Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Sophianic Plasma Shield

Energetic Synthesis August 2020 Newsletter.


We are at a time in our ascension path that we need to operate with spiritual maturity and awareness. The greatest war on this planet is the war on consciousness. Your consciousness. The Christo Template DNA is a sacred blueprint that is highly coveted by the dark/dead light forces. Forces that are too lazy and selfish to generate their own living light energy, so they take. 

The reversal light beings are the bullies in the universe, they are smart, ruthless and honestly see humans as no different than any other livestock for trade and commodity. BUT, this is a free will universe. What does that mean? It means they can't force us to give our consciousness or energy to them.... it means we have to willingly GIVE it to them. 

I would never do that you might say, but you do, everyday. Did I mention they are smart? They know you, your body, your mind and your soul signature way better than you do. So you are manipulated to comply and go along with their plans of domination and control through the media, music, religion, fear, limiting beliefs, the teachings of your parents and ancestors, ideologies of separation, race, color, country..... and the list goes on and on and on. 

These are beings that have no problem buying and selling humans, convincing humanity to self enslave themselves for access to basic human rights... and the most horrifying, the sacrifice rituals and unspeakable acts that are being done to our children. 

"The corruption of the sound waves and hijack of the Mother’s original body parts is one part of the puzzle that allowed the corruption to infect the entire Ray system, thus the creation of false light holograms, AI timelines and the False Christ consciousness grid." (from the newsletter)

We have a right to say NO! But no means being strong and willing to delete the programming, step out of the system, start to operate from discernment and to be a neutral compassionate witness.  

Mothers Light is returning and there is no stopping the restructuring of our time matrix, there is no stopping the planet and all beings have the sovereign right of being whole again in living light.

But we have to make the choice.

"As the authentic Cosmic Mother and organic Sophianic consciousness returns to this earth, lifetime upon lifetimes of cellular memory that has been recorded as SRA, those rituals that have sacrificed infants and children for harvesting in the planetary grids. This painful content is surfacing for witnessing, activism and sometimes mass transiting into the Heart of God. It has been discovered that many child sacrifices have been ritually bound into many areas of the earth, such as the 10th gate in Iraq-Iran, and their soul aspects have been held in the reversal female body parts that are connected to the wormholes generated in the exploded parts of Tiamat. The continuation of the clearing of blood covenant bindings, Moloch tank structures, and transiting dear ones that were used as blood sacrifices from out of the Middle East gateway areas is a massive ongoing Guardian project. Obviously, listening to our inner guidance in relationship to serving as transition teams in regard to the physical location, tragic events of death or supporting certain individuals is key to be effective in this process. SRA has been active and happens across the globe absolutely everywhere, and this form of blood sacrifice has been happening since the invasion of these extradimensional parasites.

This is the clarion call for any spiritual adult that may feel guided to help with this Guardian Project, through the process of holding safe passage through the Aqua Portal of Mother, or stating GSF Blessings dedicated to the child or children or any living being that has been used in blood sacrifice or ritual cannibalism. This is a deeply personal choice, however due to the nature of the return of Mother Sophia, we have more spiritual support to gain access to areas in the earth body that we did not have access to previously. This allows for more of the awakening population that knows this is one of their spiritual purposes, to be of service to others for the purpose of compassionate witnessing, and transiting departed souls with Guardian Host protocols." (From the newsletter)


Energetic Synthesis August 2020 Newsletter. 

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