Thursday, June 16, 2022

Soul Based Mastery of Our Space and Time


Hello Beautiful Souls!

With the increased vibrations of Earth as beautiful Terra is awakening more advance light codes in your quantum structure, we are feeling the effects though new sensory perceptions, possible time distortions and an overall general feeling of "living in a dream".

I invite you to spend more time outside, ground your feet on her surface and talk to her. Check in with her and let her share with you what these changes are. 

In some areas the weather has been a bit out of the norm for the season. Our initial reaction is to look towards weather control or manipulation. As much as this has been a factor a times, I actually feel that our Terra Earth is balancing. 

Our planet is meant to be in alignment top to bottom and our north and south pole is not supposed to be tipped over. In an ideal balanced eco system, this beautiful blue world will be more oceanic with no ice caps and more of a tropical temperature from top to bottom.

As you feel her under your feet, hold her in your heart. Let us release our human emotions that are not supporting these changes which many times may be uncomfortable for us, but in the long term, are of great harmony. 

We are also coming into a special alignment with the Galactic Center!

This is a special time for us to pay attention to what it is that we are wanting to pull into our life. Since we are at an opposition, or at the polar opposite of the Galactic Center, this is about your intentions to call in the attributes of our OverSoul and Star Family. 

Pay attention to the House placement of your Galactic Center in your birth chart. This is going to be a lifetime theme for you in this incarnation of how you are intending to share and vibrate the Galactic Codes of the Higher Universe. 

Here is Video where I go into detail on how to work with this energy. 
It is activating for us on June 19-20.

As we continue on our life path, here is a thought. Even though we may feel as though some of our other lifetimes were more exciting, or that other avatars that we are are "better" because we have more activated memories or skills.  Even in those lives we live "basic life's". This means that we live, we be, and we honor exactly who we are in that moment. This life too will be a memory in your Akashic library for some other lifetime. And as you look back at this life, how amazed will you be at who you are now?  Or will you view it as a life of karma? Now is your chance to make your most magical life. Be the you that you always dreamed of being. Be your Higher Self now!  

You have access to all that you need in order to be the Spiritual Adult here to help bring this world into a higher vibration, and into the Planetary Councils or our galactic families. 

Here is the video of an amazing journey that the Guides from Mintaka Shared with us at our Thursday Circle. Sharing with us Mental Mastery.

With So Much Love, 

Be the you, you came here to be.

Love Becca Bee


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Energy Update - Elohim Fixed Star Aldebaran and the Movement of Gemini

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Happy Gemini!  I have so much to share with you and want to thank you for allowing me to share this information with you. As you know, I am a bit passionate about our history, our sacred mechanics and the tools of our birth charts for navigating our souls guidance. 

As I have been progressing through this path I have been able to integrate at a deeper level the Galactic Starseed DNA lineage through our Astrological Charts. I am so happy to be offering this new modality with each of you as we explore our true galactic history at a deeper level. 

VIDEO - Here is an Interview I recently had on Starseed Galactic Astrology

If you would be interested in having your Starseed DNA chart reading, please let me know!

Here is this months video going over the activated gates of Gemini for this sign.


VIDEO - Energy Update - The Gemini creative waves & working with them to make magic

These are the gates and dates of each gate. Go through the video to learn more about the "shadow" & "gift" of each Gene Key playing out in our life this month.
Gate 8 - May 15-20
Gate 20 - May 20 - 26
Gate 16 - May 26 -June 1
Gate 35 - June 1 - 7
Gate 45 - June 7 - 13
Gate 12 - June 13 - 19
Gate 15 - June 19-25

Our New Moon this Month was in Alignment with the Fixed Star Aldebaran and our Sun is Currently conjunct/in alignment with this Elohim Fixed Star. 

This gives us a connection to the Blue Ray lineage, to the Hathors, the sacred teachings of the Law of One and the strong warrior protector energy we might associate with Archangel Michael. 

Here our recording from our Last Thursday Circle 

VIDEO - Elohim - Angelics - Blue Ray Beings

This is a short newsletter this week.  We are a month away from the Mount Shasta Event! Remember to check the group calendar to mark any upcoming events. I will see you Thursday for our next Soul Circle as we explore more on the mechanics of dimensions and how we move between them.

With Love!

Becca Bee

Here are some amazing pics from our recent trip. It was incredible to be with the energy of SoPHiA

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Solar Rays and Working with the Heart of the Universe


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Cosmic energy is currently aligning in a very special way. This type of alignment only happens every 12,000 yrs. The truth is, when we really start to pay attention to transits and alignments in our cosmic neighborhoods, it can feel as though there is always some sort of exciting alignment or planetary event happening. In some ways, these cycles are not much different then knowing the cycles of the seasons. Even though they happen like clockwork, it is still valuable information to know so we can prepare. Just some of these cosmic cycles are MUCH bigger! So if we can tap into each one in its own unique frequency, this is going to help us spin through our own cycles and alignments. 

April 24, 2022 was a special day here on Earth and in our Solar system for a cosmic alignment to the Central Suns and the Solar Dragons. And this energy is going to be with us for awhile. 

If you would like more in-depth information on the Solar Dragons, please check out the latest newsletter from Energetic Synthesis here

When Solar bodies and planetary bodies line up, there is direct "influence" between the planets. When Solar bodies align with other Solar bodies, now we are talking an amplification of Solar Rays, Codes, Photons, Light Language, DNA Activation and Cellular Memories and blast of Neutrino Packets of Information. It is a super event for us. 

Since our DNA codes respond to these events, it is an opportunity for us to tune in to what may be "turning on" in our body. I like to think of these as moments when we can ride the waves of alignments into our greater purpose and understanding of who we are as Souls, Over-Souls and beyond. These are moments when we can really let go of more density and let in more light. 

What does letting in the light look like?

This is going to be an individual experience for all of us. Each of us has our own unique design. (Learn more about yours here)  and we are all working on our soul path at our own individual pace. This really means that there are no set rules to how our forms and consciousness is expanding in each of us.

Some of the basic ways we may be feeling this is:

  • Disorientation
  • Feeling Out of Body, like you are living in a dream
  • Buzzing in ears
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Tired or Energized
  • Waking up often at night, difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating

This is mainly because the neuroprocessers in our brain and the cellular functioning in our body has to adjust to new inflections of energy in the body. Our chemistry so to speak, gets thrown off. 

Please be kind and gentle to yourself, slow down, rest and take the opportunity to connect with nature more. I feel that we are being called to connect with the natural cycles and our beautiful earth in a deeper way. That all of this is calling us home into our hearts, into our earth and into a surrender of being part of a greater whole. 

Wait! But that's not all! 

We also have our eclipse season starting and our first of of this year is a Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th, 2022.  This is going to add to the energy and to create an emotional amplification for humanity. 

All of these are ways for us to heal and grow. To really come to a centered balanced place within ourselves. So I would invite you to look at your own personal birth charts and see what house your moon is on April 30th. This is the primary energy you are going to be working with in your life.

All of our Genes (Gene Keys/Gates) are our codons for learning. Each one has an frequency range to them. I would say our goal in life is to raise our vibration above the 200 mark on the Chart of Consciousness. 

The Gene Key/Gate that the moon will be in on the moment of the Eclipse is the Gate 2 in the Sign of Taurus. 

Transiting Moon in Taurus

When the Moon changes signs to Taurus, we slow down and seek out some security in our lives. This marks a less impatient and competitive period of our lives. We don’t look for new experiences as much as we manage our lives in a more solid, secure manner. We value predictability during this period.

Gate 2 – Direction of Self – (The direction of vision) Yin / Yin – most receptive gate. Designed to receive. To take direction and receive all that is needed to fulfil destiny. This is about your destiny and the identity of your soul. Your magnet that pulls you in the direction of your truth and of your higher spirit. Gate 2 is about feeling unity with all the universe, knowing that no matter what is happening, there is a purpose to all of it. When one surrenders to be in the flow of their soul, synchronicities seem to be everywhere. The receptiveness of this gate knows on a deep level of all the resources available to create and manifest in this realm, but without a connection to gate 14 one needs to find the fuel or the energy to bring it forward. But Gate 2 knows how to receive abundance and to manage it. This gate is the core of living ones true design.  (This gate is a Channel Gate for you connecting to gate 14 of Power Skills in the Sacral Center in order to complete the channel of The Beat. Possession in Great Measure as a keeper of the keys)

Gate 2 is in the Sign: TAURUS

Returning to the One

Shadow - Dislocation    Gift - Orientation    Siddhi - Unity

You can also take the information of Gate 2 and then add it to the house the moon is transiting to in order to see what you may be brining to the surface to heal. 

On a final note, I want to come back to the connection to the heart. I invite you to connect to your heart, and to your higher heart (8th Chakra in the the Thymus area) This is something that is awakening not only on Earth, Our Solar System, but in our Cosmic body. 

The Heart of the Cosmic body is the Orion Nebula. (It looks like a heart doesn't it!) Just as we are healing, so has the timelines in Orion. It is a beautiful opportunity for us to connect with the Benevolent beings in the heart center to help restore our Cosmic Dragon Mother back to wholeness and balance. 

Here is a special Starseed Reading that I did for a very special soul that has had many lifetimes in the higher dimension of the Orion Constellation and the Orion Nebula. 

My final thought I wanted to share with all of this is based in the work of Family Constellations. The more we can align to love, to be in love and to surrender to the greater whole. The more we Restore the Family back to Love. Our family is much bigger than we may have realized when we were growing up, but now I invite you to look to the stars and remember the beauty of our cosmic home.

With So Much Love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Pleiades Constellation - The Seven Sisters and Hathors

Hello Beautiful Souls,      


This post we are going to explore the Pleiades Constellation from a Star Lineage perspective. 

The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located about 410 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. Most skywatchers are familiar with the assembly, which looks something like a smaller, hazier version of the Big Dipper in the night sky.

The Pleiades along with Orion, have some of the deepest ties in history with our Solar System and with Earth. Not only is Earth in Harmonic Universe 2 (Dimensions 4,5,6) located in the Pleiades, but most beings on the planet have some DNA or history with this constellation. 

Pleiadeans, also known as Nordic Aliens or Plejaren are humanoid extraterrestrials that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars in the second Harmonic Universe. There are both benevolent and negative beings form the Pleiadian System, and they are the primary gatekeepers of the 5D timelines.

Most of the benevolent Pleiadian groups have a strict non interference policy with earthlings as the result of the consequences of inadvertently contributing to mass upheavals on the earth surface that were not intended to interfere with forward spiritual progression and consciousness growth of earth humans. Due to these destructive events occurring in the previous timelines, all interactions with earth people are strictly monitored, as the consequences of these previous interactions had generated karmic bonds in which certain groups were not able to evolve any further as a result of these previous events that resulted in destructive timelines. Of the humanoid types of Pleiadians, they appear very similar to earth humans, but have different variations in height, hair and eye color. (Ascension Glossary)

The different races from the Pleiades have many different desires or agendas. Some are working in harmony with the Law of One, and many are digressive, or self serving and working with Luciferian agendas. 

GA Signet Council 5: The Council of Alcyone-Pleiades.

Guardians of D-5 Pleiadian-Alcyone-SG-5. A Council in crisis. Emerald Order Taran MC Eieyani Priests of UR and Anuhazi Feline-hominid, Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim hominid-avian-Oraphim Serres and Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Cetacean Inyu co-governing body. 

Governing Command Committee is Emerald-Gold Order Ashalum Command. Second Command Committee was Ashtar Command, which is made up of Amethyst Order Bra-ha-rama overseeing rehabilitating Anunnaki races that entered the Emerald Covenant. Once included Sirian and Nibiruian Anunnaki organizations participating in Bio-Regenesis through the Emerald Covenant. Anunnaki branches of the Alcyone Council are referred to as the ―Ruby Order Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki.‖ Ruby Order groups include the Nibiruian Councils of Nine, Twelve and Twenty-four, the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki, Galactic Federation, ―Archangel Michael‖ collective, Ashtar Command and the Annu-Melchizedek legions.Many Ruby Order Emerald Covenant defectors, including Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Archangel Michael Matrix, Annu-Melchizedeks and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki were responsible for manipulation and digression of the earthly Angelic Human lineage since 25,500 BC. 

These groups temporarily rejoined the Emerald Covenant during the 1992 Sirian-Pleiadian Agreements, and entered the Guardian's July 5th, 2000 Treaty of Altair. On September 12th, 2000 the majority of these groups defected from GA Signet Council-5 Alcyone Council to join the United Resistance with Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions in promotion of the Earth pole shift agenda. Some groups accepted Amnesty Contracts from the GA and IAFW, remaining in the Emerald Covenant. It is very difficult for humans to detect what agenda affiliation these groups may now have; caution is advised in contact or channeling communication. (CDT Plate Translation from KS)

Many of the Indigenous Peoples of Earth are direct transplants from other Star systems, by far the most common is the Pleiades. In Anton Parks books they are called the Sinumun people. They were mixed with the genetics of the Gina'abul, the pure reptilians races (benevolent) and the aquatics from Sirius. 

(From Girku Chronicals 3 by Anton Parks)

Cherokee Legends
Cherokee legend states that their people originated in the Pleiades and they came to this world as starseeds of light and knowledge. If this legend is so, then modern day Cherokee Indians, as well as other Native Americans, have Pleiadean genes. (Ascension Glossary)

(Hopi Petroglyphs)

“Towards the end of the Third World, there was a woman as Supreme Leader in Atlantis. In our language we can call her a "Kickmongwuity", a supreme priestess, in your eyes she would have been simply a queen. She was very powerful and a very beautiful woman. She used her power and the beauty of her body to subdue the leaders of her people. She received so many jewels from them that we called her "the turqoise woman". […] Atlantis extended its influence and subjugated peoples in the countries that lay farther to the east, which we now call Europe and Africa. Although Atlantis was a small country, it had a very big influence. You can compare it to England. It is also a small country, but what an influence it has had!” (20) White Bear, Tradition of the Hopi Indians - KÁSSKARA UND DIE SIEBEN WELTEN (From Girku Chronicals 3 by Anton Parks)

In Human Design, the Pleiades, specifically Alcyone, is the Star placements of "Initiation". This is a beginning energy for the cycles of creation, evolution and growth for "Uras" Earth. 

In the First Quarter the witness( the Personality Crystal) returns to Earth, once again brining renewal to the evolution of consciousness on the mental plane. this is where purpose is fulfilled through Mind, through thinking, educating, conceptualizing, explaining and sharing what it means to be alive in a form. (Human Design by Lynda Bunnell)

This is from the middle of Aquarius till the Middle of Taurus.

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Energy Update - Taurus, Healing Insecurities, Powerful Solar Alignments

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

I hope this update is useful for you and helps you navigate the upcoming energy we are going to be feeling. 

Please pay attention to your Gates/Gene Keys being activated in your chart. If you would like your own personal chart reading. Please contact me here

(image from Evolutionary Astrology)

Here is the Update

With Love, 

Becca Bee

Monday, April 18, 2022

Voyagers Vol. 1 The Sleeping Abductees intro to Keylonta Sciences

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

The Voyagers Book series is a valuable resource for starting to innerstand the sacred sciences such as our soul, our energy bodies, the geometries of the universe and our undistorted galactic histories. These books take us into the deeper knowing of the creation of our 15 Dimensional time matrix, how we are connected to others, and who we are as a star race of Angelic Humans. 

I am guided to share some of the chapters of this book in an audio format for those that are drawn to listen. 

If you are interested in the books in pdf format, please reach out to me directly. 

Voyagers Vol. 1 - Chapters 2-4

Voyagers Vol. 1 - Chapter 5

Voyagers Vol. 1 - Chapter 8 (final chapter)

With So Much Love, 

Becca Bee

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Your Heart, Your Soul and the Eternal Question of Who Am I

Hello Beautiful Souls,

 As we progress through life and going into deeper and deeper questions of self. The age old phrase of "Know Thyself" lends to the age old question of "Who Am I". 

These questions are key in the path of awakening. In fact, until we begin to ask these questions, we remain asleep in the dream.

I would like to pose a couple of questions to you in this post as a stepping stone to your inner truth. Questions that will hopefully provoke deeper contemplation into your innerstanding, and more importantly, your comfort in absolutely knowing you.

Who is looking through your eyes? What is, or Who is ...."You". 

As we start to delve deeper into connecting with our consciousness having this experience, vs the ego that thinks it knows everything, we start to open doorways to infinite possibilities. 

If you were to leave your body today, where would you go? 

People spend so much time mapping out their physical life in this one incarnation. But if we live lifetime after lifetime.... where are you going next?

When you connect with your Guides, Guardians, Deva's, Angels...Who are you connecting with?

This is similar to the first question of knowing ourselves. If we have not really spent time know delving into who we are, then we are going to be living a life that will always be seeking outside of ones' self. I know this might be a challenging statement, but take a moment to think of it this way, questions are the backbone of expansion. Questions and Curiosity. 

Now, when we just go along with things the way they are, we will find our life on auto pilot. Jumping from one reaction to the next. Most people are living life from their internal beliefs and programs they have been taught since birth. When the Soul awakens in the heart, that is when the questions start to turn on. When the questions turn on, you are less likely to be pulled into just believing things because someone told you that is the way they are. 

All of these Beings live beyond the veil in the Astral and Multidimensional realms. Until we take our own journey into these places, we are only living life from other people's experiences or thoughts. When you connect with them directly with Consciousness, you are going to find that you are an equal in the field of Source. The only difference is...They Know who they are. There is not a doubt in their consciousness to any of the above questions. Consciousness is expansion. 

The being with the most "knowing" or Consciousness is the one that holds the power. So it is so important for us to know who we are giving power away to if we are just asking for help without truly "knowing". 

Experience becomes the next step. 

All three of these questions can be fully answered internally and through experience. One of the best ways to begin to experience these type of answers is to go inward beyond the veil of thought through techniques such as breathwork, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or as one individual shares it...going into "The Phase". 

When you begin to let yourself explore beyond the veil, now you start to empower yourself with answers you get by experience, not second hand. The best example is the idea of trying to explain the color red to someone who is blind, or what chocolate tastes like to someone who has never tried it. Most of the experiences of life are not something we can truly explain. You just have to feel it and know it for yourself. 

I invite you to start questioning everything you think you know. Questions why you do the things you do. Questions why you believe the things you believe. Question everything. Our mind is programed to want to know because it wants to feel safe. When we die to our "self" each day, we begin to experience the part of us that is eternal. The part that is part of Source, the part that never dies. 

We can get so locked into ideas and beliefs that we don't allow the doorway to the infinite possibilities of the universe in. Take a look at nature. Imagine what creativity and possibility had to be possible for all the diversity that is here on just this one Planet. We really are a living library! 

How much can you let the doorway open? 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

Here is the video for this newsletter

Saturday, April 9, 2022

15 Major Fixed Stars and Their Influences

 Keep Checking back, this page is in progress 😀

Algol - 

The star Algol takes its name from an Arabic word meaning the Demon's Head or, literally the Ghoul. It represents the terrifying snaky head of the Medusa monster. In the mythology of the skies, Perseus – a great hero often depicted mounted on Pegasus the Flying Horse – slayed Medusa

Algol is associated with pain, suffering, violence, difficult and emotionally intense experiences, beheadings, accidents to the head, losing one's head (mentally) and has been historically linked with murderous acts, disastrous events, and anything horrific.

Resource for more on Algol with aspects to your chart


Alcyone, also designated as Eta Tauri, is a multiple star system located in the zodiacal constellation of Taurus, the celestial bull

Alcyone is associates with the First Quarter of Initiation in Human Design. It is the moment our Personality Crystal (our Soul) returns to Earth, once again bringing renewal to the evolution of consciousness on the mental plane. This is where purpose is fulfilled through mind, through thinking, conceptualizing, explaining and sharing what it means to be alive in a physical form. Once our mind is comfortable in our form, we no longer yearn to live life as anyone but ourselves. 6 of the 15 gates of this Quarter are held in the Emotional Solar Plexus. This is about the initiation of Spirit awareness. 

You can learn more about the Pleiades Star System from Debbie Solaris Site here


Aldebaran, designated α Tauri, is a giant star measured to be about 65 light-years from the Sun in the zodiac constellation Taurus. It is the brightest star in Taurus. Aldebaran alpha Taurus pale scarlet star of 1st magnitude. Located at 09º59′ Gemini. Located on the left eye of Taurus, one of the leading stars of this constellation. Aldebaran is called the Guardian of the East. It is the star of the Archangel Michael. Aldebaran was known as the Foreteller. This eye is the Eye of God, since it is the left eye of Taurus, it is less influential, unknown sources of power are involved and is female in nature. The Arabs assigned the name to the star. And it means follower. Because Aldebaran follows the Pleiades. Like every major star, Aldebaran has several names: the Eye of Taurus or "Bull's Eye" determines its location in the constellation. Lamparus is Greek. Denotes a "torch" or "beacon" of the dark sky. The reddish star Aldebaran is very old and huge. It turns out that this hot gas giant, according to scientists, is forty times larger than the Sun.

"Aldebaran is "also called Ashtari, and Alpha Tauri, the planet of the Annukai.*  It is the brightest star in the Hyades; a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus; one of the 15 brightest stars with a visual magnitude of 0.85. Its diameter is 44 times that of the Sun."

*"...Aldebaran's aliens are not the Annukai, but an offspring of the Annukai..."

"Aldebaran was nicknamed 'The Follower' since it rises after the Pleiades cluster of stars."

Aldebaran is known as Rohoni by the Hindu Masters, the Eye of the Universe by the Phoenicians, one of the four Royal Stars by the Persians, the guiding light in the Book of Chaldea, the Eye of Il "El" (God) by early Hebrews, the Star of Buddha by numerous Buddhist monks, the realm of Mounawiriin (realm of The Enlightened Ones) by the Rouhaniyiin, the passage to heaven by early Akkadians, the name for Ashtari by Arabs."

"Aldebaran: Some of these Humanoid aliens are Hitler's supporters, want a Nazi Super Race in their image. Today are said to be working from Antarctica and have plans of a 4th Reich where there wont be mistakes of the 3rd Reich!"  See post

"Aldebaran is an orange giant star which is located about 65 light years away in the constellation of Taurus. There are two ET species living in the Aldebaran star system. All two races are humanoid. The first race is eighth dimensional, they have grey or purple translucent glowing skin, with either black or blue hair. Their eyes are either purple or blue. The women range in height from 6'8 to 7'0 tall and the men go up to 8'0 tall. This race has the ability of siren song and their voices are hypnotic so they can hypnotize people by creating mind suggestions.

Aldebaran life span is 500 - 2000 years, the Aldebarans are descendant from the Lyra system. The Aldebaran agenda is to observe and guide other species on their evolutionary path. Aldebarans are a neutral species who explore various galaxies out in space. The shapes of the Aldebaran ships are round and cube.

The second Aldebaran species is aquatic with greenish/blue skin, and green or blue eyes. They are tenth dimensional and can go in height up to 14 feet tall. This species also has the ability of the siren song and they are deep sea divers so they can live under water for long periods of time, they have underwater cities on their planets.

Akura is a wisdom keeper who helps beings who experience the energetic dimensional phasing in and phasing out of the ascension process where the individual travels to multiple dimensions at the same time like from 3D, 5D, 8D, and back to the lower dimension, or if the being is getting upgrades or downloads and some parts of their body starts pulsing in a painful way, as well they may get a headache, Akura will give advice on which vibrational mantras to use in order to lessen the symptoms of the ascension process if it is painful or uncomfortable. One of her mantra’s is "Release and let go for upgrades to Flow". This mantra really works to make the uploads and downloads of the light codes a smooth process into the human body which is evolving right now into its crystalline essence as a molecular state."



Procyon  or the Little Dog Star of Canis Minor.








Antares located at 09º58′ Sagittarius in the constellation scorpio in the heart of a Scorpio. The boundaries of the constellation Scorpio from 29º56′ Scorpio - 29º46′ Sagittarius. This is a double star. She is called the rival of Mars (anti - Ares). Antares was considered one of the four royal stars in Persia. Antares is called the guardian of the West or the Guardian of the West. 3000 BC e. it coincided with the point of the autumnal equinox.

The star Antares has a bright red light and in our night sky competes in this respect with another celestial body that has a blood-red tint, Mars - the latter was called Ares by the ancient Romans, identifying it with war. The luminary in the constellation Scorpio seemed to them the main opponent of Ares, which is why it got its name - Anti-Ares - Antares. That is, literally, the rival of Mars. By the way, the star Antares attracted particular interest not only from the inhabitants of ancient Europe. It is known that some ceremonies ancient egypt passed taking into account the orientation to this star.

Antares is Greek for rival of Ares, meaning rival of Mars. Antares is sometimes said to be the “anti-Mars.” All this rivalry, as told in ancient celestial lore, stems from the colors of Mars and Antares. Both are red in color, and, for a few months every couple of years Mars is much brighter than Antares. Most of the time, though, Mars is near the same brightness or much fainter than Antares. Every couple of years, Mars passes near Antares, which was perhaps seen as taunting the star, as Mars moves rapidly through the heavens and Antares, like all stars, seems fixed to the starry firmament.

As is typical, more mythology attends the full constellation of Scorpius than the star Antares. Perhaps the most well known story of Scorpius is that the Earth goddess, Gaia, sent him to sting arrogant Orion, who had claimed his intent to kill all animals on the planet. Scorpius killed Orion, and both were placed in the sky, although in opposite sides of the heavens, positioned as if to show the Scorpion chasing the Mighty Hunter.

In Polynesia, Scorpius is often seen as a fishhook, with some stories describing it as the magic fishhook used by the demigod Maui to pull up land from the ocean floor that became the Hawaiian islands.

From Debbie Solaris Site...

Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpio.

It is a star with fiery red and emerald green colors, and lies at a distance of approximately 136 light years.

Often referred to as "the heart of the scorpion," Antares is a red supergiant, a large evolved massive star.

Its mass is calculated to be around 12 times that of the Sun. Antares appears as a single star when viewed with the naked eye, but it is actually a binary star, with its two components called α Scorpii A and α Scorpii B.

The brighter of the pair is the red supergiant, while the fainter is a hot main sequence star of magnitude 5.5. Antares is located in the southern half of earth’s sky.

If you traveled to the southern hemisphere, about 67 degrees south latitude, you’d find that Antares is circumpolar, meaning it never sets and is visible every night of the year from earth’s southernmost regions.

 There are several Earth-like planets in their star system, some of which are also in the process of Ascension. Antares is 87,200 times larger than the Earth and located closer to the Great Grand Central Sun in the Galactic Center.

During the separation of the Milky Way from the Andromeda Galaxy, the very first stargate in our Milky Way Galaxy was created, which was the Antares Stargate.

Antares was created to be a star portal that connected the Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Through this portal, many etheric (non-physical) beings from the Andromeda Galaxy arrived in the new Milky Way Galaxy to begin the new cosmic experimentation into a more physical reality.

Antares is the home of higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical and is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. Some souls, upon physical incarnation, choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory.

Some starseeds here on Earth, usually those who have originated from the Andromeda Galaxy, actually came to this Galaxy through the Antares stargate, not Arcturus.

These starseeds are usually highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved.

The Antarians are a mostly non-physical star race at this time, although it is thought that they were once physical beings who had visited Earth during ancient times.

Antares is a center for spiritual awakening, and they serve as protectors until the end of this galactic cycle. The Antarians benefit from relaying and receiving information from Earth as they are in process of transmuting energy on some planets, which are under their care.

 Despite Antares being a stargate like Arcturus, Antarian energies are quite different from the Arcturians. While the Arcturians have assisted the Earth in their group missions, the Antarians have not. Antarians are the gateway keepers of the Higher Realms/Dimensions.

They help facilitate souls shifting into higher states of consciousness.

The Arcturians, on the other hand, process a soul first, and when the soul has evolved farther in consciousness it passes through the Antarian portal that gives access to higher frequencies within this Universe.


Deneb Algedi

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Astral Projection OBE

Knowing Thyself Through Inner Journeys Out of the Body

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences is one of the most powerful ways to embrace the knowing that we are more than our body. Most of humanity experiences life through the thoughts and beliefs of others, rather than first hand experience. We learn through book, videos, ideas and the stories of others. We will hear about other experiences and then create our own ideas of what is possible. This is true in all walks of life, but especially within the world of esoteric and spiritual sciences.

The energetic world is best understood in the beginning through metaphors since the nature of the universe if far more vast than the mind can ever truly understand. We find ourselves imagining feelings and experiences from the teachings or experiences of others. It is no different that imagining love, or joy. People can talk to you about it, you can read about it and you can imagine it from every metaphor possible. But that will never be a viable substitute for the actual experience of feeling and knowing love or joy for yourself.

Life is an experience. The path of Knowing Thyself is the path of being the experiencer, and knowing thyself through that experience. That is the evolutionary path of the soul.

Therefore, the practice and skill of Out of Body experiences, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel is one of the most powerful tools we can use in order to break free from the world our (and the consensus) has created for us, and realize the true nature of the vastness of who we are.

This is the ultimate self directed path of becoming the axiom of your own truth. With that, let’s explore how to get started with developing the doorway of consciousness.



Setting up yourself for the practice of becoming skilled at Out of Body Experiences.


First we are going to start with a powerful practice that is gifted to us from David Grove and the technique of Clean Language. This is an incredible tool for learning to work with metaphors. Clean Language is a way for us to learn how to not input information into situation, but rather get the deeper meaning in each moment by asking questions that do not lead into suggested answers.

We are going to find that most Lucid Dreams or OBE’s are really just images and impressions of energy, translated by our own mind. Our mind loves to make sense of things, so it is always making up images, filling in the blanks and in essence leading us into what we perceive.

These inner journeys through the veil allow us to realize that everything we imagine is only a symbol for something deep in our subconscious mind. So we can start to ask “what do you represent?”, once we start to get more comfortable in the dream realms.

Ok, back to first….

Let’s first ask “Why do you want to learn to Lucid Dream or Astral Project out of your body?”

One of the thoughts that David Grove shared with us is that we are layered beings. Therefore when we are asked a question, the first answer is not our deepest truth. In order to get to our true reason for any “why” in life, we want to  quickly ask ourselves seven times the same question. The seventh answer will be the true reason why you are doing what you are doing.


If your “why” is a limiting belief, do the Clearing Statement Process, and then ask again. The more you align to your higher mind, the freer you will be from the limitations of your mind.


Next, here is a list of questions from William Buhlman to ask yourself as to why you are choosing to become adept at stepping your consciousness out of your body. 

(I highly recommend this book as a starting point of possibilities)


Now lets prepare for our daily practices and our nightly rituals for the first week. These will be our foundations that we are going to continue on with throughout your life of being a multidimensional traveler. I suggest your visit my page on Lucid Dreaming for more detailed steps and resources for these suggestions. 


1.Dream Journal 

Create a dream journal either on your computer or in a notebook. This needs to be nearby so when you wake up it is easily accessible. 


2. Reality Checks

 I won't go into detail about how to do this hear, but reality checks are a huge part of practicing for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Set a timer to help you remember to do this regularly through the day, or you can use the Carlos Castaneda method of looking at your hand and asking, "Am I dreaming?" 

3.Practice Visualizing a place you are familiar with

 This is in the book by William Bulman and I find this to be a valuable tool that helps me out of body. This practice is to spend time visualizing a familiar place and get familiar with the feel, sound, touch, light and every aspect of it so you can easily go to this place with your energy body and start your astral journey. 

4. Read and listen to books, audios and video of Lucid dreaming and OBE to keep your mind fully focused on living and breathing this practice.

 See the Lucid Dreaming Page or google away!

5. Bedtime practice, breathwork, relaxation, possible set alarm for 90 min before sunrise. And fall asleep saying “I Am Out of my body now”


6. Start to Find your Dream Themes. You are going to have your own unique trigger that helps you become lucid. For me it is words.


7. For OBE, your task will be to get comfortable with all the sounds and sensations that come with this practice.

 I recommend Chapter 7 in Adventures Beyond the Body for more information on what may come up when you start astral traveling. 

This is just a short intro to get started and ideas to inspire. My suggestion to you, after you ask "why" you even want to learn this skill. Is to then create a simple task you are going to do for your first experiences. Since the list of possibilities of what you can do in an OBE or even Lucid Dreaming is as endless and the is helpful to create you action plan so you don't find yourself in your energy body and then overwhelmed with what to do!

I would recommend starting with just getting familiar with the door, your familiar place, and then maybe explore your home and then fly. Your first few journeys can be a powerful way to get familiar with this skill and lead you to greater awareness as you explore more and more in all  your future light body travels.

With So Much Love...Have Fun!




Books I Recommend 

Adventures Out of the Body by William Bulman

Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

Todd Acamesis is a great teacher. I'm not sure if he has any books, but this video series he did years ago is amazing. There are ten parts to it. Here is part one and you should be able to easily keep clicking through the whole series. 

Astral School of Projection by Michael Raduga