Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Entanglement From Past Lives

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

This morning I sat in bed and took a journey into some of the messages that Source was sharing with me. Messages that I was barely becoming aware enough of to receive. You know that feeling that we have had most our lives, that we are waiting for something, to finally receive something.  Well, its crazy but, all we have ever sought to know or remember, has always been with us. But our infantile awareness has had to expand and clear to the point of being able to receive the messages. 

It's funny in so many ways, because the downloads that we get, many times have been waiting for us! 

And as much as I attempt to pull away from putting energy on needing to clear things, I innerstand now that even that is the wrong verbiage and perspective. 

It's not about clearing, its about walking through doorways. Doorways riddled with ego and programs that make the situation seem personal, rather than the universal guidance of our great Original Source Mother.

Great Mother showed me lifetime after lifetime where my opinions and ideas of how things should be got in the way. 

Let me share one story with you, and maybe this will help you a little more with understanding some of the characters that you have around you in this life, or feelings you may have. 

I was shown a lifetime where I was being transported on a ship. We were traveling from one planetary system to another and I was serving as an ambassador for the group that I was representing. I was a female and what we might label in our language as a priestess, but I was of a race that was in alignment with serving the Source of All That Is. 

My escorts were not in the same way of thinking as I was. They did not believe in Source as we did and were more material or 3D based in their hierarchy. As a more male dominated group, they did not see my value, or honor my position that I held as an ambassador. 

I was on my way to represent a course of action for a group of beings. The details are not very clear to me, but they seemed to be a peaceful group of people caught in a dominance battle in the middle of a war. 

Here was my lesson from this lifetime. 

I felt right. I was so in service to my mission, that I began to adopt a close minded perspective over the ideas and opinions of the others if they did not want to hear what I had to say. Because they were not honoring or acknowledging the Consciousness of the Universe, I was viewing them as wrong, and that their ideas needed to change or be swayed. 

Regardless of how enlightened I felt my intentions were, my energetic field became distorted by taking a polarity. 

I felt myself become heightened with emotion when I learned that they were not going to honor safe transport or acknowledge the information I was bringing. I felt myself become overwhelmed with feelings of being trapped, unheard, frustrated, and even angered by these beings, particularly one that was communicating with me. 

My death was quick. I was eradicated and never reached my destination. I was tricked and they never had intentions of hearing my message. I felt so much heated frustration and sadness for being shut down and for all the beings I was hoping to speak for. Like something good could have happened but it never did. 

So here is the lesson....

1. I died with polarized emotions in my aura or field, which now shattered my soul consciousness and left me trapped in a lower dimension. By not maintaining my neutral focus even in that moment, I fell in consciousness. This is also related to losing memories. 

2. My murderer was now bound to my soul as part of my family. Through the energetic entanglement, we were now connected as an imbalance needing to be balanced in the cosmic web. This ensured future lifetimes together. 

3. All the energy that I felt in those last moments, were trapped in my field as beliefs and emotions that overlaid into all future incarnations. In essence, recreating the story over and over again.  I've had the opportunity to see these stories as as either Baggage OR Doorways.

4. I did all of this to myself.... That's right. Sure the story can sound like a victim situation right? But, I am the one that let myself get polarized. I'm the one that took my focus away from the Source that I though I was "fighting" for. I am the one that died with distorted low vibrational emotions and thoughts. I am the one responsible for me. I am the one that created the distortion. 

So now what?

I was guided by great mother to see the heart crystal. To focus on the heart of all beings. Regardless of the actions or energetics of another, I was guided to always serve the light inside. That to truly be in service to Source, I am in service to all. 

Source asked me to see The All in all. 

That was a great teaching moment. Because in that moment of that life, I did not see Source in those captors. I got caught up in the small moment. Had I honored the Source in that moment, and in the one that took my life, I would have been able to maintain all of my field and not be bound by the energy of that moment. It would have been an opportunity to increase love and luminescence in creation, not darken it. 

We talk about many of these things, but sometimes they seem metaphorical rather than a real thing that is changing our life or Creation. 

But it is real. Every though feeling and emotion that we are emanating out of the transmitter that we call "us", is rippling out across the entire cosmic web. 

I can feel so many of us on a "mission". ... this mission is most times creating a polarity in our field of right or wrong. Our way or their way. We can get so focused on the mission, be it a cause, or be it freeing ourselves.

 Either way leads us away from the heart. 

The greatest feeling the grew as I cleared out the old dream from this lifetime, was the infinite love of Source even in the darkest places. A great sense of trust in our Cosmic Mother. And of being in the beautiful surrender of service to all as an expression of Love of All That Is.

I invite you to love with me...

Love Becca 💓🐝


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