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Royal Star Fomalhaut


Royal Star Fomalhaut

AA Gabriel in the South

Fomalhaut is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, a quartet of stars that the ancient Persians believed were the guardians of the sky. Fomalhaut, specifically, was considered the watcher of the South, a sentinel standing guard over the celestial realms. Associated with the archangel Gabriel, the messenger of divine wisdom. This association imbues the star with a sense of spiritual communication and enlightenment. It is a conduit for divine knowledge, a celestial channel through which profound insights can be gleaned.

The Fomalhaut Star nation is a highly evolved race of beings with a deep connection to the angelic realm. They are here to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution, to awaken us to our latent potential, and to guide us towards a higher state of consciousness. They are a counterpoint to the Dark Lords of Orion. Fomalhaut brings unity and divine wisdom as a beacon of hope and enlightenment in a universe fraught with conflict and conquest.

This is a star family that is very connected to the family of Gabriel and the blue and white descendants of the 1st order ray of the Melchizedek Elohim Seraphim grill line. One of Archangel Gabriel’s symbols is the angel color white, representing unity, honesty, purity, and peace. White light tends to be associated with God itself or ‘the source’ and many believe it indicates an open source of communication with angels. This is very connected to crystal's teachers and ascended masters upon the Earth who have come to share this Grail line teaching, to allow and assist humanity to wake up and ascend in this lifetime.

Another powerful angel symbol of this archangel is the trumpet, connected to his divine messenger role. As a result, he’s one of the governing archangels when it comes to expression and self-expression, arts, mass media, social media, communication in all its forms, clarity, and Clair senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, and so on). This is part of The Guardian consciousness that holds the ARC portal system which allows many races to enter in-and-out of our time matrix from the medical act a core.

Archangel Gabriel is extremely present in our day-to-day lives since we live in a society based on information. They are also incredibly benevolent and conscious with how they share our love with those they are assisting, many times working through scientific endeavors and assisting with these zones for the highest potential timelines to assist humanity in elevating their consciousness. They work with many of the higher councils with this very goal. They carry the 4th DNA strand that gives them the ability to awaken the 12 to 48 strand DNA matrices within the Earth grid and those that are ready to receive it.

The scepter and scroll he is often depicted carrying make him the governing angelic frequency when it comes to all forms of writing, painting, and hand-involved arts. But they also make him a very powerful presence when it comes to manifesting and finding a definitive shape for your divinely guided inspiration and creativity. Having the starseed connection means that you hold this angelic lineage line common this is even more amplified if you are connected to any of the other Royal stars.

Part of your gift is to come reveal what is happening upon the Earth in order to create revelations through this birth death and rebirth cycle, allowing humanity to awaken through this Justice of truth. In this life, you would potentially put yourself through trial and temptation in order to truly Learn to hold integrity within this physical reality. This would create potential And situations where one may continuously have to learn through this trial-and-error in order to embrace grace and overcome any temptations of this physical reality.

In this celestial alignment, you are both your own adversary and redeemer. Your journey in this existence is to manifest from the profound insights of your subconscious and psyche, placing trust in your intuition and emotions. This is because the divine star seed DNA within you holds the power to significantly influence the Earth through your imagination. Therefore, these trials serve to ensure that the energy you emit remains pure and uncorrupted by selfish desires. Your purpose here is to contribute to the collective good, aiding humanity in its ascent towards elevated states of consciousness.

Fomalhaut is also deeply involved in the arts and all forms of expression. They are the governing frequency when it comes to writing, painting, and other hand-involved arts. This suggests a profound understanding of the creative process and the power of creativity to manifest reality.

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