what are these activation points...

The first vital moment is the moment we are connected with the mother energy in this lifetime. Being held to the mothers breast, nurtured through nursing. Received in love.  - Not all of us have had this first activation. But Mother Earth is ever waiting for us to give us that activation when we are ready.

The next major activation points designed right into us are our Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and our Chiron Return. Each of these specifically activates and moves through our Kundalini energy and clearing out our chakra systems. 

Any reversal programming, limiting beliefs or resistance to these activation points creates discord in our life as well as missed activations that for some may stall or completely void out the potential progress in that lifetime. 

This weeks Sacred Circle we are going to look at the exact dates of our activation points as well as start to look at the archetypes that we have been playing. Archetypes that many times are the centaur at the doorway that are not letting us through to being the truth of who we are. 

We will also be looking at the symptoms of a blocked Earth Chakra (different than our Root Chakra) and go through a clearing meditation for embracing our Earth Mother. All of this will be giving us the best vitality for our upcoming Galactic Center Planetary Alignment and Winter Solstice. 

Thank you again so much for taking this journey with me. We can all be in the cosmic ocean line up together, encouraging every wave we surf!

From my heart to yours,

Becca Bee