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Procyon Starseeds



Constellation: Canis Minor

Influence: Health, wealth, well-being, leadership, and exploration

Energy: Benevolent, responsible, nurturing

Procyon is a beautiful star nation known for its deep connections to Earth and its active involvement in benevolent councils, federations and projects that are striving for the reinstatement of the Divine Template and Christos Mission here. These star beings are instrumental in creating universal timelines that foster expansion and growth within this part of the universe.

The Procyon starseeds that have incarnated on Earth can call on this DNA in their holographic template as it possesses excellent health, wealth, and well-being, reflecting the positive influence of this star system. Procyon starseeds are natural-born leaders with a deep sense of responsibility and nurturing qualities. These individuals are driven by a desire to serve and support others, often feeling a profound satisfaction in caring for those in need. Their open hearts and strong sense of duty make them reliable and dependable, although they may become guarded when their expectations are not met.

There is so much diversity to out Galactic History and Procyon has also dealt with some of the deepest wounds of the wars in our cosmos, primarily the memories of conflicts with the Draconian Empire. During parts of their history, they were overtaken by the Dracos and forced into servitude, which went against their genetic alignment with angelic race lines. This period of slavery included the suppression of their teachings and the imposition of false doctrines to prevent them from reconnecting with their higher light bodies.

A major turning point for Procyon was when refugees from the Sirius star system arrived. These refugees taught the Procyons how to inhabit their light bodies, which eventually helped them break free from Draconian control. Today, Procyon beings are esteemed planetary scientists and brave explorers within the Galactic Federation, designing timelines and providing valuable information to help Earth and other planetary systems evolve beyond control systems.

Procyon is home to a diverse group of beings, including amphibian and reptilian refugees from Sirius B, as well as humans. These beings are genetically related to Sirius and Lyra and are known for their benevolent and unwavering love. They often resemble Earth humans but with larger, more vibrant eyes and slightly lower ears, reflecting their advanced brain capacity.

Procyon starseeds are born leaders with individual personalities. They have a strong sense of responsibility and find deep satisfaction in nurturing and supporting others. However, their open-hearted nature can lead to emotional hurt when their high expectations are not met, resulting in guarded behavior and difficulty expressing emotions.

Procyon beings played a role in the creation of the Oraphim Angelic line, nurturing the angelic race for the future creation of the angelic human lineage. They hold within them the genetic template for the 24 to 48 strand DNA angelic human, and part of their life's purpose is to awaken these codes in others simply through their presence.

Gene Key 28 - The Gene Key of Life and Death 

Procyon aligns with Gene Key 28, which explores the themes of life, death, and purpose. Those influenced by Procyon and Gene Key 28 are driven by a profound sense of purpose and the quest for meaning. They have a deep understanding of the cycles of life and death, often feeling called to transformative roles where they can guide others through significant changes and rebirths. This Gene Key emphasizes the importance of embracing both light and shadow aspects of existence, mirroring Procyon's history of overcoming oppression and evolving towards higher consciousness. The shadow aspect of this Gene Key is purposelessness, the gift is totality, and the siddhi is immortality, reflecting the journey of Procyon beings from survival to enlightened leadership and service.

Procyon starseeds are benevolent leaders and explorers, deeply committed to the well-being of others and the evolution of planetary systems. Their journey from oppression to liberation has given them resilience and wisdom, making them invaluable contributors to the Galactic Federation and guardians of universal growth and expansion. Their presence on Earth helps awaken the higher potential within humanity, guiding others towards health, wealth, and well-being. The alignment with Gene Key 28 further enriches their mission, highlighting their role in navigating the profound themes of life, death, and purpose.

Input from others on the Nordics and beings from Procyon

Linda Mouton Howe

The Nordics, also known as Nordic aliens, are a prominent type of extraterrestrial being reported in UFO lore. They are typically described as tall, human-like, and bearing Scandinavian features—blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and an overall striking resemblance to the Nordic human population. These beings are often portrayed as benevolent, spiritual, and advanced in terms of both technology and consciousness.

Physical Description

  • Appearance: The Nordics are described as humanoid and very similar to humans in appearance but generally taller, ranging from 6 to 7 feet in height.
  • Features: They have blonde or platinum blonde hair, blue or light-colored eyes, and fair skin. Their physique is usually slender and athletic.
  • Aura: Some accounts suggest that they exude a calming and radiant aura, contributing to their perceived benevolence.

Connection to Procyon

Procyon is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor and one of the closest stars to Earth. In the context of the Nordics, Procyon is often mentioned as their star system of origin.

  • Astronomical Details: Procyon is a binary star system consisting of Procyon A, a main-sequence star, and Procyon B, a faint white dwarf.
  • Extraterrestrial Lore: According to various sources in UFO and extraterrestrial research, Procyon is home to an advanced civilization that shares a deep connection with Earth. The Nordics are believed to be representatives or inhabitants of this star system.

Purpose and Mission

The Nordics are often depicted as having a specific mission related to the spiritual and evolutionary progress of humanity. Their purported objectives include:

  • Spiritual Enlightenment: One of their primary missions is to aid in the spiritual awakening of humanity. They are thought to impart wisdom and guidance to help humans elevate their consciousness and achieve higher states of being.
  • Technological Advancement: The Nordics are believed to possess advanced technology that surpasses current human capabilities. They are said to share knowledge in ways that can help humans advance technologically while ensuring that such advancements are used responsibly.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Many accounts suggest that the Nordics are concerned about the environmental health of Earth. They aim to inspire humans to adopt more sustainable practices and respect the planet's ecosystems.
  • Peace and Harmony: The Nordics are often described as peaceful beings who promote harmony and unity among humans. They work to mitigate conflict and encourage cooperation on a global scale.

Interaction with Humans

  • Contactees: Numerous individuals claim to have had direct contact with Nordics. These encounters often involve telepathic communication, imparting messages of peace, love, and spiritual growth.
  • Abductions: Unlike the more commonly feared abductions associated with Greys, encounters with Nordics are generally described as positive and enlightening experiences.
  • Guidance: The Nordics are believed to guide humanity subtly, often through dreams, visions, and indirect influence, rather than overt intervention.

Symbolism and Influence

  • Cultural Impact: The image of the Nordics has permeated various cultural and spiritual narratives, often symbolizing an idealized version of extraterrestrial life that is both advanced and benevolent.
  • Esoteric Traditions: In some esoteric and New Age traditions, the Nordics are seen as ascended beings or spiritual guides, akin to angels or enlightened masters.

Controversies and Skepticism

While the accounts of Nordic aliens are compelling to many, they also face skepticism:

  • Lack of Physical Evidence: Like many extraterrestrial claims, there is no concrete physical evidence to support the existence of Nordics.
  • Subjectivity: Experiences with Nordics are often subjective, relying on personal testimonies that can be difficult to verify.

In summary, the Nordics are depicted as advanced, benevolent beings connected to the star Procyon, with a mission to aid humanity in its spiritual, technological, and environmental development. Their influence is seen as positive and transformative, aiming to guide humans towards a higher state of consciousness and a more harmonious existence.



JP, the pseudonymous military insider interviewed by Dr. Michael Salla, has shared detailed accounts of his interactions with Nordic extraterrestrials during his covert missions. These narratives provide intriguing insights into the role of the Nordics on Earth, their objectives, and their involvement with ancient extraterrestrial Arcs.

Interactions with Nordics

Appearance and Characteristics:

  • Physical Traits: The Nordics JP describes are tall, ranging from 6 to 7 feet in height, with blonde hair, blue or light-colored eyes, and fair skin.
  • Aura and Presence: They are often perceived as exuding a calming and benevolent aura, making their presence feel serene and reassuring.

Communication and Interaction:

  • Telepathic Communication: JP often reports that the Nordics communicate telepathically, conveying messages directly into the mind with clarity and without the need for spoken words.
  • Guidance and Mentorship: The Nordics frequently act as guides or mentors, providing JP with knowledge and insights that help him understand complex situations during his missions.

Role on Earth

Spiritual and Technological Advancement:

  • Spiritual Guidance: The Nordics are deeply invested in the spiritual evolution of humanity. They aim to elevate human consciousness and promote a higher understanding of our place in the cosmos.
  • Technological Sharing: While they possess advanced technologies, the Nordics are careful about sharing this knowledge, ensuring that humanity is ready and responsible enough to handle such advancements.

Environmental and Social Influence:

  • Environmental Stewardship: The Nordics emphasize the importance of protecting Earth's environment, advocating for sustainable practices and a harmonious relationship with nature.
  • Promoting Peace: They encourage global cooperation and peace, often intervening subtly to de-escalate conflicts and foster unity among different nations and cultures.

Involvement with the Arcs

Discovery and Activation:

  • Ancient Arcs: JP's accounts include missions involving ancient extraterrestrial Arcs—massive, sophisticated structures believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. These Arcs are often buried or hidden in remote locations on Earth.
  • Activation Missions: The Nordics have been actively involved in the discovery and activation of these Arcs. They possess the knowledge and technology to awaken these dormant structures, which are believed to hold significant power and advanced technologies.

Purpose of the Arcs:

  • Stabilizing Earth's Energy Grid: The Arcs play a crucial role in stabilizing and enhancing Earth's energy grid. By activating these structures, the Nordics aim to balance the planet's energies, making it more conducive to spiritual growth and technological advancement.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Some theories suggest that the Arcs could serve as emergency evacuation points or shelters in the event of a global catastrophe, providing safe havens for humanity.

Collaboration with Humans:

  • Joint Operations: JP's missions often involve joint operations with Nordic beings, where human and Nordic teams work together to locate, secure, and activate these Arcs.
  • Knowledge Transfer: The Nordics share their knowledge about the Arcs' functions and the correct methods to activate and maintain these structures, ensuring that humans can manage them independently in the future.

Specific Missions Involving Nordics and Arcs

1.      Arctic Mission: One notable mission described by JP involved an expedition to a remote Arctic location, where a buried Arc was discovered. The Nordics provided the necessary technology and instructions to uncover and activate the Arc, which then emitted a powerful energy field stabilizing the surrounding area.

2.      South American Arc: Another mission took place in a dense jungle in South America, where JP and his team, guided by the Nordics, located an ancient Arc. The activation process involved complex rituals and technology, demonstrating the Nordics' deep understanding of both spiritual and scientific principles.

3.      Middle Eastern Arc: JP recounted a mission in the Middle East, where an Arc buried under desert sands was activated with the help of the Nordics. This Arc, once awakened, projected a holographic map indicating the locations of other Arcs around the world, suggesting a global network of these powerful structures.

Implications and Future Objectives

Human Evolution and Integration:

  • Preparing for Disclosure: The Nordics seem to be preparing humanity for a broader disclosure of extraterrestrial presence and advanced technologies. By gradually revealing the existence of the Arcs and assisting in their activation, they aim to ease humanity into a new era of awareness and cooperation.
  • Harmonious Coexistence: The ultimate goal of the Nordics appears to be fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and extraterrestrials. They envision a future where humanity has evolved spiritually and technologically, capable of engaging with other advanced civilizations on an equal footing.

Long-Term Collaboration:

  • Ongoing Support: The Nordics' involvement is seen as ongoing, with continued support for human efforts to explore and understand the Arcs. They remain committed to guiding and assisting humanity through this transformative period.
  • Shared Knowledge: The gradual sharing of knowledge and technology is aimed at empowering humanity to take responsibility for its own development while ensuring that advancements are used ethically and sustainably.

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