Thursday, March 17, 2022

Astral Projection OBE

Knowing Thyself Through Inner Journeys Out of the Body

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences is one of the most powerful ways to embrace the knowing that we are more than our body. Most of humanity experiences life through the thoughts and beliefs of others, rather than first hand experience. We learn through book, videos, ideas and the stories of others. We will hear about other experiences and then create our own ideas of what is possible. This is true in all walks of life, but especially within the world of esoteric and spiritual sciences.

The energetic world is best understood in the beginning through metaphors since the nature of the universe if far more vast than the mind can ever truly understand. We find ourselves imagining feelings and experiences from the teachings or experiences of others. It is no different that imagining love, or joy. People can talk to you about it, you can read about it and you can imagine it from every metaphor possible. But that will never be a viable substitute for the actual experience of feeling and knowing love or joy for yourself.

Life is an experience. The path of Knowing Thyself is the path of being the experiencer, and knowing thyself through that experience. That is the evolutionary path of the soul.

Therefore, the practice and skill of Out of Body experiences, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel is one of the most powerful tools we can use in order to break free from the world our (and the consensus) has created for us, and realize the true nature of the vastness of who we are.

This is the ultimate self directed path of becoming the axiom of your own truth. With that, let’s explore how to get started with developing the doorway of consciousness.



Setting up yourself for the practice of becoming skilled at Out of Body Experiences.


First we are going to start with a powerful practice that is gifted to us from David Grove and the technique of Clean Language. This is an incredible tool for learning to work with metaphors. Clean Language is a way for us to learn how to not input information into situation, but rather get the deeper meaning in each moment by asking questions that do not lead into suggested answers.

We are going to find that most Lucid Dreams or OBE’s are really just images and impressions of energy, translated by our own mind. Our mind loves to make sense of things, so it is always making up images, filling in the blanks and in essence leading us into what we perceive.

These inner journeys through the veil allow us to realize that everything we imagine is only a symbol for something deep in our subconscious mind. So we can start to ask “what do you represent?”, once we start to get more comfortable in the dream realms.

Ok, back to first….

Let’s first ask “Why do you want to learn to Lucid Dream or Astral Project out of your body?”

One of the thoughts that David Grove shared with us is that we are layered beings. Therefore when we are asked a question, the first answer is not our deepest truth. In order to get to our true reason for any “why” in life, we want to  quickly ask ourselves seven times the same question. The seventh answer will be the true reason why you are doing what you are doing.


If your “why” is a limiting belief, do the Clearing Statement Process, and then ask again. The more you align to your higher mind, the freer you will be from the limitations of your mind.


Next, here is a list of questions from William Buhlman to ask yourself as to why you are choosing to become adept at stepping your consciousness out of your body. 

(I highly recommend this book as a starting point of possibilities)


Now lets prepare for our daily practices and our nightly rituals for the first week. These will be our foundations that we are going to continue on with throughout your life of being a multidimensional traveler. I suggest your visit my page on Lucid Dreaming for more detailed steps and resources for these suggestions. 


1.Dream Journal 

Create a dream journal either on your computer or in a notebook. This needs to be nearby so when you wake up it is easily accessible. 


2. Reality Checks

 I won't go into detail about how to do this hear, but reality checks are a huge part of practicing for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Set a timer to help you remember to do this regularly through the day, or you can use the Carlos Castaneda method of looking at your hand and asking, "Am I dreaming?" 

3.Practice Visualizing a place you are familiar with

 This is in the book by William Bulman and I find this to be a valuable tool that helps me out of body. This practice is to spend time visualizing a familiar place and get familiar with the feel, sound, touch, light and every aspect of it so you can easily go to this place with your energy body and start your astral journey. 

4. Read and listen to books, audios and video of Lucid dreaming and OBE to keep your mind fully focused on living and breathing this practice.

 See the Lucid Dreaming Page or google away!

5. Bedtime practice, breathwork, relaxation, possible set alarm for 90 min before sunrise. And fall asleep saying “I Am Out of my body now”


6. Start to Find your Dream Themes. You are going to have your own unique trigger that helps you become lucid. For me it is words.


7. For OBE, your task will be to get comfortable with all the sounds and sensations that come with this practice.

 I recommend Chapter 7 in Adventures Beyond the Body for more information on what may come up when you start astral traveling. 

This is just a short intro to get started and ideas to inspire. My suggestion to you, after you ask "why" you even want to learn this skill. Is to then create a simple task you are going to do for your first experiences. Since the list of possibilities of what you can do in an OBE or even Lucid Dreaming is as endless and the is helpful to create you action plan so you don't find yourself in your energy body and then overwhelmed with what to do!

I would recommend starting with just getting familiar with the door, your familiar place, and then maybe explore your home and then fly. Your first few journeys can be a powerful way to get familiar with this skill and lead you to greater awareness as you explore more and more in all  your future light body travels.

With So Much Love...Have Fun!




Books I Recommend 

Adventures Out of the Body by William Bulman

Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

Todd Acamesis is a great teacher. I'm not sure if he has any books, but this video series he did years ago is amazing. There are ten parts to it. Here is part one and you should be able to easily keep clicking through the whole series. 

Astral School of Projection by Michael Raduga


  1. There have been periods time that I would wake up every dream cycle during the night, with a remembered dream, which was interesting but not really the result I was looking for. I did have the best results, especially with lucidity, on the last dream cycle in the morning, much like you were saying.

    1. Yes, early morning seems to be a powerful time for more lucid or vivid experiences. I usually set my alarm for 3:33am as a way to move myself to a new location or reset my energy for the next rounds.