Thursday, March 16, 2017

Honoring Memories and Closing Chapters

How do you take in the significance of a moment when you are in the moment?

How do you take in a good-bye so fully and completely that there is that added weight of it possibly being the last time you see  a person or a certain place?  

I know the significance isn’t as weighty in the moment that I have contemplated this thought, but as I leave the place that I have called work for the last year, I know that it’s another chapter. Another chapter that’s coming to a close as we begin the next chapter in our life.

But yet there still seems to be some sort of significance in these moments. It’s this acknowledgement that we had this chapter, that we lived this chapter. This chapter that is already in many ways, becoming a faded memory.

And so as I locked the last door, hung the last keys, parked the last cart and walked to my car, I looked to the foggy night sky, thinking of all the hours that I had spent there.

And knowing that in the days to come, that I am just as curious of what the future brings.

I am just as curious to see what lies ahead... in the next chapter.

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