Thursday, April 14, 2022

Your Heart, Your Soul and the Eternal Question of Who Am I

Hello Beautiful Souls,

 As we progress through life and going into deeper and deeper questions of self. The age old phrase of "Know Thyself" lends to the age old question of "Who Am I". 

These questions are key in the path of awakening. In fact, until we begin to ask these questions, we remain asleep in the dream.

I would like to pose a couple of questions to you in this post as a stepping stone to your inner truth. Questions that will hopefully provoke deeper contemplation into your innerstanding, and more importantly, your comfort in absolutely knowing you.

Who is looking through your eyes? What is, or Who is ...."You". 

As we start to delve deeper into connecting with our consciousness having this experience, vs the ego that thinks it knows everything, we start to open doorways to infinite possibilities. 

If you were to leave your body today, where would you go? 

People spend so much time mapping out their physical life in this one incarnation. But if we live lifetime after lifetime.... where are you going next?

When you connect with your Guides, Guardians, Deva's, Angels...Who are you connecting with?

This is similar to the first question of knowing ourselves. If we have not really spent time know delving into who we are, then we are going to be living a life that will always be seeking outside of ones' self. I know this might be a challenging statement, but take a moment to think of it this way, questions are the backbone of expansion. Questions and Curiosity. 

Now, when we just go along with things the way they are, we will find our life on auto pilot. Jumping from one reaction to the next. Most people are living life from their internal beliefs and programs they have been taught since birth. When the Soul awakens in the heart, that is when the questions start to turn on. When the questions turn on, you are less likely to be pulled into just believing things because someone told you that is the way they are. 

All of these Beings live beyond the veil in the Astral and Multidimensional realms. Until we take our own journey into these places, we are only living life from other people's experiences or thoughts. When you connect with them directly with Consciousness, you are going to find that you are an equal in the field of Source. The only difference is...They Know who they are. There is not a doubt in their consciousness to any of the above questions. Consciousness is expansion. 

The being with the most "knowing" or Consciousness is the one that holds the power. So it is so important for us to know who we are giving power away to if we are just asking for help without truly "knowing". 

Experience becomes the next step. 

All three of these questions can be fully answered internally and through experience. One of the best ways to begin to experience these type of answers is to go inward beyond the veil of thought through techniques such as breathwork, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or as one individual shares it...going into "The Phase". 

When you begin to let yourself explore beyond the veil, now you start to empower yourself with answers you get by experience, not second hand. The best example is the idea of trying to explain the color red to someone who is blind, or what chocolate tastes like to someone who has never tried it. Most of the experiences of life are not something we can truly explain. You just have to feel it and know it for yourself. 

I invite you to start questioning everything you think you know. Questions why you do the things you do. Questions why you believe the things you believe. Question everything. Our mind is programed to want to know because it wants to feel safe. When we die to our "self" each day, we begin to experience the part of us that is eternal. The part that is part of Source, the part that never dies. 

We can get so locked into ideas and beliefs that we don't allow the doorway to the infinite possibilities of the universe in. Take a look at nature. Imagine what creativity and possibility had to be possible for all the diversity that is here on just this one Planet. We really are a living library! 

How much can you let the doorway open? 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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