Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Watch it, Observe it, Change It

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This post I want to talk about the subtleties of some of the energy and frequencies that we are rippling through creation. 

My goal is to share with you the subtle mechanics of your thoughts and actions, or what we have come to understand as Keylontic Science, which is the science of energy, and of our universe. As your awareness embraces the fundamentals of what is happening, it starts to give you options and higher consciousness choices in how to navigate this reality. 

To fully consciously, on a moment by moment basis, integrate astrology, human design, scalar mechanics or know all of the cymatics of frequencies, would take a tremendous amount of energy and effort since each one of these is moving in mathematical sequences and patterns within patterns, within patterns. 

They are an incredible road map to keep referring too, but we need to keep our eyes on the road! So it is great to take these moments to know the map so that when we are on the road, we have more tools and knowing to help us make our moment by moment decisions. 

These patterns are the morphogenetic fields that we learn to work with. The ways in which we move energy, do energy healing and manifestation. And they all start with sound and light.  

Sound and light are the building blocks of the universe! 



For a visual, if you are aware of cymatics, you can see the patterns that are created by different frequencies of sound on either water or sand. 

Now imagine that the universe as a huge field of liquid plasma or crystalline light (water and sand in physical density) and as the sound tone fields of the universe reverberate on the plasma light ... it creates the morphogenetic fields...or sacred geometries that are the building blocks that make other morphogenetic fields. 

This pattern continues on & on & on

Just your heart alone is made up of so many morphogenetic fields! Anything in density, has been born of higher dimensional fields of intention. 

Just for fun, lets bring back some of the knowing of the KRYSTALA and our Tri-Founder Sounds

The seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into: KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL). When we tone these individually they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal GSF body, the Diamond Sun Christos Blueprint. When the tones of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. (Ascension Glossary)

These 7 original sound tones of creation are born of the tri wave of the core of creation. 

The 3 Primal Creation Frequencies - Primary Light Fields - or Currents: the Kee-Ra-ShA. (Ascension Dictionary)


This is a huge Macro (as above so below) for us. 

Here is the Micro. Let's step this down into how we integrate this into our reality, this physical world we are living in. And how we are changing Morphogenetic fields with our very heart song.

Every emotion has a frequency. We can revisit the work of Emoto to see thoughts directed to water to see how these patterns work, and how they look inside of our own body, since we are mostly water. 

We have played with our visualization of being of Pillar of First Cause Light. A lighthouse, and a radio tower of frequency for our Planet. Lets add tuning fork. It is not much different, but it adds another dimension to our abilities. 

Healing is taking a new turn back to where it used to be. Not only in our Earth history, but in our
advanced civilizations in other places across the universe. We are movers of light and sound. We naturally are energy healers. We are trusting our truth to remember who we are, and what we are made of, because the teaching and programming on this planet is archaic and meant to separate us from universal knowledge. 

To those of you reading this, I know I don't need to spell out the medical system 

for us to know this is barbaric to our mind, body and spirit!

This leads to what we will be talking about this week. 

Being the observer, in order to be the catalyst of change and healing. Intentionally directed frequencies change what is observed. 

  • We are going to expand more on how we can use universal health systems such as sound, light, frequency and morphogenetic fields. 

  • We are going to talk about how to intentionally be an observer in order to direct healing.

  • We are going to explore techniques for working in the morphogenetic fields. What to do when you are there, and how to create the sacred space for this work.
I'll see you soon!

With so much love, 

Becca Bee


Friday, July 16, 2021

How the Divine Moves Through Us

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am so happy to be here with you in this moment. Regardless of time or space, the moment you read these words, we become connected. 

This is such a powerful knowing. How we connect is infinite. It really redefines the way we interact, and be. 

As we expand our knowing, we can start to really embed the divine in all that we do, all that we think and all that we are. 

We will talk about some of the mechanics of how the Divine moves through you, and the purpose is to expand your imagination so that as you go through your day,  you feel the God Spark always inside of you.

Last post we talked about some of our channels of communication. Now lets look a little some of what is moving though those channels, more specifically...angels. 

Angels (messengers) can move through the angles.... (ie. the channels and gates)

When you ask for guidance, protection, support or connection, what are you envisioning?  Somehow the mythos of angels has turned into the idea of winged beings who look no different than a human. But I want to give you a gentle reminder to go a little deeper in how you process the universe and multidimensional beings. 

For Fun, here is a humorous but insightful youtube video that depicts the different descriptions of angels and how the descriptions sound anything but human!

Now, lets be a little more serious. 😇

Here are a couple ways we connect with the energy and the assistance of many of the Guardian Races. 

The Elementals - 

Here is a quote from "The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1, Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood"

"The angels of air and the water and of sunlight are Brethren. They were given to the son of man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other. Holy likewise is there Embrace. They are indivisible Children of the Earthly mother, so do not put asunder Those whom Earth in heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels and fold you everyday and let them abide with you through all your fasting."

This is a great invitation to remember that with each breath you take, each element your interact with, feel the consciousness of it completely here supporting you. Feel the water, air, earth and even fire consciously intending to support the life force flowing through you. 

A powerful visible way to see the elementals of the Sylphs working for us, (our beautiful sky angels), is to notice the next time a bunch of chemtrails cover the sky, how quickly they come in and bless us with cleaning the skies! 

Dimensional Beings - 

And here is a quote from the Book "Downloads from the Nine" (I highly recommend this book as a way to allow the Seraphim devas to begin to reconnect many of the unplugged or genetically manipulated codons that were altered by the invader races ages ago.)

"This book is a gift from beings inhabiting parallel universes; they described themselves as The Nine
Devas of Crystalline Atomic Fire (known as Seraphims in the West). Their only purpose is to reactivate the evolution of the human race.

Their work begins by the process of transmuting the causal body (body that encases destiny), followed by the transformation of the astral body (energy body with thousand of meridians, keeper of emotions), to finally culminate with the complete physical transfiguration."

The book goes on to in detail describe many of the different hormones, ATP, and systems in the body that these Deva's work through in helping to repair our light body. It is a beautiful reminder of how the levels of communication in our body may seem like a small thing, but it is actually on this atomic level that we are changing. The fire that moves through us is directed by higher levels of consciousness! 

Thank goodness right!

As we continue to talk about connecting with Higher Dimensional beings, it is really mind expanding to think about all the different ways they are connecting with you in this very moment. Right now as you breathe, you are being blessed. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Electromagnetism, the Channels and Gates of Our Soul

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I'm sure each of you are experiencing different waves in your life right now. Even as we journey together, our own blueprint and perceptions color the world around us like our own personal movie. This is really important to remember. What you are living, experiencing and feeling, is yours and yours alone. 

Just because you are having a conversation with someone, doesn't mean they are having the same conversation as you, or the same experience.

We all experience this life from our own filters of perception.

What you are experiencing depends on your channels of communication. How flowing and open are you, and in that balanced and neutral are you?

Last week we talked about some of the highways of our channels of communication. From our light body, to our physical body, we are an amazing multidimensional switchboard.  Our job, if you choose it, is to become a functional working switchboard within the universe. 

Most of the time our personal agendas get in the way. The ideas of our ego run the show and take center stage. It's a pretty crazy thought when we remember 99% of the ideas of ego are not even ours!

As we move forward, we are going to explore more of the layers 

of our Ascension Mechanics (Keylontic Science) through 

our own personal roadmap of our Human Design Chart

Let's talk a little more about what Keylontic Science is.

Keylontic Science
 derives its name from the word Keylon.

It is the language of the “Symbol Codes” (Subconscious from your perspective). The intrinsic, interior geometric-electric and magnetic structures that create the foundations for all form and structure within the dimensional systems.

A language of light, sound, pulsation and vibration of energy, and the method by which form is created and maintained within our system.

It represents the living codes of matter and all biologies built upon them. The Keylonta Code (Keylon Codes) set everything, from the type of body you will manifest, through the genetics of your biology, to the very chemical, hormonal and energetic functions which keep the body in motion.

It is the key to your known and unknown universe.

Keylonta is not merely a language as you think of it, but a tool, communications being one of its applications. Its dynamics are used in teaching and healing, but also in the literal formation of reality constructions where it serves as the structure upon which manifestations are built.

Keylonta is the new (but very old) cosmology.

It is the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes (Light Symbol Codes – which affect the way energy moves through the energy structure and biology structure) and the Base Codes of matter (Called Keylons Codes - they direct the contours of entry upon which forms are built).

  • It is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from. It is the underlying structure of consciousness.

  • It is the science of creation and consciousness.
  • It is the science of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship.
  • It is the science of energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest. (MF)
  • It is the science of biological (physical), consciousness (spiritual) evolution.
  • It is the science of humanity’s relationship to its source and the cosmos.
  • It is the science of construction, perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness.
  • It is the science of the structure of multidimensional universe, humanity’s multidimensional identity and humanity’s relationship with other multidimensional life forms.
  • It is the science of the human soul and the family tree of consciousness out of which all of us emerge.
  • It is the science of DNA activation, genetic imprinting, cellular memory and transmutation of form. 
Through understanding the dynamics of Keylonta we can literally change the way our DNA operates, and the DNA governs the structure of our physical body and our physical body will determine what type of consciousness we are able to bring in to our minds, our conscious mind, while we are here. 

There is an intimate connection within spirit - your spiritual aspect, your higher dimensional aspects - and consciousness moving through the body. Because you can have a wonderful level of developed consciousness in the higher dimensions but if you have a neurological structure that it is not able to handle the current of all that electrical information you won’t have access that at your conscious levels.

Keylonta gives us the tools and understanding of our parts enough so we can start to expand the potentials of our body, so we can bring more of our consciousness and awareness, so we can bring more of our soul into manifestation here.

  • It is the science of dimensional ascension, teleportation, bi-location and generation of identity by teaching you how to change vibrational rate of your molecular structure. 
  • It is the science that explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what are they really and what they appear to be. We will find for example that time is not linear, as we perceive it to be, but simultaneous in nature, that all takes place in a non-space reality and that matter is actually a holographic illusion created by the refraction of energy particles and light and sound frequencies. We find that things are much different than what our five senses tell us how they are.
  • It is the science of ultra-micro-particle & anti-particle dynamics.
  • It is the science of the 12 human senses, not just the five.

There are 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta: (Keylontic Science)

  1. Partiki
  2. Partiki Grids
  3. Keylons 
  4. Keylon Codes
  5. The Crystal Body or Morphogenetic Field (MF)
  6. Light – Symbol Codes
(from the Ascension Dictionary)

All of these particles which form the morphogenetic fields that we experience as our reality, show up in our life through our own unique blueprint that is mapped out for us right in our Human Design Chart. 

Each of our Gates are the ways in which our Soul enters into this physical experience. 

These 64 Gates, or Hexagrams, are the keys to our genetics. When we experience them on a personal level, they feel like emotional triggers or feelings. They are a perfect example of how the subtle bodies are interrelating, and many times are one and the same, with our physical body. 

The 64 Gates/Hexagrams correspond with the 64 Codons of our DNA. 

There are 6 Lines Per Gate in the I Ching &
6 Groups of Amino Acid Building Blocks per Codon in our Body. 

This is the stairstep process of bringing God Source Code down into physical manifest form. These are the building block of pure manifestation out of "thin air". This is the science of miracles!

So now lets look at the importance of your coding. Amino Acids are essential for your body. In fact they make up 20% of your entire body. With 60 to 75% being water...they are a huge part of who you are!

So remember all that amazing work with did with setting intentions with water, and how easily water changes with thoughts? (here is a link to that if you want to refresh with water 😉)

The majority of our body is a crystalline (water) storage and memory conduit of energy. Think of the water as the way energy gets amped and moved through you and it is your biocomputer flash drive storage. It records everything but it is easily reprogrammed. 

This is were the whole idea of being so mindful with our thoughts is so important as a spiritual adult.  And especially the way we send the ripples of our frequencies and vibrations throughout the universe. We want to be on the the scale of COURAGE (200) or above. (power vs force)

So as we now look at our Human Design chart, you will see that every chart is unique. Our charts show us how we are all perceiving this incarnation from our own perceptions. The goal is to "de-condition" ourself from living as "not self".  

Each of our Gates holds a polarity and a frequency. They hold a Yin/Yang - Male/Female - Positive or
Negative Charge, and within that charge we can express that frequency in it's shadow form (ie: 200 or below) or we can learn its gift, meaning we are healing not only ourselves, but living in Service to Others.... being a healing agent of change. 

Beyond that, our Gates want to connect  and complete the Channel between them.  

Our Channels are the connecting communication lines between the gates that are always in a desired state of wanting to come together. This is an example of the laws of the universe playing out right inside of us. The Electromagnetic pull of the forces of positive and negative / yin and yang, are constantly in motion. 

Our Channels Are The Current of Eternal Life Flowing Through Us

This week we are going to talk about some of the polarities that our channels of communication manifest into. How to read our own chart on a deeper level to see what shadows or levels of "not self" we may be expressing. And, how to keep dissolving our stories we made up from our clouded perceptions so that we can allow our Higher Self to be the driver and the guide. 

With So Much Love,
Becca Bee

Here is a link to the video on working with water for manifesting miracles in our life. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Resetting our body and the Compass of our Heart

Hello Beautiful Souls,

To each of you I send my love and I honor the truth of who you are. We have gone through a major healing in the last 8 weeks. (Healing The Mother & Father Wounds) These processes are something we can come back to as needed. We are multi layered and multi dimensional beings, so it is helpful to remember, that we are never "done". We are a creation in of this cosmos, that is ever growing, expanding and expressing our Soul. 

Being multi dimensional while being in one of the most materialized densities, gives rise to so many questions of self. Who am I and what is my purpose are two common kick starter questions that get a being moving back into soul integration. I'm sure you can look back on your timeline and remember when these questions were part of your thoughts, and maybe they still are to a degree. 

Then as we start to expand our awareness, and develop our spiritually adult consciousness, here in this first harmonic universe (D1, D2 & D3), then we really start looking at what that means to live from our higher consciousness. We start to ask the questions, "how do we integrate with this world and this reality and still be our higher consciousness?" or "Is there really a way to pay the bills AND live in a way that makes our heart and soul happy?"

We are full of questions aren't we!

Being a spiritual adult is not a goal you get to and then everything is done. It is no different than becoming a responsible adult on the 3D plane. As an adult, we have responsibilities, bills, and planning. We make decisions based on a more mature outlook on life. 

Just now, as a spiritual adult...

  • Your "bills" are all about energy exchange and energetic contracts and entanglements. Stepping out of Karma, and living based on Dharma.

  •  The responsibility is now about "seeing" things from higher mind, and really being honest for why we are making the choices we are. 

  • And now when we plan, we are being truthful to how much of our spiritual path we have just left to chance or waiting for something or someone to change our world rather than us stepping up and taking the actions steps needed to head in a direction we are choosing. 

Pushing the Reset Button

It is also helpful to remember, that as we continually add to our memories and expand our consciousness, our inner compass is also fine tuning and aligning. This means our priorities and goals may change as we grow. 

I want to create a metaphor that healing from past programing while stepping into higher mind, is similar (and the same as in many cases) as healing from PTSD, while stepping into our freedom/safety. (Sovereignty)

One of the most necessary steps in healing the body after a stressful experience, is rest. A slowing down, quieting the mind, and letting the mind, body and spirit heal.  

Our body naturally wants to go back into balance if it is given the opportunity to do so. Which usually means we set our agendas down and get out of the way. 

In this same way, our Soul is always wanting to go back into balance, and back to source. (also, if we just get out of the way) 

Here are some things to be aware of with our body that helps us be more understanding with what our body needs in order to support us better. Let's go back to the example of stress. I'm sure it is something that all of us can relate to on some level. 

When we are stressed, our adrenals go on overdrive causing the hormone cortisol to flood the body. 

When this fight, flight or freeze reaction takes place, our other process in our body shut down. Mainly all digestions, repair and healing process in the body.... as well as rational thinking process. 

If this flooding of cortisol is long term, our body slowly starts to go out of balance leading to a huge list of possibilities with Dis-Ease.

The healing process for this requires a gentle slow process of nurturing the body back to health while keeping the stress low. The foundation of the first steps of this healing path is lots of sleep. (there are healing processes that only happen during Delta states of sleep)

 Our Reset 

So now lets take this same idea and relate it to our waking up to our sovereignty through expanded consciousness. 

As our Soul integrates more, more memories and higher consciousness start to expand us. This can create a heightened experience of the excitement or pressure of more possibilities and an increase in what we are going to refer to as the Squirrel Mind.

This overwhelm of new possibilities and "things to work or focus on" can flood an already taxed system. 

One of the most beneficial things we can do is start to build our practice of mindfulness. This allows us to be in a state of observership so that we can start to notice many of the thought patterns from the past (or not self), that are detoxing and leaving our body. 

Resetting our Spirit with Calm and Peace

Most all of our resets taking place, be it mind, body or spirit, are going to have a tie in with our physical body. This means that normal things like being hungry, may not have anything to do with actually needing food. 

We get to start by paying attention to everything we do. If we are tired or hungry, is our body requiring rest to heal? And when this happens, does it make you want to want to drink coffee, energy boosting drinks or eat food. (particularly carbs and sugars)?

Here are some places that may be alerting us to an imbalance that is ready to reset. 

  • Distractions, hard to stay focused. Wanting to get up and do busy projects rather than stay focused on the guided action. 
  • Having lots of ideas but then when you sit down to do them, you blank out or feel distracted or blocked.
  • Cravings for things. 
  • Comfort in small patterns or thoughts rather than pushing through with the new patterns that lead to changes in life. 
  • Blanking out on what to do, be it in a situation or as a course of life.
  • Feeling as though you know your truth, but don't know how to apply it to your daily life.
  • Uneasiness, anxiousness or nervous energy. 
  • Easily frustrated with others, life, or situations you observe on the planet. 
  • Feelings of being blocked from higher self. 
  • pressures of feeling a desire for living a multidimensional life but clinging to the material, lack of trust in letting go.  (of family, job, home, beliefs, securities)

Our body is the storage of all of the karma and debt of the past. Past debt eats away at our energy stores
and the resources we have to nurture and nourish our conscious mind with our Higher Mind. As long as our limbic system is busy with the imbalances of our past, our channels for our spirit are limited in how we do the supernatural in the material realm. 

Through mindfulness we are getting to the most subtle layers of self. We are purifying the body, our vehicle, our vessel of the divine essence pouring through us. In order for us to truly harness the power of our subconscious mind, we need to purge it and detox it from all patterns from the past that are not in alignment with our higher self/ highest good. 

Process for Catching and Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Here is a great question to ask yourself, and an example of how to find the core limiting beliefs we may still be holding. 

If you did not get a paycheck or perks of any kind (such and medical insurance) so nothing no finances of any kind from the job you currently go to, would you still go? Does it light you up? Does it make you happy? Would you do it regardless because it is your greatest joy and life's purpose? I'm not just talking about the career choice you chose.... the actual job place you go to. Do you believe in the mission of the place you work? Is it building you up, our tearing you down? 

Now....if the answer is no, or not a heck yea!,  the question to ask is, if I asked you to walk in to your job place right now and quit.... what is the first fear or panic that comes up for you? 

Your answer is what you can now go through the clearing process with. (The Clearing Process)

Any place we hold a fear (which we will usually justify), this is a place were we are still living from Karma....not Dharma. 

Use this process often to find your level of attachment. The more we heal and bring ourselves into balance, (meaning our level of peace and security does not come from outside of self), the more we can fearlessly follow the compass of our heart and say YES! when our heart leads us on a new path. 

This week we are going to explore some ways our body forms imbalances due to the situations we may have experienced in our life. We will look at how this plays out in our health and our thinking, and how to honor the subtle messages that our body is giving us so that we can really become adept and not only knowing our truth, but creating a strong understanding as we move into working with the mechanics of our universe for our manifestations and intentions. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Planting the Seed, Being a Creator - Healing the Father Pt. 4

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the fullness of summer. Earth is giving birth to beauty all around us in so many ways!

Today is the Full Moon in Capricorn. We made it past our first eclipse season of this year, and the Mercury retrograde! How did you do? 

It was a time of heightened energy for all of us, and now that we made it though all of these growth moments, the full moon in Capricorn is pulsing us back into productivity and action. 

This is a beautiful energy for this next and final in the series of Healing the Mother and the Father Wounds. 

This final in the Father series, we are going to look at the energies of creation as well as come back into the sacred of mother. In our path of doing that, we are going to explore this merging of energies in a totally new and different way you may have ever thought of. 


Hieros Gamos (Greek ιερός γάμος, "sacred wedding"), or Hierogamy, refers to the coupling of a god and goddess or their earthly representatives, often having a symbolic meaning related to fertility and generally conducted in the spring. It can also refer to the primordial union of the masculine and feminine principles within the godhead.

The concept of the hieros gamos derives from ancient mythologies relating to the union of the first deity and his or her consort(s). In terms of the ritual expression of this idea, the heavenly marriage historically took three forms:

  • The union of a god and goddess as expressed in various art forms
  • The union of a goddess and a priest or king standing in the role of the god
  • The union of a deity and priest/ess standing for the deity.


The Hieros Gamos is the Wedded Garment of God, wearing the White Robes of the One. Hieros Gamos refers to the Risen Christos-Sophia, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. Hieros Gamos is the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In the bodies return to energetic balance, neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point), the lightbody being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s eternal light image.

In Hieros Gamos Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad unites with its counterpart to embody the sacred marriage of Krystic equals, to merge into One spiritual body to hold the Spirits of Christ. A Krystic male and a Krystic Female unite in a Hieros Gamos or Rod and Staff Union as the Christos-Sophia, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth. Hieros Gamos is the embodiment of the new Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine and Father Arc Emerald Green hues and their DNA Lens being introduced to this Universe. These frequency colors represent the Aurora Body Guardian consciousness of the United Krystic Forms embodied in the future sovereignty timeline of GSF. (Inter-dimensional Resonator, plus Base Tone, Overtone and Resonant Tone Amplifier).

This weeks circle we are going to talk about...

  • The concept of being livestock, (Live Stock) (Adams)
  • Who and what are the heavenly Bestiary
  • Planting Seeds and Seeding Races
  • The Sacredness of the Feminine in holding and moving the seeds of creation
  • Artificial Creations vs Divine Creations (how how things been created without the mother)
  • Who is planting the seeds in your life? 
  • Dreams as Seeds
  • Whose dreams are your following?

With so much love!

Becca Bee

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Healing our Soul Fragments - Healing the Father Pt 3

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the Thunder and the Heat! 

This week has been an incredible journey and where I have been, the temperatures have been well into the triple digits! A humbling experience. (and Thunder and rain back at home!) 

I love the way the elementals are speaking to us. It is a perfect reminder to be in communion and listen to the wisdom that they are speaking to us. 

We live on the body of Earth. Our physical body is the speaker for our subconscious mind, and the Earth is the speaker for the collective subconscious. 

As I have traveled around on this trip, the tears have streamed down my face as I have heard the land share with me the pain and the anger. As I walk the land, there is a cry for change, and this cry is beyond the asking, there is an anger in the land here that is filled with the voices of warriors ready to take whatever action necessary to be the guardians of the land. 

I share this because we all made a choice to be more than a 3D being living a life based in consumerism. We all made a choice to live by the compass of our higher self. In order to to this, the choice requires us to step into balance, wholeness and integrity. And from here we can be the witness and listen.

In our third week of healing the father wounds, we are stepping into the energy of strength and protection. This is a foundational energy for the ability to have self identity, confidence, and to know who you are and what you want.

This level of foundation of the masculine energy creates the catalyst for us to embrace the death of our ego, the courage to take the leap into the unknow because we know who we truly are on the inside.  

This shedding of the old doesn't feel scary because we know there is a renewal, a rebirth we get to experience that gives us an opportunity to keep stepping into more of our own strengths and capabilities. We get to be a part of the foundation as a guardian. 

There is a certain confidence that supports each action you make when you know you are loved, you belong, you are part of a greater whole and you are accepted and honored. 

For those of us that did not get to learn and witness from a Hieros Gamos union (sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine) of our parental figures, as a healthy example and foundation growing up, we have to create it now. 

Regardless of what our past was, there is nothing that needs to change in our past or be different. The past is the past. 

What we do get to change is our perspective while bringing all of our soul pieces home. Regardless of your past, you are amazing, you are perfect, you are everything you need to be in order to be whole. 

As we stand up in courage and strength, we get to bring home all the parts of us we left hurting in past timelines, and now we get to collapse them and live in the now. 

Your past only has the power over you that you give it.

We are in a world that is hurting, and those of us drawn to this material is in a collective space of

knowing that we are here to be the guardians and the way showers. Our indigenous brothers and sisters have been holding space for a long time, and they are weary, they are tired, they are strong, but they need our help.

We are a family. On our Earth body, we are a collective consciousness. Our ability to hold morals, virtues, boundaries, compassion, understanding, and LOVE! ...allows us to hold the parental role as a fatherly guardian gatekeepers. 

Our last two weeks we had the opportunity to go through our own beliefs we had about our levels of support, and our levels of balance in all types of relationships. Now we are seeing how clearing all of this into a healthy rebirth of self as our higher self, gives us the power and strength to be the space holder for others. 

As you look out to all the people on this planet, and all of the beings, hold compassion and love for what ever space they are in right now. Each is at a different place. And from a perspective of a Spiritual Adult, there are may "children & infants" running around in adult human bodies. 

Thank you again for your dedication to being you and living in your truth. I'm looking forward to further balancing our divine union within so we can be the protectors and guardians in what ever way we are called to be. Be it with our own inner child or those we share this beautiful planet with. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Shakti and the Shiva In You - Father pt.2


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Welcome to another post as we continue on our journey of this sacred dance of the masculine and feminine within us. We heal the mother and father so that we can embrace the beauty of these energies right inside of us. We heal the distortions we may have created through child eyes so that we can open the eyes of god source within. We are the sacred dance of the cosmos living and breathing the dream around us. 

Now that we know we are the the dream...dreaming the dream...we can now change the dream and create the dream we want to be in now. 

And in this dream we are dancing. A synchronistic flow perpetually creating and birthing into creation. This is a dance of three, not two... The Tri Founder Flame burning inside of us. 

This dance is about balance, flow, honor, is about RELATIONSHIP.

The "ship" that flies on wings of imagination in unity consciousness.

The foundational part of unity, is balance. Balance in all things that we do and balance in our relationships. Our ability to have balance and healthy relationships starts from our very first breaths in this incarnation and what we observed and experienced around us. 

What did you observe?

What was the relationship of your Mother and your Father? 

What was your relationship with your Mother?

What was your relationship with your Father?

.... & What relationship did you learn to have with yourself?

Everything is a relationship in this universe, but how our understanding and belief system got engrained in this lifetime is mainly based in the energy of the Father, the support, the foundation, and the 4 P's.... Protections, Provisions, Praise & Presence.  And who your father was for you, your mother, and for the family. (father figure)

Father is our first connection outside of mother, outside of the womb. It is our first relationship. The Masculine energy holds the role in the dance as the support, the foundation, the container of structure. Stability.

The masculine is the riverbed that structures, supports and holds the river as she flows. 

This relationship plays out inside of us in every single molecule. The atom is a microcosm representing the building block of our physical reality. The electron, proton and neutron. Positive charge, negative charge and neutral. Patiki, Partika and Particum. The tantric flow of life. 

Heiros Gamos is this divine union that represents living light. The Eternal Living Light. 

When the currents are in harmony and balance Shiva and Shakti dance ... when they are out of balance, Shiva becomes the destroyer and Shakti becomes Kali, the destroyer. We see this in our life in the health of our relationships, our health, our emotions... in everything. 

We hold all of these inside of us. Our masculine and feminine qualities. We play these roles in everything we do. From the projects we do, our work, our relationships to others, even our dreams of the future. We are flowing this energy through us. 

How we flow the universal currents through our body is our our responsibility. 

Is it in balance and harmony, or are we being the destroyer?

Are we in living light or dead light energy?

Promoting life or promoting death?

Eternal flowing energy or parasitic/vampiric energy?

Uplifting another or tearing them down?

Radiating Emotions above the vibration of love, or broadcasting low vibrational emotions?

Regardless of the dream that we were born into, regardless of the dream that we were taught, our sovereign right and responsibility is to know that we are the dreamer and we can command the dream! 

Be the Lucid Dreamer now!

This week we are going to look at the patterns and beliefs around relationships that have been running in our programming. This is going to build off of what we did last week in our assignment of letting the inner child speak about Father. 

What Beliefs did you create?

How supported did you feel as a child?

What example of relationship did you have from your parent figures?

What relationship did you learn about God?

About government? (government plays the patriarchal parental role)

What beliefs did you have around money, abundance or being supported?

What belief did you have about what a relationship was?

And what relationship did you create with yourself, your worth, what you deserved, who you could be, or your own lovability?

Let's recreate any of these that are not flowing in a trinity wave. Thank you again so much for taking this journey with me. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Our Journey with Father's Love

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to June, hot weather and lots of sunshine! As the sun shines upon us, this is a perfect setting for stepping into loving and healing our Father Wounds. 

Last month we had the opportunity to heal the Mother Wound. Our first home as we entered into this incarnation. Mother is all about our welcoming, nurturing and grounding into our physical form and life. 

Mothers role is a primary role that holds the 

same energy for both male and female children

CLICK HERE FOR THE 4 Week Series of  Healing the Mother Wound Clearings

Father plays a different role than the Mother, which starts the same at birth but begins to change as the child grows, depending on the polarity of the child. 

The important thing to remember, is that we are referring to "Mother" role, and "Father" role. Even though we always hold the karmic blueprints of our biological parents regardless of their involvement in our life, we know that there is a wide variety of ways the roles of our parent figures can be filled. 

There is a list we went through with the Mother that show us some of the ways a child can adopt limiting self and life beliefs. This list applies to our distortions with Father as well since both parents holds the role of love and emotional connection.


This month we will be going through the different variations of connection types with the Father figure while we lead ourselves into full Spiritual Adulthood completely sovereign of any attachments to our Mother or Father seed cells. 

It was vital for us to heal the Mother Wound first because these are the most foundational emotions of feeling nurtured and welcomed right from the womb. Many of the steps will seem similar to our Healing the Mother Wound processes. This is because our childhood beliefs and wounds come from our own unique upbringing so you will be your best inner guide toward how you entangled with the adult figures in your life. Your adult awareness is the key that allows the wounded inner child(s) inside of you to have a place to come home to inside your heart. You are the healer, you are the teacher, you are the guide. 

So let's get started with our path in these next four weeks..


When we are a child, our parents are only our caretakers for a short time. In the Living Light ways, this is honored and a prayer is given by the biological parents to the true divine parents as they take on this role for a very short time, knowing always that the child does not belong to them, but that they belong to the child as a steward, until the initiation (usually around puberty) where the child is returned to the true parents to be guided from their own center. 

Many of the customs of this planet are not Living Light based. They are instead adopted from the rulers that came to this planet who lived with rules based in control and domination, not in harmony with the Universal Laws. The Living Light ways are based in Unity Consciousness. This is to say that the generations are honored as a people.... not just as a family unit. 

In this Unity Based Consciousness, Father represents for us

Love - Unconditional Love



Our First Relationship


Purpose and Morals

Being an Example 

 A childs' connection with mother is steady and based in nurturing until the 'weening' takes place. At which time the child is then returned to the true parents. (the path of spiritual adulthood) Next is the connection to Father. Then this connection is out of balance, from the Father role player, there are a few paths the child can take in their thinking. 

The father presents the first connection outside of the mother. Father is our basis for creating relationships. The level of guidance a father gives also depends of the polarity of the child, as each child is going to learn their roles differently in this incarnation, depending on the polarity they chose to embody. 

This is a hard topic to really write about because there are so so so many variables, especially now days in our current society. 

Here are some basic examples...

If the child is polarized towards men as their sexual preference, their father then becomes the relationship role model for the type of man they may choose as a partner, how they deserve to be treated, what they will tolerate, or if they feel or don't feel worthy to be loved by another. 

If a child overly clings to the father for support, this can create the "daddy" savior complex in both polarities. This never allows the child to grow up because they are always seeking that security from the father. In future relationships, the adult child will never fully stand on their own two feet, or honor the partner they have chosen because they will never feel that partner lives up to their image of "dad".

On the other hand, if a father is never available, doesn't keep their word, or does not protect, the child can grow up angry, resentful, "I don't need anyone", "I can do it on my own", unable to emotionally connect with others, open up or be intimate with others. etc. 

These again are very general examples, but you get the picture. The father figure role player is the one who guides and teaches how to step into purpose, the living example or morals and following ones own inner compass. This is the teacher role for our internal foundation of standing in our own personal truth.

... & the confidence to be ourselves in the world.

This week we are going to lay the foundation for Healing our Father Wound as we reconnect with our true father so we can balance the healing inside and give a new level of strength and courage to the Spiritual Adult that emerged from the last four weeks. (if you have not done the process for Healing the Mother Wound, please start there before continuing on with these next four weeks. That is the foundation we are moving from for these next steps)

It is going to be amazing to feel and know, the Divine Father shines right inside of  you!

With So Much Love!

Becca Bee

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Spiritual Adulthood - Healing the Mother Pt. 4

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

To each of you I say welcome! And I celebrate you!  Today is such a special day and what a synchronicity as we step into our spiritual adulthood and sovereignty. 

Today is May 26th, 2021 - The Day of the Sixth Sun. 

The awakening into a new era. 

A Full Moon, A Lunar Eclipse, A New You

(Video from 2007)

Since 1987 we have been on a fast track of upgrades and awakening. Each significant date represents an
opening into a new radiance of light flowing into our spectrum of perception. Our Earth Body, our Light Bodies, our Spirit is receiving more unfiltered radiance right from Source Light. 

As we step into the final initiation of the Love of Mother, we are stepping into the maturity that this life is not about us... it is about we.  It is about ALL. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

Every decision we make is a ripple effect. How can we restore the the Earth, if we do not restore our own self. And how do we restore the universe if we do not restore the Earth? 

Welcome to the awakening of you as your Earth body. You are the mother, the mother is you. 

This symbolizes our 4th biological stage of growth where we realign with the 4th harmonic universe and our Christic Body. The full activation of our Amrita Fluid.  - Our Spiritual oil of Elixer of Life.

As we started to awaken our Kundalini we began to build the fire. This fire then moves up the spine to mix with the Amrita that flows from the Pituitary and Pineal glands. This fluid becomes the Krystal Waters that helps to transform the body into a Solar Body of ascension. We become a walking Kiristi/Krystos beings. 

The path is as a soul consciousness, we birth into physical form in order to transmute it into spiritual form. 

The Krystal Waters purifies the body of all past karma, ancestral debt and miasma that may have still been held in the body in order to free the carbon based form from 3D limitations and so you can now reconnect with your 12 stations of Identity. A completely realized being. 

This is the path we take. Unfortunately, you know as well as I do, we did not go through these initiation stages as their originally designed template. This 4th initiation is a biological initiation for 33yrs old. The level of deception on this planet has been geared towards keeping people unaware that this is a possibility or a desired path.

Regardless of what age we take these steps, these steps are the path towards full embodiment of our conscious integration. In order to take this path, we can honor the astrological signposts in our life. Most specifically the Saturn Opposition at 27, ant Saturn Return at 54, as well as our Uranus Opposition at 47. Each of these are Soul initiations that put us face to face with what in an obstacle in our Kristic Path so that we can clear it.

No matter how long it takes us, we can know that every step on this path leads us closer to the truth of who we are. Keep your eyes on your heart, keep your soul guiding your compass and let love be the vibration. 

Let us fully now step into the role of service to others as a Krystos Being. Last week we walked through the fire of initiation, this week we become the living waters.

With so much love,

Becca Bee


An amazing meditation video. Find a peaceful place for 30 and journey into mother through the music and words. Happy Welcoming to the Sixth Sun!