Thursday, September 23, 2021

Riding the Waves of Emotions That We Are Swimming In

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

This week we have some amazing energy moving through us. As we start to embrace higher mind and higher learning, I will continue to share some of the cycles and influences that are moving through us (neutrinos), and how this may be creating feelings in us. 

How does knowing this help? This gives us an other layer of innerstanding to how most of the thoughts feeling and emotions that we are experiencing, are not really ours. We are the most advanced antennae receivers in these bodies and it is incredibly helpful to know what all the cool features of our intergalactic vehicle does!

Just moments ago, the Sun entered into the Sign of Libra. This means the transiting energy of the Sun through our light body is going to be sending us nutrinos or energy packets of Libra Archetype signatures. Such as balance, relationships, connecting with others, service, being here for others. On the shadow side, we will need to be mindful of co-dependency or vibrations of being needy. 

This is a key energy that will be moving through the Gene Keys/Gates of Libra. Right now the Sun is in 46, and about every 4 to 5 days it changes into the next Gate/Key.  (46, 18, 48, 57, 32, 50) 

Gate 46 – Determination of The Self – A Love of the Body, - A Design to be where we need to be to
experience vitality. 

18 – Correction – Awareness to what needs to be corrected or changed. 

Gate 48 – Depth – Getting to the depth of information. 

Gate 57 – Intuition – Intuitive insight and the gentle energy that has the ability to bring one’s core into the now. 

32 – Continuity – Purpose fulfilled though seeing who has the skills and abilities to move forward in life/work/etc. 

50 – Values – The Guardian. The values of what is right or wrong for the tribe.

Here is our video update for more on what is pulsing us currently, and how to put it into action. Especially the energy that is going to be effecting our future children. 

This week we will be letting this information be in the background while we talk about some of the ascension symptoms that we may be feeling due to all these transitions and energies, how our life is transforming, and what the changes may mean for us as we step into higher mind. 

With So Much Love, 


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Protected by Krystala or Christos Fields of Light

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

This is a technique that I want to share with you, for not only protecting and holding space, but also for running larger fields or grids of energy around you. 

This technique is especially powerful if you have been experiencing psychic attacks, abduction energy, astral influences or the influx of the frequency technology that is directed at us at night while we are sleeping. 

In sharing this, I would love to give you a tool to work with as well as reinforce your awareness in the power of the Christos light. 

In order to do this, I am going to review again the 

Christ/Christos/Krystala/Krystal Star plasma light (Consciousness) 

of the 12th Dimensional Frequency band. 

We live in a 15 D Time Matrix. What does this mean? That there is an aspect of your consciousness that is existing in every spectrum of this Matrix, all 15 D. Each of these Dimensions are like different realms of existence, vibrating at different frequencies. From your perspective, where you are now reading this, you mainly have awareness of a few bands (or dimensions) above and below the 3D physicality that your body (ego) is in now. 

Not much different than a radio receiver, we have access to a few of the realms above and below us. It takes us fine tuning ourselves and getting "static" or density out of the way in order for us to tune in to higher vibrations and levels of consciousness. 

On earth, we call this telepathy, direct communication,  channeling etc. 

Lower bands of frequencies can only exist or become aware of higher bands of frequencies if they are in harmony with them. Think of the frequency of temperature. If you are freezing cold, and you dip right into 104 degree water, it feels crazy hot, even painful! But if you are already at a warm temperature, one or two degrees from 104, you will not feel that much.  

This goes for subtle wave forms too. If you are cluttered with chatter in your mind, you are less likely to feel the subtle communication of nature, than if you are quiet and still, and at a closer vibration to the harmony of nature. When you are in harmony, you can hear and feel nature easily. 

This is all just a way to give an example of how we are more open to sensing and feeling the frequency bands we are closest to, and how there is either no perception, or an uncomfortable perception to the bands that are further removed from where we are vibrating. 

With this, I can introduce to you the concept of Harmonic Universes (HU's).  HU's are dimensional bands that harmonize in three's. And in between say, HU1 and HU2 there is a buffer zone if you will. This is why here in 3D (part of HU 1) we can see our physical world around us, but 4D, which is part of HU2, is not visible to us. Only certain people are aware of the astral realm, entities and spirits that reside in the 4D, but yet it is close enough that we can sense it. 

Here is what this has to do with the technique that I am going to share with you. Christ Light, Christos Consciousness, Krystala Rays or Krystal Star, The Kiristi Beings of Light, all come from 12 D which is in the 4th HU (12D). Again, we are in the 1st HU. 

12 D is pre matter, plasma or liquid light. This is a place in the Soul Field where existence is more in a consciousness state, rather than a polarized physical experience. The consciousness from this HU rarely interacts or engages with the lower HU's. Especially HU 1. 

When consciousness from that level does choose to incarnate directly down into the lower densities, it is usually for a very important life experience of infusing light codes into an extremely polarized reality. This is like a jump start for a reality that may not be progressing out of density. 

Most times, as consciousness, we use the step down method of incarnating into densities and realities. 

Meaning From HU4 we incarnate as consciousness into HU3, then HU2 etc.

At the Christ Light or Krystala level of Consciousness, polarity and manipulation can not exist. Only truth. From this incarnational body you are in, when you choose to embody Christ Consciousness, it means you are becoming this frequency of consciousness.

Christ is not the distorted explanations of Earth, about it being a person from the past or something outside of yourself. 

When you embody Christ Light, you are awakening the Christos in you. You are becoming the embodiment of this 12D plasma field of consciousness right here in the 3D. 

This is the most powerful energy you can call upon and reflect (become) in this reality! This is the most powerful frequency that we can emanate here and when we do, shadow can not exist. 

In my opinion, this is the reason that this information has been so distorted throughout history.

The Christos Light Technique:

If you are not already familiar with the 12D shield, you may want to visit this page for beginning ways to get connected with this field of energy. 

  1. The first thing to do is to raise your vibration by stepping into the higher mind of your Christo's Avatar God Self. It feels very much like stepping out of the reality that you are in, and right into a new higher vibrating awareness. Mindfulness practice is a great way to get comfortable in becoming the observer of you. You are snapping yourself out of density, and raising your awareness into the Christos Frequency.

  2. Next, Consciously call upon the vibration of Christ Light. You can even use the phrase "I command the light of Christ/Christos to anchor in this space". You can get creative with how you call it in. Your words are more about anchoring a feeling in yourself more than anything. 

  3. Once you feel the energy strongly in you, then do the mind slide techniques of rewriting your field. In short, you remote view, or teleport your consciousness into the area you are transforming. See it as it is, then awaken and pull in the Christ Light into that space and fill it up to the point that every molecule in the area is radiating and holding this light as a state of being. 

  4. Hold the full awareness that the space is Christ Light. Keep your focus on the area, flooding it with the light. You can turn it up, make it bigger etc. This really is a practice for holding intention. You have to consciously hold the energy in the space and only see it as the light of Krystala.

  5. As you hold the light, you may "see" entities, shadows, or other energy in the area that are not in harmony with your intentions. In this case, it is important that you remain a neutral compassionate witness to these energies while you "Love" them with the the Krystos Light. This can be anything from stating "I command the light of Christ in this space, only that which is in alignment with it is welcome here". Most times they will just leave, but sometimes they will choose the light and use this as an opportunity to move out of where they are. 

Example 1. Clearing Negative energy from Pets

Pets are such a beautiful way to get familiar with running this energy because they respond to it immediately. They love it!

Recently with the influx of frequency technology and infiltration of beings wanting to disrupt us at night in the home, our little guy gets really worked up. The frequency directed tones wake him up and the anxiousness he gets at night is terrible. He will go into a panic and not be able to sleep, or let us sleep when this is happening. 

I will first intend and with heightened emotion, teleport my consciousness into his field. I first feel where he is at, then I pull in the new upgraded frequency and anchor that into his space. 

As I hold the energy in him. I scan the field to see what is bothering him. It can be anything from frequencies directed to the house, to entities of every size and shape. If this is the case, I do the work to amp the Christos Light into their field and command with love the higher vibration. 

This is a great way to practice because it shows you how well you are focusing. With intention I have to hold this energy over our pet because it takes a moment to lock it in place. You will feel you pet settle down, but if you let go of anchoring the energy too quickly, they will pop back into the old field. So, again, this will give you a way to practice staying in intention with holding a new field. 

Example 2. Fortifying your space or body

This is similar in that you are stepping into the higher vibration, and then pulling it into your field, fortifying your aura, your chakras, your meridians, etc. This is a powerful way for you to scan through your energy fields and make sure that you are not being implanted or infiltrated by anything that is not in your highest good. It is good to scan your mental body, emotional body and light bodies as well. 

When it comes to spaces, I like to really be detailed with what I am intending as I move the new higher frequencies into place. For example, if I am clearing our house, I will pull the light through the walls, floors, roof, foundation, yard, grass, etc. I will do this through everything I can sense in the house. 

At the same time I am scanning for any energy that is not supporting or in harmony with this Christos Light Field. This can even be negative energy left as residue from someone having a bad day or old conversations that were had. It is like doing a deep cleaning of all old energy. 

I like to take the energy out all the way to the property boundary line and then create a pillar of light or a protective dome. Play with both and see what feels better for you. I tend to like a pillar because I imagine it going infinitely up to the 12D and infinitely down to the 12 D. (the core of the Earth holds this gateway in her core)

Example 3. Healing with Christos Light

Similar to scanning the body. This is about feeling what is not in health, and then pulling in a new healthy blueprint into the area and anchoring it in with Christos Light. The longer you can hold this intention, the better it is for expediting healing in the area. Make sure to include the morphogenetic fields and energy fields holding the distortions that even created the physical issue in the first place. Remember, all the manifests in our physical reality, manifests first in the light bodies and morphogenetic fields around us. 

I hope you find this information helpful. As you get more comfortable holding this energy, you can use it to hold larger grids of space or fortify any of the healing or energy work that you are doing. This is part of the Christos Mission, to hold this frequency and consciousness as a state of being. Thank you for restoring this vibration here into this reality. If you ever have any questions about the techniques or understanding the process better, please let me know. I would be so happy to share more on this with you. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Where You Travel At Night

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

It has been a little while since I posted here and I am looking forward to sharing more on the energy that has created this change. 

The Guardians and Soul Guides have been busy! Honestly, I haven't even been sleeping very much. Not only has the Earth based energies and events been effecting us, but there is so much going on in our Milky Way Galaxy, that there is a huge call for many of us to divert more of our consciousness out of our physical body and into the some of the other places where our consciousness is operating. 

I know this can sound a little wild, but this has always been going on, just now we are more consciously aware of it. This can look like more focused energy from our Soul Monad into other dimensions or as our soul awareness infusing other avatars on other planetary systems and / or planes. 

In any regard, part of our experience here is to maintain our physical body and to hold specific vibrations and frequencies through it all. From a Soul Monad perspective, it doesn't matter "what" we are doing. You could be a running a company or planting a garden or just sitting on a rock. What is vitally important, is the "how". 

Being an effective vehicle (ego & body) for our Soul Monad, creates our greatest challenge. Which is the syncing and directing of our Mind and Heart through our Soul Monad. 

Let me step back a moment. I want to go over a little bit again about what is a Soul Monad, the purpose of the Mind, and how the Heart Works as a Command Center. 

It is a little difficult to conceptualize sometimes, how we are a part of a whole, and that our "Higher Self" is more of a collective than an individual.

But for a moment, imagine that your Soul Monad (Over Soul) is the aspect of you that first entered into this Galaxy with a Soul Purpose of being. 

The Being part is pretty unique, even as a collective, and we can see this part of our journey through getting Galactic Star charts and our Astrology. The main place our Soul Monad's "mission" show up is through the evolutionary story or our Pluto. 

As our consciousness fractalized more and more down into the micro of creation, we became more and more separated in our mind. 

We started to feel like an I AM. An individual.  Our Soul Identity.

As we continued to step further into this reality, the Neptunian veils started to put us to sleep. These are the veils we feel we can't see past that keeps us from our sense of total and complete knowing. 

This is where the Mind starts to come in. 

Our mind is the structures that compartmentalizes the Akashic field of the ALL. Saturn helps us hold these compartments and over time, from our limited point of view in this density, we start to rebel against what we feel is holding us back. We forget that we are using these compartments to navigate, and know this reality, and experience it from a stepped down point of view. 

You here sitting and reading this post, is the Incarnate Identity, the egoic aspect of the totality of who you are. You are only a fraction of the vastness of you. But from a Higher Perspective, this is perfect. This is how you are able to enter into this realm. 

The mind is our tool for processing this reality. BUT! It is also highly susceptible to manipulation, influence and infiltration. 

That is where the Heart comes in. Heart is the one place that the vast totality of you can BE. Your Soul Monad or Over Soul Identity sits right in that drivers seat as a magnet that pulls you through the maze of this reality. 

Our job as a fractal, is to get out of the way!

Remember, the mind is highly influenced by this holographic construct. What you "think" is your truth, or right for you. generally is not. We are way too programed by the beliefs of this planetary magnetosphere which links right into the  neural net of our thinking. 

We have to break from from the gravitational pull of the illusions of this reality, which is what our beloved Uranus keeps us on track with, so that we can follow the our Soul Monad's direction, not the mind.    ... & not follow the emotions which we many times we mistake for the heart. 

So, here we come full circle. Where does our consciousness go sometimes? 

Well, here is the thing. As such a small fractalized part of the vastness of who we are, it honestly takes a small percentage of our consciousness to be in this reality. The majority of our consciousness is spread through all 15 dimensions of this time matrix. Therefore, we are in multiple bodies, dimensions, planets and even timelines in this very moment. 

Sometimes it is in our best interest to know where we are "going"... and sometimes it is not. 

Sometimes it is better that we don't know in order to maintain our safety, sanity or even grounding into this reality. Most of us would not choose to stay here is we fully awakened to our totality! 

So here we are. Holding space in this vehicle we call a human body. And our job is to take care of it. Monitor it, maintain it with absolute love, care and awareness of how incredible it is. This vehicle gives us a way to be transmitters of source frequency all the way down here in this fractal of who we are. 

We are here to rewire the stream of our Source Frequency. Create a clean and clear channel of the truth of who we are. Maintain vigilance to every thought, feeling and emotion that we emanate. Tame the mind, clear out the programming. Be the pillar of First Cause Light that we came here to be!

So as we go through each moment, let's remember who we really are. Even if all the access to our memories is not fully in our mind, remember the Soul Monad that you are a part of. 

It is not about "what" we are doing. Please, please, please keep this in mind as you feel the transformation of the structures around us. Don't be afraid to let things go. It is not about the "what". It is all about the "how". Remember, you could be the best vehicle for your Soul Monad just sitting on a rock, so long as you are being the beam of light. 

Have the courage to stand up for your truth. Have the courage to stand up for the bigger picture. Don't let the fear push you into doing anything that is not fully guided and directed by your Soul Monad. 

Your command center is right in your Heart. You have never been alone. You have never been separate. You are always loved. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee


Here is a meditation on Bringing the Diving Sophia through Black Moon Lilith. Embracing our deepest shadows in order to shine the light of who we are!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

You Are Not Your Car

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another post of love and remembrance. I love you so much and I honor our time together. This post we are going to touch on our levels of consciousness and how our perception gets bound to the lower vibrations or levels of thinking. 

We will start off with just the awareness that we are consciousness. That is what we are, Consciousness. Consciousness that is having an experience in multiple dimensional realities. 

Our levels of Consciousness are simultaneously existing in every frequency or Harmonic Universe right in this very now. We already are what we are expanding into. If anything, what we are doing is merging our levels of consciousness. 

So as consciousness, what ever we are able to perceive as, is what our level of knowing is. It is how we identify with our reality, and who and what we think we are. 

Let me give you this example....

In Astrology, or in Human Design, you can look at your map, your chart, and see all that was written in the stars for you from the moment you entered into this incarnation. But the chart you are reading is the exact same chart on the day you are born as it is on the day you are now. You are not the same person are you?

What changed? 

Your consciousness!

They are still your charts but the amazing thing to realize, is that they are not stagnant. They are evolutionary and they give you the map of the progression of your soul. 

You are not a stationary being. You are ever evolving, growing, remembering, expanding. Your consciousness is never the same from moment to moment. 

Your charts show you the places you came to expand and grow and in truth you can take as long or a little time in the integrations of your charts as you choose. 

You can even choose to take lifetimes if you like.

So this leads us to the place where we get to innerstand a little better how silly we are at times with where we get stuck. Because in truth, just as we can look at our life and know that we are not at the same level we were at when we were three years old, we are actually still dealing with many things in our life as if we were. 

Most of us are letting our 'little self' run the house, rather than being mature spiritual adults with our mind, body, emotions and spirit in this life. 

Imagine for a moment your car. As you imagine your car you can describe it as a sedan, suv, truck etc. It may be new or old and it has it's own characteristics that you can describe. 

Now picture yourself in it.

When you sit in your car, do you consider the car you?

Being in your car doesn't make you BE your car. Who and what your car is, is not you. Right? 

So, why do we do we identify with our body and our identity in this incarnation as if it is us? This incarnation is just another ride. NOT the true YOU!

I know this may be confusing, and the "little I" likes to argue this. Ego doesn't like to be in service to the "True Self".  It feels so "egoic" that it wants to imagine the entire world revolves around it!

Every label you can think of that you would call yourself, is an experience and not your truth. Gender, Profession, Religion, Medical Conditions.... every label is not who we are in truth. It is not our I AM presence. 

We exist beyond labels, beyond polarity, beyond the duality of this reality. 

So the next time you are driving in your car, play with this idea. As you sit in your car realize that you see yourself as a separate identity from your car. You are fully aware that you are a consciousness driving a vehicle, it is a tool, and if it doesn't work, you will use something else to travel in. It is in service to you. 

Now, allow your consciousness to see your body as a vehicle. It is separate from your identity as your I AM. It is a vehicle, a tool, and if it doesn't work anymore, we get another one! 

Reincarnation, Incarnation, Past Life Experiences. 

We came here for the experience, but we start to get emotionally attached to the labels that we are covered with. So the trickiest thing in growing our consciousness is many times unhinging from what we think is so important in our life. 

This could be family, relationships, jobs, houses, cars, titles, reputation, beliefs, obligations, and the list goes on and on. 

This brings us full circle back to what we talk about over and over again, which is doing the shadow work, clearing the limiting beliefs in our life, and auditing any contracts in our life that are not in alignment with our truth. 

Or as we say in Human Design, doing the experiment to live as our "True Self", and step out of all patterns or places were we are living as "Not Self".

Remember this, if you "lost" everything, you would still be you. Even in death, we don't die. Our consciousness lives on. If you would ever like an experience that reminds you of the eternal state of you, watch some videos on children talking about reincarnation and past life memories. Quite fascinating the wisdom we are reminded of by two year olds!

You are amazing, you are so loved. Thank you for being here and being a part of this experience. Let's remember our truth so that we can reimagine the dream the way we want it to be. Let's dissolve and delete all that is not our truth that binds our minds. When we change our mind, we change the world!

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lucid Dreaming - The Doorway of Our Consciousness

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I wanted to put this post together as a resource for the art of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is one of the most powerful ways we have in this incarnation, to break beyond the veils and transcend the illusions of this reality. And because of this, it is one of the tools that I love to share with others. 

The main reason for this is because, when you wake in in the dream, it becomes easier to experience the concept of "All is Mind". In the dream, your mind, your consciousness, is creating your experience, therefore, what you can do in dreams, transcends all physical limitations. 

In a dream you can fly, you can breathe underwater, you can change the dream, you can transform things, rewind time.... anything your mind can imagine, you can do.  

One of the techniques that is considered more advanced in lucid dreaming, is to walk through a wall. It really shows us how much we have bought into the illusion of the material world, and even in a dream the mind can get tripped up on this one thing. 

But when we can break free, our imagination is limitless!

This is why I personally feel this is one of the most powerful tools we can utilize in our lifetime, as a way to expand our consciousness and break free from any constructs on our mental body. And why I share this as a practice and a tool.

Beginning to learn why we do the things we do, or feel stuck by the things that seem to hold us back is important. Our perceptions are the filter in which we see the world. How I experience this world will always be different than the way you are experiencing it. 

Our perceptions are everything, and our perceptions are the result of the wiring and programming of our belief systems, our cellular memories, our ancestral debt, possible implants, and the synthetic telepathy or programing we are ingesting.  

Every single person on this planet is walking around in their very own world!

And this brings us to one of the most powerful quotes... if you want to change something, change your mind. 

It can be difficult at first to break away from the mainstream of group consciousness. One of the most challenging things to do, is having the courage to think different than our family. This can feel like loosing oneself or even feeling abandoned or alone. 

But there comes a moment in our life when we get nudged to find our deeper truth. And one of the best ways to do this, is to question everything. Even the nature of the "physical" world around us. 

This brings us to a broader understanding of all of the sayings we hear about "Waking Up".  

The whole idea of Enlightenment, Awakening, Waking Up, Expanding Our Consciousness, etc...this is all different ways of saying BECOMING LUCID IN THE DREAM. 

Lucid dreaming is something that we all naturally have the ability to do. In fact, this is something that commonly happens in children under the age of 16. Most of us just didn't know what to call it at the time, or that it was even a big deal. So if you are here now thinking, "I don't dream" or have a hard time remembering your dreams, it is important to know, we can train ourselves to become lucid again. 

Tapping into the power of our natural states of mind....

Our mind is like the waves on the ocean. Every day we are constantly moving in and out of different states of mind. And at night, we now also know that our sleep has waves and patterns. So when you can learn these waves, you can start to train yourself on how to ride the REM states right into being Lucid!

Mindfulness is an incredible tool for starting to observe our thoughts, and to be more aware of what we are thinking. I am not going to go into why that is so important in this post, but it all has to do with the fact that our thoughts create our reality. So knowing what we are thinking is a vital step in starting to create the life we want to create. 

Even though we don't realize it, 

we live most of our life 

in the hypnotic state of mind. 

Daydreaming has LOTS of forms!

Dream realms are real! What happens in a dream directly effects your waking reality. When we conquer a fear in the Lucid Dream, it becomes conquered in our waking life. One of my favorite ways that therapists are utilizing Lucid Dreaming with people now, is for PTSD. Lucid Dreaming is a teachable art, and when a person with PTSD finally becomes lucid in a dream, they can stand up to the panic and fear in the dream, and in one dream, the PTSD is going away. 

Change your mind...Change your life!

I am not going to go into all the mechanics or techniques on when or how to Lucid Dream. Instead, I want to share with you some of my favorite resources so you can take this journey from your own perspective. There are endless things you can do in the Lucid dream state, and what jumps out to you as exciting will be the perfect place for you to start. 


Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner (available in book, kindle or audio format)

Dreams of Awakening by Charlie Morley (available in book, kindle or audio format)

Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss (available in book, kindle or audio format)


Robert Waggoner

Charlie Morley

Robert Moss

Happy Dreaming!

Becca Bee

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Frequency Directed Thoughts

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This week we are going to revisit some important topics that are very current for us in our reality. We are in such fast moving times, that it is being guided that we keep repeating reminders to ourselves in order to make clearer decisions in the moment. 

I want to first present a perspective to you that you will more than likely say "yes!, that is totally happening!" .

In this current time in our evolution, our frequencies and the planetary frequencies are accelerating. This is manifesting for us as faster time, days feeling shorter, it feels like we have less time to get things done with almost an overwhelm of data or information, etc. 

As some of the satellite systems and nets of the controller races are getting shut down, more of the galactic frequencies are starting to reach us and the planet. This is also amplified by the spiraling of the planet in an alignment with the galactic core. 

These streams of light frequencies are also doing something else, they are upgrading you!

For example, look back 15 years. Remember how it was when you came across some new information that changed your life? Those "aha" moment.  It was life shattering. It was like you were never the same. life changed for you. You made different choices, different life decisions and sometimes even different life paths. 

Those moments used to happen only once in awhile, maybe once a year or more. Then as 2012 passed, you could feel the speeding up of energy. More awareness, more consciousness in conversations or others around you. No matter when your "waking up" moment was, notice how things changed for you the moment your awareness turned on.

The Aha moments have been coming faster and faster. Here is the thing, we used to have a year to

process the information and do the adjustments in life....but not anymore. Now more than ever is about living in the now. Now, these upgrades are happening up to 8-10 x's a day and they are still picking up speed! 

What this means for us is that there really is no time, and no need to process the past anymore. It is really about how fast can you let the past go and keep showing up in the now. 

And not only that, but this rapid growth and expansion of self into higher self also requires us to continually trust who we are. Because by  the time you try to figure out the new you, you have already transformed again!

This is trust in our Higher Self to the fullest!

When we trust the compass of our heart, we allow ourselves to flow with the true universal currents of divine light. This means the living light codes will move us and support us, while the dead light energy will become so harsh and uncomfortable to us, that we will not choose to participate with it anymore. 

This will make it easier to forgive others around us because we will feel even stronger the binding energetic ties that connect us to anyone we have any level of emotional charge with. 

As we start moving faster and faster towards the speed of conscious light, we will want to keep all arms and legs in the ride! 

We will want to remove all lower vibrations or binding to others, the past or to the material realm, so that we can flow freely into higher consciousness. This is the speed of manifestation of 5D and beyond. 

This is a huge part of the reason you are starting to sense or feel the other realms. Or, as it feels to me, like we are walking around in a plasma light dream realm that feels like you can see the atmosphere moving and breathing all around you.

So now that we have talked about this happening right now. Let's look at how this is showing up in our world around us, especially with those that are not choosing to become aware. And also, let's look at the levels of manipulation that is becoming easier spot in and around us. 

What I am referring to in this post as...Frequency Directed Thoughts.

The increased frequencies is working two fold. As those that are choosing to awaken begin to become aware and therefore more sovereign with their thoughts. There is an increased desire from the controlling factions on the planet to amplify their own frequencies that are meant to enslave and program the minds of the people. 

They have put so much energy into us following their "stars" (Hollywood) and into ingesting their "programming" (tv and movies), that for them to lose control of the narrative has pushed them into a panic mode. 

This panic mode is detrimental to the weaker minds that do not know what is happening on planet. You will see this as evident with them becoming angry and dogmatic while pushing the programming beliefs. 

In short, this will many times look and sound like you are talking to a programmed android who is just parroting the same story over and over, or repeating what they are told from the media. The next tell tell sign is that they will become angry or even aggressive if you challenge their belief in this programming. 

This is a divide and conquer technique. Look at every narrative that is taking place, and more importantly notice how if one narrative starts to lose momentum, they quickly roll out another. This narrative is meant to divide people, so families turn on families, neighbors on neighbors. They don't care what narrative it is, if they can get you to create a divide or judgement against another, they won. 

Divide and conquer is how humans justify killing humans. It is how we start to dehumanize each other and forget who the real tyrants are. 

Now, this may be difficult for some to fathom, but I have a feeling you are fully aware of how they are using frequency technology to direct our thoughts. This is called Synthetic Telepathy. This technology was perfected decades ago. 

Here is a video is you would like to learn more about this.

With mind slides or implanted thoughts, the thoughts feel like your own. The only way for a person to really know what thoughts truly belong to them, is to do the shadow work. To do the clearing, raise your vibrations and know thyself! In this way we can begin to tune ourselves right out of their broadcast stations. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. In many ways it is easier for us to learn this information a spoonful at a time, because there are things happening that far exceed them just trying to get us to think the way they want us to think. 

Our job, if we are choosing, is to see the patterns, and to see the tactics that have been used over and over again in order to control entire groups of people. And yes, a pandemic is part of their playlist. In fact, they are so bold that they have available for us to see in writing, exactly what moves they are going to use! Again, it doesn't take much looking to find these clues they leave all over the place. 

Hidden in plain site. 

I am not sharing all of this to go down a dark path. I am sharing this because learning about ascension mechanics comes with learning our Earth history, our Galactic history and having the awareness to learn the disclosure content. We are not meant to just float in love and light and stick our head in the sand like an ostrich. 

We become sovereign by standing up for our truth. 

It is definitely time for us to stand up for our truth, and one of the most powerful ways we do this, is by modulating our own frequencies, aligning ourselves with our Christos families of light, and yes, even opening up to knowing some of the most painful histories and actions taking place on our planet. 

I know it isn't easy. We can go through an entire range of emotions in the process of discovery. But, let's let this wave take us into the strength of who we are as Pillars of Light on this planet. 

As we raise our vibration, we take back our power. As we raise our vibration we create massive change! This means using full discernment with every thought, feeling and emotion we send out into the world. 

Mindfulness is so powerful. When we take a pause in the matrix, by being the neutral compassionate witness, we can make new choices, not reactions. From this place, our intentions create!

Thank you so much for taking this moment with me. I'm am honored to be a part of the sovereign empowerment we are quantifying as we join together in consciousness. Thank you for all you are doing! You are making a tremendously beautiful difference. 

Here is to a circle of learning more, more of how to protect our consciousness...and be our own consciousness. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Watch it, Observe it, Change It

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This post I want to talk about the subtleties of some of the energy and frequencies that we are rippling through creation. 

My goal is to share with you the subtle mechanics of your thoughts and actions, or what we have come to understand as Keylontic Science, which is the science of energy, and of our universe. As your awareness embraces the fundamentals of what is happening, it starts to give you options and higher consciousness choices in how to navigate this reality. 

To fully consciously, on a moment by moment basis, integrate astrology, human design, scalar mechanics or know all of the cymatics of frequencies, would take a tremendous amount of energy and effort since each one of these is moving in mathematical sequences and patterns within patterns, within patterns. 

They are an incredible road map to keep referring too, but we need to keep our eyes on the road! So it is great to take these moments to know the map so that when we are on the road, we have more tools and knowing to help us make our moment by moment decisions. 

These patterns are the morphogenetic fields that we learn to work with. The ways in which we move energy, do energy healing and manifestation. And they all start with sound and light.  

Sound and light are the building blocks of the universe! 



For a visual, if you are aware of cymatics, you can see the patterns that are created by different frequencies of sound on either water or sand. 

Now imagine that the universe as a huge field of liquid plasma or crystalline light (water and sand in physical density) and as the sound tone fields of the universe reverberate on the plasma light ... it creates the morphogenetic fields...or sacred geometries that are the building blocks that make other morphogenetic fields. 

This pattern continues on & on & on

Just your heart alone is made up of so many morphogenetic fields! Anything in density, has been born of higher dimensional fields of intention. 

Just for fun, lets bring back some of the knowing of the KRYSTALA and our Tri-Founder Sounds

The seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into: KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL). When we tone these individually they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal GSF body, the Diamond Sun Christos Blueprint. When the tones of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. (Ascension Glossary)

These 7 original sound tones of creation are born of the tri wave of the core of creation. 

The 3 Primal Creation Frequencies - Primary Light Fields - or Currents: the Kee-Ra-ShA. (Ascension Dictionary)


This is a huge Macro (as above so below) for us. 

Here is the Micro. Let's step this down into how we integrate this into our reality, this physical world we are living in. And how we are changing Morphogenetic fields with our very heart song.

Every emotion has a frequency. We can revisit the work of Emoto to see thoughts directed to water to see how these patterns work, and how they look inside of our own body, since we are mostly water. 

We have played with our visualization of being of Pillar of First Cause Light. A lighthouse, and a radio tower of frequency for our Planet. Lets add tuning fork. It is not much different, but it adds another dimension to our abilities. 

Healing is taking a new turn back to where it used to be. Not only in our Earth history, but in our
advanced civilizations in other places across the universe. We are movers of light and sound. We naturally are energy healers. We are trusting our truth to remember who we are, and what we are made of, because the teaching and programming on this planet is archaic and meant to separate us from universal knowledge. 

To those of you reading this, I know I don't need to spell out the medical system 

for us to know this is barbaric to our mind, body and spirit!

This leads to what we will be talking about this week. 

Being the observer, in order to be the catalyst of change and healing. Intentionally directed frequencies change what is observed. 

  • We are going to expand more on how we can use universal health systems such as sound, light, frequency and morphogenetic fields. 

  • We are going to talk about how to intentionally be an observer in order to direct healing.

  • We are going to explore techniques for working in the morphogenetic fields. What to do when you are there, and how to create the sacred space for this work.
I'll see you soon!

With so much love, 

Becca Bee


Friday, July 16, 2021

How the Divine Moves Through Us

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am so happy to be here with you in this moment. Regardless of time or space, the moment you read these words, we become connected. 

This is such a powerful knowing. How we connect is infinite. It really redefines the way we interact, and be. 

As we expand our knowing, we can start to really embed the divine in all that we do, all that we think and all that we are. 

We will talk about some of the mechanics of how the Divine moves through you, and the purpose is to expand your imagination so that as you go through your day,  you feel the God Spark always inside of you.

Last post we talked about some of our channels of communication. Now lets look a little some of what is moving though those channels, more specifically...angels. 

Angels (messengers) can move through the angles.... (ie. the channels and gates)

When you ask for guidance, protection, support or connection, what are you envisioning?  Somehow the mythos of angels has turned into the idea of winged beings who look no different than a human. But I want to give you a gentle reminder to go a little deeper in how you process the universe and multidimensional beings. 

For Fun, here is a humorous but insightful youtube video that depicts the different descriptions of angels and how the descriptions sound anything but human!

Now, lets be a little more serious. 😇

Here are a couple ways we connect with the energy and the assistance of many of the Guardian Races. 

The Elementals - 

Here is a quote from "The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1, Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood"

"The angels of air and the water and of sunlight are Brethren. They were given to the son of man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other. Holy likewise is there Embrace. They are indivisible Children of the Earthly mother, so do not put asunder Those whom Earth in heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels and fold you everyday and let them abide with you through all your fasting."

This is a great invitation to remember that with each breath you take, each element your interact with, feel the consciousness of it completely here supporting you. Feel the water, air, earth and even fire consciously intending to support the life force flowing through you. 

A powerful visible way to see the elementals of the Sylphs working for us, (our beautiful sky angels), is to notice the next time a bunch of chemtrails cover the sky, how quickly they come in and bless us with cleaning the skies! 

Dimensional Beings - 

And here is a quote from the Book "Downloads from the Nine" (I highly recommend this book as a way to allow the Seraphim devas to begin to reconnect many of the unplugged or genetically manipulated codons that were altered by the invader races ages ago.)

"This book is a gift from beings inhabiting parallel universes; they described themselves as The Nine
Devas of Crystalline Atomic Fire (known as Seraphims in the West). Their only purpose is to reactivate the evolution of the human race.

Their work begins by the process of transmuting the causal body (body that encases destiny), followed by the transformation of the astral body (energy body with thousand of meridians, keeper of emotions), to finally culminate with the complete physical transfiguration."

The book goes on to in detail describe many of the different hormones, ATP, and systems in the body that these Deva's work through in helping to repair our light body. It is a beautiful reminder of how the levels of communication in our body may seem like a small thing, but it is actually on this atomic level that we are changing. The fire that moves through us is directed by higher levels of consciousness! 

Thank goodness right!

As we continue to talk about connecting with Higher Dimensional beings, it is really mind expanding to think about all the different ways they are connecting with you in this very moment. Right now as you breathe, you are being blessed. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Electromagnetism, the Channels and Gates of Our Soul

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I'm sure each of you are experiencing different waves in your life right now. Even as we journey together, our own blueprint and perceptions color the world around us like our own personal movie. This is really important to remember. What you are living, experiencing and feeling, is yours and yours alone. 

Just because you are having a conversation with someone, doesn't mean they are having the same conversation as you, or the same experience.

We all experience this life from our own filters of perception.

What you are experiencing depends on your channels of communication. How flowing and open are you, and in that balanced and neutral are you?

Last week we talked about some of the highways of our channels of communication. From our light body, to our physical body, we are an amazing multidimensional switchboard.  Our job, if you choose it, is to become a functional working switchboard within the universe. 

Most of the time our personal agendas get in the way. The ideas of our ego run the show and take center stage. It's a pretty crazy thought when we remember 99% of the ideas of ego are not even ours!

As we move forward, we are going to explore more of the layers 

of our Ascension Mechanics (Keylontic Science) through 

our own personal roadmap of our Human Design Chart

Let's talk a little more about what Keylontic Science is.

Keylontic Science
 derives its name from the word Keylon.

It is the language of the “Symbol Codes” (Subconscious from your perspective). The intrinsic, interior geometric-electric and magnetic structures that create the foundations for all form and structure within the dimensional systems.

A language of light, sound, pulsation and vibration of energy, and the method by which form is created and maintained within our system.

It represents the living codes of matter and all biologies built upon them. The Keylonta Code (Keylon Codes) set everything, from the type of body you will manifest, through the genetics of your biology, to the very chemical, hormonal and energetic functions which keep the body in motion.

It is the key to your known and unknown universe.

Keylonta is not merely a language as you think of it, but a tool, communications being one of its applications. Its dynamics are used in teaching and healing, but also in the literal formation of reality constructions where it serves as the structure upon which manifestations are built.

Keylonta is the new (but very old) cosmology.

It is the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes (Light Symbol Codes – which affect the way energy moves through the energy structure and biology structure) and the Base Codes of matter (Called Keylons Codes - they direct the contours of entry upon which forms are built).

  • It is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from. It is the underlying structure of consciousness.

  • It is the science of creation and consciousness.
  • It is the science of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship.
  • It is the science of energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest. (MF)
  • It is the science of biological (physical), consciousness (spiritual) evolution.
  • It is the science of humanity’s relationship to its source and the cosmos.
  • It is the science of construction, perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness.
  • It is the science of the structure of multidimensional universe, humanity’s multidimensional identity and humanity’s relationship with other multidimensional life forms.
  • It is the science of the human soul and the family tree of consciousness out of which all of us emerge.
  • It is the science of DNA activation, genetic imprinting, cellular memory and transmutation of form. 
Through understanding the dynamics of Keylonta we can literally change the way our DNA operates, and the DNA governs the structure of our physical body and our physical body will determine what type of consciousness we are able to bring in to our minds, our conscious mind, while we are here. 

There is an intimate connection within spirit - your spiritual aspect, your higher dimensional aspects - and consciousness moving through the body. Because you can have a wonderful level of developed consciousness in the higher dimensions but if you have a neurological structure that it is not able to handle the current of all that electrical information you won’t have access that at your conscious levels.

Keylonta gives us the tools and understanding of our parts enough so we can start to expand the potentials of our body, so we can bring more of our consciousness and awareness, so we can bring more of our soul into manifestation here.

  • It is the science of dimensional ascension, teleportation, bi-location and generation of identity by teaching you how to change vibrational rate of your molecular structure. 
  • It is the science that explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what are they really and what they appear to be. We will find for example that time is not linear, as we perceive it to be, but simultaneous in nature, that all takes place in a non-space reality and that matter is actually a holographic illusion created by the refraction of energy particles and light and sound frequencies. We find that things are much different than what our five senses tell us how they are.
  • It is the science of ultra-micro-particle & anti-particle dynamics.
  • It is the science of the 12 human senses, not just the five.

There are 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta: (Keylontic Science)

  1. Partiki
  2. Partiki Grids
  3. Keylons 
  4. Keylon Codes
  5. The Crystal Body or Morphogenetic Field (MF)
  6. Light – Symbol Codes
(from the Ascension Dictionary)

All of these particles which form the morphogenetic fields that we experience as our reality, show up in our life through our own unique blueprint that is mapped out for us right in our Human Design Chart. 

Each of our Gates are the ways in which our Soul enters into this physical experience. 

These 64 Gates, or Hexagrams, are the keys to our genetics. When we experience them on a personal level, they feel like emotional triggers or feelings. They are a perfect example of how the subtle bodies are interrelating, and many times are one and the same, with our physical body. 

The 64 Gates/Hexagrams correspond with the 64 Codons of our DNA. 

There are 6 Lines Per Gate in the I Ching &
6 Groups of Amino Acid Building Blocks per Codon in our Body. 

This is the stairstep process of bringing God Source Code down into physical manifest form. These are the building block of pure manifestation out of "thin air". This is the science of miracles!

So now lets look at the importance of your coding. Amino Acids are essential for your body. In fact they make up 20% of your entire body. With 60 to 75% being water...they are a huge part of who you are!

So remember all that amazing work with did with setting intentions with water, and how easily water changes with thoughts? (here is a link to that if you want to refresh with water 😉)

The majority of our body is a crystalline (water) storage and memory conduit of energy. Think of the water as the way energy gets amped and moved through you and it is your biocomputer flash drive storage. It records everything but it is easily reprogrammed. 

This is were the whole idea of being so mindful with our thoughts is so important as a spiritual adult.  And especially the way we send the ripples of our frequencies and vibrations throughout the universe. We want to be on the the scale of COURAGE (200) or above. (power vs force)

So as we now look at our Human Design chart, you will see that every chart is unique. Our charts show us how we are all perceiving this incarnation from our own perceptions. The goal is to "de-condition" ourself from living as "not self".  

Each of our Gates holds a polarity and a frequency. They hold a Yin/Yang - Male/Female - Positive or
Negative Charge, and within that charge we can express that frequency in it's shadow form (ie: 200 or below) or we can learn its gift, meaning we are healing not only ourselves, but living in Service to Others.... being a healing agent of change. 

Beyond that, our Gates want to connect  and complete the Channel between them.  

Our Channels are the connecting communication lines between the gates that are always in a desired state of wanting to come together. This is an example of the laws of the universe playing out right inside of us. The Electromagnetic pull of the forces of positive and negative / yin and yang, are constantly in motion. 

Our Channels Are The Current of Eternal Life Flowing Through Us

This week we are going to talk about some of the polarities that our channels of communication manifest into. How to read our own chart on a deeper level to see what shadows or levels of "not self" we may be expressing. And, how to keep dissolving our stories we made up from our clouded perceptions so that we can allow our Higher Self to be the driver and the guide. 

With So Much Love,
Becca Bee

Here is a link to the video on working with water for manifesting miracles in our life.