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Corvus Starseeds


Constellation: Corvus

Specific Stars in Corvus,  Alchiba, Minkar, Gienah, Algorab, Kraz (See Below)

Influence: Perception, transition, and deep intuitive vision

Energy: Protective, responsible, deeply intuitive

Corvus, the Crow or Raven, is a small but significant constellation located in the southern sky. Its stars and mythology weave a narrative of protection, transformation, and deep perception. The Corvus starseeds are beings of profound insight, connected to the void and the liminal spaces that exist between different phases of existence.

Corvus starseeds are connected to the Void and the Liminal Spaces. They are connected to the Third Eye, and seeing with the Inner Eye. There is a deep responsibility and power to their aura and they are not phased by really anything, because in their true form, they have the ability to sense and know all through the inner vision. They can see all thoughts and within whatever is in their perception. This perception allows them to see the light waves and spectrums and they can know another at deeper levels than the other may know themselves.

Through seeing in their own special way, they can intuit the outcome in a predictive kind of way before something happens. The term "liminal" refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between two different phases or places in life. Liminality can be experienced in many different ways, such as during adolescence, when a young person is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, during a rite of passage, when someone is moving from one status to another, or during periods of significant change, such as a move to a new city or a major life event like a divorce. In essence, liminality is a space of transformation, where one's identity is threatened and redefined as they navigate new and unfamiliar territory.

Covians are messengers, messengers of wisdom and of the perceptions they “see.” Their sight goes both ways, and in as much as they are the messenger to the realms, they are also sharing their sight with the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is, and are the Eyes of the Creator. Many times they will incarnate to help others awaken through using the crossroads, the liminal spaces, and very practical knowing. They naturally travel between realms in their dreams and through their intuition, gathering knowledge to assist and teach others. They are embodiments of knowledge and change.

A Corvus Soul is comfortable in all realms, the dark and the light. They dance with the rhythms of the realms around them, being most closely connected with the organic and nature realms. They feel so deeply in their body. There is a draw towards dance, music, ecstatic dance, bonfires, and drumming in nature. They are driven by this deep call in their heart to these things and when they are in their element, all else fades away and the pure light flows through them. It is in these moments that their “eye” awakens. They are the witnesses of creation and because of this, they are often judged negatively for this unique path. This is considered the “crooked path” and it is the limited sight of many that do not actually see the alignment to the Creator deep in the Corvians heart. Due to their uniqueness, they’re all about transition and regeneration, moving alongside the currents of nature, “...paying attention to the pattern of the sun and moon, to the seasons, and to the ebb and flow of energy inside and around us… through our bodies, actions, medicine and creations.” This ability to connect with the liminal and use their skills, makes them excellent healers. They are naturally intelligent when it comes to practices that are most commonly seen within Traditional Witchcraft; using what is available to them around them. They work with the physical to connect with the liminal. Corvian souls have easy access to the Universe and its history and knowledge.

Individuals with strong Corvus influences in their charts embody the qualities of protection, responsibility, and deep intuitive vision. These starseeds are closely linked to the Third Eye, which grants them the ability to see with their inner vision, perceiving light waves and spectrums that reveal the true nature of those around them. This perception allows them to know others at a deeper level, often understanding them better than they understand themselves.

Corvus starseeds are intimately connected with the concept of liminality, which refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between different phases of life. This connection grants them the ability to navigate and thrive in spaces of transformation, where identities are redefined and new paths are forged. Whether during adolescence, significant life changes, or spiritual transitions, Corvus starseeds excel in these periods of profound transformation.

These starseeds act as messengers, conveying wisdom and perceptions from their unique sight. They share their insights with the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is, serving as the eyes of the Creator. Their role often involves awakening others by guiding them through the crossroads and liminal spaces of life.

Corvus starseeds possess a deep sense of responsibility and power within their aura. They are unphased by challenges because their true form allows them to sense and know all through their inner vision. This intuitive foresight often manifests as a predictive ability, allowing them to intuit outcomes before they happen.

As natural protectors, Corvus starseeds work closely with higher beings, including the Angelics and Elohim hosts. Their missions often involve safeguarding the portal gateways between universes, protecting our reality from external infiltrations that seek to exploit its resources.

Corvus starseeds are comfortable in all realms, both dark and light. They move rhythmically with the natural cycles, deeply connected to the organic and nature realms. This connection often draws them to practices involving dance, music, and drumming, where they feel most in tune with their elemental nature and where their inner eye awakens.

Corvus starseeds are embodiments of knowledge and change. They often find themselves judged negatively for their unique path, known as the "crooked path," due to the limited sight of others. Despite this, their alignment with the Creator runs deep, and they remain true to their mission of awakening and guiding others.

These starseeds need to take breaks to declutter their minds and emotions, especially when overwhelmed. Their natural inclination towards solitude helps them maintain clarity and focus, allowing them to continue their work as healers and guides.

Corvus starseeds are profound healers and change-makers, deeply connected to the liminal spaces and rhythms of nature. They navigate the realms of light and dark with ease, using their unique insights to guide and heal others. Their journey involves embracing their role as messengers and protectors, transforming the transitional spaces they inhabit into opportunities for growth and awakening. Through their deep connection with the void and the liminal, they embody the balance of chaos and order, light and dark, ultimately serving as beacons of knowledge and transformation.


Alchiba, the Alpha star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the misuse of power and the sin of greed. This star reflects the dark aspect of human nature where individuals, having tasted power, become insatiable and driven by a relentless desire for more. They betray and trample over others, tempted by wealth and dominance. Alchiba's influence highlights the historical instances where souls have been ensnared by this false desire, entering corrupt agreements to expand their power and wealth. This projection serves as a reminder of the consequences of succumbing to greed, showing how such actions can capture and corrupt the soul, leading to a path of betrayal and moral compromise.


Minkar, the Epsilon star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the abuse of the power of knowledge. This star represents the dark aspect of human ambition where individuals, in their quest for superiority, allied with fallen entities to acquire advanced technological tools or secret spiritual knowledge. These alliances were made to gain dominance over others, leveraging hidden mysteries to manipulate minds and secure wealth and privileges. Minkar’s influence highlights historical instances where the pursuit of knowledge led to moral corruption and dominance over others. This star serves as a reminder of the ethical responsibilities that come with knowledge, urging individuals to avoid the temptations of using their intellectual powers for selfish or manipulative purposes.


Gienah, the Epsilon star of the Corvus constellation represents the sin of weakness and frivolity in power. This star's influence highlights the misuse of authority by those who are unprepared and immature for leadership. Such individuals, upon gaining power and the trust of their people, fail to govern responsibly, instead indulging in personal pleasures and neglecting their duties. This irresponsibility leads to increased suffering and helplessness among their subjects.

Gienah's influence serves as a reminder that power carries a great responsibility. When leaders fail to rise to their roles, they create chaos and hinder the development of their communities, potentially causing long-term damage that may take generations to repair. This star's projection emphasizes the importance of strong, responsible leadership and the consequences of neglecting such responsibilities.


Algorab, the Delta star of the Corvus represents the sin of vain, selfish, and self-purposed lust for power. This star's influence reflects the darker aspects of ambition where individuals, unprepared for leadership, seek to acquire power through insidious means, often trampling over others and allying with dark forces to achieve their goals.

This lust for power has historically manifested in royal wars, often between siblings, where younger brothers, envious of their elder brothers' inheritance, engage in intrigues, betrayals, and even murder to claim the throne. Such power battles have caused immense suffering, with countless innocent lives lost. These ambitions are not confined to royalty but can emerge in any societal sphere, leading to devastation and soul-destruction in personal relationships, families, and workplaces.

Algorab serves as a mirror, reflecting the consequences of ruthless ambition and the harm caused by an ill-advised pursuit of power. It reminds us of the importance of humility, readiness, and ethical conduct in leadership roles, highlighting the destructive nature of power when wielded by those driven by selfish desires.


Kraz, the Beta star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the sin of ruthlessness. This star represents the extreme misuse of power characterized by heartlessness and cruelty. Individuals under Kraz's influence, driven by an unquenchable lust for power, often resort to humiliating, destroying, and completely trampling over their defeated opponents to eliminate any threats to their acquired power.

This ruthless behavior is not only evident in historical war crimes but also manifests in everyday life. People with this influence might emotionally and psychically torment those around them, draining their vital forces and driving them into illness or even death. Kraz's projection reflects the darkest aspects of power without compassion, where individuals extinguish the light of their hearts and cut themselves off from higher spiritual realms to serve destructive forces.

Kraz serves as a stark reminder of the perils of power without empathy, urging a return to heart-centered leadership and ethical conduct to avoid the devastating consequences of ruthless ambition.

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