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Winged Lion Nation


The Winged Lion Stellar Nation

The Stellar Nation of the Winged Lion, known as Leonthay Phí, is a majestic and powerful lineage deeply connected to the divine source of creation. These beings are characterized by their noble, pure-hearted nature, and their mission to lead and govern with wisdom, generosity, and righteousness.

Key Qualities: Majestic, noble, disciplined, and wise.

Energy: The Heart of Power, embodying divine rulership and spiritual connection.

Astrological Significance

Leonthay Phí starseeds are endowed with the highest and purest power, entrusted by the divine to lead and govern stellar worlds, solar systems, planets, and communities of souls. They are seen as sanctified kings or queens, expected to maintain a continuous connection with the divine will and guide their communities with integrity and spiritual insight.

Integrative Insights

Cosmic Journey: These starseeds experience a profound journey starting from the ninth dimension, descending into the lower worlds, and then ascending through the sacral grades of initiation. This pathway leads them through various stargates, beginning with the constellation of Leo, symbolizing their eternal remembrance among the stars.

Mission and Responsibility: The primary mission of the Winged Lion starseeds is to uplift and guide any group of beings that have fallen to lower levels of consciousness. They connect these groups with the highest spiritual presence, ensuring their development and flourishing according to the divine plan.

Divine Connection: The Winged Lion starseeds maintain a ceaseless connection with the divine source, acting as intermediaries between the divine will and their communities. They are tasked with governing in the name of the God and the Goddess, ensuring that their leadership reflects the highest spiritual ideals.

Characteristics and Challenges

Noble Leadership: Winged Lion starseeds possess a profound sense of duty and leadership, characterized by their noble and majestic demeanor. They are disciplined and generous, always striving to lead with righteousness and wisdom.

Spiritual Guidance: These starseeds are deeply spiritual, with their consciousness permeated by divine wisdom. They act as guides and mentors, helping others to understand and navigate their spiritual journeys.

Challenges: The journey of the Winged Lion starseeds involves significant trials, including a great fall from the ninth dimension and a challenging ascent through the lower worlds. They must overcome the temptations and distractions of power, maintaining their integrity and connection to the divine.


The Stellar Nation of the Winged Lion represents the highest ideals of divine leadership and spiritual connection. These starseeds are entrusted with the profound responsibility of guiding and uplifting their communities, ensuring that they remain aligned with the highest spiritual principles. Through their noble and disciplined nature, they embody the heart of power and the wisdom of the divine, leading with integrity and righteousness.

This summary encapsulates the essence and mission of the Winged Lion Stellar Nation, highlighting their role as divine leaders and spiritual guides in the cosmic order.


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