Sunday, June 2, 2024

Dshubba Starseeds

 Dschubba (Delta Scorpii)

Position: 2° Sagittarius (Tropical), 12° Scorpio (Sidereal)

Constellation: Scorpius

Influence: Leadership, protection, and intuitive action

Energy: Fearless, protective, deeply intuitive

Dschubba, also known as Delta Scorpii, is a prominent star located at the head of the Scorpius constellation. This celestial body stands as a symbol of leadership, protection, and intuitive strength. Known for its bright and commanding presence, Dschubba serves as a guide and protector within the cosmic landscape.

Individuals with Dschubba strongly placed in their charts are often seen as natural leaders, embodying a fearless and intuitive approach to life's challenges. These souls are akin to military leaders within the cosmic army of ONE, driven by a profound sense of duty and the need to safeguard the portal gateways between universes. Their mission is to protect the integrity of our universe from external infiltrations seeking to exploit its resources.

Dschubba starseeds work closely with Angelic and Elohim hosts from the higher heavens, including beings from Antares, the Indigo Ray lineage, Melchizedek’s, and the Family of Uriel. These alliances underscore their role as protectors and guardians, ensuring the safety and balance of universal energies.

These beings often embody the Seraphim lineage, including humanoid winged beings or Avian Seraphim, who have undergone numerous incarnations in service to the Source of Creation. Their willingness to face arduous tasks and challenging situations highlights their commitment to the greater good, often stepping into roles that require immense courage and resilience.

Dschubba individuals possess an exceptional level of intuition, enabling them to foresee potential threats and navigate complex scenarios with fearless guile. Their leadership is marked by a deep understanding of both seen and unseen realms, allowing them to act decisively and protectively.

These souls are entrusted with the critical task of guarding the portal gateways between universes. This role is paramount due to the ongoing threats from external forces seeking to dominate and deplete the resources of our universe, including planets, stars, and beings.

Despite their daunting responsibilities, Dschubba starseeds maintain a steadfast dedication to their mission. They are adept at handling intense situations that might overwhelm others, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their duty.

Dschubba individuals often find themselves navigating liminal spaces, the transitional or ambiguous states between different phases or places in life. This experience of liminality, whether during rites of passage, significant life changes, or spiritual transitions, defines their journey of transformation and growth.

The term "liminal" refers to these transitional spaces, where one's identity is threatened and redefined. Dschubba starseeds excel in these spaces, using their intuitive and protective qualities to guide themselves and others through periods of significant change and transformation.

Often referred to as the "army of GOD," Dschubba individuals exhibit an unyielding dedication to their mission. Their role is not just to protect but also to transform and uplift, serving as beacons of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Dschubba starseeds carry the mantle of cosmic protectors, embodying the qualities of leadership, intuition, and fearless action. Their journey is marked by service and sacrifice, driven by a profound commitment to safeguarding the universal balance. Through their intuitive insights and protective nature, they navigate the liminal spaces of transformation, emerging as powerful leaders and guardians in the cosmic order.

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