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Violet Ray * Amethyst Order

Violet Ray
Amethyst Order

The Amethyst Order, a third emanation of the Primal Sound Field, is a divine manifestation of the God Source, forming a part of the Cosmic Trinity. The Violet Ray orders include the Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama, all seeded in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11.

The Amethyst Order is a synonym for the Guardian Host, the Christos elders of Krystal Star, the Lyran-Siran Founders, Holy Emerald Order, Gold Order RA Confederacy, and the Ancient Master Builders and Architects. They are the custodians of the Law of One, the ascending path to God Sovereign Free (GSF), a path that allows any being to ascend, evolve their consciousness, and exist as God, Sovereign, and Free.

The Amethyst Order, in conjunction with the Emerald Order and Gold Order, form the Royal Houses, incarnations seeded in the fourth Harmonic Universe in the Lyran Matrix. The first Amethyst Order Azurite forms, known as the Braharama, were created to repair the damaged time matrix with sound codes and serve on the Interdimensional Free World Councils. They seeded aquatic life forms in which Oraphim cetaceans would serve as guardians in the oceans, receiving Amethyst Order Founder Rainbow Ray current transmissions.

The Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races are parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters, and have been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and meetings with assorted fallen species, as well as instigating various genetic healing strategies while carrying out the Emerald Covenant. Many members of the Amethyst Order have been assigned to rehabilitate and transit the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics race lines, and to override their timelines related to the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA).

The Amethyst Order also includes the Amethyst Dragon Kings, who recently hosted a pale magenta violet vertical pillar as support for the Cosmic Holy Father Principle within the multidimensional layers of the Albion Lightbody. They anchored Kingship Arcs, bringing the next stage of corrected Solar Masculine Christ and Solar Feminine Christ principle. 

The Family of Michael are also Violet and Blue Ray descendants of the First Order founder ray of the Melchizedek Elohim grail line. The original Michael Family is from the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim "Blue Flame Keepers" Grandeyanas, which is composed of the Khundaray Current standing-wave frequencies of the Primal Sound Fields from beyond the Time Matrix.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are fallen Bra-ha-Rama race lines that have hybridized with both Annu-Elohim and Drakonian Fallen Angelic races. These hybridized lines have been a significant challenge for the Amethyst Order, as they have been manipulated to serve the Negative Alien Agenda. Despite these adversities, the Amethyst Order continues to work tirelessly to restore balance and harmony in the universe. They are committed to the rehabilitation of these fallen lines, aiming to reintegrate them into the Law of One. Their efforts also extend to the healing and ascension of humanity, guiding them towards the path of God Sovereign Free. The Amethyst Order's dedication to their mission is a testament to their unwavering commitment to universal peace and harmony.

The Amethyst Order and the Violet Ray are also connected to the Kumaras. During the third seeding cycle of Angelic Human project, the future 5D Earth known as Tara was the home for the Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans, whose souls shimmered with the light of ancient stars.

The Orion Black League, a coalition of enlightened beings, forged an alliance with the majestic Dragon people, were working for the integration and peace between the diverse human and reptilian races. These venerable entities became part of the cause of unity, striving tirelessly bring healing between these races. At the heart of this interstellar saga was Sanat Kumara from the lineage of Venus, who was a prominent leader of the Orion Humans

Sanat Kumara, a partial Ascended Master from cycles of evolution long past, embodied the essence of transcendence. He is an Advanced Being at the 9th Level of initiation who is regarded as the Regent of Earth and of humanity.  As the head the Kumaras  his lineage is steeped in the love and light of Venus, served as a guiding force for those navigating the intricate dance of cosmic evolution. 

Sanat Kumara appears as a rishi in the Hindu religious text the Chandogya Upanishad. The seven Kumaras, including Sanat Kumara, are well known in Hinduism. He is also thought to be the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah (also known as 'The City of Enoch').

It is taught that he entered upon our globe in the early period of the Lemurian Root Race – prior to the awakening of individual consciousness in the general mass of humanity, which began to occur around the middle of that Root Race – into a physical body which had been created for him by Kriyashakti, in order to fulfill the most important and highest possible position here.

The Amythyst Order and Violet Flames are a powerful and dedicated Soul Group that is guiding humanity and assisting to heal many of the distortions in our genetic codes that have become deteriorated due to hybridizations, manipulations of the gene codes and Drakon and Anunnaki digressions. They are truly spiritual warriors for the Christos Mission. 

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